It’s Beginning to Smell A Lot Like Christmas

Can you imagine what Christmas smells like?  Is it the fragrance of a real tree, the sugar cookies baking in your oven , the irresistible smell of warm cinnamon or freshly fallen snow?  At this time of year, these things swirl in my head, when I walk through our perfectly decorated front door.

Is this what Christmas Smells Like?

Yankee has Holiday candles with names like ‘Home for the Holidays’ and ‘Christmas Eve’. Crabtree & Evelyn have ‘Noel’ and ‘Gilded Chestnut’,mmmm that’s sounds interesting. Do those names scream ‘Holiday home’  to you? When I spotted this very cute project by Cindy at Starlit Studio’s on Pinterest, I decided I must endeavour to create my very own Holiday scent, exclusive to Boomdeeadda 😀

Cindy at Starlit Studio's

I introduce to you, my exclusive home fragrance, the essence that IS the Holiday season at Boomdeeadda, ladies and gents,

tis’…….Gnome Home ™ !!

Gnome Home ™ Gift Tin

Gnome Home   is a combination of Earth’s Aromatique’s, collected from around the world and purchased at a local health shop.  With bits of Juniper Berry from Albania, Lavender Flowers from France, Anise Star Pods from Vietnam, Jasmine from China, Orange Peel from the USA and other wonders that shall remain hidden.

Earth's Aromatique's

One sniff of Gnome Home ™ is sure to conjure up visions of sugar plums, beautifully wrapped presents and magical frosty forests.

Gnome Home Potpourri

To decorate the plain tins, I selected Christmas papers in my favourite aqua and red. Then completed the tin with a multitude of coordinating ribbons, all purchased at Urban Scrapbook in Edmonton. I thought the Gnome stickers were so much fun too!

Gnome Home Tin

The clear lid is removable so that it can be refreshed next year.  I drilled holes in the plastic lid with a power drill my daddy gave me when his only daughter left home.  The paper lace around the lid was made with a Fiskars boarder punch. The lid cover was made with my Big Shot and a die cut by Memory Box

Aqua and Red Christmas

With my Holiday tin of Gnome Home ™ , I believe it’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas !

Gnomes just love Gnome Home

Do you have a favourite Candle Scent for the Holiday Season?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

41 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Smell A Lot Like Christmas

    1. I’ve made a number of them and they work up pretty fast after you have a plan. You probably could grow a little combination right in your very own garden. Thank you so much for your Christmas Wish. I hope your Christmas is delightful and our weather isn’t frightful 😀 Love & Good Health in the New Year xxx K


    1. Well thank you Sheryl, I do love my camera, LOL I usually use ‘Pictures to Life’ to make the collages and sometimes Photoshop on my MAC to add Gnome thoughts etc. It’s lot’s of fun to me and appreciate you taking time to acknowledge the effort. Cheers!


    1. Thanks Kathryn, You should see my craft room this morning, or as Mr B calls it, “the crap room”…LOL. It’s a major disaster, but that’s half the fun. Thanks for popping by! BTW, I’m still smiling over your photo’s 😀 Thanks again. xK


    1. Hi ya Sunshine 😀 Hey? do you still have your kitty cats? Are they enjoying their first Christmas? Thanks for your message, everything looks better in aqua it’s true. The tree skirt I’m using is a vintage table cloth in my favourite colours I got it in San Jose, with Alys for a song 😀 Love it.


    1. Warning, “Images on the Blog are closer than they appear”…hehe. I’m still wrapping and mailing stuff. Mr B’s away this weekend and I will hopefully finish it all so next week is a breeze. How’s Mr Squirrel? Lonely I should think. We have a really small tree while we’re in this condo so it’s Christmas on a diet, ha which I should take note of.


  1. AH! You’ve outdone yourself again. I had to pin this to my Christmas collection. I’ve bought several Yankee candles and love the scent of cinnamon spiced with cloves. Baking cookies does that for me as well as pumpkin spice bread. Too bad I can’t eat any of it. :(. Thanks for the link to the tins. Hugs, MH


    1. Yum, Pumpkin Spice Bread….sounds lethal, I’d eat the whole thing I’m sure. I wasn’t going to do any baking but saw a cute mitten cookie cutter yesterday and bought it. So, I’m going to do some quick sugar cookies as a gift for a guy….I WILL NOT EAT THEM….repeat 100 times, LOL.

      Thanks for all your cheer. Let me know if you use that link to order anything and if you’d recommend them. Hugs xK Enjoy your day!


  2. You need a smell button on your blog!!
    I absolutely love those tins! Where can I buy some for friends? (Llike Pauline, I too want to know when you will open a shop on Etsy – whatever that is! – just kidding; I’ve heard of it but don’t know much about it!)
    You always impress me and make me smile!!


    1. HA, a smell button might be fun. I bought my tin’s and herbs and essence at a health pharmacy, the kind of place that sells all natural herbs, vitamins and such.

      American’s enjoy very good Postal rates, I see this place on line has a giant selection, you might consider them.

      Thanks for your fab message Laurie, U-me-2….LOL that’s code for your awesome! Etsy sounds like work to me, ha! I just like to have fun.


  3. Great article, as usual, I always enjoy your articles, keeps me up to date what u r doing especially while I’m away. Off to Paris with Lee-Ann tomorrow morning by train, in the tunnel. all sounds interesting, but a little scary, but I’m sure it will all be enjoyable. Hopefully the weather will be sunny. Just a bit cloudy today, but hopefully the sun will soon be out. LUL


    1. !!!! OMGosh, I’m so envious…Paris for a Christmas visit, that sounds A-mazing! Make sure Lee-Ann takes a bunch of photo’s so we can enjoy part of the day too. I hope you have a wonderful trip! Thanks for your message Aunty. We love you so much xox K


  4. I would never in a million years think to do this! What a great idea, and of course beautifully executed with the Boomdee touch. Thanks for breaking it down for us. I love seeing all the details. You have such a knack for combining bits of ribbon, dies and paper to make a beautiful whole.

    Alyster is the talk of the town today, isn’t he? He’s everywhere!

    Love this post, your sense of humour, your creativity. You!


    1. Actually, I never would have thought of it either until I saw Cindy’s cute little tins. I’m focus’d on using some of my extensive Pinterest Ideas instead of just admiring them. Two down and 2,731 to go…LOL. That’s insane, why am I so addicted to that thing.

      That Alyster is a busy boy. While you think he’s M.I.A. in the Kingdom, he’s writing friends and inspiring me (the gardener..hehe). I adore him 😀 and (( you )) so what a lovely lovely day I’ve had.

      Thanks for your kind message Alys, you always make me feel like a million bucks (in US currency naturally) xox


  5. Oh, that sounds marvellous, and the packaging is just perfect! *sniff sniff* 😉 Love the spinning picture, ha! Though shouldn’t it be your gnome spinning about in delight?

    I do adore the scent of peppermint this time of year—like a candy cane in a mug of (real, not the powder stuff) hot cocoa. Bright and enervating with warmth and richness from the chocolate…just what I want after Ben and I come in from a walk in the cold! Cranberries and oranges make me think Christmas, too, though. Since my grandmother passed 21 years ago, no one else really likes cranberry sauce, so I make it, offer it to everyone despite their refusal, eat it, and bring it home. 🙂


    1. LOL, you’re right Jen! I should have been spinning Alyster the Gnome…HA. He’s already wacky, that might send him right over the edge.
      I am a total Cranberry Sauce nut. We could smather it all over our dinner and have it all to ourselves, hehe.
      Our dog Buddy used to stop and try and lick the snow from between his toes and then of course more snow would stick. Poor guy, we could have tried booties I guess but ‘country’ dogs don’t own them. How old is Ben? I sure miss walking the dog. Some days I don’t even get out. It’s dark till 8:46 am and then again at 4:14 pm, the daylight hours are very short right now.


    1. Hehe, savoury cookies are my weakness. Like Ginger Crinkles and Hermits…the spice ones that smell so good baking. Do you do much holiday baking or just pop out to Lord & Taylor’s for something fab? I still have quite a bit to do before the 25th. Somehow it will all come together. Thanks for visiting 😀


  6. I love that, too, Boomdee! I second Pauline; you might think of opening an Etsy store and selling it. You could offer the jars separately for those who are far away (like one Contented Crafter we know). What a lovely gift and the packaging is amazing! I’m practically speechless (well, for me, anyway).

    As to you, Pauline, your eucalyptus-scented wipe sounds lovely. All you need is packaging!! 😉


    1. Thanks a bunch Linne. I hope you’re finding time to craft during our dark and cold days. I can’t believe it was 0 C today. I was out finishing Christmas shopping for Mr B. mid-day on a Monday and there’s long waits at the till already. I think I’m done now though, fingers crossed.

      Isn’t that Pauline a treat? I was telling her, I’m not too interested in starting an Etsy Shop as of now, maybe down the road when I have a proper place to work and be organized, who knows. I really appreciate your visit, thanks again.


  7. Oh not only do I love the name of your holiday scent invention but I love the LOOK and the IDEA and even the smell of it though I can only imagine. My fave holiday smell is apple/cinnamon….why? Not sure….but it is!

    Congratulations girl – what a gorgeous gift that will make!



    1. Hi Pam, I somehow answered your message with a message back to Marlene….Exactly how much Rum and Egg Nog I swilled back that night is debatable, LOL. What a dummy.

      Well, so lovely for you to visit, thank you 😀 As I mentioned, I love apple/cinnamon as well. So does Mr B as it smells like food. I used to buy a plug in at BATH & BODY for christmas that was called ‘Snowflake’ I think, it was so fresh and yummy. Are you doing much baking? Company doesn’t seem to want much baking these days, everyone eats so much of it at work, but I’m going to make 1 batch for a couple of guys we treat. Have an awesome day!


  8. Oh BOOM!!! Boomdee – you just hit it out of the park!! I’m sitting here, fingers hovering over the key board – speechless!! It is so fabulous – so clever, so ….. Christmas!!

    You my friend have just made the creative post of Christmas – if not the whole year!!

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!

    I just made my girls some eucalyptus scented all natural spray and wipe. I’m now thoroughly deflated by my antipodean earth mother un-creativity!!

    Are you opening an Etsy shop to sell it??? 🙂

    I may write more later when I stop this interna lwow-fest that is going on…..xoxo


    1. !!! Pauline, are you trying to make my head explode? LOL, thank you so so much. You flatter me like mad. I actually love these colours so much, it was a charm to make. What colours do you decorate with at home?
      Tell me about your spray and wipe, is the Eucalyptus grown in your garden? Do you let it steep for a number of days? Do you use glycerine water? Details please 😀
      I’ve not looked into Etsy, except to admire all the goodies there. I’m afraid I just like to do these things for the fun of it. But I appreciate your words of confidence a lot. Never say never though 😀 xoxo Thanks again, you make it fun !


      1. Lol – no I’m not trying to make your head explode! And it’s not flattery – I meant every word. You are so creative and pay so much attention to detail – I should take lessons with you!
        See, my spray and wipe is made with white vinegar and baking soda…. the eucalyptus is just essential oil [You know how big my garden is – do you know how big eucalypts grow?] I purchased 2 cheap spray bottles, made 2 little labels and stuck ’em on – it took all of half an hour go to whoa! No class in that at all 🙂

        My home, since you ask, is decorated with blues and greens – of late I have been moving more towards a greenish version of your favourite colour 🙂 [Must be some class finally emerging do you think?]
        And finally never say never – look at me!
        I do agree, sometimes thinking of selling your work takes the joy out of it – luckily for me having an Etsy shop doesn’t necessarily mean I sell anything 🙂 [Oh, I just made myself roar with laughter!]


        1. Your sprays sounds practical and thoughtful and more importantly pet friendly. Efforts from the heart are always classy 😀

          I’m thinking about Seafoam when you describe your decorating colour, which actually, I go gaga for too. I have a multitude of wardrobe items in this colour and a can of spray paint called sea glass….look out, HA.

          I think you’re so brave to start an Etsy shop. The reality of it, is there’s a lot of stuff on there and I wonder if you EVER see the same shop twice. I’ve been collecting favourites just so that I can find them again. I wonder how different people market their shop?


    1. Be-autiful Betsy ! xo Thank you for your o’so-sweet message xo. Just need to have your days all to yourself and you’d be doing it too! HA But then you wouldn’t have those yummy little munchkins of yours to snuggle up. So irresistible they are 😀

      We are infact staying warm for the past 3 days here. Hovering around 0 C or 32 F. Warm for us after some terribly cold nonsense. But it can change in a heartbeat so I was out all afternoon finishing my Christmas shopping. Oh man, that’s a killa’ I miss you ton’s and hope you’re all set for the kids to enjoy time off of school….yippy! xo LUL K


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