Not A Chance!

I'm hungry!

We last saw Penny on the way to a dance,

she had stopped for a little snack.

With her tummy full, she fell fast asleep,

in the woods, beside a little grass shack.

So Sleepy

As the clock tick-tock’d, it got very quiet,

she saw a big balloon in the sky.

All black and white it gave her a fright!

Was that a monkey she saw floating by?

Is that a Monkey?

Next thing she knew, she was up in the sky,

flying along thru the icy dark.

Flying thru the night

Then over a black hill, she heard such a shrill,

the sign said it was ‘Terces Park’.

Terces Park

Poor Penny began to shake, she covered her face,

“Oh, why are we going here?”

Oh, why?

The monkey just laughed, a manacle sound.

It filled her with dread and with fear.

I'm so scared!

Penny looked down at a bleak little house,

there seemed to be somebody home.

Haunted Gnome Home

The lights were on, the door’s ajar,

but what happened to the Garden Gnome?

Dead Gnome at Terces Park

As dark clouds parted, a moon lit the night,

all the horror she could now clearly see.

Haunted Fairy Garden

Penny heard herself scream!

There were bats all around,

“oh NO!” how could this be?

Cats & Bats

Giant rats? Forgotten dead?

What’s happened at Terces Park?

Horror in Terces  Park

Evil had crept in, over the white picket fence,

it happened last night after dark.

Evil Crept In

The balloon picked up speed, Penny felt relieved,

“please sir, I’m just going to a dance”

tick-tock went the clock, it got quiet again,

he turned and whispered, “not a chance”.

Not a chance

Original Poem By Boomdeeadda

What are you going as this year?


Happy Halloween !!

Get Your Ghoul On Here

(click on the photo’s)

Frank N Stein
If You Dare…Mwa…ha….ha
Raise The Dead
Raise The Dead

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

29 thoughts on “Not A Chance!

  1. Another installment from my favorite poet! I just loved the creepy factor this time…… I have always been terrified of monkeys too!!!!
    Hope you had a great halloween, and we are all wishing you a lovely weekend XO


    1. That monkey can be a little creepy for sure. Maybe a totally nice guy in the sunny daylight hours, we’ll see. Halloween was quiet as we don’t get trick-or-treaters at the condo, so this was my entertainment too, LOL Thanks so much for your cheer Kathryn!


    1. 😀 Thank you Clowie. I hope not TOO scary! Halloween was pretty laid back. No trick or treaters in our neighbourhood, we’re downtown. Do you celebrate this nutty thing in the mountains?


      1. It’s starting to become popular in the cities, but we don’t see any celebrations here. The following day is a public holiday, traditionally it’s a day for visiting graves,


        1. Oh, that’s very interesting. We have a day like that in the spring at the Greek Orthodox church my grandparents were laid to rest at. In Ukrainian it’s called, “provody”. A priest blesses the baskets or plates of goodies you bring, one for each family member who’s passed on. Traditionally, it’s a braided bread with painted eggs and treats laid at your loved ones grave. Families then trade this blessed offering with other families visiting too. Then you share a meal together there, hopefully outside. But the weather can be unpredictable at Easter in northern Canada. 😀 I went with my Aunty last spring to help a tradition continue.


  2. Wow, this is like a little movie! What fun…I hope Penny makes it safely to her dance. We don’t usually dress up for Halloween, and really, dressing 40s or 50s every day as I do, it’s not really necessary. I could dress like a contemporary person, but only my family and friends would ‘get it’!

    Also: When my husband snored, I wish he went “tres somnolent” instead of actually snoring. Just a thought. 😉 Hope you had a fun Halloween!


    1. Thanks so much Jen, I hope Penny finds her way there too 😉

      I see what you mean, ha…you’re right, no one would get it. I really love forties fashion and home decor. Great time for music too. I can’t shake my head at your hubby, my husband and girlfriend I traveled with, both say I snore..there it is, you know more about me now than you wanted…LOL Halloween night was very quiet but I had fun with this post and tricked up my mantel too. Have a great weekend!


  3. What an extraordinary creation you’ve crafted here, Boomdee! Holy crackers Batman you’ve really outdone yourself. I love the poem, the design and my goodness the special effects. They didn’t show up yesterday, but here they are today, flashing and changing colors before my eyes. You must have spent hours on this, both the actual creation and later the photos, videos and effects. I bow down at your scary little feet!


    1. Thanks so much my dear. I had fun frightening up a spooky fairy garden. The backdrop is a photo copy of a scary house and the little house is made with the die cut I bought at The Island with you xo, but instead of a cute little cottage, it’s a spooky little cottage 😀 Everything else was from The $1 store…next up, Christmas. It did take a few days but was lots of fun. I’ve now got to get poor Penny to the dance ;0)


      1. Oh wow! So darn clever, you. What fun making a little house from your new die. I can’t wait to see Christmas, too. You’ve a talent for this, but even better, you’re having fun. Weeeeee.

        Have fun at the dance, Penny!


    1. LOL, yes spook-tacular! No yard work for moi! Fall has been a breeze compared to our house. The benefits of condo living (for now). I simply landscaped a teeny-tiny graveyard…mwa ha ha. Thanks so much for your fab message, have a great weekend!


    1. Thanks Leilani! I was challenged to update the fairy garden and used a bunch of scrapbook stuff. Oh the time I have on my hands…LOL. How’s things over at Mrs Smith? I’m going to click on your new Gravatar here, BRB…..


    1. LOL, Kangaroo’s being kidnapped by monkeys and flown off to graveyards….really? Know what else is scary? Trying not to eat the 4 chocolate bars I bought ‘just incase a ghoul comes by 😉 Willpower to the max.


    1. LOL, you otta see me in the morning, and I HAVE teeth. You poor thing, I feel so bad for you. Are the police investigating? I hope insurance covers everything for you because that’s a worry for some too. Given you work in health care, I hope you are set.

      I actually have a cap on my front tooth too. I was helping my then 8 year old brother push the lawn mower up a hill in our yard and I stepped on his heel and hit my mouth on his head. Poor guy cried and cause I broke my tooth. That won’t make for much of a story when I’m in the senior home though 😀

      Thanks for your message, so great to hear from you. I highly recommend cute kitty video’s on Youtube to help relax and cheer you, here’s one coming your way


  4. Ok, that was fun. Put it together for a kids Halloween book and earn a few bucks to support that paper habit.. I don’t do much for Halloween. What are you going out as? You are just as clever as they come.


    1. hehe, hoooooowwwwwl !

      Thanks Marlene, I keep meaning to corral all my Gnome Poems into a little printed book. Another project 😉
      I’m not going to a party this year because my gf is going to a concert tonight and my hubby is over it, LOL I have a great idea for next year though…mwaa ha ha…gack


    1. Thanks a bunch Laurie, is little man going tricker treating with Gramma? You’re weather is so co-operative, it must be fun to decorate around the yard. Hope you have fun!


    1. Mwaaa ha ha….that Sammy Whammy zinged up EVERYTHING….Yikes, that wand must have been extra-super-duper charged up yesterday xoxo Thank you so much Sammy & Mum 😀 Happy Halloweeeeeeeeennnn xoK


  5. I see you are quite the poetess – to add to all your other talents 🙂 That was very clever with the story and all the pictures – I have no idea how you do that so am extremely impressed!

    Do all you Canadians go gaga for Halloween too? I have been quite bedazzled with all the activity over at Gardening Nirvana these last weeks with Halloween – I feel a bit like Jodie Foster in ‘Contact’ as she floats through the universe “I never knew, I never knew” I have learnt so much 🙂


    1. hehehe, the fairy garden is possessed !

      Thank you for your oh-so-kind message, I guess maybe I’m really more of a rhymer than poetess. But look how well it worked out for Dr Seuss 😀

      Canadians are starting to celebrate it in a more serious way. It used to be mostly for kids but now there’s more adult parties than kid parties. Our TV weather guy is all dressed up today too, ha. At the lake we had a party every year for about 12 years, lot’s of creativity. Last year I went to a part with a girl friend. We dressed as mimes…HA. Harder to mime than I thought. It’s posted back in Oct 2012. Happy Halloween to you and handsome Orlando xK


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