Home Sweet Home

As you may have guessed, I’ve already packed as many holiday memories as one could fit into one week and flown on home.

Taking A Whole Lot of Love With Me

It was bitter-sweet to say good-bye, luckily there’s plenty of love to greet me at home too.

We like to snuggle at home

Mea Copa! I’m a tad behind with my promised post. Please enjoy this slide show of some of the hi-lites from my visit with Alys.

As you all know (if you’re new here, WELCOME) Alys and I met through our Blogs. After many months of Skype, Facebook and WordPress and a generous invite from Alys,  we first met up in May.  This holiday was all about celebrating Alys’s Birthday and so much more.

Happy Birthday Alys !

Do you know anyone you can talk with for hours and then say, “oh, it’s late….I’ll tell you about it tomorrow” ?  It’s really just amazing to me, and I think Alys too, that we can be so in sync and alike.  We often say things at the same time, hold up the same outfit across a room when shopping, have the same feelings about politics and other life asserting topics that are usually taboo in less comfortable friendships.   We share the same middle name, we’re both older than our hubby’s, we were both born in Canada, we both love animals to the end of the earth and back. Well, you get the picture. We ARE two peas in a pod 😀  It’s a lovely thing. Speaking of lovely things, here’s sweet Alys with the vintage luggage case I gifted to her.

Vintage Luggage

It’s similar to the ones I refurbished for myself but personalized especially for Alys.  I’ll be posting a few of the crafting tricks I used to finish the project this week.  If that’s up your alley, come on by.

Vintage Luggage Gift

I think about how many friends I’ve gotten to know at WordPress and marvel everyday.  I really feel so darn lucky that you visit here to share the joy of art, life and other bits.

Home Sweet Home

It’s been a real gift and I thank you.  You all make WordPress feel like ‘Home Sweet Home’

Boomdee Love

Do you have a kindred spirit you can tell us about?

Alys is so much MORE ORGANIZED

you can visit her posts about our visit here

I got a beautiful hand-made album from Alys

Alys’s Birthday Celebration

Visiting a Pumpkin Farm with Alys

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

29 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

    1. We really did Clowie! The week was full, ever day Alys would pick me up and we’d be-bop around gabbing, lunching and maybe shopping too. I had the time of my life. I’m really lucky to be invited and to have such a dear and loving friendship.


  1. Organization and planning and a great friend do an awesome trick make! It is really cool how you two met through your blogs, and it seems to be a terrific friendship! Thanks for the photos, looks like you gals had a blast!


    1. Darn Tootin’ LOL and no ones more organized than Alys. Did you know she has a business named ‘Organized At Heart’ ? With a growing client list and lots of successful completed projects, she’s busier than ever. It is rather remarkable that one little Canadian girl can be in Web-o-sphere and this shiny comet comes streaking by. BOOM, friendship! Thanks for your kind words and visits!


    1. Thanks for coming by to check it out Sheryl. It is really awesome isn’t it? I still can’t believe this Blogging thing. Everyone is so darn nice here. If I could, I’d travel to visit everyone and write a book about it…that’d be fun.


    1. Thanks so much Marlene. The whole flying thing for me is hard, but I will do it bite the bullet if it means spending more time with Alys. We had a riot and didn’t waist a minute. It’s really amazing how much you can do in a week when one of you is organized (hint, it wasn’t me LOL). xoK


  2. That luggage case is beautiful—it just *looks* like Alys, based on your photos and description of her. You are so good at that kind of personalization!

    It also looks like you had a terrific holiday. 🙂 Your new bird friend looks quite sweet, and your turban squash hat was lovely. 😉 Also—a Kit-Cat! I LOVE mine and want more. More. One in every room!


    1. Thanks, thank you and many thanks..HA. Alys did love it, so that made me really happy. I really wanted it to be special.

      The pumpkin patch was a new thing for me, they had so many varieties. But the petting zoo was my favourite thing.

      What colour is your Kit-Cat Clock Jen? I’ll post one day, but this shop sold many colours, some very limited. Fun fun.


      1. Mine is a plain black one, but he is a Route 66 edition (of course, right?). I’d like to get a Lady Kit-Cat next, with the eyelashes and pearls. 😉


        1. The shop I got mine at had Lady Kit-Cats. I’ll be posting soon with pics. I don’t think he has a website. The Black ones are so iconic! Yah! a Kit-Cat Gang is formed!


    1. Oh, I guess we covered that today. I was at the laundry mat till about 2:45 but all my pillows and quilt are fresh and tidy now. Thanks for meeting me up for lunch. See you Thursday.


  3. I just had to come by here for my “happy fix” and boy what a treat! The kitties alone made my night, but there was so much more to smile about. The pics are GREAT and make me miss CA. I can’t wait to read all about “Alys and Boomdee’s Excellent Adventure” – but as you say, “it’s late, I’ll check back tomorrow!” BTW I am older than my hubby too. It’s the way to go, in my opinion :-)…


    1. Dr Boomdee prescribe’s double doses of happy my dear. Come on back any time for a refill. The Bumble Bee pic was taken in a shop with all sorts of theatre stuff. We were sort of goofing off and got scolded by the sales associate…hehe. We’re bad news Julia and you definitely must join us in the future 😀 We can be a Smart Wives Club…LOL.


  4. Oh will you look at those kitties? So darn cute!!! What a couple of cuddle bugs. Is it getting cold up there?

    Gosh, what memories we made this week. I love your pics, full of great memories one and all.

    I’ve been carrying my tote and accessories all week. Its imbued with all things Boomdee and I love it. You amaze me with your creativity, blending the old with the new, bringing about beautiful, functional art.

    My two peas in a pod necklace is so me, so you, so us. A treasure, like you.

    I can’t wait to read the Kit-Kat Clock post. What a day, what a week, what a life. xox


    1. The little cuddle bugs have discovered a mouse-in-the-house tonight. Petals is very keen, while Blossum is happy to snuggle up daddy. We’ve seen it go across the living room, but at sonic speed. It’s under our TV cabinet at present. I gave it a piece of asparagus and potato peel while I was prepping dinner, HA Must have come under the garage door. Poor little thing is probably scared out of it’s wits. I’ll try to catch it to go outside.

      I’ll never be as good a hostess as you my dear friend. It was just awesome to see you and visit all your special haunts for this and that. I’m glad you are enjoying your tote and things. I learned new tricks making it. I was sweating because I wanted it to be just so. Don’t look too close at the stitching…hehe. But thank you for your nice compliments.

      Friendship is such a gift, I don’t want to waste a single ounce or moment. Thanks for a wonderful and memorable week Alys, I’m still walking on air. Hugs and Kisses xoK


  5. I think the story of Boomdee and Alys is just wonderful – it warms my heart to think that this age of isolated/virtual relationships can really translate to a living, touchable friendship! My computer was mostly off-line throughout your trip [and is still apt to crash with no warning], I managed reading most posts on email, but couldn’t comment – so this is my belated “Hurrah!” for your lovely friendship and happy holiday! 🙂


    1. Thanks a bunch Pauline. I’m so happy we’ve connected and share are happy holiday. Sorry to hear your computer is wonky. I’ve so much to read this week, but I’ll be by soon. I bought some water colour pencils today. I want to get some actual WC paper to stamp on, then look out. Thanks for all the inspirations!


    1. They’re pretty adorable when they’re sleeping…LOL. I laugh because they’ll chase each other around and wrestle and howl, then they’ll take a nap together. Mostly Petals horns in on Blossums name for a spooning fest. Thanks for stopping by 😀


  6. Gosh what GREAT photos from your trip! Looks like you had a REALLY fun and fabulous time……no doubt you have tons of material for future blogs too – I bet you truly were happy to be home though – I really love that old saying that “THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME” cuz it’s true!

    Hugs, Pam


    1. Thanks Pam, Alys insured we had fabulous, full, fun days. Her poor hubby was so lonely 😀 but was super helpful all week with their boys. So we were able to indulge in lots of fun outings (thanks Mike F. xo)

      You’re so right Pam, I just click heals twice and repeat, “there’s no place like home’. I wish it worked the same going the other way, LOL.


    1. Yes absolutely incredible. I’m thankful for all the love in my life. These kitties are so cute sometimes, you just want to kiss their toes, nose and sweet little ears.


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