A Little Twist

Just one more day to wrap gifts, bake cookies or worse, shop!  You could not drag me to a mall today, I’d much rather be here with you 😀  For everyone who left a message on my last post (thank you),  Just About Perfect, you were entered into a give-away for an ornament from my aqualicious vintage laden tree.

Just About Perfect, Aqua Christmas Tree

All your lovely names went into my empty candy dish (I have no idea WHY it’s empty), and the lucky winner is………

Who's the Lucky Winner?

Pam from One Spoilt Cat !!

Congratulations Pam

Pam is actually the Editor in Chief for her super irresistible kitty, ‘Sammy’.  He’s 14 years young, ginger with extra toes. How cute is that?  Sammy loves bacon, hates housework, has a dad who fly’s his very own plane. Sammy seems to have more of a social life than me and I’m not even kidding, LOL. Check out his About Me page right here.  I liken dear Pam and Sammy as The Dynamic Duo of WordPress 😀 I always have so much fun when I visit. Especially on Tuesday Teaser, where Pam and Sam post a photo from somewhere in the world and visitors guess the location, some are pretty tricky 😉

December Wishes coming your way with a brand new ornament for your tree!

December Wishes

A package will be snail-mailed to Pam & Sam with a few little treats, including a hanging postcard custom-made just for today.  It has the brand new ‘Shaker Window’ !  Such fun to build these! You can make a window in you cards and add glitter or beads to the shaker. Or how about hearts for Valentines, or mini X’s and O’s.  The possibilities are swirling in my head 😀

Card Shaker


Collage on Hanging Shaker Card

I decided to make it a hanger instead of a plain card by punching two small holes in each corner and stringing a stiff and sturdy wire.  You can then decorate as little or as much as your heart desires. Naturally more is more in the Boom Room, so  I included ribbons, buttons, snowflakes and a little sparkle.  A hanging Shaker Window card, it’s just a little twist.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas,

filled with joyful surprises !

Love and Hugs, Boomdee xo

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

37 thoughts on “A Little Twist

  1. Very adorable ornament! Love the shaker part-like a mini snow globe 🙂 Kitty and I are definitely going to have to check out Pam and Sam’s blog. Sounds right up our alley!
    I hope you had a spectacular Christmas and everything was Merry and Bright! We’ll be officially celebrating on Sunday since we have power/heat now! Happy New Year to you and the kitties!


    1. Thanks Gj, I’m so glad you and Kitty are home and safe. I just read the ‘Away Teams Star Log’. That was a gas, well except for the part about freezing for days. Let’s just say I’m relieved no one on the ‘AwayTeam’ wore a red sweater 😉 Welcome Home !

      I was trying to craft away like a little elf before Christmas, but I still fell a wee bit behind. I did manage a couple of fun projects. Thanks for your message Gj, you will have fun at Sammy & Pam’s Blog. Can’t wait to see your latest project, looks pretty. 😀 Are you wearing it to a Years Party? Have a wonderful time!


  2. I love the tree (and the aqua phone). And, I like how the WordPress snowflakes pull the view through the window and the rest of the picture together. (Belated) Merry Christmas wishes!


    1. Thank you for all your wonderful messages and Christmas Wishes too. Yesterday was a big day and we haven’t even opened our Christmas treasures yet….the fun continues today! Hope you’re having a great Holiday!


    1. Thank you so much. Pam is a doll and I’m so happy to have it be part of her tree next year. Of course her delightful kitty Sammy makes me smile all week long. Hope you’re all enjoying the season, Cheers.


    1. I would just love to collect on all those hugs, I would be in heaven for sure. We visited friends yesterday and walked with the dogs thru the snow, I’ll clip a photo here. Thanks so much for your Christmas cheer, BIG hugs to you and everyone at the farm. xK


  3. Your photos are beautiful, Kelly! The colors, creativity, and joy shine through! How lovely, lovely, lovely!!! Merry Christmas to you, a woman who spreads joy on a regular basis. You deserve an amazing one!


      1. That was the cutest card ever! You could do a “beachy” shaker for the summer time too! One for VAL-entine’s Day with hearts, shamrocks for St. Patty’s Day! Ooooh, the possibilities. I will always be a cheerleader for you Boomie! Lots of love & hugs!


        1. There are as many possibilities as your creativity can dream up I’m sure. Thanks for cheering me on, I so appreciate it 😀 It’s impossible not to have fun with these. Happy New Year to you and your Family! xK


    1. Thank you Pauline! They’re very easy, Self adhesive too. You just have to get all the glitter under it….dah, needless to say, every thing’s pretty sparkly in there..LOL. The hardest part is lining up all the circle cuts in the right place. Have a super day with your left over chardonnay…HA! Thank you for your Christmas love xoxox


    1. Mwaaaa to the moon and back sweetie! I’m so happy this tiny treat will know a loving home. Thank you for admiring the Shaker Card, isn’t that fun. They just got them in at Urban Scrapbooking (I sent you a picture from there that day). They’re like a tiny snow globe waiting for a little creativity.

      Merry Christmas to you and your men. I hope you get these days to enjoy together and where you can recharge to battery for a new year. Have a beautiful Californian Christmas! We love you xoK


      1. Those are adorable. I saw them years ago at a craft expo, but I don’t think I ever saw them again in a store. You could do all sorts of thing with them, including birthday charms, or vacation remembrances.

        Love and hugs. Missing you so much.


        1. 😀 I like the idea of Vacation remembrances at the moment. I’ll have to keep my eyes open with that in mind.

          I miss you too. Like this much xoxoxoxoxoxoxox but more.


  4. Merry Christmas to you and Mr. B. I loved the card and have been studying it intensely trying to figure out how you made it. It’s awesome. Pam is one lucky girl. You did good girl. Good luck staying warm. I hear it’s cold where you are. Brrrr. Hugs, MH


    1. Thanks for all your Christmas Cheer Marlene ! It’s actually quite balmy for the next couple of days. Christmas day is forecast at +4C or 39F…Snow is melting and we have rain in the forecast…I hope it’s not like out east. There’s 90,000 people without power, so no heat, no lights, no oven, no elevators

      I will do another card with more explanation at some point. Thank you for your nice message my dear. The photo editor I use on line wasn’t working for the last two days, darn.

      We just finished desert and having coffee after our vegetarian Christmas Eve dinner…I’m so full but warm and happy 😀 I hope you’re holidays will be full of love and joy, thank you for all your wonderful visits this year. I adore and and so appreciate all your loving messages. Hugs to you, xoK


      1. Happy Christmas. I’m thinking we have pretty much the same temps but the weather here has finally dried up. Just fog for our drive to drop off gifts to the little ones. We had dinner out which I have never done before. So many changes and I don’t mind a bit. Enjoy and stay snuggley. 🙂


    1. Thank you Linne, Merry Christmas and Have a Wonderful Holiday. It’s actually pretty warm, well for Edmonton anyways. Tomorrow is +4 C which is balmy for December in Alberta. 😀


  5. OH MY GOODNESS!!! How very exciting and I’m sure you just can’t imagine how much it will mean to me to have a “Boomdee” decoration for my tree forever and ever. I’m so happy you drew Mom’s name and I promise not to knock the decoration off the tree – honest! You said such lovely things about my blog – I guess I’ll have to “mind my Ps and Qs” to live up to your kind words!!! We love you too Boomdee….your art, your humor, your love of life – we adore you and your blog and will treasure our “prize” always!

    Merry Christmas Special Lady!
    Sammy and his Mom Pam


    1. !!! I’m excited too Sammy 😀

      Thank you for being such a terrific friend to Boomdeeadda, I always look forward to your messages. You’re so personable and leave cheerful and supportive notes for me. I appreciate you so much. Your mum is just a doll too. I love you both and so happy my little treasure will now be your little treasure. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year too. Lot’s of love and hugs will be in the mail shortly xo Boomdee


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