Tick – Tock I Love My Clock

What do you think would happen if YOU finally found something you’ve admired from afar and longed to own forever and ever ?  Would your heart skip a beat?


That’s what happened when (( Alys )) took me over to the Almaden Clock Shop in San Jose.  Not only did they have the iconic Kit-Kat Clocks, they have a bunch of colours to choose from. The proprietor, Wayne was super nice too!

Wayne The Clock Guy

I fell in love with them ALL! The girl Kit-Cat’s have pearls and flippy eye lashes, while the boy Kit-Cat’s sport a jaunty bow-tie and silly grin.

I have Kit-Cat Love

Naturally, I had to get a ‘Limited Edition’. Out of all these colours, can you guess which one I’d pick?  Was it red, maybe pink or even white?

Kit-Cat Klocks

LOL, you know me all too well….BOOM!

Boomdee's Kit-Cat Klock

Blossum would have preferred the black model 😀 Mum says, “NO WAY”! My limited addition aqua Kit-Cat clock is happily wagging it’s tale and carefully watching my every crafty move.

Aqua Kit-Cat Klock

 Did you know they have a fan club to join?  Their cheeriness has been irresistible for over 80 years 😀

Kit-Cat Klock Message

While The Kit-Cat Clock  might remind you of the 1950’s, it’s actually been around since 1932.  Their eyes roll back and forth as the tail ticks away the time.  A definite piece of Americana as they’ve always been made in the good ol’ US of A. According to their website, “in the last 50 years, someone has purchased a Kit-Cat Clock every 3 minutes”. My Turquoise Kit-Cat was only made in a limited number in 2004.  Click here to see other limited editions.

The Kit-Kat Clock

As a matter of fact,  they’re made in Fountain, California.  Now, whenever I look at it, I think of all the fun I’ve had with our sweet Alys and I smile just like my Kit-Cat 😀 Tick-Tock I love my clock .

Kit Cat - Turquoise Clock

Do you know anyone else with one?

If you love this colour too,

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

34 thoughts on “Tick – Tock I Love My Clock

    1. Oh exciting Leilani ! He’d love to hear from you. Tell him you saw it here and maybe he’ll offer a discount (you never know). I can’t exactly remember the price. Seems to me different colours were different prices. Let me know which one you get 😀 Where will you hang it?


    1. Hehe, the paw crossing is very appreciated. I got to visit with a doggy this weekend on an away trip. He’s all black, his name is Diesel and he just loved playing with his tennis ball. Made me think about how much I miss our Buddy. I’m so glad I can visit you whenever I want.

      I was really happy Wayne still had the Aqua one, no other colour would do. Well in a pinch I might have bought a pink one but the aqua one is a dream. 😀


    1. They’re made in California, so must just be an American thing. Seems like a silly thing, but it makes me happy. I used to see them in homes in magazines all the time and think, “how sweet and whimsical !”. Now my wish to find one, came true 😀 Thanks you!


  1. That was such a fun afternoon! Your clock looks divine and it is so you. It’s amazing that he had the limited edition color on his wall on the very day we stopped in. I love happy coincidences. Great post and pics and three cheers for the Kit Cat clock. I didn’t know any of that before our shopping trip. Thanks for all the extra details in this post. Did you share a copy with Wayne? I can’t remember if he has a website. If not, I’ll be sure to print a copy and bring it to him.

    Tick-tock, Boomdee’s got a clock
    So sad, Blossum’s a little sad
    Just kidding…I know she’s spoiled to pieces
    She’s featured in a video, with scary little mee-ces.



    1. !!! HA, you are dear ! What a Mice surprise 😉 Cuteness to infinity, thank you for the poem and for showing me all the fab places in your beautiful home town. That sure was a great afternoon, but then again, everyday was amazing. I just love spending time with you…I bet we could even make ironing fun…LOL (ok, let’s not try though). I didn’t want to freak out poor Wayne by jumping up and down with excitement, but in my head I sure was.

      I tried to find his website to link up, but I don’t think he has one. I found him on yelp and that’s about it. Please, yes, print him up a copy or if he has an email, I could send him the link.

      I look at it every time I go in and out or just pondering what to do next. I love that I bought it with you. xox You’ll always be part of the story of ‘when I got my kit-cat clock’. mwaaaaa


      1. Hee! Making ironing fun. Sounds like the name of a sit-com that didn’t quite make the cut. LOL.

        I’m so happy your clock puts a smile on your face and that you have a story to tell or to think about when you see it. I’m going to print your blog post now (still having intermittent connectivity…was down all day yesterday) so I best get to it.

        tick tock…kit cat….chop chop!


    1. They come in a lot of fun colours. There’s a link on the website to find a store near you. I was happier to buy it new more than vintage because of the colour. I noticed on Ebay the vintage ones are pricey too. Thanks for your message!


  2. I would have been shocked had you gotten anything other than aqua! 😛 That clock is too awesome!! Did they have it in yellow? hehe

    Ans yes, the candy bar is called a Kit-Kat, comes in milk and dark chocolate. Quite yummy. I knew about the clock existing, and yes, I did equate it with the 50’s, but I didn’t know they had a name. Too cool!


    1. I didn’t see a yellow one at Wayne’s shop but it looks like they have yellow when I link to the official Website. Is that your favourite colour? The black ones are what I had normally seen, so it was fun to discover they had a bunch of colours 😀


      1. Yes, yellow is my favorite color, always has been. I really like purple as well, which kinda go together, especially is I add blue. I’ve always loved sun and moon themes items. I have a tapestry, different kinds of artwork, a blanket, a large candle-holder sun for outside, you get the picture:P


        1. Do you know the song by UB40, Higher Ground?

          Moon and stars sit way up high
          Earth and trees beneath them lie
          The wind blows fragrant lullaby
          To cool the night for you and I

          On the wing the birds fly free
          Leviathan tames angry sea
          The flower waits for honeybee
          The sunrise wakes new life in me

          Sun and moon all wrapped up in beautiful music…take a listen:


  3. Ahhhh, I Love this clock too!! I had one when I was a little girl in my bedroom. The traditional black and white Felix the Cat looking one. Alas, sorry Blossum, it has been given away, donated, thrown out, no idea when I was still young. So sad. 😦 I STILL think about that clock I would watch it’s eyes and tail move when I couldn’t sleep at night. And, How did I know that Boomdee would select the blue/green cat clock??


    1. Alas, I’m an open book. LOL.

      If only we could get back all the treasures we’ve parted with, how happy that would make us. I’ve been lucky to find the odd thing at an antique shop that I really covet, but it’s nice that these are still been made.

      They’re so nostalgic, I feel like my crafty room is back in 1940. Thanks a bunch for your message. Hope you and Kitty have an awesome weekend!


    1. Thanks Aunty, Alys really did spoil me by getting me to all her favourite spots and while I normally hate it, I turned into a shopping Ninja, LOL. It’s way more fun when your with a friend 😀 LUL 2 xoK


    1. AWESOME, If you’re smiling that means Kit-Cat and I are doing our job 😀 I know you already have love in your heart and hopefully energy in your body. I think you could easily apply the ‘Kit-Cat Creed’ to many Bloggers here at WordPress, I just love that. Kind of cool that your Grandpa had one too, it’d be awesome to have. Thanks for your message my dear, enjoy your weekend! xK


  4. How pawsitively purrfect for you, right down to the color!! Love the pic of Blossum, such an elegant kitty. I know I have seen the black clock in someone’s home but I can’t remember whose. You might remember my childhood kitty was named Kitt Katt. I thought I named her for the candy bar, but who knows, maybe I had heard of the clock somewhere. So happy to know the story behind them!


    1. OH, I do remember you telling me about Kitt Katt Julia! I think that’s a really cute name for a kitty. Blossum is sweet and gentle. She’s usually very quiet and loves tummy rubs too. She’s never far away and sometimes even under my feet 😉

      Alys originally posted a picture on her FB page and I knew we had to go. I was so excited they still had my colour. My craft room couldn’t be more perfect unless it was in my own house. Still looking, trying to be patient. Thanks so much for your message, I hope you and your guys have a great weekend xK


  5. OMG Boomie….I LOVE your cat clock! If I saw this in a store, I would definitely have to get it for you! And what’s so cool about this, is that it is in your color too! Love it! 🙂


    1. 😀 Well you are the nicest gal to think of shopping for me. Luckily I found one and I’m madly, crazy, head-over-heals for it. Maybe in 50 years, yes I know I’ll be 102 😉 it’ll be worth a pretty penny. Have a great weekend Valerie! We are scheduled for snow on Sunday even though yesterday was 66F….ugg.


      1. Oh my, we have already dropped down in the 40’s here at night. Brrrr It snowed last night here too! If I saw that clock somewhere, I would have totally thought of you for sure! Stay warm my sweets!


  6. I don’t know what I like more, your love for these clocks, or the cool photo editing! I’ve really got to look into the editing thing. As for the clocks, I remember those as a kid and I had no idea they were made in CA. Fun post!!


    1. Thanks for your kind response. I generally upload my images to http://www.picture2life.com to make gif’s or collages. There’s also Photoshop for word bubbles and what not. It should be fun along the way right? 😀 You could also follow the link to the official Kit-Cat site to find out where to shop for one near you. What colour would YOU buy?


  7. This is all new to me – so far away from your part of the world. While I’ve heard of kit-kats – its a chocolate thingy that you can eat I believe – I did not know about the clocks. They are very cute and I would bet a lot of fun to have around. I love you and your aqua – it is one of my favourite blues too, though I tend to make it greener so it leans more towards a turquoise I guess…… This will keep you warm and cheery when that snow arrives and you are trapped indoors 🙂


    1. HELLO my dear Pauline! You don’t SEEM far away 😀 And yep, it’s a chocolate bar here too. I think it’s Kit-Kat Bar. These clocks have been around for ages and I guess Fountain California isn’t too far from San Jose. I do like the greener shades of aqua too, or as we call it Seafoam. I just feel cheery looking at it and it quietly ticks away over my shoulder as I’m crafting….winter schminter….bring it on 😀 LOL Thanks so much for your lovely-lovely message xoK


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