Peace & Love !

Tis’ the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring…….

It's A Mouse!

oh wait, THAT’S a MOUSE!

Not to fear!  They’re completely fur-free and come to you with Boom-a-tude, which BTW  is just like ‘attitude’  but better 😀


I noticed my die-cuts aren’t just for paper but are able to cut felt as well.  So I set out to design something fun for some of the four-legged, furry-fantastic, whiskery-wonder fans of Boomdeeadda.  I think you all know who you are 😉

Using only 2 dies and my trusty Big Shot, this is what transpired:

Die Cuts

These mice come with a very official ‘Petals Seal Of Approval’.  I had to make extra when she helped herself to the goods while I slipped away from my sewing machine for just a second. For some reason she thought she should contribute to the project.

Seal Of Approval

I’ve never worked with felt before but loved that it’s only $1.00 per square (at Michael’s). The edges don’t need finishing and there’s ton’s of ideas on Pinterest that are so cute.

  • I folded two small circles in half for ears and tucked them into a folded oval.
  • Machine stitch just past the ears.
  • Stuff with quilting and Catnip.
  • Pin a 2″ piece of ribbon for a tail and close on machine.
  • Hand sew on Pom-pom nose and whiskers
  • I used Stickles Pearls for the eyes

Petals helped!

To all my Ukrainian family and friends, Merry Christmas, Peace and Love!

Merry Christmas !

Just click on the photo below to see more project ideas

Boomdeeadda Pinterest

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

36 thoughts on “Peace & Love !

  1. I love everything about those mice!! Great colours, excellent mass production too. What lucky cats!! I had to chuckle at your next post bath, nap repeat. That is all I watch my cats do all day. And usually they are two at a time fighting for my lap. One of mine locked themselves in a cupboard today. And i Have NO IDEA how she did that. Funny creatures. Clearly you ‘heart’ them a lot!


    1. Speaking of kitties, I was all hyped to watch your sweet little darlings go thru their kittenhood and nadda post to be had, mooooooom!!! We would be ever so grateful for a little update photo Sunshine 😀 I only have this one measly photo

      I need to send Olive and Jag their very own mice…when I return from Holidays….that’s right, I’m out-a-here, later tater 😀 Oh ps, thanks for dropping by xoK


  2. Oh, so adorable and I love how kitty cat is ‘helping’ you! AND, guess what came in the post??? Your lovely package! Everything was so nice and neatly put together in the most beautiful colours! I just loved all that intricate detail in all the paper embellishments with cats, a Kitty bunting, buttons, so many cute things. And, the potpourri and bath bombs smell divine! The best part? The teeny tiny thread spools!!!!! I love them so much I can’t even stand it!! Where did you get them? Kitty wants me to tell you that he is OBSESSED with his catnip toy and now we know exactly how to make more!! It’s so cute! Thanks again, Kelly for your thoughtfulness and kindness. It was very sweet. Happy New Year!


    1. Oh awesome, I’m glad it arrived and you are ever so welcome. I wanted to personalize it just for you and knew those teeny tiny spools would be the ticket. I got them at a scrapbook store and they’re by a company called ‘Maya-Road’
      I just adore you both and hope you have a Happy New Year too.


  3. I looked at your cute mice yesterday with cautious kitty watching but brain was still too damaged to comment. I think I lost the first 2 weeks this month. What do I focus on? Your Snow Babies. I haven’t seen mine in 4 years. I have no idea what box they are in but now I am yearning for them. I sure hope they made to the move with me. I loved the mirror under them and the artificial snow. Looks like you are having a crafting good time. At least you haven’t frozen up there. Was beginning to worry about everyone caught in that polar storm. It’s wonderful that your little machine is so multifunctional. “)


    1. Hello my dear Marlene, I’m so happy to hear you’re getting back in the grove and that you came back for a visit. I remember you saying you had Snowbabies too. I always look forward to setting up their activities here and there around the living room. This group is out skating on the lake. I bought the mirror some years ago at an antique store. It has the name of the couple who got it as a wedding gift in 1912 on the back, so it’s now over 100 years old. Kind of cool hey? Geez, I hope we can both enjoy our boxed treasures next year in our new homes. 😀

      Luckily we didn’t have to endure that Arctic Vortex, it pretty much covered most of the country east of us though. Considering we were in the deep freeze all thru December when they had mild weather out east, it seems to have balance out. Hope you had an awesome Christmas, it seemed to zip by. xK


    1. LOL, oh well now….that would be cute but I’m sure they would not be on board with it AT ALL, snort…. could loose a digit or two in the battle and that would be the end of my scrapbooking affair. Have a great weekend Jen!


      1. You could always wear heavy-duty gloves, right? Once Hubby put a fuzzy clown wig onto Buckley. No limbs were lost, but we came close, and the wig lasted a total of 3.4 seconds. 😉 You have a good weekend too!


  4. Was that felt patterned when you bought it? I avoid Michaels (I’m an unregenerate and unrepentant Lewiscrafter / Crafts Canada fan since forever!!) However . . .

    Fabricland at Londonderry has felt, but not patterned. So that interests me.

    Felting is not hard to do; it mainly requires wool, hot and cold water, and agitation. Large pieces can be agitated with a hand drill, using the sander attachment without sandpaper. I saw a fascinating article on a man who designs amazing felt clothing and he makes the felt in his driveway using a drill! So nothing is impossible! One could make a yurt . . . (dreaming on . . .)

    Love your cutting thingy AND Petals (naughty or nice!). and LOVE those meece! so sweet and springlike . . .

    Most of all, though, I love those wee Winter Babies. Are they really small, about an inch or less in height? I ask because I inherited a set of five from an older friend a few years ago. They are packed up for now, but one day . . . It was so nice to see their sisters/brothers in that photo. Mine are real babies, sitting, crawling. I’m not sure any are standing, but maybe one or two.

    Thanks for a fun post . . . and it’s a tribute to your design skills that Petals recognized the meece as just that, isn’t it? ~ Linne


    1. Hi Linne, so awesome for you to share your knowledge about felting. I’m such mad for all those cute whimsical critters. The hand drill and sander sound very interesting. When I have some time, I’m going to Youtube the process.

      Hey, I haven’t seen a Lewis Craft in years…who knew? I generally pop into Michaels because it’s near where I shop on Stony Plain Rd. There’s a Fabricland near there too, so I must check it out. The felt was already patterned. They also had a leopard print that was fun.

      The Snowbabies are from Dept 57. You might have seen them around. I started collecting ones that were doing things we did at the lake. Like skating, skiing, canoeing and sledding. I usually set my mantel with trees and snow too. Thanks for your kind message about them. I only like the ones with no colour, which seem harder to find now.

      Your babies sound like German Collectables I’ve seen at shows. Was really nice for someone to gift them to you. They’d make a cute mothers day set up.

      Petals was more keen on the catnip than anything else, LOL. She’s a silly girl 😀 Have a great weekend!


    1. Thanks for your many visits and nice message too. I hope your holidays have been grande, mine were very enjoyable. Petals always has a paw into things, whether or not she’s helping is debatable but she’s most entertaining 😀 Cheers and Happy New Year xK


  5. I’m not sure how many more times I can call you clever! Well, of course talented goes right along with it!! Love those ears 🙂
    Stay warm and toasty! We’re out of the deep freeze down here and heading for 40 degrees this weekend!


    1. ;D You’re a doll, thanks LB. I’m staying toasty by un-decorating (is that a word?) the house. House work makes me hot, and not in the good way…LOL.

      Sounds like biking weather down there soon enough 😀 I’m envious that you can go out without enveloping your entire bod in winter attire. We still have Jan, Feb, Mar and usually all of April to go…gads xoxo


  6. Hey Boomie! I was over visiting Alys on her blog and I asked her where she got that cute two peas in a pod necklace and she said that you got it for her. I’ve got to ask you where you found it! I want one! Send me a link to where I can get one too! Love that new mouse of yours, simply adorable!


    1. How nice of you to ask, but I’m sorry there isn’t a link. I got it at a small shop in town and it was the only charm like that. I wonder if you Google charm, pea pod or something. Thank you for your nice message too! These little guys are for some friends of mine, if Petals would mind her P’s and Q’s, LOL.


  7. Before I read this Boomdeelicious post, I wasn’t a huge fan of mice at all but you have changed all that! How could anyone not be in love with the colourful critters you’ve created – and, Petals, I just melt when I see her and couldn’t possibly be angry at her for being on the table! (Sorry Mr.B!!) In her defence your worship, poor Petals was surely high on catnip fumes that were swirling around the Boom Room during this crafty session! Isn’t your die cut thingymebopsit great? I might just have to start saving up for one of those! Gorgeous project – thank-you for sharing. xoxoxoxoxox


    1. Good morning my Dear Aussie friend! I know many many gals (and a few guys) that flip out at the first sight of a mouse. I’ve never felt that ilk, I just imagine them like Beatrice Potter images. Tucking their little ones in bed and having parties 😀

      Once, I went to refreshen Buddy’s water bowl and there was the fattest mouse sitting waist deep in there. The poor thing was shivering. I guess it got in but couldn’t get out (a big round aluminum bowl). I can’t imagine what Buddy thought of it, LOL. I carefully carried the bowl to the garden and gentle poured it under the peonies (nice and shady there). The whole time, my little mouse made eye contact with me, I really felt like we had a moment of understanding and if he could, he would say “thank you”. Silly right?

      Petals is almost always up where she knows she’s not to go and she often completely ignores my requests to go down. Now daddy is a different story, he just gives the order and zoom 😀 If you’ve ever seen that sign about “cat’s have staff”? Petals takes that seriously, LOL. Have a fantastic day!


  8. Boomdee that felt mouse is absolutely ADORABLE! Love the colors too – surprised they aren’t aqua (haha)……you have such wonderful ideas and if they are Petals-approved, all the better! I can’t help but look at that photo above with the little mouse in a hat and think how cute a hat like that for a cat would be (although I’d have to wrestle Sam to the floor for that one!!!!). 😉

    Hugs, Pam


    1. Thanks a ton Pam! I wish they were aqua too but silly Michael’s didn’t sell aqua…..I shall protest such short sightedness 😉 Petals would love to have her paw into every Boomdee pie if she could. She just ignores scolding too, very cheeky but cute.

      Isn’t that Mouse so darn cute? LOL, I do imagine that would be a bit of a scene to convince Sammy to wear it.


  9. These are so darn cute! Beautifully executed, my dear, and what fun colors. I agree with both of you. You and Pauline have an excellent sense of color and design.

    Great idea for the eyes. Are those whiskers made of thread?

    Miss Petals is so cute in these pictures…I’m sure you forgave her indiscretion.

    Now I’m off to check out all the pins!


    1. Thank you Alys! I did picked some crazy colours but these are mice with boom-a-tude, LOL. The whiskers are actually a piece of clear ribbon with white thread running thru it…perfect for whiskers 😀 I found it at Urban Scrapbook, they have a really really good lace selection there.

      Petals was being a real little stinker. I had to put away every piece when I went to make lunch. Ha, Every time I looked up from my sewing machine, she was on the table. Mr B would not be amused.

      I’ve seen so many cute projects on Pinterest, many are sold at Etsy. I love all the little critters, especially the mice with teeny tiny jackets and things. There is so much talent out there isn’t there? xoxK


      1. Oh how perfect for whiskers. You thought of everything. I’m sure that is less of a choking hazard, too.

        I can’t wait to see your Urban Scrapbook store. It sounds like an amazing place.

        There is a lot of talent out there. I wonder how successful most crafters are on those sights. It has grown so much. Of course it is easy to forget that although we love making things, that is not true for everyone. Hard to imagine that, eh? 😉

        You are uber talented with everything you set your hands too, and the Boomdee touch makes the ordinary, extraordinary…just like these mice.


        1. ((( you ))) spoil me, and I kinda like it…la la la (I think that’s a real song?) If it’s not, we shall make one up, record it and be rich rich rich LOL. Yeah!!! more craft supplies…hehe!

          I’ve sewn everything on super-duper tight and I think (as felt goes) the mouse will wear out b4 the whiskers wear off.

          I wonder how those talented people manage, I guess they do it more for the fun of it than $$. Alas, many a starving Artists out there. Or Artists/accountants and such.

          We definitely will toddle over to the Urban Scrapbook and linger. They’re really a nice bunch over there and always greet everyone by name. If you visit during an interesting class, we could partake in that too. Gads, I’m smiling like the Cheshire cat just typing it…hehe.

          I wish we could hang out today 😀 This little crafter has way too many chores to do (psssst, that ones for Mr B cause I know he reads here, LOL). xoK


  10. That is so sweet! And so many lovely ideas in your felting room too 🙂 I love how you put colour together – you have a fabulous eye for pattern and shades. I get quite pedestrian when using fabric – I must study your creations and learn how to do it…….


    1. I would really love to learn felting to make some of those whimsical little animals you see, like bumble bee’s holding a balloon bouquet, I swoon. These little mice couldn’t be more simple or quicker to make, but as a first project with felt, I thought they were kind of cute.

      You ! my dear are the master at colour and combining all manor of elements into a cohesive cacophony of beauty. But thank you so much for that nice compliment, I do love your kindness. I honestly think it’s a matter of taste don’t you? I probably wouldn’t ever make a grey mouse. I think the skies the limit in the craft room. xoK


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