Things Are Not Always What They Appear

While it seems slow at Boomdeeadda,  it hasn’t really been quiet in the craftroom or around town. I always have a number of balls in the air.

Soooooo Busy

Not to mention surviving a couple of major snow storms. Ya, it might look pretty but it takes twice as long to get anywhere. You’ve got all these clothes to get on and then you might even need extra help just getting going. Wonderland

Then,  as luck would have it, I was driving thru a snowy parking lot when a lady backed into Mr B’s car.  Now you’d think that a person might get really annoyed. Believe me, I had planned to.  After a previous bad experience where the guy was a con, I hopped out right away to get pictures, a witness and exchange insurance details.

Fender Bender

Then something unexpected and lovely happened.  This lady turned out to be the sweetest person ever 😀  Alice was very apologetic and worried if I was ok.   Get this, I was at the Antique Mall !  I know, hard to believe right? 😀 A week later, with estimate in hand, Alice and I met for coffee.  Two and a half hours into a great ol’ chit-chat I asked Alice if I was holding her up, “you must have other things to do today”.  Then Alice, with her red hair and blue eyes (reminding you of anyone?) said, “oh no, I’m having the best time”.   When we finally readied to get on with our day, we agreed we should have coffee again another time and hugged goodbye.  Have you ever had this happen to you?  Magic seems to be found in the least likely places.It's Magic

Feeling happy and on my way home, I stopped and bought this.  Any guesses?

What Is It?

You’re all too clever, of course it’s a pencil sharpener!  Isn’t it awesome (note to self: write in Journal) !!

A Pencil Sharpener

I got the notion to buy some watercolour pencils after becoming friends with Pauline over at The Contented Crafter.  Not only is Pauline charming, her muse, Orlando is pawsitively handsome.  I once told Pauline he’s the Brad Pitt of  kitty’s 😀  Pauline does amazing art in her own journals but also fabulous mixed media on canvas work that she’s now selling in her Etsy shop. What I’ve managed so far, is to use some of my art stamps on watercolour paper and then painted them. 

Boomdee's an Artist :D

I’m just tickled with the results.  I’m having the best time with it.  It really makes you feel like a true artist, dabbling with paints, brushes and such.  Honestly though, it’s all about the cute sharpener, LOL . It just goes to show you, things are not always what they appear.

Related Story

Images from Alberta Snowstorm November 2013

** vintage cover photo via 

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

56 thoughts on “Things Are Not Always What They Appear

    1. Thank you for your message, I love meeting up other folks from Alberta. I’m on a holiday right now and will hopefully have time to catch swing by again. Cheers! PS, we also have a black kitty. Two intact 😀


  1. I love that pencil sharpener!!!! To cute!!!
    and your accident story–what a sweet way to turn a little accident into a wonderful outcome!!!
    I needed that–
    PS–driving to work this morning in the early darkness—the darn deer were trying their best to do in my newly repaired car!!! Seriously!!!


    1. Hi Stacey and thanks so much your visit and message.
      I got the sharpener at a book store called Indigo. I think they’re similar to Borders Books or Chapters if you have either of them around. It works like a charm and I fancy the nostalgia too.

      More deer antics? Oh no! Did another one jump out in front? That would be such bad luck. Glad you were able to avoid them this time. Isn’t it flippin’ nerve racking driving in the dark? I avoid it entirely. I’m just blind at night. I’m so paranoid going thru a parking lot now, but what are the chances? If anything, some knuckle-head will crunch me from behind, Edmonton drivers all have lead feet. I’m so lucky to not have to drive much these days. My fingers are crossed we both get thru the rest of winter unscathed. It’s inconvenient more than anything.

      Yes, Alice was a dear to meet. Not too many people would have been as nice. We agreed to have coffee again after Christmas to share holiday news 😀 Such a nice surprise.

      Cheers to you and have the best Christmas with loads of nice surprises of your own. Hugs 2U2 xK


  2. You have so many neat projects on the go! I would love to poke around in your craft room after a nice long day at the antiques mall! I am so happy to hear that the fender bender turned into a friendship rather than a nightmare! My dogs have been snacking some reaaaaaally tasty little heart shaped treats all day…. sound familiar?! 🙂 I’m working on an email and some photos for you! XO


    1. OH, fantastic…I’d love to see your furry tribe in action 😀 You wouldn’t have wanted to be in my craft room today Kathryn…LOL I post a picture soon. Let’s just say I was a maniac…ha. I’m totally up for the Antique Mall, any time any day. I had my car in this week for the repair, so alls right in my little world after all 😀


  3. Brr!! All that snow makes my toes shiver. But that adorable little pencil sharpener warms them back up. 🙂 Sorry about the car. meh!


    1. All this snow makes my toes shiver too. Yesterday -6C but today, back to -17C…ugh. I was to be Christmas shopping when I spotted the sharpener and thought, mmmmmm I really shouldn’t….but then of course I did, LOL.


  4. Sweet Petals! I miss you. I have been so busy I haven’t even had time to click on links to read your and Alsy’s blogs. I am glad I stopped to read this one. So sweet that you and another Alice have become fast friends…what is it about that name? And that red hair? I love that it is snowing on your blog. The girls and I are very jealous of all the snow everyone is getting everywhere but here. While everyone is complaining about how cold it is, I just laugh (I did grow up in Brooklyn after all-this isn’t cold) I hope all is well there and I hope to have a bit of time to catch up soon ❤


    1. Good morning Betsy, I’ve been watching on FB and my head spins at how much you have going on 😀 Your love for life and your precious family makes me smile. Thanks a bunch for coming by and your message too.

      LOL, it’s so funny how I’m envious of all your sunshine and you’re envious of everyones snow. I’m over it and winter has barely began. Thank goodness Mr B and I will get a little break in January when we head to Maui. Hey ! Do you ever go back to NYC for visits? That must have been so fun to grow up in Brooklyn.

      I had such a crazy day yesterday that included Xmas shopping at a mall (my least favourite thing any time of year) and decorating the house. There are boxes open Everywhere. Looks like we’ve had a break-in, LOL. I don’t know how you girls with families get it all organized.

      Miss you too, have a beautiful day, mwaaaaa xoxK


  5. The snow and cold and wind you guys have been getting does not make me jealous. CRAZY!!! I hope you do have everything you need to stay warm. LOVE all your crafts, cannot believe your story. You must be the nicest person EVER. I mean really. Who makes friends that quickly in this day and age? AMAZING!! I have that same stamping up stamp. It’s the little things that make life big…. Your card and details are fantastic once again. Really pretty.


    1. Hey? Did you send an early Christmas gift…it’s -5 C this morning. It feels like a spring day after all that nonsense…unfortunately it’s only for today but we’ll take it.

      I agree, it seems harder to meet new friends after a certain age. I don’t play sports on organized teams, I don’t go to an office anymore, we barely know the neighbours here…so I’ve resorted to smashing up my husbands car, LOL. Really though, I’m hardly anyone you’d consider ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ nice but I do know a nice person when I meet one. Maybe Yeats said it best, “There are no strangers, only friends we haven’t met yet”. Thank you for your generous and charming message Sunshine!!


  6. Never a truer sentence was written Boomdee! – “Things are not always what they appear”. I am often guilty of assuming things too early – jumping to conclusions! Your cleverly-themed post has reminded me to take a step back and let things unfold a little before I incorrectly assume! Who would have thought the damage to Mr B’s car would lead to a friendship being struck up? (Mind you, who couldn’t strike up an immediate friendship with Boomdee! Gads!) Who would have thought that gorgeous item was a pencil sharpener? Who would have thought you’d be having sooo much snow this early? Your collage of pictures is beautiful! Your posts are always so visually exciting. And, yes, you’ve done a gorgeous painting job there – but you don’t need paints in your hand to feel like a true artist Boomdee – you are a true artist every time you create one of your heavenly, dynamic, intriguingly-themed posts! Keep warm! x


    1. Good Morning my dear Dani. You just say the nicest things, thank you so much. It’s hard to just let things unfold before making up our minds, we live in this ‘instant’ world everyday. That’s why when something totally unexpected happens, I think it’s a nice surprise. As far as the weather goes, this morning we are getting a one day reprieve. At -5 C it feels like a heat wave LOL…back down by tomorrow night so Carpe Diem.

      I’m wondered if my post was too variable and if anyone would appreciated 4 stories mashed into one, so thanks again for your kind words about the common thread that tied it all together 😀 YOU ARE heavenly and dynamic Dani! xK Hope you’re enjoying the season!


  7. lovely post, boomdee. your story about finding an unexpected new friend really warms my heart. way to approach the situation with an open, soft mind. very heartwarming and inspiring!


    1. Thanks for visiting and your kind message Vivian. Yes, entirely unexpected and a slice of life that I had to share. Honestly, Alice had more of a hand at it than I. When met with genuine kindness and a smile, good things happen.

      I worked in customer service for years for a major corporation, it’s actually one of the tricks we used to manage a difficult caller and remain empathetic. You continue to be a good listener by having a smile on your face so that you don’t adopt the callers demeanour. Works all the time.


    1. Thank you for your nice message, I’m so glad our story made you smile. It’s really astounding to me how everything turned out. Have you ever been pleasantly surprised when expecting the worst?


  8. Wonderful to learn ur accident turned out meeting a new friendly “baba”. The snow and temperature are something I am not missing while way, but I certainly miss ur smiling face It is rather warm in Ottawa 0
    C quite a big difference from -32 in Edmonton. Keep the fireplace going – LUL


    1. yah for “baba’s” LOL. You are making me so envious about the weather. I just went out to finish my winter pots and near froze. Mr B’s out Xmas shopping for me :D.
      I’m missing you too Aunty but glad you get to spend these days with Sherri and her tribe and then in London with more sweetie-pies too. Tis the life! 😀 LUL xoK


  9. That was the sweetest story ever. I am glad that you can find beauty and friendship from a dented car! Good things happen to good people. That camera pencil sharpener is the bomb! Now why don’t you ever think of me and pick me one up too? Gosh, I would love that in my Christmas stocking! I tell ya Boomie, if you and I lived next to each other, we would have a blast! Oh the crafts we would make! Hugs to the nicest person in the whole world! 🙂


    1. Geez Louise, you are too kind Valerie…I guarantee, there are plenty of nicer people everywhere, but thank-you x a million. Did you see on the net, a You-tube of a man in India who cooks giant quantities of food everyday and goes thru-out the streets to help the homeless? Those stories can make me cry. The pure humanity and goodness in that mans soul is a true gift to the less fortunate in his community. I’ll try to find it again for you.

      I do think that that with very small efforts, it’s pretty easy to add a little magic to anyones day. Sometimes even a smile and a hello can go a long way if you notice someone is struggling. I would never have guessed you could make a friend through a fender bender but there you have it 😀

      If we were neighbours, maybe we could decorate the outside of some unsuspecting homeowner who couldn’t do it on their own….wouldn’t that be fun!! A “Drive by Christmas assault” LOL.


      1. I could totally see us doing that. I shovel my neighbors drives when they get too high so they can make it into their drives when they get home from work. Since I don’t work, I can do this for them! I even bring up their garbage cans every Wednesday too. It is the simple things in life, as well as the little things, that do make all the difference. I can’t do much for not having a job, but I can give of myself to make others smile. Please do send me that link, as that amazes me that people do things like that. 🙂


        1. I bet your neighbours just love you for that ((( Val ))). That’s so kind. See you know how to make people happy and as we all know, money does not buy happiness 😀 I’ll swing back with the Youtube. xK


  10. I just LOVE your snow scene collage! The one with you, of course, but also the bike (and the others, too).
    You truly do have alot of balls / crafts in the air!!
    I just love your Alice story … so many coincidences there 🙂 Isn’t it fun to have such a wonderfully positive experience out of a potential bad one? You bring that out in people, ya know!!


    1. Hi Laurie, thanks so much! How’s things shaping up in beautiful Virginia this morning? We saw on the news, even Dallas got some snow. Very surprising! Mr B and I walked out for dinner last night. It was about a 10 minute fast paced walk and that’s about as far as you’d want to go. This morning, -39 C (-38.2 F) with the windchill…yikes! Drumheller is -49 C (-56.2 F) this morning, yet in the summer it can be +35 C (95 F) there. Alberta is just weird that way. Big swings in temperatures. But this craziness is very unusual for December. One Christmas we didn’t even have snow. Needless to say, we don’t get many tourists in the winter, HA.

      Alice was very kind. We actually talked about how it’s nice to have a good conversation and how people are missing out on it because they spend so much time on their phones, texting. I think it should be some kind of class in schools, ‘The art of conversation’. I think communication skills shouldn’t be technical only. That’s another thing I love about WordPress, the conversation after the post is just as much fun as the writing. xoK


      1. Sorry I missed this, but since I’m reading it now I’ll say, I slept okay, but kicked myself for forgetting to turn off the alarm clock. Pilates is at 9:30…the clock was set for a weekday wake up of 7:00. Drats!


    1. Hey, you’re right! Maybe I just cashed in some of my good Karma…hope I didn’t use it all up at once 😀

      Tis the season to sharpen pencils…LOL. I got a real kick out of it too. Thank you for your message!


  11. Wow, you have been busy crafting, havn’t you? Your watercolour stamps are so pretty!! I really like them. And, how sweet that a car accident turned into something lovely. In snow like that, car accidents are probably a dime a dozen, and reactions probably range from anger to laid back acceptance. But, I think rarely do they result in a friendship!


    1. Hi Gj, I sure wish I could just spend all day, everyday, in the craft room and finish everything I’ve started. Do you have a place to sew where you don’t need to clean up? I normally do, but we had a mid-week guest and I felt like they deserved a tidy space to rest their head so managed a pronto re-do. Now everything is perfectly tidy, ready to go again.

      How does Kitty like the snow on those teeny toes? Today it was the coldest day in Edmonton in over 2 years. The weather girl said, “Edmonton was one of the coldest places on the planet this morning at -40 C with the wind chill”, that’s just rude, LOL That wind is the killer.

      I must say, the watercolours are a joyful diversion 😀 As a child I always loved colouring books, this isn’t too far off. I bought a set of pencils at Homesense and then a few extras in colours I really love (like sea foam). Maybe after my Christmas wrapping and decorating is done, I can really dig in. Is your tree up?


  12. How wonderful for the car accident to turn out the way it did…what a delightful way to turn a negative into a positive!

    Looks like you’ve been busy with a ton of fun projects, warm indoors away from this terrible weather. Have a fabulous weekend!


    1. Hi Sheryl, luckily I’ll get my car in Monday and back on Wednesday. Had this happened a few weeks ago, it’d be a super long wait. I’m sure you get your share of fender benders down there too with this crazy weather. What are you doing to pass these crazy cold days inside? Doesn’t seem like any significant break is in sight. I walked to school my whole life, from 4 to 6 blocks on way, I never remember it being this cold in December.

      I have just re-organized my craft room and going to zing thru (hopefully) 3 projects on the go. Tick Tock, oh no Dec 6th already 😀 Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend too.


  13. Love, love love your art work. I did not guess that was a pencil sharpener. As for the snow, enjoy it. I’ll keep repeating over and over to myself; I love the rain, I love the rain. I don’t have to shovel it or try to drive in it ever again. It’s so beautiful and I loved it but getting too old to shovel it. 😉 I am delighted at the synchronicity of the way you found a new friend. It would have been nice to not have a fender bender but at least it wasn’t an unpleasant experience. I know what you mean when it looks like you aren’t busy but you are doing so many things. Glad to see you anytime.


    1. Thank you for visiting tonight Marlene, your visit brings warmth to a chilly (frigid really) night. You’d think after 50+ years I’d adapt. But tonight seems cold beyond reason. Mr B and I bundled up and walked to a favourite Italian restaurant (no cooking on Friday). If you let it make you a hostage inside, the winter becomes unbearable. Still, we couldn’t walk fast enough 😀 Currently -35 C with the wind chill (that’s how cold it feels to the skin). Seriously, you can not pause to dawdle. While Environment Canada reported we’d be enjoying a mild winter this year, so far we are suffering through record lows and record snow falls in Alberta. Maybe they’re looking at their map (chart) upside down, LOL

      When we’re younger, friends are those you live near, grow up with, go to school with. In todays world, you connect with people in so many different ways. Like here at WP. I’d really miss you if I wasn’t blogging. Another happy surprise in Boomtown 😀 xK


      1. Mild winter, upside down map? Someone has it wrong. My little heater won’t shut off and we are nowhere near as cold as you. I’ll go out when it warms up to 30 F again. Monday will be grocery day. I walked to the mailbox yesterday and was glad to get back inside. Time for more baking. That warms me up nicely. I would miss you and Alys too so much, so I keep posting. Hugs and stay warm. M


  14. We are getting our own snow as I type! Happy to hear you’re well, I was wondering where you were. That is too bad about the car accident—but how wonderful that you seem to have met a kindred spirit! 🙂


    1. Hi Jen, so nice of you to notice an absence, thank you for coming by today, I so appreciate it. I always feel if I haven’t time to visit others, I also should refrain from posting. Needless to say, the car mishap was a bit of a wash. Some inconvenience led to meeting a terrific gal, it was a happy surprise. What’s with gals named Alice (Alys)…could it be they’re all as nice?


    1. Thank you for your kind message, so appreciated. I feel a little silly when I talk about being busy with a mom of two little ones, LOL How are your little pumpkins?

      Who knew a fender bender would turn out so well? Funny how life can still surprise you in the nicest ways, even when you think you’re being handed a wrench. Honestly, she’s just a tiny little ray of sunshine 😀


  15. Very cool sharpener and watercolor pencils…..drawings are so nice and “soft” with those kind of pencils too…..AND, snow everywhere with an occasional “whoopsie” – that’s all part of winter isn’t it. At least nobody was hurt! Like you said, if we keep our minds open to finding magic we almost always do!



    1. Thanks a bunch for your message Pam. You’re so right about the magic. One can never tell how things will turn out. The fact that my bestie is another Red headed, blue eye’d, Alys was just so coincidental….my life is a lovely conundrum some days 😀


    1. Isn’t that so fun. When she said her name was Alice, I think I actually smiled so big so must have really wondered, HA. My oh my, things surprise me. Thanks for stopping here Lizzy!


  16. Well, that is just lovely! 🙂 Orlando will be pleased, [I’ll tell him when he comes out of his paper bag.] You are such a honey, honey 🙂

    I was busy being impressed with that montage of photos – are you in some way intimately involved with all these items? Making, creating, make-overing, indulging, using ……? What a wonderful way of documenting the things that have taken your attention – I think that is a new art expression to consider – instead of journalling with words.

    Your car incident is a wonderful tale – accidental meetings in the actual sense of the phrase.

    Love, love, love that pencil sharpener. I’ve never seen anything like it before, but then I also haven’t gone looking …. and the water colour pencils are a triumph! Aren’t they fun? Can’t wait to see how you will develop it 🙂

    Did you know I’ve got a giveaway on my blog at the moment? Just mentioning in case …….

    Thank you for the shout-out. xoxox


    1. OH MY, a give away? How the heck did I miss that? I do have a lot of mail but some folks I usually see right straight away….will check it out when I return from dinner (Friday night my sweet).
      The montage is things I’ve done in the last 2 weeks, or visited or tossing around ‘next steps’ (as in balls in the air). The optical case is a fun thing, stay tuned 😀
      The pencil sharpener looks perfect on my desk. After I purchased the pencils, I was looking for something vintage style and spotted this one. I’m having fun with the pencils, thanks for inspiring! Hugs all around 😀 Hi Orlando (waving) !


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