Just About Perfect

Do you remember a post I did last December about the Princess Theater in Old Strathcona?  The same night we saw ‘Hitchcock’ there, we hung around Old Strathcona to surf some of the cute little shops.  All of a sudden, GASP! I spotted the ‘Holy Grail’ of a Boomdee Christmas. I couldn’t believe my luck and immediately hit up Mr B with the biggest, needy, brown Boomdee eyes he’s ever seen, hehe.

pretty please ?

Resistance was futile 😀

There, in a little shop window was an Aqua Christmas Tree ! Can you imagine me going home without something so Aqualicious?  Neither could I.   Bonus, because it’s tall and narrow, it barely takes up any space in the Boomdeeadda office.

Aqua Christmas Tree

It’s set on an inverted wicker basket draped with a vintage table-cloth I got while shopping with sweet Alys in San Jose. If you haven’t met her yet, Alys is my Bestie in sunny California. Hurry on over to Gardening Nirvana  where wonderful things happen every day 😀  Now, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to do with my new treasure. Clearly, the giant pink roses and aqua leaves were totally calling to me.

Vintage Perfection in Aqua & Pink

Coincidently, I believe I  spotted my exact vintage table-cloth on a very cute Blog called Oh My – Handmade Goodness. Contributor Debra Norton shares an interview with Matthew Mead, a noted style expert and man behind the fab magazine ‘Holiday with Matthew Mead’. Matthew also has a Pinterest page. Click the photo to visit the article 😀

Oh My Hand Made

I’ve scoured the Antique Malls for ornaments, all vintage naturally.  The hunt for the perfect prize is always fun,  I started off with a quest for stripes.

Vintage Christmas Striped Ornaments

I added some pretty baubles that I’ve snapped up from various sources over the years. Honestly, I just love every single one of them.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments Boomdee Style

I can not pass up the pink, aqua, green and silver ones. They’re destined to come home with me and be loved forever.  Sometimes, if you’re very lucky,  you’ll find a whole collection still in the original box, like these gems. I bought these years ago, are they not a little slice of heaven?

Heavenly Vintage Pink Ornaments

I recently spotted this charmer, a smaller version of a BIG dream, at a local gift shop.  It’s a shiny vintage holiday trailer and I’ve wanted one forever!  I don’t particularly like camping or ‘Glamping’ as it were.  But I’d sure love to have a vintage beauty in the garden to use as a hideout or guest room, wouldn’t that be fan-boomdee-tastic? Vintage Camper of Boomdee's Dreams

When all was hung with care and  the tiny twinkle lights were ready to shine, the very last thing I added was the tree topper. It’s not vintage, but the next best thing.  All sugar-coated with Christmas goodness, this sea-foam tree topper was brought  home from  a holiday in San Diego.  Did you know there’s a Christmas store in almost every city?  Just ask Mr B, he’s familiar with the best of them, LOL.

Sea Foam Tree Topper

As the bright winter sun disappeared,  I stood back to marvelled at my sparkling little aqua tree and sighed, “yes, I think that’s just about perfect”.

Just About Perfect, Aqua Christmas Tree

PS. I’ve taken one ornament off as a gift for a lucky follower of Boomdeeadda!

All you have to do to qualify is leave Boomdee a message below.

Vintage Christmas Boomdee Style

I’ll draw for a winner December 24th.

A Christmas Gift from Boomdeeadda with thanks for all your beautiful

messages and the time we’ve shared here all year long.

xo Good Luck !

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

43 thoughts on “Just About Perfect

    1. It seems I’m a little late in seeing your message too Daniella, so sorry. Where does WP hide these? I finally took it down but only when we returned from Maui 😀 It’s fun looking at antique shows or flea markets for new ones although I’m sure I have too many, if that’s even possible xK


  1. Well here I am, better late than never dear Boomdee! My Christmas day is coming to a close and yours will be just about to kick off as I write this I’m guessing….. I laughed out loud when I saw the colour of your tree – who else but Boomdee would have an aqua Christmas tree!! Just wonderful!! I wonder if your local stores hunt out aqua pretties just for you? 🙂 Big Christmas hugs coming your way!! xoxo


    1. Oh yes, Santa has already flown around New Zealand and probably in England now 😀 Did you have an amazing day or what?

      I think you might be right about local shops. Is it just me or is there more aqua out there than ever before? I almost bought more tea yesterday just because it was in a tiffany blue box…LOL. Then I was reminded I have umpteen teas already…..”just walk away from the Aqua tea box” my brain said 😀 Thank you for those Christmas hugs…..mmmmm felt real nice. Happy Boxing Day then, or do you have that at home?


        1. LOL, it’s kind of nice to have a colour as a trademark. It worked pretty well at Tiffany’s. HA.

          Thanks for your Cheer Phaery Gurl! Hope you have a wonder year too!


  2. Oh those vintage ornaments remind me so much of my Grandmother … and I didn’t appreciate them then. I sure wish I had them now!
    I love that trailer, too. Awesome!
    That Aqua Christmas Tree is truly Aqualicious!!


    1. Your Grandmother must have had a bunch of fab vintage treasure. I only have 3 or 4 from my grandmother but it’s nice to have any. Why don’t we scoop these things when we can hey? Do you stick to a colour or theme or is your tree a collection of everything? Thanks for your message Laurie! xK


      1. This year, I was lucky to get a tree up! 🙂 Between reduced energy, limited time, and the Diva Donations party being pushed closer to Christmas due to weather, I was glad to get lights on the tree. It is pretty … but no ornaments this year, vintage or otherwise!!
        I’m having a minimalist Christmas in terms of decorations, but somehow it looks pretty still.


  3. Oh Boomie, I just love your craft room! I can just imagine myself sitting at your desk gazing outside and dreaming of crafts to make with YOU! That Christmas tree is absolutely stunning and I love everything you have placed so gingerly on it! You are the best decorator! You should go into business as an interior decorator! I would hire you for sure! 🙂


    1. Thank you Valerie, I’m lucky to have a whole room to myself (usually). We have used it as a guest room too with our ‘o so comfortable blow up mattress’…Chez Boomdee, LOL
      I think being a decorator might be fun as long as everyone wanted what I liked…hahaha, I’m not sure that’s how it works but it’d be great to shop with someone else’s money 😀


    1. Thanks Kerri, I’ll be tempted to leave it there long after Christmas. Isn’t that little trailer cute, I’m afraid it might well be the only one I’ll ever own..Darn Mr B with his sensibilities, LOL Happy Christmas!


    1. It’s like it was made for me, they might as well hung a little sign on it that said, “held for Boomdee”, LOL Thanks for your message, Good luck in the draw and I hope you Christmas is wonderful Sheryl xK


  4. Oh my! Lucky you finding an aqua tree and what fun you obviously had decorating it “a la Boomdee” !! It’s gorgeous…..the entire room is gorgeous……everything just screams “I’m Happy!!” and isn’t that what the holiday should be? Filled with “happy” ?? It’s fun to have a mission when we shop – yours obviously is keeping an eye out for aqua anything but you sure struck it rich here….and it makes for a VERY “Boomdeeadda Christmas” indeed!

    Holiday Hugs, Pam (and Sam of course)


    1. It really is my happy place and thank you so much for your compliment Pam. It’s a hodgepodge of wonderful things I pick up here and there. I guess it’s sort of like the collages I love doing so much. There’s not too much to bring unhappiness in my life, I’m lucky indeed.

      I wish you all the joys your heart desires at Christmas and all year thru, Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family! xK


    1. Surprisingly, the cats don’t bother the tree, I watch them snoop around the basket at times but no paws have been raise yet. I left both my trees in place, un-decorated for about 5 days so they could get used to them and do all their sniffing and what-not. Both our tree’s are little and up off the floor 😦 so no hiding or playing underneath for the kitties. Thanks for your visit and your Christmas Wish. I hope all you Christmas dreams come true! xxxK


  5. I remember the moment you picked up that tablecloth. We had so many wonderful times together. It’s a lovely reminder to see it under your aqualicious tree with your gorgeous baubles, Boomdee style. What a sweet post. Merry Christmas to you, too.

    I hope you’ve had a splendid day in your craft room. We took the boys to see Frozen this evening, then went and looked at some lights. Wishing you could have been along with us.


    1. Awwww, thank you ((( Alys ))) I would absolutely have loved to be part of your light tour. I think your neighbourhood has so much curb appeal, I can only imagine how beautiful it is all dresses up for the holidays. We like to go to our ‘Candy Cane Lane’ here, but it’s been so cold.

      I got all kinds of treasures that day! If we lived in the same city, we’d be dangerous LOL. I loved every minute of our excursions, I miss you !! xox


  6. The tree does look very good ideed! Like you we have a thing about vintage decorations and have bell very similar to yours. We also have some baubles from the 1930’s in their orginal box. The colours are amazing, so soft and yet vibrant. Our weakness is to buy a new small decoration every year each with a story behind it. Its lovely to look back and remember the place where you bought it or the people you were with when it was purchased. Good wishes for Christmas from TheBigForestx


    1. Thank you so much for your nice message. They are hard to resist. I have another tree in our living room with ornaments collected from our many travels,received as gifts and inherited. I totally agree, it’s more fun to accumulate an eclectic collection over the years and relish in the stories than buy new, although I did make the exception for the vintage inspired camper. I bet you were tickled to find you 1930’s baubles, it’s nice they have a new home and will continue to be loved.

      Cheers and hope all your Christmas wishes come true!


  7. I love it! It was made just for you! The ornaments are so pretty and remind me of when I was young. Our neighbors upstairs in Brooklyn always had a huge Christmas tree and they didn’t decorate it until Christmas Eve. My sister and I got to go upstairs and take a candy cane off the tree and it was so exciting (we didn’t celebrate Christmas in my house). When we were getting ready to move to California, my parents made special arrangements for me to go upstairs on Christmas Eve and decorate it with them-my first time ever! I really love the motor home ornament the best-it is boomdee-fabulous!!! Love you and miss you bunches!!!


    1. Hi Betsy ❤ ❤ <3, Thank you for sharing your sweet and charming memory here. That's just so precious that they expected you every year. I bet they looked forward to your visits too. I had to step away from an "all vintage vision" when I spotted that little shining camper, but it was to cute to resist. Maybe someday I'll have a real one, but for now it's fun to dream. Love you too and I'm so impressed with you accomplishment this month! You inspire me xoxox to do better. Hugs xK


    1. Thank you Marlene! The Merriest of Christmas to you too. I hope you’re enjoying the season and your company. Santa really doesn’t deny me too much. Sometimes he tries to be the voice of reason (do we NEED another tree?) but he does spoil me 😀 (honestly, I’m very worth it…hehe). It is very Boomdee’ish and I’m so happy to have wondered by at the right time. The shop gals were ever so nice to take it out of their window display too. I think I just floated home that night. Big hugs to you xK


  8. Oh! My Goodness, Boomdee. What a visual feast! Your Christmas tree is beautiful beyond words and the vintage decorations are so incredibly stylish. Love every bit of it! Good on Mr. B for jumping on board with a good dose of Christmas spirit and thank-you for introducing me to the gorgeous Oh My – Handmade Goodness. You’ve single-handedly brightened up Christmas for this slightly weary and jaded blogger! Merry Christmas to the Boomdees! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


    1. You’re such a treat, I can’t even fathom a ‘jaded blogger’. Thank you for all your sweet compliments. I’m enjoying the lights and glitter in the craft room so much. Isn’t ‘Oh My’ lovely! I’m a big fan of Matthew Mead too, his photographs are really eye candy for anyone who loves using vintage treasures.

      I just saw you’ve posted part 2 of your ordeal. Will visit shortly to cheer you on! Deep breaths, it’s bound to be brighter tomorrow. xoxoxo Hugs


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