Joy Through the Mail – From Blogger Boomdee!!

Dear Friends

Yes, I know I’ve said it before and no. I won’t get tired of saying it, “I’m just having the best time at WordPress. My friend Laurie is a photographer that travels her special part of America and share’s her magical photo’s and warm stories with us. After a recent bike accident, I sent a package to cheer Laurie on, only to have her turn around and cheer me on 😀

I am glowing and I wish you could all feel the love I got from Laurie over at ‘Life on the Bike and other Fab Things’ today. Why not pop over and feel the warmth? Laurie’s a real special gal, you’ll be glad you did.

Hugs,  Kelly

Life on the Bike and other Fab Things

This past Thursday evening I arrived home, so very ready for a nap after just my second day back to work since the wreck. So what did I find at my door?  A package!!  The stickers let me know that this gift had come from quite a distance, but it was the stamp, that let me know I was in for a treat. Those of  you fortunate to know and follow this blogger, will surely recognize the AQUA sneakers!

New folder3

After opening the mailing bag, I found several beautifully wrapped treasures and I felt like a child on Christmas Eve!  And similar to the tradition of Christmas Eve, I took myself off to bed to give my body the rest that it needed, savoring (and saving) the presents for the next morning.


As I opened each gift, I could not stop smiling!  I’m not much of a crafty person, but I know…

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

34 thoughts on “Joy Through the Mail – From Blogger Boomdee!!

  1. What a fantastic blogger friend you are. It’s true, blogosphere is one of the most loving and friendliest places I know. Sorry I’ve been missing in action for so long. New shop, working 7 days a week and battling to get into a routine that keeps up with the blog. Beginning to get the hang of it slowly, though.


    1. Gee Andrea, you’re really sweet to say this, thank you so much. It’s been a little humbling to receive all the nice messages as I really just wanted to send some cheer along. It’s a full circle thing, I had fun making it, LB had fun getting it, now I’m getting so many beautiful messages. You’ve really made my day too, thank you.


  2. I’ve been a fan of LB’s for a long time now, and through her I’ve been able to find you. I look forward to learning about your crafty delights. What wonderful work you do and what a beautiful heart you have. Thanks for sending out good vibes into the world. ❤ (p.s. The care package to LB is AMAZING, and you couldn't have gifted a nicer person!)


    1. Thank you for coming over and your very kind message Crystal. I couldn’t agree more, LB is such a gem, I just adore her. I’ve been really lucky here at WordPress to have the nicest community be part of my day. Making things for others is way more satisfying than just dropping them on a shelf too. I so appreciate your visit 😀 Swinging by to see all the wonder at your page, cheers!


  3. I stopped by LB’s and checked it all out. OMG! You’ve outdone yourself! I loved the t-shirt and you know I loved the card. I’ve been checking out her blog occasionally since seeing her comments here. That’s how we find each other. You and the rest of the blogging community are the reason I keep blogging. If I stop, I’d be losing wonderful friends that mean so much. I loved the things you made but I love the heart that made them more. Hugs, M


    1. ((( Marlene ))) how lovely are you, thank you for your very, very kind message. I was saying to Mr B just the other day, how I wondered if there are many of these lovely ‘groups’ around WordPress or if ours is just that special. Because it sure feels special. Having friendships with beautiful souls you’ve never met would seem odd to some, but isn’t it amazing. Dear Laurie is one of those friends. We’ve been hatching this notion of a group meet up somewhere’s in middle America 😀 start a travel jar now! It would be the trip of the decade xoK Hugs to you too.


    1. Isn’t that stamp a riot? I think I actually said “AWESOME” out loud when I spotted it. Of course it could be any colour you like, but tis a no brainer for me to make them aqua 😀 Thanks for your cheer Phaery Gurl,

      The inspiration card by Karola is very sweet, but I wanted a little bit more of a country vibe and not so girly. I can not resist Kaisercraft, I’m mad for almost every collection. Karola’s Website is stunning if you want to hang out and admire gorgeous and creative cards. Have a fun weekend 😀


  4. I have heard from so many people and everyone is so touched by what you did. While many have made their comments on the blog post, I also have received comments by email and FB as well. You did GOOD and you are a HIT!! 🙂


    1. Omgosh LB, you have really good friends. I hope you can pass a thank you on my behalf to everyone. I really had no expectation of so many nice comments, Thanks again. Oh, PS. The boring stuff is: The recommended laundry instructions on these T’s with iron-on’s is to turn outside in, launder on gentle in cold, Then hand to dry. I meant to stick that in the package but forgot…LOL. Sweet dreams LB, this Boomdee’s off to her pillow


      1. Be sure to check back by the post and see all the wonderful things that folks are STILL saying about you 🙂 and of course, my friends have been commenting to me in person and by email, too!!


  5. I am always talking about how this blog is “my happy place” and this post proves it! I don’t know anyone who does a better job of brightening up people’s days. Bravo, Boomdee!


    1. You are my cheerleader extraordinaire dear Julia! As always, you put a great big smile on my face. I know you love taking photo’s and you would sure enjoy Laurie’s posts. You actually live in the same State, so you might even recognize many of her destinations. I really seem to have a thing about Virginia, LOL.
      I probably never mentioned this, but I met a Marine in Hawaii in my youth who was also from Virginia? We wrote for a while, a really nice boy, but we were very young and lived too far apart. Then as you know, I met my prince charming and we got engaged in Virginia. I’m just putting this all together now, WOW, even I’m surprised 😀 Thanks for your message Julia xK


  6. Gosh dear Boomdee, your warm and generous heart is to be found all over Blog-land! I went over to LB’s blog and enjoyed looking at her gorgeous photo’s – she has quite the heart and eye too. That photo of the horse’s ears is just heart-stopping beauty!!

    I am so impressed by the size of your heart, the breadth of your talent and your hugely generous spirit!! What a gal 🙂 !! It was a real pleasure to see where one of those gorgeous cards ended up, thank you for sharing LB with us!


    1. ((( Pauline ))) you are a wonder, thank you for your generous message. You’ve really touched my heart.

      I was just saying to Mr B over a glass of wine, how it’s fun getting to know really wonderful people all over the globe. Beautiful, kind and generous people. Be it writing, painting, photography, sewing, gardening and in some cases, all of the above, I’m always impressed that so many make time to nurture and share their passions. I’m just really blessed to know you all, I’m having a great time.

      So glad too, that you found your way over to Laurie’s Blog. I know you’ll really feel at home. Laurie has a way of taking the most mundane image and turning it into a thing of beauty. I enjoy seeing what she see’s because she see’s things in a special magical way. A real talent but most importantly, a truly caring and kind person. I’m so glad I found her and I think you will be too. xoK


      1. I agree with everything you say about our blogging community – I tell my friends and family it’s like a modern version of penpals – 🙂 Like you I feel so happy and grateful to be getting to know all these wonderful people, so much talent, so much heart. I love how we cross national boundaries, mix cultures and ages, share our lives and experiences and talents. We are most fortunate!


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