Don’t Go To Sleep


things are happening here…………..


Are you ready for Halloween?

My Pet Crow

More Halloween at Boomdeeadda

Black Cat Boogie

A Practically Perfect Pumpkin

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

21 thoughts on “Don’t Go To Sleep

      1. Oh, no—I love seeing all of the little crumb-crunchers come around! We’ll be staying right here, and Ben will help us pass out candy. 🙂


    1. You are the Queen of ‘bump-in-the-night’ and I’m sure the best yard in town. Thanks for the cheer! I imagine moms all over the country are getting last minute costumes touches done and re-buying candy because their families have eaten the first patch of treats already. HA! Have a fab week my dear!


      1. Oh, I agree on people re-buying more candy because they ate a bunch of it. I am proud to say that when I was filling up our treat bags, I did not eat one tootsie roll. (that’s only because I knew WE had some of our own) ha ha


  1. You’ve really got us into the Halloween spirit, Boomdee – so I made a dash to Aldi and got some “brain cupcakes” for the kids and I to make and some “squishy body parts” lollies for trick or treaters who dare to come knocking. Unfortunately Australians aren’t usually big on Halloween, but here in Teddy and Tottie Land we love a theme – especially a scary one! You are so tech savvy Boomdee!! Special effects – pictures fading into one another – so clever!! We love watching your little movie over and over (move over Steven Spielberg, I say!) And I too will be checking under the bed before retiring tonight!! xxx


    1. Hi T&T, I’m so happy you’re back and not just because you shower me with kindness, but that’s awesome too…LOL Yes, the spirits have invaded my night….was it a dream or wasn’t it? Seemed almost like I’d been there before…like I said, WEIRD ;D

      Brain cupcakes and squishy body parts…yum! I’m almost frightened to ask for the recipe…LOL. Sounds like an episode of Dexter. Did you get that in your part of the world? A loveable serial killer, forensic cop named Dexter?

      Believe me when I say, “Boomdee nay savvy”. I took an iMovie class but it takes me a lonnnnnng time to get it together. Goes something like this: Push buttons, ooops, add this, nope, dang, then…oh-oh….was it here then? nope! But it’s fun to try and I sure appreciate your message. Mr Spielberg can sleep in today, his job is safe….unless of course……he’s having a BAD DREAM!!!!! mwa ha ha ha cough….xoxoK


  2. Yikes! That was scary. Well done, well done. How did you get all those special effects? I was really nervous, too, expecting something to jump out at me. Phewwww….

    Happy almost Halloween, my dear.


    1. Thanks Alys! I used iMovies and all the effects are in there. It’s a hoot if you have 4 or 5 hours to kill 😀 You can import photo’s from iPhoto and make them into a slide show by adding transitions to connect them together. Maybe we can make a happy one next time I’m in town. I’m off to bed soon, as I’m sure you’re ready too after the weekend you had. After listening to these sound effects all day, I hope I don’t really have a nightmare, LOL.

      Happy Halloween’s eve’s hon, xoxox


    1. Thanks for hanging in there and watching Marlene…things that scurry or bump in the night freak me out too. If the hubby talks me into a scary movie, I’m usually under my blanket most of the time. Mellow for me too, I’m not going out this year so thought I’d play inside…hehe…Sweet dreams 😉


  3. Jeepers, if I lived in your part of the world I would never survive Halloween – I’m really glad all we have to contend with earthquakes and tsunami warnings …….. that was really, really scary!!

    With the first resounding roar of thunder, Orlando left the room on an urgent appointment that he had forgotten until that very moment and left me to it! The hooter/scream thingy had me on my feet and also remembering an urgent prior appointment that had somehow slipped my mind ….. the cat with red eyes, the witch on the roof, how could any one ever sleep again??

    Is it over yet, can I come out of the wardrobe?? I have to go and find my companion – I think I saw him heading out the door with a packed bag in his paw ….


    1. LOL, welcome to my nightmare !

      I’m sorry that Orlando ran away in fright, I should put a kitty warning up. Petals and Blossum didn’t like it either. Although, that’s Petals on the stairs with scary eye’s….don’t know how she ended up in my bad dream, she’s usually so cute 😉 Now an earthquake IS something to scream about and would wake me out of the worst nightmare. Do you get much Thunder down there? Almost every time it rains in July, we’ll get a thunder storm…I like it because it cools off the condo.
      Well, have a good sleep now, don’t worry about the monsters under your bed 😉


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