Vintage Style Makes You Smile – Finalee

You’re so kind to pop back for this third  and finale post on refurbishing Vintage Luggage.   Thank’s a BA-zillion (that’s a whole heap of thank’s) for all your generous messages too. Tweetie and I really loved reading them all.

La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la

 If you missed the first two posts and would like to catch up, you can follow the links at the bottom of this post 😀

After painting and re-lining this very special Vintage Train Case, one dilemma remained.  How should I hide the holes that once held the missing luggage emblem on the front?  Tweetie  and I brainstormed a wee while and this is what transpired:

Step 1

Filled in the holes with craft glue

Let the glue dry well

Step 2

I actually took a photo of the floral material and using Photoshop designed a crest with Alys’s name on it.  If you don’t have Photoshop, I would be happy to help you with this step (this font is Coca-Cola).

Custom Crest on Photoshop

Step 3

I printed the one-of-a-kind crest onto’ Claudia Hellmuth’s, ‘Studio – Sticky Backed Canvas’. It’s available at most scrapbook stores. I already had this in my craft room. I also used it to personalize a gift for my sister-inlaw Adele last year, you can see that post right here.  

Project for Printable Canvas

Step 4

Once the crests where printed, I chose to use my Big Shot and a shapely die to cut them out.  Don’t worry if you don’t have these tools. Most scrapbook stores have an extensive collection you can use for a small fee.

Die cute or Punch Label

Step 5

I actually designed a couple of choices, then printed several of the one I thought worked the best. 

Possibilities Are Endless

Step 6

This printable canvas has a film you peel off to reveal a very sticky back.  Simply place as desired on your projects.

Custom Crest In Place
Custom Crest In Place

I also used the same labels to personalize Alys’s new matching tote and make-up bags that were fashioned out of the remaining material.  I’ll tell you all about making them in a future post. Break out the sewing machine, they’re pretty addictive and so (sew) easy 😀

Labels On Printed Canvas
Labels On Printed Canvas

As you can see, vintage style makes you smile 😀

Vintage Style Made Alys Smile
Vintage Style Made Alys Smile

Hey! What was YOUR favourite

vintage find ever? 

Updating Interiors
Updating Interiors
Painting Exteriors
Painting Exteriors


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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

29 thoughts on “Vintage Style Makes You Smile – Finalee

    1. Thanks Clowie! My craft cupboards are so full of stuff. I always like to try and use it when ever I can. It’s fun to use a whole bunch of things you learn along the way too.


  1. The case turned out wonderfully! You are so creative. I should be able to answer your question, but I’m blanking. I enjoy finding things at flea markets and antique stores. I’ve bought so many things over the years that I’m not sure what was my favorite find.


    1. LOL, I’d have a hard time answering that one too. Thanks for your message Sheryl. I usually shop the Antique Mall here but there’s only two. I find most of my treasures on holidays I think.


  2. Wow, these are gorgeous!! You did a terrific job. I love those train cases, there is something so romantic about them, especially when personalized and/or monogrammed as they always used to be. Like a wonderful journey is about to take place and you have to have your coordinating luggage to keep with you on the train, as opposed to ‘hurry up, get on the plane and smash your back pack onto the overhead). You chose fantastic colours, as well! I love aqua with that green and red.


    1. Thanks so much Gj. I do love the interior fabric and it was so fun to work with it. Our whole friendship has been a wonderful journey so the luggage should reflect that :D. I think they are fun to do and fun to use. I hope it all stays glue together LOL.


  3. Oh my gosh what a project. You are so detail oriented, and amazingly talented. The idea of covering the holes with a personalized canvas decal is brilliant. The execution, equally detailed and clever. I didn’t know they had a Coca-Cola font, but now that I do, it think it’s my new favorite. (I drink diet Pepsi…shhhhhh)

    As Pauline says, you have a great eye for color. And in yet another coincidence, the bags match the cover of my phone!

    That is such an adorable photo of you buried under all that mail. I’m glad it’s photo shopped and not a result of your visit to Cali.

    I’ll be thinking twice before wearing turquoise eye shadow, then posing for pics from the chin up. Eeek!

    Love you to pieces my dear. xoxoxoxoxoxoox


    1. Mwaaa, the font can be downloaded for free right here

      or if you want to be loyal to your brand, here’s Pepsi

      LOL, man there are lot’s to pick from. Thanks for your sweet message. That’s just Tweetie and I goofing off

      I actually love that photo of you. You have a warm and natural smile. As for Turquoise eye shadow, I really liked that too, POW! Ha!

      Luckily we are both sooooo darn lovable 😀 it really works out well xoxoxox


  4. I love this so much and I am so happy to see our Alsy so happy! Next time you are here, we must go to the Island so you can show me how those die cut thingies work. I have no clue (I just smile and nod when people talk about them) and never get to use them because I am clueless and hate looking incompetent. XOXOXO Miss you!!!


    1. BETSY! mwwaaaa. I’m scolding you right off the bat 😉 YOU ARE NOT clueless NOR incompetent hon. Your FB activities make me dizzy…go, go, go…HA, NOW let’s hug ((( B & B/P ))) I miss you too.
      I would love to do a project with all of you ladies at The Island. Something to plan for next time. Or when I get a house, you all should swing on up to Canada ey? That would be fun too. 😀 cause you are adorable xoxoxo


    1. Thanks again for all your visits. Seems like a lot in the posts but when you’re doing it a little at a time and having fun, it actually goes pretty quick.

      Do you have a favourite thing to shop for when hunting for vintage?


  5. You have such a good eye for colour and you pay attention to those small finishing details that make all the difference – I am in awe! Filling the holes with craft glue is inspired – though apparently Tweetie had a bit of influence in that decision as well 🙂 I love what you have done and how you have done it, thanks for sharing your awesome crafty makeover!


    1. Thanks for reading on commenting on all the posts Pauline! Bit of a long share, but this sticky backed canvas has so many uses. I’ve seen it used on Journals too here. The craft glue is inexpensive and drys clear so I also used it to cover the odd scuff before painting. I always try to use what I already have as much as possible 😀 since the ol’ cupboards are pretty full 😀


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