Plain Or Fancy

Aloha from Boomdee’s travelogue.

Getting into the island groove is not too hard at all.

Island Groovey

It shouldn’t surprise you to know that one of the things I like most about being on a holiday is to indulge in a nice breakfast. I just LOVE breakfast food and often make it for dinner at home.  I don’t like to brag but, my Lemon Ricotta Pancakes are pretty darn good.

Click here for the recipe - Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Alas, no cooking for me for two weeks (yes!), so this morning we treated ourselves to pancakes at Fabiani’s. It’s owned and operated by local family,  The Fabiani’s.  Read their lovely story right here.


As you enter Fabiani’s in Wailea, the famous words of Ernestine Ulmer might come to mind, “Life is uncertain, eat desert first” .  Fabiani’s pastry counter greets you right at the door with a number of  delicate temptations.

Temptations made by hand at Fabiani's

The atmosphere is casual and I enjoyed the soft music and  photo’s from all over Italy decorating the walls. It brought back nice memories from holidays of the past.  The gorgeous Trivi Fountain in Rome caught my eye first.

Trivi Fountain

When we were there, I happily followed tradition by making a wish and throwing a coin in the exact same spot.  Sorry, I can’t tell you my wish or it won’t come true 😀

Boomdee's Trivi Wish

Today, we where wishing for yummy pancakes! Then, PRESTO….shazam!

fancy pancakes

Everything was delicious including the side of fresh fruit.  I splashed it all down with a generous cup of Americano. Mr B went for the Macadamia Nut Pancakes, while I choose the simple stack.  No syrup or butter, that’s just how I roll. Alyster climbed up for a look around and gave me a big  ‘thumbs up’ 😀

Alyster Gave Thumbs Up

Our server Amanda was such a delight too.  She was so cheery and lovely, we went back tonight for a wonderful dinner. Fabiani’s is a comfortable walk from the resorts/beach area. Go east on Waelia Ike Dr.  They’ll impress you no matter how you like your pancakes, plain or fancy.

Amanda is Awesome

PS, Want to Look at the rest of the menu?

Click on Alyster below 😀

Let's look at the rest of their menu !

More Breakfast With Boomdee

Pancakes at the Night & Day Cafe 

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30 thoughts on “Plain Or Fancy

    1. We thought it was pretty fabulous and very reasonably priced (for Maui). They also have a few tables outside, but aren’t licensed for liquor out there. OK for breakfast but if you’re there for dinner, pick a table inside. We actually ate here a half dozen times in a week, breaky, lunch and dinner.


  1. I have been in San Diego for 20 years now and have yet to make the flight to the Islands. It must be all that water. I like to sit by the window and star out at the landmarks going by below. With water, there are no landmarks…………..


    1. Russel, honestly….that is a shame. I’m sure it’d only be a very short flight for you. I really don’t fly well and NEVER sit by the window. It makes me super dizzy to look out. But once you get to the Islands, you’d be glad you did. We didn’t do well on the currency exchange this time but we were happy to be there 😀


  2. I love all these photos. You’re in full-on island mode. Mmmm lemon ricotta sounds yummy. I’m so glad you found a place so yummy you at there twice. That is quite the recommendation.

    As for Alyster, he seems to be having a grade old time. He always looks relaxed and at home, wherever he goes. Does he have his own frequent flyer card?

    Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. I’m looking forward to the next installment.


    1. It’s really an awesome little place. We found it when we went to the post office. Last night we went to a Greek restaurant in the same mall. I munched on falafel’s. They were good but they’re better in San Jose with you. everything is better with you xox


    1. Thanks so much Laurie, as they say, “when in Rome”. I used this Website ‘’ to frame and techno-color all the photo’s in this post. I got the tip from
      Pam and Sam make such fun postcards and what not, I had to check it out. If you’re ever in Rome, make sure you have some coin 😀


  3. That Alyster is a well travelled little guy! 🙂

    You have gifted me with a great big craving for pancakes now… and seeing as I managed to rustle up a bottle of real Canadian syrup last week I think that I am going to have a pancake party tomorrow morning….. the dogs love pancakes too (especially blueberry) so I always have to makes LOTS.

    Have a wonderful holiday Kelly, soak up all that beautiful sunshine and enjoy not having a care in the world for the next few weeks!! XOXOX Big hugs from all of us XOXOX


    1. LOL, I love that you make pancakes for everyone! That’s the best thing ever and makes me smile when I think of all their sweet faces and big brown eyes looking up at you like they’ve never been fed before.

      Alyster is racking up the air miles and seems to think he’s on holidays and his gardener (me) is the tag along…where he gets this stuff, I’ll never know 😀 Thanks for all the cheer, sending big Hula hugs all around xoxox


  4. Oh! Boomdee! I’m salivating over those pancakes – and the gorgeous Alyster, of course!! So great to see you having a splendid island getaway. You look so relaxed and happy in those pictures. Love your camera necklace, too – what a seasoned blogger – ready for a great picture opportunity at any turn! Thanks for sharing such fun times – and scrumptious-looking food! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


    1. Hi Dani! They might even be as good as yours ;D They sure filled me up. Alyster and his side kick Romeo have been going like mad, having one adventure after another. They must have been saving up for months. I’m waiting for their photo’s to tell you all about it 😉

      I think you might be referring to the coin toss into the Trevi Fountain in Rome…we were wearing headsets so our tour guide could tell us all about it as we all scurried off in different directions for photo’s. So so beautiful there. Bella Bella!

      Some day I should Blog about some of the sites there though, it’s a real education to walk and feel so many iconic places like the Colosseum, The Patheon, The Trevi Fountain….GADS, I loved it all. So nice to hear from you, are you happy to be home? How are all your lovely furry friends? xoxoxoxo


  5. Great post, Boomdee! Glad you are having a wonderful time in alohaland. I have to say, no worries if your pants don’t fit to come home; you can buy a muumuu . . . 😉 ~ Linne
    p.s. I love Alyster; how nice of him to share his holiday with you and Mr. B.


    1. LOL, oh dear….a muumuu would be so dangerous. Might eat even more if I’m to comfortable.
      Thanks for stopping by and for sure, if you’re ever in this neighbourhood, I highly recommend Fabiani’s. The resorts are twice as pricey and Fabiani’s will sub reg pasta for Gluten free too 😀


  6. Macadamia Nut pancakes—wowza! My grandfather, who served in the South Pacific and then took Grandma there very often after the war, LOVED Macadamia Nuts. He’d have loved those pancakes! Your lemon ricottas look good, too—I’ll have to see if I can de-gluten them. Yum.

    Glad you are enjoying your time off! 🙂 That bakery looks marvellous, especially the macarons.


    1. awwww, your Gramps sounded really romantic. The South Pacific would be a great place to cuddle. Mr B snarfed down the pancakes and looked pleased, so I would guess they tasted as good as they looked. The ricotta pancakes are so easy with very few ingredients.

      The bakery looked so good. Mr Fabiani is a pastry chef and everything was so pretty. We’ll be dining there again, I’m sure of it

      It’s wonderful to enjoy a good meal and glass of wine without screaming over loud music. They were playing Big Band 40’s (I love) and Opera too (I also love) at an enjoyable level. We are slowly running out of places to eat at home because they’re so loud. Thanks for your message Jen!


    1. I thought it was BIG yummy waffles that might be on the menu at Mr Bowies house. Licht en pluizig binnenkant, knapperig en gouden buiten, Yummy Sort of like many tourists here, LOL


  7. I love breakfast for dinner. Oddly it started when we would run out of money for dinner food, We made it a treat especially with the pancakes. Now I have to go make myself some. Those look yummy. Is Alyster writing a food review? He looks so at home sitting on the mound of pancakes. I’ve never heard of lemon-ricotta pancakes but they sound divine. It looks like you are having such a grand time. Enjoy for all of us.:)


    1. Oh, hey Mar (that’s what I’ll call you today, Ha) we’d be good room mates, I could eat breakfast all the time but Mr B would tire of it. I love hash browns, Eggs Benny (no meat), Quiche, Scrambled with cheese and onion, rye toast, french toast and pancakes……well you get the picture 😀

      I snagged the Lemon Ricotta Pancake recipe from another blogger. Katherine’s a dancer with a fab figure. It’s a recipe from a local restaurant in her city that Tom Cruise ate at…well now! The Strawberries are a must!

      Young Alyster has to pull his weight since he get’s to come along with no wallet. So yesterday he was our reviewer! Thanks so much for your message today, have a good one ! Aloha for now xoK


  8. Oh YUM! Sounds like a wonderful place for a meal – especially that breakfast with lemon ricotta pancakes? Wow. I’m glad Alyster is keeping an eye on you (and the pancakes) but it sounds like you’re having TONS of fun (and good food) no matter what!

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)


    1. Aloha Pam & Sam Pehea ‘oe (how are you?)
      We went back last night too. The staff are just so friendly and cheery. That’s so important thing in a good restaurant I think. Last night I had Veggie Lasagna and it was so yummy. O Ya, Alyster best be careful or our pants won’t fit going home 😀

      It’s a bit of a no brainer to enjoy the weather, although it did rain one day. It was still warm and I sat on the balcony all day. It was still a day without housework….yahooo! Hugs too you & Sam xK


    1. Hi Aunty, it’s about a 10 minute walk up a bit of a hill but coming back is easy breezy and you get a great ocean view. Hope you’re having a great time in Ottawa 😀 Hugs to you all, LUL2 xoK


    1. It’s in his travel agreement. I pick up his flip flops and towels and he tastes my pancakes. It was a hard sell, but in the end, he’s addicted to pancakes so reluctantly agreed 😉


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