Should I Shop For A Ring?

Look, there’s Alyster out in the snow,

planting little red hearts all in a row.

Planting Love…1, 2 , 3

Is it a garden of love? Something to grow?

I just can’t imagine, I really must know.

Seeds of Love - Butterfly Mix

“Why, today’s the best time and I need a lover”

said Alyster the Gnome as he planted another.

“Never thought about love, but I knew from the start,

Eve was just sitting my cat, but now stolen my heart.”

A Gnome In Love

Awwwww, what a nice story, I thought with a sigh.

Who knew dear Alyster was a romantic guy?

It must be true love to plant these with care.

Today’s the big day and there’s love in the air.

Seeds Of Love

Alyster whisper, “oh, just wait until spring,

when the tulips pop up and birds start to sing.”

“Keep eyes on the sky, then you’ll know why,

each heart will bloom into a butterfly.”

Love sick Gnome

I’m sure I saw Eve peek out from a window above.

She smiled at his little garden, planted with love.

Gnome Love

As night fell, Alyster thought about spring.

“Will she love me too, should I shop for a ring?”

But Will Eve Say Yes?

What kind of Butterflies

are your favourite?

Happy Valentine's xox

Want to know how they met?

(Click the Photo)

Pet Sitter Eve

Update February 24th

Lovely Pauline at The Contented Crafter says her favourites are the Blue Morpho and the Monarch.

Sweet Clowie from Clowie’s Corner  says their favourite is the Peacock Butterfly.

All so beautiful.

Paulines Butterflies

Clowies Butterfly


(source Wikimedia Commons)

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

35 thoughts on “Should I Shop For A Ring?

    1. Thank you dear Clowie, Alyster didn’t seem like a romantic guy but I guess he’s just shy.
      I just looked up your favourite butterfly and oh my, it’s so pretty! Do you get them in the mountains?


    1. I think everyone is hoping Eve is smitten too 😉 Thank you for cheering us on in Gnomeville Kathryn, we adore you and your crew so much, thank’s for being part of our weekend! xoxK


  1. That was such a sweet treat for the eyes and heart. I loved it all. Oh,my, how can anyone spit out good wine? Now, bad wine I might think about. Is there such a thing? You’ve outdone yourself with this one. It takes me so long to comment because my eyes are too full to talk. Big HUGS! I’d like to see where you find that ring. 🙂


    1. Good Morning my dear xo. Whew made it thru another Valentines Day with no scars 😀 Thank you for your sweet message, you’re like a heart shaped box of chocolates. We enjoyed the Wine Festival and my favourite was a Champagne from Italy. I did pour out many, many glasses otherwise you’d be in a coma till spring, LOL Have a great weekend ! Tonight we’re going to the theatre so I’m getting real spoilt this weekend.


  2. Love is brewing in the great, white north. You little matchmaker you!

    Did you get a new bridge for your gnome home? It’s delightful. Thanks for this uplifting and whimsical post. Happy hearts day! ♥


    1. I thought at first Alyster had heat stroke from laying in the sun on Maui, but now I really do think he’s heals over head (have you noticed that, ha).
      The little bridge is something I have in my Christmas set up generally. I have a number of these little sparkly houses and plunk them into snow with trees…Jim loves the sparkly snow so much he goes to work with it on his wool coat 😉 hahaha.
      Happy hearts day! I love that so much more than the usual, so I’m going to copy you, errr, emulate you xoxo!!


    1. No YOU !!! I thank you for your beautiful message xoxo We’re off to something you’d groove on, ‘The Edmonton Wine Fest’. It’s downtown at our convention centre and needless to say, there are more vendors than you can drink. You’re suppose to swish and spit, but that’s icky. Happy Valentines Laurie, BIG hug xoK


  3. What a perfectly lovely Valentine’s Day tale! I do believe Alyster is truly IN LOVE…..I think that’s just wonderful. I’m SURE Eve will be most impressed with whatever he gives her in honor of this day of love…….and WE hope that you and Mr. B have a romantic day of celebration as well….but we know that EVERY day is full of love if we want it to be right? 😉

    Hugs, Sammy and his Mom


    1. Oh my dear little love bug Sammy and super snuggle mum Pam, I am on Romantic Overdrive, must be the residual effect of Pineapple and suntan lotion 😉
      I can see the way Eve looks at Alyster, I think you might be right, isn’t love grande?

      Happiest Valentines Day Ever xoxo Petals & Blossum &
      Boomdee xoxox


  4. What a romantic vignette! And you are a closet poet too – where does your talent end??
    that was so sweet and sooooo you!! And I love that Alyster planted hearts that will become butterflies!!

    My favourite butterfly is the Blue Morpho – it has the most stunning blue colour on its wings which you can only see when it is below eye level as the undersides are grey/black. It hails from South America – the Amazonian forests – and there is a lovely indigenous story about them being guides to the afterlife. I also adore Monarchs, which we have by the spadeful here


    1. My dear P, this may be a 2nd reply but I don’t see my first message here (??) I remember looking up the Blue Morpho and it’s gorgeous.

      ❤ I'm looking forward to seeing Alysters garden of love bloom in the spring, thank you for your lovely message. We used to have lot's of Butterflies getting stuck in the quonset at the greenhouse I worked at. I always ensured they got back out, which took some effort but made me feel good.


  5. Awwwww. Even I, who just blogged a Happy Valentine’s pic of a Stormtrooper giving a valentine to another stormtrooper (Luke, come to the dark side!!) found this to be SO cute and romantic. You are such a lovely lady and I hope that you have the BEST Valentine’s ever!


    1. What do they say about opposites? HA, but I loved your Stormtrooper Valentine 😀 Who knew there were girl AND boy Troopers. Looked like true love to me, she was digging him.

      Your message, as always, is totally kind, generous and sweet. Thank you Catja and Happy Valentine’s xoK


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