I’m No Expert, Aloha !

You’d have to be a long time friend of Boomdeeadda to remember when I FIRST mentioned sewing this dress.

The Peasant Dress

Did you think it was never going to happen?  I was starting to have my doubts too.  I bought the pattern and material August of 2012 after falling for the lovely peach and aqua fabric.  A simple little Peasant dress with butterfly sleeves a gathered yoke and an empire waist. Couldn’t be easier, right?

The Peasant Dress

Well, then I got a wee bit sidetracked 😀

Boomdee Got Side Tracked


I found a sewing guru, right here at WordPress. I’ve been a big fan of Catja and the lovely Kitty at Gjeometry for almost a year now. Catja (another Canuck, as we say up here) sews brilliantly and I’m hoping some of her mad skills rub off on me along the way.  For example, I’ve never thought of buying material at Ikea, but check out this awesome little skirt she made last April. Oh, and how cute are her shoes? Some of my favourite posts are with Kitty.  Get this, Kitty loves the water?  What a special cat !  For a peak at some great Canadian scenery, please do pop in. Oh, and the lake and mountains aren’t bad either 😉

 Speaking of water, have you ever seen those pictures of people on the beach, where they jump in the air really high?  Well, this is me attempting to recreate it ! Do feel free to laugh like mad, I sure did 😀

Weeeeeee !

Seconds after this, I fell down….in the ocean….my hat got wet and so did I…such flawless grace 😀 LOL

Catja is so darn gorgeous, she makes these sewing photo shoots look easy, I’m just saying, “Not” 😀  To spare other holidayers side-splitting laughter, I kept the rest of the photo shoot simple and classy (well, I tried).

Boomdee's in Maui!

I was absolutely tickled to receive a very special package from Catja recently. It included this one-of-a-kind hand-stitched envelope made in (what else) yummy aqua materials. I couldn’t believe it was made just for me, look!

Hand Sewn by Catja

I’m keeping my compact in it. Fit’s like a glove. Thank you Catja and Kitty, we love you!!! xo

Perfect size and aqua too!

There were also treasures for Blossum and Petals too.  These little knitted cat toys were thoughtfully made by Catja’s mom.  An Octopus and a Fish are now filled with nip.  Don’t you just love when your cat toys match your socks?  I sure do 😀

Catnip Toys by Catja's mom

While my new dress isn’t entirely a masterpiece, I really loved the fabric print, and colours.  I added a tiny ribbon to the bodice too. It was just lying around on the craft table and I thought, “hey! this might look good”.  Alys calls this ‘Serendipity’ , what do you think?


Well, I’m glad I finally get to wear it and in such a beautiful place.  There’s sparkling fountains, swaying palm trees …. the ocean.

Wait a cotton stitching minute…What the? Catja and Kitty….DON’T look 😀

OMGosh !

Funny things can and will happen, when you leave a sewing project for over a year before getting to it.  You may not find all the pieces. Or, maybe you didn’t cut it all out and forget where the extra material is.  Or, maybe that material is no longer in any stores.  Maybe you’ll have to be REALLY creative to salvage your dream.

Does the back of this dress remind you of anything?

Cat Pillow or Dress?


This has happened to you too right? What? Never? Oh the delightful madness of couture  😀  I honestly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  This pattern has you sewing the entire bodice before the skirt, so to salvage a half-baked masterpiece I had to think fast.

Ms Blossum, Boomdee Warp….ENGAGE !

No one see's both sides at once

Besides, no one see’s both sides at once, right? I happened to find a cute little handbag here in Maui to match 😀

The Maui Aqua connection

I’m thinking, I rather like the whole gypsy, bohemian vibe.  So, what did my photographer, Mr B say? “I don’t know hon, then again, I’m no expert”. Aloha!

Aloha from Maui!

What would you have done?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

49 thoughts on “I’m No Expert, Aloha !

    1. What else could I do, right? LOL, such an easy project but leave it to me to create drama. It’s really cool and comfortable too because it’s 100% cotton, Which is almost a must for me. I’m looking forward to some summer weather at home so I can wear it again soon. Thanks so much for all your visits and for popping back to these oldies, so appreciate it! xK


      1. I feel a bit rubbish for having missed out on so much loveliness around here and some of my other favourite blogs! Feels good to be back and catching up 🙂 xx


        1. Pish-posh, no schedules here. I have friends who do the same, come by when they have time and we chat it up….I have fun going back and visiting the post too. Sometimes I crack myself up again, ha! Life trumps blog visiting for me too, but it’s a fun place to hang when we have time 😀


  1. I had no idea that people could still buy fabrics and patterns and make their own clothes. Most of my clothes (“most” being defined as “all”) of my clothes were made by my wise old grandmother. Not until I went off to college did I start buying clothes off the store racks. What an experience……….lol


    1. Holy Hula Russel, there is a whole community of talented sewing mavens out here in the virtual sewing room. I’m not one of them as you can tell, LOL. I’m just a novice but do have an old sewing machine. I would love an updated sewing machine to really tackle anything of significance.

      What a fantastically talented Grandmother! It’s really an art to take a pile of flat material and fashion it into a garment. While this particular confection had a troubling beginning, I did wear it a number of times and it washed wonderfully. The next time I undertake a sewing project though, I will certainly do it in a more timely fashion….a year and a half is an abomination…LOL Best be careful wearing it around here, I would really confuse poor Blossum, LOL Thanks for all your visits this morning, I really appreciate it.


  2. Great job, on the dress. I have tried to sew dresses for myself and given up. I currently stick with boxer shorts only. I absolutely hate using the same material or the same colour of yard for the same project. I like what you did, i would call it a happy accident!


    1. awww, I like that, “a happy accident”. Sounds good to me. I actually bought some Hawaiian material here and plan to do two more with the same pattern but maybe one maxi dress and one short. I have odds and sods from other projects that might work together for another bohemian rhapsody LOL. Boxer shorts sound harder than a dress to me 😀


  3. The dress is gorgeous! I love your creative fix, I think I would have freaked out and abandoned ship, no matter how beautiful the fabric and how much I wanted to make it. I think that’s so awesome that you came up with a perfect solution.

    Maui looks just as inviting as I remember it…one of these days my hubby and I have to get back there…. You look like you’re having so much fun! 🙂


    1. Thanks for the Cheery support Sheryl. I was a little crushed at first and tore the house apart looking for the missing piece. Then I thought I’d embrace karma and make do. I shouldn’t have taken so long to finish it, is what the universe was telling me. I’ve actually worn it a couple of days for breakfast. Nice and cool and actually fits well being that it’s elastic waist.

      It’s pretty darn great as you know, A bit of a paradise for a gardener like yourself. I don’t know what any of these shrubs or flowers are called but I’ve been snapping photo’s like mad. Have an awesome weekend. Are you putzing around the greenhouse? Ta. 😀


  4. Now I understand the Aloha. I’m behind again. I loved that you finished the dress and how you did it. Being a quilter, we do things like that on purpose. I’ll show you when I finish the waiting project on my machine. It’s one of the (good intentions). I love the bohemian look and you do it perfectly. I’m with Alys, you make us look like slackers. Mr. B must delight in your sunny ways everyday. How lucky you both are to share in that. Have a wonderful time on your holiday. I will repeat my envy.”) Love and hugs, MH


    1. You’re not behind Marlene, you’re on Maui time…it goes less quickly here 😀 I’m happy I finished this little number too. I don’t know why a put it off, I have plenty of time. If not for the time I took looking in every box, drawer, closet and shelf for the missing piece….it would have been a synch.

      I just read your comment, ‘Mr B must delight in your sunny ways everyday’ to Mr B. He laughed and said, “there you go!” I’m taking that as, “see nailed it hon” 😀 LOL your to sweet.

      Boomdee-oopsy signing off for now…hula-hugs sent your way xoK


  5. What a fun post this is! That pretty bow at the bodice is so you, and is lovely.
    And oh I did have to chuckle when I saw all the pics and read the story about the lost fabric. Great save and such a pretty outcome. Anything goes in fashion and this looks great!
    The photo of you jumping in the air (and ultimately falling in the ocean) is wonderful! So glad you are having such fun over there!!!
    Oh! and the multiple distraction pictures made me smile!


    1. Aloha LB! It’s almost pool o’clock here, but these arduous obligations will have to wait. I love catching up with you all first. Thanks for all your compliments, you’re a good friend to cheer me on. Yes, another Kel-lamity (as Mr B calls them) avoided by ad-hock measures.

      Honestly, you will hardly meet a more klutzy lady (by her own admission, Alys comes very close…HA). Falling down, over, up and into…..…I’m an expert and have the scars to prove it. I almost always do these things in front of as many people as possible. On a recent holiday somewhere, we had to do a quick turn around mid-stride to catch a porter bus. When my luggage stopped short in a rut, I continued forward…..falling over the luggage and throwing my computer under the bus…GADS! One lady actually screamed and poor Mr B had to pick me up and everything I was carrying. I ought to sew a cape…SUPER KLUTZZZZZZ!

      Now that I’ve looked closely at the ‘Distraction Collage’ it appears the SW only used half my photos and repeated them…oh well, I’m pretty sure you got what I meant. Have a fantastic Day LB !


  6. Loved reading this post, Boomdee and all the gorgeous comments – Maui looks beautiful and I LOVE your dress. What a way to make it totally unique! I think you have started a trend – I can see the catwalks of Paris embracing this look – and your delicious new bag complements your dress so well. I love your style! So glad you are having a great time in Maui! xoxoxoxoxox


    1. Lovely message from even lovelier you 😀 Thanks so much Dani! Maui is so gorgeous with very different trees and florals than we have of course. I especially am enjoying all the birds singing and bouncing around everywhere. They’re pretty friendly and will bounce right over to your feet and look at you…..akin to Buddy Dog begging at the table.

      I’m not sure Paris can handle the Boomdee-couture but I do plan to use the pattern again as it’s such a quick sewing thing. Maybe I should go for ‘gypsy on purpose’. That’d make it a real challenge to just use what I can find at home, LOL. Aloha and ta ta from paradise xoxoK


  7. Well, gosh, I think you did a fine job of fixing that up! It really suits you, I have to say, and it is so unexpected and fun and summery. In my mind that’s a great way to salvage something you’d have had to wad otherwise!


    1. Thanks for cheering me on Jen 😀 I’m going to take that ‘wad’ means ‘toss…file 13…trash it…waste’ 😀

      It is surely unexpected, LOL Let’s say I’m walking along and someone says to her girlfriend, “hey that’s a cute dress” and the GF turns to see me walk away….well they both got a different impression, Boom, Bang…double hit! haha.

      It is really comfortable and flawy too. The day on the beach, I felt like I was wearing a kite. Great for shopping or meals out or just hanging round for a coffee at Starbucks (Help, there’s one right in our Hotel) !


      1. It looks comfortable and “easy wear”, if that makes sense.

        So far as the two prints…I see prints mixed all the time, especially florals & stripes! I’ve also seen stripes mixed with dots. It’s done all the time, just call it “couture”. 😉


    1. 😀 Even better at a cocktail party, everyone might be a little tipsy and beg me to make them one too. Oh, then, a world wide demand turns me into an overnight fashion mogul. I’d make millions, buy a estate in Europe and hire pet lovers like us to operate the classiest rescue home in the world.

      I got carried away a bit there but there are no limits in the Boom-zone….LOL Thank you for your nice message too 😀 Aloha!


  8. ‘Sidetracked’, heh, heh, heh. 🙂 I love how you collaged all your ADD moment projects. So many of them!! And, I’m so glad that you like your sewn pouch and that your kitties like their knit catnip toys! That combination of fabrics for the pouch were just calling your name. Extra special bonus that your compact fits in perfectly! Actually, I had Petals and Blossum contact Kitty with the measurement of your compact and I designed the pouch for it! 😉

    Your dress is fantastic, great job!! I was so curious as to what you were talking about when you said ‘uh oh’ and advised Kitty and I not to look! And, then……LOL! I laughed and laughed. Yes, things like that happen a lot when you put away a sewing WIP (work in progress). I like your moxie though and your fabric choice for the back. I think it makes the dress look so much more interesting! I’m ALL for mixing and matching patterns and colour. Great Job Boomdee! Looks also like you are having a terrific time on holiday, good for you! Go swim and relax in the sun now (as it’s -24C here….sigh).


    1. LOL, how very sneaky of dear Kitty to contact Petals and Blossum for my gift. Thanks so much for your cheer! I noticed in my email you’ve posted a new project! I can’t wait to visit. I just love Anthropologies and they do seem to make pattern mixing so trendy, so I thought I’d just go for it 😀

      Mr B is meeting up with a guy from TO tomorrow who’s told us about the weather. Drats, that’s the pits 😦 This has just been the worst winter. If it makes you feel any better, it’s raining today (as forecasted). We’re expecting more sunshine the rest of the week. It’s still very warm and I’m in my nighty on a sheltered balcony 😀 and happily spending time with you and kitty 😀


  9. Oh Boomdee……I love EVERYTHING about this post – the photos are fab, the beach shot is incredible especially……the collage of projects is almost overwhelming (!)…..the dresses are WONDERFUL and I just love them to bits – you look adorable in them – congrats to Mr. B for capturing the FUN of “you” ! I think you are so crafty you truly can make a treasure out of anything…….but you did a magical job of mastering the bohemian beauty look!

    Hugs, Pam


    1. You are a Sun Goddess Pam! I say that because your messages always make the room light up soooooo bright. Heavens To Murgatroyd (say it like Snagglepuss)!, Mahalo for this lovely message xoxoxo

      Mr B is a good sport (and pretty loveable). I knew I’d be bringing my little frock on holidays. So even though it might be less than perfect, I’ll have this post, all the wonderful messages and Maui memories to make it shine a little extra bit.

      Aloha xoK


  10. Your dress looks fabulous! 🙂 We all have those projects that we just don’t get around to…and I’m pleased that I’m not the only person who gets sidetracked! Love your collage of other makes 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your next project!xx


    1. Aloha Claire,
      How very nice of you to say. It seems too easy to get sidetracked when there’s so many fun things on Pinterest and everyones Blogs. What are you working on these happy days? I was in a nice fabric store here but couldn’t decide what to buy. I’d like to use this pattern again so I’m going back. My next project is started, it’s my last Craft It Forward, totally different from anything so far 😀 Mahalo, Boomdee


    1. Thanks for the cheering support! It’s like the olden days when you made a dress from what you had 😀 It’s a shame I couldn’t find the right piece though, it was going so well. I think I’ll get some material here and sew another. It’s so fast and it’s nice to make use of these patterns because they aren’t as cheap as they once were. Love and Hugs, xoK


  11. Oh my goodness you are so darn cute. I love the photo shoot on the beach. That picture of you jumping is pure joy. Hats off to Mr. B. for capturing your cute and playful essence here.

    Seeing that collage makes me feel like a full time slacker. My goodness you’ve created so much in this past year. I loved seeing thumbnails of all your projects (and travels) and feels so special that I can be along for the ride.

    I would never have thought of that dress fix! You are clever, and right in style. Just last week I saw two dresses at A Work of Heart, each made from several different men’s shirts artfully sewn together.

    All these pictures make me so happy. The one of you leaning against the palm tree really shows off your spirit. Everything in Hawaii is so green and lush. You must be soaking it all up.

    Fun, fun, post. Boomdee. xox


    1. Isn’t that too hilarious! I’m still cracking up over the whole thing. I thought it’d be a fun shot, more like these cool people

      Well, at least ‘No middle aged hippies were hurt in the filming” LOL

      Thank you ((( sweetie ))) for all your beautiful comments. I’m so glad you ARE part of my life. Whether we are near or not, you’re never far from my heart and always make me smile and feel good about being me. I love that name ‘A Work Of Heart’. I perfectly describes any project done with gusto. I should check their website, Mr B is always updating his wardrobe and I hate to think how many we’ve tossed (not suitable for even good will with blown out elbows usually).

      It really is such a change from home. No only is it green and fresh, it’s humid and warm and my skin feels like a new born. I’d like to say, “I wish we got this weather” but then it wouldn’t seem half as special. Oh, BTW, you are NOT a slacker by a long stretch. In all fairness, it took almost a year and a half to finish this little diddy…LOL I’ve learned a good lesson though and that’s something 😀

      Mwwwwww x 1 million.


      1. It’s so true and wise of you to recognize that part of what’s special about vacations is the uniqueness. There are many lovely things about where you live, though I appreciate that that list seems short in the dead of winter. It’s beautiful country and most importantly they have you.

        I’m so glad you are having a good time.


        1. 😀 xoxoxoxox “Oh Canada, our home and Boomdee’s land”…la la la la

          I just came back from the mall and bought a very cute tunic. Must work it into a blog…thinking now (via a class of red wine)

          “Hug patrol….get that woman…yah, the cute red head with the library on her lawn” Resistance is futile xoK


  12. This post is totally magical. I had to go back and see the beach jumping photo to see if that dress really did have a different back. Hilarious!! and I admire the Bohemian creativity that enabled you to finish it. I love the fabric and I love peasant dresses so I salute your tenacity. Mahalo for bringing a smile to my face as always! Have fun in Hawaii!!


    1. O’ my dear displaced Hawaiian maiden with your sunny locks of gold, I’m glad you had fun here. I’ve been laughing all day because the ‘jump in the air’ shot is so insane. Who could possibly look more uncoordinated? It looks more like I tripped on a wave, crack me up. I was horrified to stand up with my soggy hat and see several sun tanners watching the drama unfold.

      Well, I got that new purse which I positively think elevates the whole composition and might even make it somewhat palatable to the ‘non-bohemian’ crowd (dare It point fingers, Mr B?)

      I have to say, this was a quick sewing dress even with a mid-way re-design. Then again, I was at ‘Boomdee Warp’…LOL. Sending a big coconut scented hug your way xoK


  13. That is pure genius! I would have probably wept and then put it in the back of a drawer and never have spoken of it again! Boho’s can be and wear anything they like – you are on your way!!

    I’m also so impressed that you are organised enough to post a blog whilst on holiday – bowing down to greatness! Aloha!! 🙂


        1. I really haven’t got a clue how you lose a piece like that. It’s only the biggest cut-out, using the most material. I don’t get it. If I bought the recommended yardage (or here it’s meterage) and didn’t cut the back on the fold like the front, I should have a big piece left and I couldn’t find that either. I tore my craft room down and re-org’d. No sign of either. It’s a mystery 😀 I will do an update if it in fact turns up. Gripping suspense right? LOL.


    1. I might have thought it for a moment but had $$ invested, plus I loved the fabric so much. It’s just the craziest thing ever. Why would I only cut one? It will turn up when we move, I just know it. But I french seamed it all and probably won’t take it apart. Se la vie, go with the flow 😀 I had this mostly written before holidays and only attempted to add the tropical photo shoot, and that went so well….LOL. Thanks so much for your generous message Pauline. As you know, things may take unexpected turns during the process, but if you persevere, it’s not a complete loss and maybe even be a nice surprise. xoK


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