Vintage Style Makes You Smile – Part 2

Besides seizing the chance to exercise the ol’ crafting muscle, what I’ve always enjoyed about making a gift is, it provides the opportunity to craft a one-of-a-kind item. Given this, your project is only limited by your imagination and what could be any more fun for an avid crafter?  I’m honestly not sure who gets more out of these projects, me or the recipient. LOL.

DIY Vintage Train Case & Accessories
DIY Vintage Train Case & Accessories

What I’ve always done first is shop for new interior fabric.  I really like the outdoor furniture cottons.  They’re treated for spills, are water-resistant, durable, sturdy and easy to sew.  I enjoy using two coordinating fabrics but there are no rules.  I bought 1 meter of each to do a Train Case and had extra for accessories. (For specifics on sewing interiors, just drop me an email. I’ve prepared detailed instructions just for you).

Sunny Sunbrella Fabrics
Pick two or More for fun

I bought my project fabric locally but I saw these four at Sailrite on line.  Aren’t they divine?  Now, would you pick the floral collection A, Caribbean Blue by P Kaufmann  or the shell collection B, Low Tide Caribbean by Waverly?

P Kaufmann and Waverly
P Kaufmann or  Waverly?

Like any successful project, careful preparation goes a long way. This is the tedious, non-creative part 😦  but essential. While it looked pretty clean when I bought it, surprisingly, it wasn’t. After ripping out the interior, I cleaned the outside thoroughly with Vim Cleanser. I ended up with a pretty dirty wash cloth.

Before & After
Before & After

Notice how Blossum hasn’t moved an inch 😀

Mask all the hardware and trim you don’t wish to paint.  Do take your time and mask carefully, you’ll be happy you did.  This particular Train Case had nice chrome trims. I simply cleaned them up with a white Mr Clean sponge BEFORE masking.

Masking for painting
Mask for painting

Ready to paint?  I used white leather shoe spray by Tana on the entire case.  They dry fast and wear well.  I bought two cans at my local shoe repair shop.

Paint with Tana Shoe Spray
Paint with Tana Shoe Spray

I also decided  to add two stripes to co-ordinate with the fabrics inside. The sea-foam colour is Krylon – Sea Glass and I’m already looking for something else to paint with it.  I just love this colour (oops, right, it’s not about me, it’s a gift).

Choose colours you LOVE
Choose colours you LOVE

Using painters tape and plastic bags, I masked off the rest of the Train Case.  I repeated the process twice to use two colours. Why not customize the handle too?  I’ve since found out you can buy car pinstripe in different widths, which might be a fun option and an easy way to vary the width of your stripes.  Maybe next time 😀

Customize to match Interiors for a personal touch
For a personal touch, customize your paint to match interiors

Since I had refurbished vintage luggage for myself before, I felt comfortable making a new one for Alys.  But this was a gift and I really wanted to personalize it JUST FOR HER.  Pop back next Wednesday to learn how to make personalized, permanent labels for your own projects. Have a great weekend!

DIY Personal Label
DIY Personal Label

What are you crafting today?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

38 thoughts on “Vintage Style Makes You Smile – Part 2

    1. I actually should get way more done than I do but it’s 9:48 and I’m still on the computer 🙂 Bad, bad Boomdee…hehe But its so fun chatting to you cause you shower me with your cheer.

      I have tossed around the idea of making stuff for sale, but I don’t think it’d be as much fun for me. It’s more meaningful when it’s for a friend. But really nice of you to say, thanks Sunshine!


  1. I still can’t believe I’m the lucky recipient of all this treasure. You’ve spent hours and hours and so much thought and effort creating this one of a kind set. It’s beautiful and so professionally crafted, too. I love, love, love it. I’ve carried the tote with me since the day you **hand delivered it** all the way from Edmonton to San Jose. The accessories are adorable and though hard to see here, they have sweet little charms (a leaf and a bird…perfect) on the zipper pulls. I’m still deciding the best use for my luggage. Perhaps one day we’ll take them to Paris and pose on the streets.

    Right now it’s on display in my living room with a little birdie pen nesting on top. Lindy keeps poking her nose there to see if it’s real. 🙂

    Thank you from the depths of my heart for creating this one of a kind gift, a gift from one-of-a-kind you.

    xox to infinity


    1. OMgosh, you have showered me the kindest words and your amazing friendship. ((( Adorable YOU )))

      It couldn’t have been more fun. I would think about, “what next” or “how about this” and get so excited. I can’t wait to be able to have my sewing stuff out all the time. I really enjoyed the challenge. And by challenge I mean I had to watch a YouTube video for makeup bags over and over again. LOL
      Honestly Hon, YOU spoilt me all week long. You make me feel like the most loved friend ever. I just wanted you to know how much YOU mean to ME.
      BTW, yes to Paris 😀 Wouldn’t that just be the end all to be all? I would fall down laughing with happiness if Mr B ever suggested that. (“Hello, Mr B….are you there?)
      xox to infinity and beyond


    1. Oh, do post if you do. I’d love to see. Let me know if you’d like the detail info on interiors. I didn’t post because it’s too long. 😀 Thanks for your great message and good luck with your own project.


    1. OH Yah, I’m totally on board with that. I’m an old soul trapped in the wrong decades. I love 40’s music, clothes, cars and decor. I wasn’t born till 62 and that was a crazy decade too. I wonder if kids now will be nostalgic for 2013 when their 50?


  2. While sitting around the fire last night, I told everyone about your vintage luggage revitalisations and we all want to do it! How about an inservice in Southwest Virginia? Okay, I know that’s not realistic, but it sure sounds nice doesn’t it?
    Love these vintage suitcases so much!


    1. !!! Tempting, So flippin’ tempting 😀
      I’m so jealous you’re there, sitting around a campfire, enjoying all that Virginia beauty, tis the life. You’re the bomb to chat me up to your pals too ((( Laurie ))), I’m going to send along an extra email that I prepared when I last made one. It has more detail should you get your projects off the ground. Thank’s for all your awesome support and friendship, I adore you xK


      1. YOU GIRLS…don’t……stop! Don’t stop making my day wonderful !!!! LOL (see what I did there?).
        Wouldn’t it be fun to own an vintage Volkswagen Van, Aqua of course with Boomdeeadda painted on the side and cruise around doing something fun like that? Mr B’s retirement is taking shape, LOL.


  3. Thanks for the detail directions. I’ll be keeping my eye out for a case at the thrift shop next time I get there. It does look like a lot of hard work went into it but lots of love as well.


    1. Oh, do let me know if you want to start a re-do Marlene. I have a more detailed email on making the interiors. It’s probably more about having the time than it is hard. Yes, a lot of love too. You know how that goes! Once you have one under your belt, you’ll be addicted 😀 Hugs to you. How are you feeling this week?


      1. Balance is still a little off but so much better than last week. Two steps forward and one back but at least there is slow forward movement. Compared to where I was more than 3 years ago, I’m SUPER. Counting my blessings. That Laptops were invented, is high on my list.;)


        1. Hooray for baby steps and laptops! 😀 Keep smiling and keep writing. Happy thoughts to you my dear!!

          Imagine us running down a grassy daisy filled hill, we both have big aqua balloons on a string and we’re laughing are heads off. I think there’s a dog too with cute little floppy ears, he’s happy too! His names…..Dino. 😀


    1. Absolutely true! I’m royally spoilt with the luxury of time to enjoy doing what I love to do. How can I go wrong? Thanks so much for your kindness and your visit too 😀


    1. XO, thanks so much. I fell for the fabric and the colours because it seemed rather nostalgic too. I imagine your friends go crazy when you’ve made something too. It’s just to much fun to do when you adore someone.


  4. All that masking must take hours! But as you say, so worth it. I was wondering what you used to paint it with – shoe dye never occurred to me – but of course it’s for leather, yes? Your work is most impressive, I would be terrified to attempt such a project given my ‘hit or miss’ creative nature 🙂 Just as well there are people like you in the world! And all those extra accessories. They look so professionally made – and are probably better than bought ones. Really good job Boomdee, thank you for sharing.


    1. You always leave such nice messages Pauline, thank you for your support! The new exterior finishes might not be as durable as the original finish but these pieces aren’t going to travel in the cargo section of a plane either. My set has warn quite well and I’m in and out of them all the time in the craft room. You probably could also use regular craft spray, Krylon has so many fun colours but I think shoe spray is good at resisting scuffs and bumps pretty well.


    1. Sometimes it’s good to be meticulous right? I know in your business, it’s the only way to ensure your precious clients are reunited with their anxious families. When you’re doing something you love for someone you love it’s all too easy, don’t you think?


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