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Do you have any favourite  neighbourhoods in your town? The ones that you dream of living in because they are absolutely picture perfect? I do! There’s  this one neighbourhood I often like to bike or walk thru on a bright summer day. I enjoy imagining a home there.  This sweet pink one with the little dormers would suit me just fine.  I actually think it might be my favourite.

The Perfect Pink House

On this particular tree-lined street the gardens are always green and everyone drives a vintage car.  Well now, Boomdee would DEFINITELY love to live here.

Lovely Gardens & Vintage Cars

Sometimes there’s a kitty in the window of that blue house.  Oooh, there he is!  I say ‘he’ because ‘he’ reminds me of another sweet boy named ‘KT’ 😉

My Friend In the Blue House

If I’m feeling really energetic, I’ll walk across The High Level Bridge for a coffee at the diner, not too far away.  It’s a bit of a hike, but good exercise too.

The Highlevel Bridge

Did you know there used to be trains going over the bridge?  Since the bridge is over 100 years old we don’t see that anymore.  They’re probably still buzzing thru the Alberta prairies I should think.

The Alberta Prairies

Time permitting, I always like to stop at the Alberta Legislative Grounds on the way back. The park and fountains are always such a treat on a hot day.

The Alberta Legislature Grounds

Speaking of treats on a hot day, there seems to be a lot of people at the pool too. Looks like that one gal is wearing her bathing knickers too short again.  She actually looks kind of familiar………..Betsy?   Is that you getting scolded? 😉

A crowded pool requires etiquette is closely monitored

Betsy? Is that you?

I almost always forget about the time. But that’s ok, I can hop on the street car and be home in a jiff.  It stops not far from  St Joachims Church, very close to home.

Scene's of Edmonton

Of course the end to a perfect summer day would be a quick stop at the Candy Factory. I’d probably buy Red Twizzler’s, Salt Water Toffee and an Eatmore Bar.  I can almost taste all that sugary goodness…….mmmmmmm!

The Candy Factory

But just not today 😦

Kris's beautiful mural decorates the community building at Kitchener Park in Edmonton
Kris’s beautiful mural decorates the community building at Kitchener Park in Edmonton

Are you experiencing summer

withdrawal yet?

About The Artist – Click Here

Artist Kris A Friesen

For more wonderful art, check out Kris’s website

(All artwork by Kris A Friesen – no infringement intended)


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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

52 thoughts on “Not Today

    1. Hello Hello Kris! Thank’s for your message and visit. We were living very close to the park and I admired your mural for a long time. Everytime I went by, I’d walk around and notice more detail. It’s pretty amazing and what a treasure for the city! Thanks for sharing your awesome talent with the community! Cheers Kelly!


    1. I did see you current post Laurie and hope to see you back at some point, but can totally understand your need to step away. I’ve sure enjoyed our visits too, don’t be a stranger 😀


    1. Thanks for being here Clowie ! The building is quite small but every inch of it is part of the mural, including the window grates, rain pipes, door knobs and soffits. Even the trees continue off the roof into the blue sky. Neat!


    1. Thanks for reading Kathryn! It reminded me a little of jumping into a chalk picture like in Mary Poppins who, as you know, rocked my childhood and continues to charm me like crazy 😀


    1. Yes, I guess even subtle seasons let a person enjoy their whole wardrobe. I’d bet cool weather might be welcomed if your summers are long. These murals are quite wonderful, thanks so much for your message and kind comment Laurie 😀


    1. Hi Sharon, I spotted that white kitty in the window and immediately thought of KT. I hope he’s enjoying life and back to feeling well. I know how much I worried when my pets seems out of sorts or ill. It’s so scary for them and mum’s too. Thanks for cheering me on and your message xoK


      1. KT continues to feel better. He’s eating 2x the amount of food he used to. That’s good since he’d lost 2 lbs. I hope when we take him in in 30 days for a re-check, that he’s gained back the weight.


        1. I’m so glad to hear that Sharon. Nice to see them with a good appetite after they’ve been ill. I wish with all the technology we have someone would invent a translator so we could talk to our kitty cats 😀


  1. LOVE the art on the walls! I’d do an aqua house but yellow is my preferred color. Just can’t do pink, more of a peach color girl. I owned a ’51 Studebaker in high school. It was yellow and I called it my yellow submarine. It would go through deep water during heavy rains while the other cars washed to the side of the road. Loved that car. The drawings remind me of houses in Europe. Love the look of them. Now everything is so stark. Builders should bring back the window boxes!


    1. I think I’d be pretty darn happy in a aqua house too, and absolutely, one with window boxes. Our lake house had window box’s for many years. Like a little swiss cottage. It’s great to look out and have flowers right there.

      Your car sounds like a dream, I was born in the wrong era I think. I loved cars, clothes and homes of the 40’s and early 50’s. If home designers were smart, they’d do a retro community. I bet they’d sell like hotcakes. Thanks for your message Marlene! xK


  2. I couldn’t figure out what structure all that artwork was going to be on, but i loved following along and following all the links! What a great place Edmonton must be!
    We are just now getting some cold temps … it’s supposed to be 18 degrees tomorrow.


    1. The mural is on a community building at a spray park/play ground not far from the townhouse. It’s entirely covered in the mural. The rain gutters, windows, doors, door knobs, soffits…..everything. It’s really very clever.

      18 F does sound cool. That’d be almost -8 Celsius. Today was probably 2 C or 36 F. It’s up and down though and we’ve had -11 C or 12 F. By February I’ll think of that as balmy, LOL


  3. That was a far more pleasurable and pretty walk than the ones I usually take with Ben! Methinks we all need to move to this place, especially if it’s always summer there! Thank you for taking us along. 🙂


    1. Isn’t it a wonderful little neighbourhood? Yes, always summer and apparently always sunny. I loved that Ben came with too, nothing improves a walk more than bringing a fury friend. Thanks for your kind message Jen!


  4. Oh, that looks like SUCH a fun neighbourhood, so much colour and the murals are really fabulous! I love a place with a lot of colour and vibrancy to it. I’m not too much a fan of the manicured lawns and beige surroundings.


    1. I agree whole heartedly Gj ! Do you remember the neighbourhood in Edward Scissorhand’s with all the pastel houses? I thought I’d like to live there too.

      I cringe when we drive thru the new communities with their sameness and perfection and square homes with no personality. eck !

      I think I should help Sheldon invent time travel and go back to 1945, that’s were I need to live 😀


      1. I love Edward Scissor hands! I actually love the quaint and otherworldly ‘feel’ of Tim Burton movies. There are so many lively picturesque and colourful neighborhoods on the east coast of Canada?


        1. Tim Burton is my all time favourite movie maker. I’ve seen Big Fish probably a dozen times. That movie just mesmerizes me. I just loved every single moment and Ewan McGregor is a dream. I wish he’d do another musical too. Shamefully, I’ve never been on the east coast of Canada but it does look so, so beautiful. We plan a long leisurely trip at some point.


    1. Hi Leilani! It’s a dirty rotten shame you haven’t had an Eatmore Bar. They even have recipe’s on the net. Chopped peanuts and chocolate mixed with molasses. A real ‘old-west’ kind of thing. I’m surprised they don’t have them in Texas 😀

      As for the snow, honestly, this is just a skiff. The real deal happens usually in January and February. You would not care for it at all 😀 In fact, a great number of Canadians don’t like it either, LOL. They’re called Snowbirds because they all fly (or drive) south.


    1. Thanks for cheering me on Aunty. We walk by this little building all year round but I especially enjoy it in the summer. I guess it’s warming up just when you are on your way. You’ll miss the balmy weather, but we’ll miss you more. See you soon LU xoK


    1. Thank you so much. The ol’ photo collection gets quite a work-out over these Canadian Winters. Luckily it’s always summer somewhere on this big planet. That’s what I love about having WordPress Pals Down Under 😀 Plus they’re really a funny bunch. Have you noticed that?


  5. Thank-you so much for a wonderful post, Boomdee! Living in the Southern Hemisphere – and unfortunately never having been to Canada – it is a real treat to be shown a stunning feature of Edmonton. And so much snow (to me!) We have to drive hours in the depths of winter to find any snow like that! It looks soooo beautiful – but I too get cold feet so perhaps it would lose its beauty quickly. It’s so funny in Australia – when I was growing up we read Christmas books that always featured snow, roaring fires, scarves and mittens – mum would slave over a hot lunch on Christmas Day – and it would be 45 degrees C in the shade! Nowadays we have Christmas lunches that are a lot more warm-weather friendly, but I know, secretly, that “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” just like Bing! I have picture perfect images of Christmas in “Little Women” swirling through my head. But, back to reality! What gorgeous artwork! Am heading to check out the artist’s website now … x


    1. That so funny, I’ve always wondered if Aussie had their own set of Santa and Christmas books that reflected where you live. Like maybe Santa’s sleigh being pulled by Kangaroos or something. I’m sure it was slightly befuddling to sing White Christmas along with Bing and never have seen snow.
      You might be right about the ‘beautiful’ snow losing it’s appeal quickly. That’s why a great number of retired Canadians go south in the winter. They’re called Snowbirds, LOL. Honestly, we’ve barely had a skiff so far. By January, it will blow your mind.
      I really would dread cooking anything in 45 degree heat. Your poor mom, that’s dedication. I’d be tempted to serve some kind of cold salad, maybe one with Strawberries. That’d be green and red, voila! Festive!
      Thanks so much for your cheery message, hope you enjoyed Kris’s site too, he’s quite fabulous 😀


  6. Such a clever post! I wasn’t expecting that last photo at all! While the snow is beautiful, I know it’s very cold, too. We really missed the snow when we first moved from Canada, but now we’ve acclimated. My feet get really cold this time of year and I have trouble warming them up. That’s when I start to miss the warmer days.

    Oh, I just noticed that the real tree seems to grow out of the mural! I love that.


    1. Thank you Alys! I took all these photo’s on a walk this summer, except the last one. I took that one today and then had the notion to write my post finally. I could easily leave the snow behind, except for Christmas. I always have cold feet too, I attribute it to bad circulation but it could be the temps, LOL.

      Do you see any resemblance in the saucy swim suit girl and our friend Betsy? I giggled when I saw her in the park. I was wondering if anyone would notice the trees, good eye Alys! Every inch of the building is a continuous part of the mural. The doors, windows, vents, soffits, rain gutters and trims…and yes it continues into the sky! I was impressed too.


      1. I look so tired in that close up photo-I better get some rest. You are the cutest & I loved following your adventures. Stay warm and cozy! XOXOXO


        1. Ha, I think you might be tired of getting your swim knickers authorized before you’re allowed in the pool hehe. Speaking of warm and cozy, this morning I’m wearing a long flowered nighty with fluffy thick brown socks and a giant fleecy coat….HA, a fashion statement to be sure. Thanks for swinging by my neighbourhood Bets…LU xoxoxoK


      2. Years ago a doctor told me that my cold hands and feet were from poor circulation. I’ve also read that it is more common in women, because the body, when cold, will draw the heat towards your center to protect what’s vital (your organs). Because women have a more uneven distribution of capillaries (then men), they tend to get colder extremities.

        Clever of you to catch the likeness to Betsy! I love the way you ‘see’ things. It’s a gift.


        1. Well that makes sense then, thanks for sharing that info Alys. I’m wearing socks this morning too with my flannel penguin pi’s…mornings are not too photogenic when the weather dips here. I’ve never found a pair of gloves that actually keep my finger tips warm either. Now I know why. xK


        2. Yep. That’s why mittens keep your hands warmer. They heat from your hands can circulation. Gloves isolate the fingers, make them harder to warm.

          I’m wearing socks and my favorite warm house clogs, a gift from Mike two Christmases ago. They are so darn cozy, slip proof and easy on and off.


  7. Wow – that’s wonderful art work. I love that pink house too, I’d fantasize for hours quite happily over that one….. I nipped across to his website too. What a creative opening page he has going on – just wonderful! Is he a friend? I ask purely from curiosity 🙂 I take it that everything you showed us is painted on the snow bound shelter in the last photo – is it a bus stop? Again I ask only from curiosity…. though, if this is the case, it is remarkable to me that artwork in a public environment like that can go unscathed by the dear wee vandals.

    I enjoyed this post very much Boomdee, your city is remarkably pretty!


    1. Thank you for your generous comments about Edmonton. We live downtown, near a river valley which we really enjoy. There a number of great things to do near by too.
      I don’t personally know Kris but have admired his projects thru-out Canada. Very talented fellow. This mural is painted on a small community building in a park that also has a spray deck and playground for little ones. Thoughtless vandals can be a problem at times . This park is in an area with a lot of apartments housing professionals and urbanites who also enjoy central living. That being said, you never know why people do those things. They’re so random, I hope they’ll continue to show respect here.

      Kris’s website is really original isn’t it? Love that opening too. Thanks for your message my dear! Artist bring communities together! 😀


  8. This would totally be Boomieville for sure! Is that snow you have on the ground already? It has snowed here twice already and I heard that we should be getting more on Monday night. I am not ready for this yet.


    1. No doubt, I’d live in that little pink house and drive an old ’39’ Studebaker. I wonder why you don’t see pink houses anymore? I need to change that…hehe. Mr B would flip out.

      Yes that’d be snow. Not too much yet but it’s not going to melt till maybe Wednesday when it’ll be 3 C (38 F). I was resisting too, but had to pull out my winter coat because it was windy today, go with the flow I guess.


      1. WOW, that is more snow than what we got, but it’s coming. Our temps have really been uber freakin cold, the kind that blows right through you. At least I can wear my new winter boots that I got last year again! Yeah!

        I so could see you living in a pink victorian house! I get to live in the guest house out back though! I could be your House Girl and keep that Studebaker of yours washed every day!


        1. Little Pink House & you and me….John Cougar could come and buzz around town with us in the Stude and we could sing all our favourite oldies but goodies….LOL


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