Charm The Feathers Off Your Fine Favourite Friend

Well now, yesterday was a very productive day, but as things go, it got a wee bit crazy in the Boom-room.

Boom Room Kaos

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… 😀

You know it’s getting crazy when: you run out clean space in the craftroom and take over the bathroom counter too (note to self: buy house with big bathroom) 😀

My alternate craft room

I finally managed to wrap up a few gifts and had a whole lot of fun doing it.  There’s just a ton of creative and pretty ideas on Pinterest, so I started a board called  Wrap It.  I  like when a special gift for a friend can be enjoyed even before they open it.  Bonus, it’s also a great way to use up little bits of this and that from other projects. 

Instead of a bow

I figure, why use a bow when a little birdie will do just fine.  The Cavallini Christmas paper I chose was way too cute to cover up with ribbons, so I incorporated a string of pearls instead.  I always admire the whole Cavallini collection ! Hey, do you remember my  crafting turn-table? I used their gorgeous, vintage looking, Cavallini World Map for that project.

Cavellini Paper Craft Turn-table

The little nest is made of  aqua tinsel garland (of course).  I glued it onto a circle cut from card stock.  The riot of colour on the Cavallini paper was so irresistible,  I decided to rock the pink right along with them. I used my Big Shot Die Cutter and  Memory Box Dies for the ornament tag. They have the most fabulous Holiday collection, click the link to see more.

Rocking a Aqua/Pink Christmas

Because it’s so chilly here, I thought she’d look extra cute with rosie cheeks. I got out my new watercolour pencils and voila!  Why would you add pink rhinestones to a glittery aqua nest?  I say, “why not?”  Boom! An Aqua Birdie Bow to charm the feathers off your fine favourite friend.

I'd love to nest under your tree, CHIRP !

Are you getting things wrapped up yet?

Stop by these fab WordPress sites for more Christmas ideas

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Making Christmas cards with the Contented Crafter

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Making an awesome Christmas Wall Hanging with 1 ArtHouse

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

28 thoughts on “Charm The Feathers Off Your Fine Favourite Friend

  1. That turn table is wonderful! I saw two of my friends post “pinterest craft epic fail” yesterday … they much not have your gift! Do you have a favorite link to paper, cards, stationary? Or have you dedicated a blog to that (I know, I know, I could go look through your posts but I’ll bet you can point me in the right direction.
    I can not ever walk by a stationary / card store (especially a locally owned one)!


    1. Phooey Laurie. I remember reading this and typing a reply but don’t see it here. So Sorry and thanks so much for your message. I had a Pinterest challenge with my porch mat. They made it sound so much easier than I found it to be.

      I have a link on my side bar to ‘Crafts and Scrapbooking’ but I’ve linked there and not all of them come up. I’m still figuring out some things on WP. I assume that’s how links work but my seem to fail….I must look into it. Well, thanks for asking, and generally it’d be that link.

      BTW, me too on the card shop, I get going in there laughing, alone….for way to long. HA!


    1. I love National Geographic and no-doubt you’ll make something awesome. I found a used book store in Victoria BC Canada with a mountain of Old National Geographic. I bought my brother is birth month and year (Dec 59) and he was tickled. I also bought mine. The stories are still interesting to read and the ad’s are fun too. Thanks for your fab message !


    1. Thank you for the Holiday Hugs Pam & Sam, mmmmmmm warm 😀
      Our house is finally decorated for the holidays and now it’s back to the reality of laundry…my poor hubby is running out of collared shirts..ugh. I wonder who does Santa’s ironing? Mrs Claus is far to famous I’m sure. Have a wonderful Bacon Day xoK


  2. Oh snap! We’re in sync again. I blogged about a feathered friend today as well. In fact I might have been peaking at him when you hit the publish button. Further, I just visited your turntable blog post earlier this week *and* I bought the same aqua polka dot ribbon. Even our messy craft spaces are in sync, though it would seem a common thread among all the crafters above. Like you, I need to put it all away before I start on something else.

    I’m also enjoying the international flavor of this post, not only your clever map turned art, but the comments flowing in from New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the US. Fun, fun, fun.

    I agree with all of the above: your gift wrap, cards and special packaging are over the top gorgeous. You think of every little detail. I’ve learned so much from you.

    Loved the rosy red cheeks on your feathered friend. He’ll be flying away to make someone happy.


  3. Ah, such gorgeous wrapping! And, I love your tray, I love everything map related. Coincidentally, I JUST today, saw a dress made with map fabric. It was so cool! I have a number of maps from cities/countries I’ve been to and cannot bring myself to toss them.


    1. Hi Gj, maps are very irresistible for me too. I used bits and pieces of the left over paper on a number of scrapbook pages too. Have you seen the one on Pinterest where someone split a vintage world globe in half and made hanging lights in their craft area? To die for !

      Map fabric?! I need to Google that. That would be just too awesome for words. Oh and never part with your maps, they’re going to be vintage one day and everyone will be looking for them. Enjoy your weekend! Say hi to Kitty please 😀


  4. When I saw your craft room, I had a good giggle. That looks like a real craft room should look like. 🙂 I have wrapped nothing so far. Cards are mailed and the living/dining room are just waiting for a vacuuming. Company is on the way so I have to hurry and get done. My daughter does all the wrapping. I put hers in a box and make her wrap it too. I’m going to have to check out the wrapping board on Pinterest.. Merry Christmas. MH


    1. Do you have this kind of mayhem when you do your lovely embroidery Marlene? I started the day tidy but half way thru, I was looking and looking for a die cutter I JUST took out and when I started to look around, I had to laugh. No wonder I couldn’t spot it.
      I cracks me up that your daughter will wrap her own gift…you’re so funny, what a hoot. Ya ya, when you’ve got 3 hours to burn, drop into Pinterest HA. I get going in there and can’t tear myself away. It’s like crack for crafters 😀 Have a great weekend with your company!


      1. Yes, Kelly, my sewing room looks just like that most of the time. I bury a lot in the walk-in closet in that room that you can’t walk into. Crack for crafters! Now that’s not only funny, but too true.:)


  5. Gorgeous aqua birdie bow, Boomdee. And your craft room is just divine – Blossum is the icing on the cake! Unfortunately I still have a fair bit more to wrap, but I’m sure I’ve got time to read your post one more time – and to head to the other projects you’ve recommended for a little sneak peek. Gee! I wonder where my time goes? Stay warm sweet lady! x


    1. Dani !! Thank you so much for your wonderful message and my goodness, I just opened my parcel from you tonight !! Everything is just perfectly fabulous and soooooo very generous. What a BIG surprise. I put my new kitty sleep mask on for Mr B and pretended to be a kitty, he was amused (as usual, ha). I’m going to be making a post about snail mail and can’t wait to share all my loot here. Love the kitty purse too, we have the same glasses!!! LOL All gorgeous, even the pen is my favourite colour. Thanks for the Journal “I Like Naps and You”…I just giggled thru it all. How did you managed to pick out these things that are sooooo me? You are absolutely adorable and thank you from the bottom of me heart. I’m so glad and grateful that you’ve found my little spot here and are always such good company. Big Hugs K


    1. WOW, your visit with Sherri went by so fast. I know there will be tears tomorrow. Sounds like you are having similar temps as here at home. The roads were a nightmare yesterday. I had to go pick up our car at the auto body and was really scared someone might bump into me. Even big trucks were sliding around. Have a fabulous trip and big hugs to all. xo LUL2


  6. Your Boom-Room is so pretty with all that aqua in it – and a helpful kitty too! Love the map covered Lazy Susan – I got myself the mechanism a while ago and still haven’t found the right sized round thing for the top yet …. sigh!! My room is a nightmare at the moment – a creative frenzy has just passed through and left a veritable path of wreckage in its wake….. but I do have Christmas and Birthday all wrapped up 🙂

    Love the birdie – all made up for Christmas – your parcels may never be opened, who would want to undo all that Christmas goodness?

    And finally – is your bathroom counter always that tidy and sparkley and pretty? If yes, please come live with me ……


    1. LOL, Queen Of Arts, I’m so glad I’m not the only one that works like this. It’s since been tidied up so I can start on something new. I always have to have a clean slate to feel happy there. My waste basket has just received a new coat of paint, I used the same colour on Alys’s birthday gift 😀 It’s called ‘Sea Glass’. Pretty soon, everything will be that colour.

      You know what would be fun on your own turn-table, is a print of your own making. You’d only need to head over to a printshop and get the size you want. I like these Cavallini papers because they’re fairly thick and take to decoupage well.

      Since the birdie is built onto a card stock circle, it can be lifted off and saved (should the recipient wish to do that). But thanks so much for your sweet comment.

      Since we have to share the bathroom here in our tiny condo, we do try to be considerate of each other and never leave it untidy. We each have 3 drawer’s as well as one large under sink cupboard, so there’s lots of room to put away stuff. Truth is, I’m pretty much a tidy bug although my craft room didn’t look it at that moment…LOL. BUT if your extending an invitation and all it takes is to clean a bathroom counter, I accept 😀 You are officially on my list of possible hostess with the mostess….hehe. Bing-Bong, Boomdee calling


        1. WOW! Those views are phenomenal. You would flip out at the mad house prices here. Entirely overvalued, no beautiful ocean views either. You couldn’t even get much of a condo at the price. We should consider a retirement relocation 😀 Keep Dreaming Pauline, I could totally see you standing at those views painting and creating something totally wonderful. Orlando would love the fresh air too 😀


        2. He would, he misses the sea! Isn’t it a gorgeous spot! it’s a very old cottage though – the wiring is mostly still external to the walls and the plumbing needs seeing to. There is no space to build on and no garage – it’s not worth more than 250k and that’s me being generous.

          But couldn’t you just imagine yourself visiting me there – nothing to do but drink [whatever – depending on the time of day!], look at the view and take the occasional beach stroll…..


        3. I sure could imagine it 😀 Man, now you have me sharing your dream too..isn’t that lovely. To bad you couldn’t get on one of those TV shows where you buy it and they do a fabulous reno that makes it all sparkly new again. I can’t imagine ‘outside wiring’ the salty sea air must be brutal on that. Maybe they’re selling for lot value only and you’re expected to tear it down and rebuild. If only I could win a lottery 😀


  7. Ooooh Boomie! I love that World Map turn table! You are truly one crafty lady! All of your gifts are way too pretty to open! Thanks for the shout out for our Gift Bags too! 🙂


    1. Thanks so much dear Valerie, I still love the turn-table and it’s been at an arms reach since I made it. Have you cruised thru Pinterest? So many yummy wrapping tricks to try but I thought I’d add one more. Gads, I sure can spend time there, when will we ever have time to make anything, LOL


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