Just me……Boomdee!

I spotted these unique and practical water catchers at our current digs in Lahaina and thought my gardening friends would be keen to see how they manage rainy days on Maui.

rain chain

This thirsty ceramic frog sits patiently awaiting a cool drink. As rain water trickles down the chain from the eave, it’s gobbled up and runs back into the garden soil. I love that it’s practical, whimsical and artistic too. What do you think?

I'm Thirsty

Now, this is how Boomdee managed a rainy day, I got my nails done to match everything I own, LOL ! This includes, but is not limited to; my phone, MAC, sneakers and bracelet. Very Aqualiscious!

maui aqualicious

 The garden flowers weren’t a perfect match but now they are, BOOM !

Boom !

As an optimist would, I bought a new chapeau for the sunnier days at a fab shop in Lahaina called Chapel Hats.  It has the biggest brim you’ve ever seen.  Made by hand, it folds and rolls quite neatly for travel.

Big Hat

It has a UPF of 50+ !  The generous brim can be folded and moulded to suit the many activities of a luxurious holiday.I’d wear it to do a little poolside reading, spy on the neighbours enjoy the tropical beauty all around, walk thru the garden or just sit on the soft green lawn.

The Big Chapel Hat

Sometimes I like to be dramatic though. Maybe I could be a rich socialite having a little secret poolside romance. Or a ‘once-famous’ hollywood actress that’s not been seen in public for years.

A Secret Romance

Has-been Hollywood?

Don’t look now but……..pssst!  

Undercover Boomdee

 It’s just me…….Boomdee 😀


What do you like to do when it’s

raining on your holiday?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

41 thoughts on “Just me……Boomdee!

    1. LOL, I can imagine the locals thought you a bit mad since it rains quite frequently in Vancouver being that they’re on the coast. Good for you to embrace the day, come on back sometime. I’ve usually been there in April and the Apple Blossoms are so so gorgeous.


  1. This post is so totally YOU – everything unique and wonderful. We have a drippy gutter I should try that chain thing on – but I’d have to catch the water in a bucket since it’s over the deck. I hope you know I can’t see ANYTHING aqua without thinking of you! But that hat just takes the cake. It could double as a beach umbrella, almost. Thanks for bringing a BIG smile to my day, as you always do!


    1. Good morning dear Julia 😀 you’re so good to me, thank you. I really had no idea how many people love aqua until I got on to Pinterest, we’re like a gang. I’m always finding Aqua Boards with great stuff. So sweet of you to think of me too, (( you )) xo

      LOL, you know you’ve bought a BIG hat when you have no place to store it at home. I might try and find a standing coat tree for the corner of my room. They had one at the B&B filled with hats you could borrow. They were all different and unique and I kind of really dug that. Almost like a little, ever changing art installation.

      Eave trough is usually an unattractive necessity that, as you mentioned, almost always leaks along the way. We replaced ours at the lake one year after spraying it over and over with ‘Stop Leak’. The stuff didn’t cut our crazy winters. We hired someone and they made a quick job of the whole house (we wanted it all to match), but if it was only one section, I’d probably do it myself since there’s not too much to it really……summer projects, they add up fast hey? xoK


    1. Isn’t he clever. I’ve seen a few neat ideas on Pinterest with the water flowing out of the eve trough on the ground but not this. I think it suits the style of the dwelling really well. While they’re an important necessity on homes, I’ve always thought they weren’t attractive at all. Thanks so much for all your nice messages xox happy days to you!


    1. Thanks Sheryl, they’re still hanging in there too, so she did a great job. I got them done as what they call jelly polish. It’s super hard and shiny. Do you think you Grandma ever put nail polish on? I have so many blogs to catch up with. Our B&B had really rotten wifi. I wrote this blog at Starbucks, LOL but I started to feel guilty after an hour after I drank my coffee. Will be by soon to see what was happening in 1914 😀


  2. That is an INCREDIBLE hat!!! I would be too shy to talk to you if I saw you sitting poolside whilst wearing it. It definitely gives off hints of old world glamour and mystery! Rainy days you ask? I think they are perfect for napping & reading 🙂


    1. Too shy??? I’d be the one snorting while I laugh…yep, it happens HA. I got it home without any problem so you never know where it’ll turn up hehe. I like napping and reading on rainy days too. I was listening to the ocean waves from our balcony in Maui and had a hard time staying awake, very comforting.


    1. Ha, maybe Warhol was right. I spent my ’15 minutes’ nursing a pineapple and rum cocktail by a pretty pool in Maui…life is good 😀 Thanks so much for popping in, we got home Sunday morning and I’m slowly getting organized again. If I really was a famous blogger I could get my butler to help with laundry, LOL.


  3. Safe trip back home for you and Mr.B, Boomdee! Looks like you had a marvellous time and I can’t wait to read more about your trip. I’ll bet Petals and Blossum can’t wait to see you, either! As with other lovely commenters – I love, love, love your new hat, the froggie rain catcher, your aqua nails!!, your incredible sense of humour – movie starlet etc. He, he, he!! I thought in a previous post your laptop was aqua!! How decadent and gorgeous! I didn’t know you could get them in different colours – I have boring old silver! Must look in to that! And, don’t want to make any of your other devoted followers jealous or anything, but just imagine my surprise when I found a postcard from Alyster and Romeo from Maui!!! I squealed at the letter box!! I’m sure the neighbours thought “yes, she’s finally lost it!” Thank-you soooooo much Alyster and Romeo – you totally made my year!!! Love and hugs, Boomdee!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


    1. Hello my Aussie wonder girl xo! You make me want to get up and do cart wheels when you stop by, LOL I love and feel all your optimistic cheer! Thank you so much xo

      My MAC has a clear aqua cover that protects the regular chrome finish that it came in. If you have a MAC, stop at your local Apple store for a peak. Otherwise, you could take your laptop to a local store and look into a ‘skin’ . Many brands make them to customize your computer and personalize it.

      I’m so happy you received Alyster & Romeo’s post card, they loved surprising people. It was written with the aqua pen you sent. Did you see the email of me wearing my kitty mask on the way down? LOL, I look funny but oh man, it worked like a dream. Thanks again for all the treats xoxoxo

      Petals and Blossum were happy to have us home and me soooooo excited to love them up. There was a lot of kitty hair a lllllll over which I cleaned today. I loved our holiday but I’m happy to be home. Catching up soon on all the wonder posts I’ve missed while away, see you soon xoxoxoxox Love and hugs all around


  4. Wow, great hat! I love those and have a beautiful turquoise one (hm, perhaps I ought not have told you…!). It comes very much in handy when I’m out and about in the summer, my being so fair-skinned. I’m sure you love yours! The rain chain/water catcher is a marvellous idea, and very pretty too—I like its whimsy. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for things like that locally!


    1. Thanks so much Jen, I would love to see you model your turquoise number…maybe next to a cool vintage car?

      I took more pictures from around the B&B, it’s a very unique place. Truly one of a kind. I’ll post along the way. The one bad thing was their internet didn’t work well at all. It took a really really long time just to bring up my blog. I think it wouldn’t be to hard to make a rain chain and terminate it in a nice clay urn you love but it’d probably have to be custom made since you’d never find it at Home Depot or Lowes.Cheers my dear.


    1. It really is giant, Ha! I just fell for it and didn’t want to regret walking away without it. Has that ever happened to you? You see something you love and think, “well I shouldn’t, it’s entirely not practically, or I don’t NEED it” and then of course you regret it? I’m going to need a BIG closet in our new home LOL, HA!


    1. Thanks so much Sheryl, I’m thinking I’ll get all kinds of attention in Edmonton, LOL. I’ll probably just save it for posh summer BBQs or lunch’s out and holidays.

      The rain chain is really very charming isn’t it? I’ve seen chains before but never terminating in a nice pot. Something to think about on a garden shed or something.


    1. Thank you Sunshine, I’ve got it all rolled up ready for the trip home. We check out tomorrow so you don’t need to be jealous much longer, HA. It’s time to go back to reality which for me is pretty much like a full time holiday anyways…xo Aloha..for the final time 😀


  5. FAB-U-LOUS DAHLING!! You DO look like a Hollywood star, the place sure fits the bill, the hat just finishes it off and I do hope that was Mr B canoodling with you under it……….. What a fab holiday you have had, rain or no rain. Isn’t that frog just perfect – Alys sure could do with several of them and the rain to sustain them! Have a safe and happy trip home to your kitties! xoxo


    1. You’re FAB-U-Lous to visit and leave such grand messages xoK Thank you my dear Pauline. It’s quite the place. I’m taking lots of photo’s this morning to share later from home. Miss the kitties so much and my quiet routine at home. I’m dying to craft something too, LOL. Withdrawal I guess.The net was really rotten here on the rainy days, so I have lot’s of your news to catch up with, looking forward to it all. Have a wonderful day, Hugs xoK


  6. Yes, you could easily pass for a 30 something actress hiding out under that wonderful hat. And I agree it needs an aqua rose or touch. I know you’ll find one soon. Good idea to stay under a hat in the sun so you can continue to look 30 something. Love the frog rain catcher. Great idea for pulling rain water away from the house and recycling it. So pleasing to the eye. You are obviously having a wonderful time since you get to virtually take all your friends along on your vacation and you don’t have to pay extra.:). I hope you are keeping Alyster and Romeo out of the sun too. Hugs from rainy Portland. Guess what I’m doing with this day? Reading your blog. 🙂


    1. ((( Marlene ))) you are way too kind. I was telling Alys that another nice thing about this giant hat is it creates the perfect shaded lighting under the brim to hide both nasty age ‘freckles’ and wrinkles….EVERYONE should own one. I’m going to look awfully funny shopping for groceries in Edmonton though, LOL

      The gardens here are very well planned in the most pleasing aesthetically way possible. There are a number of water features throughout the home, glass hallways pass over ponds, it’s really something. I’ll share it in more detail when we get home. Leaving tomorrow. It’s been fun, but I miss my kitties and craft room and daily routine that of course includes all of you and your stories and posts. I will be catching up for days but so looking forward to it. Thank you for joining me on your rainy day hon. Cup of tea, you and me….perfect xoK


  7. I love, love, love that hat. Wow! I’ve never seen anything like it. Looks like you had a grand old time on your rainy day in Maui. Everything is so lush and green.

    I’ve seen rain catchers, but never one that drained into a cute frog. Clever. I can tell by the long view of the place, that the owners have taste and talent to spare. What a gorgeous place to hang out.

    I enlarged all the pics so I could get a close up look. My favorite of all is the one of you sitting on the grass. You look like a 30 year old starlet on break from shooting her latest pic.

    Thanks for sharing your day with us. Smiling, smiling.


    1. Thank you for all you very generous complements
      (((( sweet Alys )))), but this hat creates it’s own photo perfect face shade, LOL 30 sounds great though 😀 You’re so cute.

      The house we’re in was built overseas and shipped and assembled here. Very traditional construction. I’ll have to get more details from our Host and take more photo’s inside, it’s quite something. I love all the openness of it. It’s like living outside. Off to breaky, our last full day before leaving 😀 I miss my kitties xoxox Love you


      1. Wow! Built and shipped from overseas. Isn’t that something. Our home in Canada was factory built, but not from that great a distance. It was a three bedroom, one bath with a living room and kitchen. Nothing fancy, but it was home. We had a full basement and a big lot. My parents paid $17,000 for it. Can you imagine?

        I hope to hear more about the fabulous beach house. I bet your happy to be resting in your own bed and seeing your kitties. Those are the things I miss the most when I’m away.


        1. Can you imagine families making due with 1 bathroom now. Some homes we’ve seen have 3 full bathrooms and a 1/2 suite too. We only had one bathroom in the house I grew up in too. Patients was a virtue. Sounds like your home was very typical of the time. Now you can barely get a car for the $$.

          I took lots of pictures of the B&B but had no time to do any fun stuff today after laundry, cleaning and unpacking. We also had to go for groceries as our cupboards were empty.

          The kitties have been sticking like glue. When we got our boots on to run out for groceries, I think they looked sad :/ I think they thought, there they go again. It’s so good to be home xox


        2. I know, right? And one bathroom was a *huge* improvement on the outhouse…or the chamber pot.

          Ah…poor kitties. They must have wondered if you were ever coming back. I often think that when we’re gone for a week.

          I know they are so glad to have you home.


    1. Even when it rains on holidays it’s still a day with no laundry or meal planning 😀 We had a super sunny day yesterday and went whale watching, fantastic stuff. I’ll try and post at FB later. I want to catch up with all of you too. The net was the pits here on the rainy days. Ta Ta for now…Breakfast calls xK


  8. Love the hat Boomdee!!! Where is the aqua colored rose tucked into the brim???? On a rainy day, there’s nothing nicer than chillin’ on a covered porch listening to the rain and taking a day to commune with Mom Nature….sometimes on a vacation it’s nice to just do NOTHING!!

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)


    1. Thank you Pam and Sam xoK. I’d love to sit out on the porch with you two and just chillax. But I’m a wee bit chatty and you’d probably not be hearing much of the rain LOL

      As nice as that sounds, I’d only be able to manage for a very short time. I’m really really awful at doing NOTHING. I think I was born running…HA. Hope you’re having a perfect day, whatever you decide to do. Hugs to you both xoK


    1. Sleep or bake sounds cozy. I bet they don’t even know what a perigee is here. You could be a Ukrainian Hula Baba with the grass skirt but instead of Gardenia’s in the lei, it could be perigee’s 😀

      I can’t wait to take it too the lake and WOW all my old neighbours and it packs pretty well so I can always bring it on holidays too. Or come over and make perigees with you and knock everything over in your kitchen…LOL. Hope you’re day is fun, Love you and hugs to Sherri too! xoxo


    1. Thank you Sorcha! We had a good laugh poolside. Two other gals were out reading and I said, Hello, BIG hat coming through and we were saying how you could host a whole party under the brim, LOL

      I love Scrabble too, we used to play for ours at the lake. It’d start off as best two out of three and then three out of five…..Have a wonderful day!


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