A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock-N-Roll

As some of you may have already discovered, Pinterest can be entirely addictive.  I swear you can find almost anything you can think of there. Whether you just love looking at Cute Critters, want to get organized or do some crafting, your saved ideas are there at your fingertips.

Boomdee's Pinterest

What you’ll probably find is, you’ll  ‘COLLECT’ a great many more project ideas than you could possibly make in one lifetime 😀  So last week, when I wanted to make a card for two adorable blogging friends, I decided I would finally use one of the 68 card ideas I’ve collect on Pinterest. I chose this card by the talented  Karola Witczak as my inspiration. You can use the link to see her entire Gallery, I thought it was beautifully done.

Card by Karola Witczak

I loved the winged heart and rolled papers in Karola’s design and choose to use a new collection by Kaisercraft called Hidden Treasure.

Card Making With Kaisercraft

The paper collection, with navy, teal, ochre and creme had the rural-country vibe I was looking for. Here’s what transpired in the Boom-room 😀

Kaisercraft Card - Hidden Treasures

My big tip for the day is, “if one card is good, two cards is better”.  If you’re taking time to make a card, why not double down on everything.  When you cut your papers to size, cut two.  When you’re die-cutting, cut two. Using your brad setter? Do it twice.  I find, deciding what goes where and in what colour takes longer than making the actual card and this is a great way to optimize that effort.

Card Making Tips

I especially loved the rolled papers on Karola’s design, and took the opportunity to show off both sides of the scrapbook paper. Because really, who can ever decide which one’s prettier?

Paper Rolls Scrap Card Making

I found that it helped by tightly rolling them on a narrow tool to start. Then add a dab of glue, tighten and let dry. I’ve seen the same technique used to make a Christmas tree on a card, that might be fun!

Rolled Scrapbook Paper

Adding a little texture to your paper so it’s not as refined in appearance, can lend to the country vibe too. Guess what? There’s a tool for that too! LOL . Just ask at your local Scrapbook shop.

Adding Texture to Scrap Cards

Don’t you know it, collaging is my thing so I used a Tim Holtz acrylic stamp to fashion the wings, set in brads, and added a plethora of accoutrement until I was please with the result. When I decorate at home, I often mix styles or era’s, and sometimes contrasting elements like rustic twine and pretty crochet lace can add a ying-yang that’s appealing on your paper crafts too.

It's In The Details

Since I had a few scraps left over, I decided to tuck it all into a vellum envelope that got pretty’d up with this heart shaped die cut by Memory Box. Their collection of dies are irresistible.

Scrapbook Card - Country Vibe

The cards seem perfect for the friends I sent them too: a little bit country, a little bit rock-n-roll.

Looking for more inspiration? 

You’ll love the wit, grace and photography at Life on The Bike

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

57 thoughts on “A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock-N-Roll

    1. Thank you so much, I alway love to try something new. Today I’m using Gelato’s for the first time. Very versatile product with lot’s of info on You Tube. I’ll be sure to share when I get the hang of them. Do you enjoy scrapbooking or card making? It’s a little addicting 😀


    1. ((( Sunshine ))) you’re a treat. I’m actually running out of time to a) mail Christmas Cards, b) decorate the tree and house and c) finish shopping and lose 10 lbs before Maui in January…LOL Good Grief. Thanks for your visit and super duper nice compliment too


    1. ‘Have Mercy’…hehe, you southerners are so darn cute. Thanks so much. I have bought some Christmas paper (LOL of course I did) but haven’t got-2-it…oh dear, must start soon 😀


  1. That turned out really cool! I love all the amazing crafts you come up with in the Boom-room! I have peeked around on pinterest a few times, but I find I lose hours (and hours) on there just looking and dreaming… so I try not to log in very often!
    Wishing you a happy sunday!


    1. Thanks Kathryn, I know what you mean about Pinterest. I won’t go on for days because of that, I figured it was time to do good on these boards and make something. When I don’t spend time there, I actually get something done! Don’t you just love Sunday! xo back atcha.


    1. Thanks Linne, if there’s any downside to it all it’s that I haven’t room to spread out. We’re currently renting and although I have a spare bedroom, I’d love more counter space….I always end up on the floor, HA So nice of you to be here 😀


  2. I thought pinterest was wondrous when I first tried it – I promised myself I wouldn’t play with it again after a week! Addictive? 100% 😀 Now, if I had your patience and ability, I’d probably buy shares in it 😉


    1. LOL, Pinterest IS diabolical, we are all hooked. I go in spurts, but once you get in there, it’s like a glorious maze and you can’t get out 😀 Resistance is futile..ha!

      Now about patience, it’s much easier when you don’t work and haven’t any deadlines. Honestly, I really admire those of you who do both the blog thing and run a business and have careers. It’s too much fun when you love what you’re doing, I know you feel the same. Thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate it.


    1. Thank you so much Clowie’s mum 😀 I don’t have a garden currently so the skies the limit, but it’s free to dream. Thanks for checking out my Pinterest Boards, I think it’s just a great way to save ideas.


  3. I love, love all of them. Especially the glittery winged heart and the paper rolls. I love Pinterest too. I was there for almost 2 hours last night and again today. Even got my son hooked. He has an artistic bent to him. Me, I LOVE artistic things. That’s my job in life, to appreciate what beautiful things I see. Pinned this. ;).


    1. Hello my dear, I was just thinking about you and wondered what you were up too and here you are! Thank’s so much for cheering me on and pinning my card. I sure appreciate you putting it out there. So you’ve addicted your son to Pinterest too? LOL, that’s awesome. Once you start, it’s hard to tear yourself away.

      I pretty sure you have many jobs in life Marlene: mom, animal rescuer, baker, writer, embroiderer, friend, survivor…need I say more? But we sure all appreciate that you include: lover of beautiful things! Thanks for your visit and message too xK


  4. I simply can not WAIT to blog and post photos of the most amazing gift I received! I am the luckiest gal for sure!! Blessed to have survived the wreck, but even more blessed to have such amazing friends and family … those who are close and those who are far away!!! love, love, love my gift!! You bring joy to my life 🙂


    1. Awwww (( Laurie )), thank you for being who you are. While your kind words are surely enough, you’re really kind to want to post. Thank you in advance.
      I’ve said it many times, but it’s worthy of repeating often, I’m thankful for the opportunity to have connected with you and so many others thru blogging. I really hope one day we can all share a laugh and a hug, it’d just be perfection to the max. You inspire me in so many ways!


    1. Thank you for your cheer! I find myself using Kaisercraft a lot. I really gravitate to their prints, patterns and colours. They seem to be able to do something completely original with every collection and all the extra’s that go with a collection are nice too.


  5. I’ve read this through three times now. I love looking at all the details. I’m amazed at the pieces you pull together to make such a wonderful whole. Two lucky recipients indeed.

    I just used Kasiercraft in a different project: Enchanted Garden. The paper’s are stunning.

    I love the little key and the scrolls and always, the beautiful flowers. I wish I could join you for a day of crafting wonder. I have much to learn, and know I would enjoy every minute of it.

    As for Pinterest: well! If I fall in, I may never climb back out.


    1. Thank you for your constant love and support, You really make me shine. You know, I was just kibitzing to Julia about our bucket list to meet in Paris, as she also dreams of a long leisurely visit there. Wouldn’t it be amazing to do a blogging meet up there? That’s a pie in the sky plan, if ever there was one…LOL But somewhere in America must be do-able, crafts could be involved too xo!

      Don’t fear ‘The Pinterest’…embrace it! LOL (I’m brain washing you….hehe)


      1. You were the first person to pin something from my blog. It is amazing that it has been pinned 40 times. The blog post has been viewed almost 100 times. The pinterest link points to a comment page, so the views generated from the pin probably get counted under Home Page/Archive. Maybe I should pin it to my own 🙂


    1. Thanks for the Cheer Sheryl! You know my sister-in-law Adele really is the design expert in our family. As a florist, she has the knack for knowing what goes where and she’s changed the colour in her home many times…it always looks great. Have a super weekend and thanks for your message 😀


      1. I know Adele is incredibly talented, but you are equally so as well. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you could be teaching classes. You have the eye, the knack, the finesse. Simply, lovely.


        1. (( Oh you )) thanks Alys sweetie. Isn’t it fun to pick up little tricks along the way. I learn garden tips from you, flower tricks from Adele and can pass along this and that from the Boom room. I wonder if a cyber class might be fun. Christmas is too busy but maybe in the new year, I’ll design and mail a kit to friends and we can all do it together 😀 Maybe via Skype? I wonder how many can connect on that thing?


        2. It is fun learning new things. I’m always excited to pick up new tricks. I’ve learned a lot from you these past many months. Lots of crafty tips, card making, gift wrapping and I’ve learned a lot about Canada too. We left at such a young age. It’s been fun to get reacquainted.

          I love LOVE LOVE!!! the idea of a Skype class with kits. You are brilliant. I know Google Hang Outs, also free, can accommodate up to eight…maybe more now. Wow that would be great.


  6. Really beautiful and inspirational, Boomdee! I’ve never had a go at making cards, but I imagine it would take a lot of patience – and by the sounds of things – a lot of fabby tools!! Your craft projects are always intricate and gorgeous. Do they take a long time to make? Of course, any craft activity that is worth doing usually does take time – and don’t we love it – especially with snow outside! And do Petals and Blossum ever disturb your lovely stash of crafty papers, tools, etc? x


    1. Jello down yonder, just over the bright blue oceans wide and thru the garden green 😀 We’re almost neighbours really, LOL. You’re charming the toque right off of me (BTW is freezing here) LOL. I do have a little cabinet with tools I most use and my crafty turntable at an arms reach. Most items you’ll only need to buy once and they last a good long time.

      I like to take my time making these things, I enjoy some music, pet the kitties on the pillow, fold some laundry…yadda yadda. It’s hard to say how long it takes because I never go straight thru. Maybe a couple of days, off and on.

      You must be physic or your cats are like my cats, OF COURSE they like to mess with my stuff! Take a look at these antics, naught Petals…


  7. Very, very beautiful – rich and layered and textural and colourful and fun!! I am sure the recipients will be delighted and will spend hours examining every tiny, intricate detail.

    What a great way to spend your snowed-in days Boomdee……….. and it’s so good to see that we can actually use the inspiration sitting in one of our pinterest boards – who knew 🙂

    Very lucky recipients I say!!


    1. 😀 You are a dear Pauline, thank’s for all the heartfelt support. I guess I quite honestly took a page out of your book, “when you think your done, add more” LOL.
      Well it is a fun way to pass the snowy days away. I’ve been pinning like a madman for a while, I thought it was time to make something from there 😀 Cheers!


    1. Thank’s Aunty! What short days we’re having, it’s getting dim at 4:30 and dark by 5:00pm so no kidding, should be doing something constructive inside. Thanks for cheering me on, I love that you visit me here xo LUL 2 xK


    1. Wow, that’s so nice of you to say, thank you! It was fun to try something new. I think I should do a Pinterest Inspiration at least twice a month. Did you ever make anything you found on Pinterest?


      1. No. But I made cards in a former life. 🙂
        I always tried to make two the same, but I never could manage it. I always had to try one more different thing on the second one…
        And now, I can’t bear to buy cards. Every time I go into a Hallmark store I get an edge on…


        1. HA, I wonder what the heck I did in another life? I may have been a farmer because my nails are sure brittle and always a mess. And I still do love to play in the dirt 😀 I saw some beautiful cards at Papyrus the other day. They were $9.00, which I thought was probably worth it but I’d much rather spend $9.00 on craft supply and make my own, it’s more fun! Have a great weekend.


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