Forever Together XO

What is it about shopping on holidays that’s so fun? It’s almost like you’re on a pass and the money is free (Mr B just fainted)  I love to meander through interesting shops in a new city. This ‘trip-treasure’ can get me into a wee bit of trouble as you saw here.

San Jose Shopping…oooops

San Jose ‘Trip-Treasure’

Mr B  (on rare occasion) has kindly claimed antique pots, perfume, christmas ornaments and the like 😀  He’s a good sport with a good book to read while he waits at places like ‘Paper Tales’ in San Diego. It’s a scrapbook/antique shop! Oh ya crafters, it’s the holy grail 😀

Paper Tales San Diego

On a holiday there, a couple of years ago, I bought a little book called, ‘Fortune Telling Book For Brides’. Not because I was a bride (well I was once twice) and not because I knew of a lucky young woman planning her big day either.  Any guesses?

Fortune Telling Book For Brides

BINGO, it was Aqua 😀

It was just to cute to pass up, so I tucked it away with a plan to gift it to the first ‘Bride-to-be’ in my life.  There are fun pages of retro artwork and information about what gift to buy for each anniversary. Oh, look!  The 13th year is lace, good to know.  Don’t you think Mr B will look funny in lace boxer shorts though? Hehe.

Vintage Bridal Art

There’s even a section on your astrological compatibility. Mmmm, harness…feel it!

Astrological Compatibility

Finally Luckily, one of my most favourite young couples have just got engaged! Congratulations Tina and Robbie!  I now had someone I loved to send the little book to. But not before creating a special package in the Boom-Room.

Bridal Gift Envelope

With a few basic cut outs and a simple white envelope, Tweety and I  went to work. We fashioned a little LOVE banner across the top and added Washi tape across the bottom.Die Cuts become a Love Banner

Ever wonder what my favourite scrapbook products would be? Well honestly, the problem is I love just about everything.  But I will say, these two items aren’t expensive and don’t take up any room on your craft table.   I think they make your projects just a little more special.  I have many, many Stickles, but this is my hands down favourite.   What’s nice is, it won’t change the colour and Diamond Stickles adds a nice sparkle.   Also, this fine tipped Gelly Roll pen by Sakura.  You can write, trace and outline in fine glitter.  Both are awesome! That’s an official Boomdee recommendation.

Stickles Diamond and Gelly Pen

I already got a lovely note back from Tina giving me a heads up about a destination wedding 😀 Doesn’t that sound fab? It’s so wonderful when kids you’ve watched grow up from young, fall in love and plan forever together xo.

Love Banner For Tina

What’s your favourite craft product these days?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

45 thoughts on “Forever Together XO

    1. Thanks so much! I really do love Aqua and Red together. Seems there was a bunch of it around at Christmas and Valentines. They’re the cutest couple, I’m so happy for them.


  1. Hello! I was just up in canada, sadly not in your-neck-of-the-woods though (but I will be this summer! Wooot… watch out antiques mall!) and now just arrived back to Mexico and went to check my mail stop yesterday…. and guess what I found?! 😀 Thanks for thinking of us whilst on your beautiful holiday! I felt for a moment like we had swapped places in the world lol… you soaking up the sunshine, and me freezing in a snowbank! Have a great weekend Kelly, and thanks for the smile ❤


    1. How exciting that you’ll be around this summer ! Please do let me know, I’d love to antique shop, lunch or what ever you have time for. That would be totally awesome. I’m glad the postcard found it’s way 😀 Maui seems like ages ago already. If you were here for the vortex nonsense I can only imagine you would have froze. Gads. I just saw beautiful Christmas over at Lonely Dogs, I’m so in love. Have a great weekend too ❤ xoK


  2. This was the sparkle and brightness I needed to see on this rainy rainy day. You are a treasure of a person. I can’t help but comment on photo #1. Your crafty supplies include hair, and Pop Rocks?! Life in your house must be a blast! (no pun intended) Your delight in the wedding of your friends is obvious, and you have given an enviable gift: thoughtful, and heartfelt.


    1. LOL, the wig is a gift from Alys. She showed up at the airport wearing an exact same wig and turned heads I’m sure 😀 I laughed my butt off. It’s a red head and has aqua hair braided into the hair..HA, we all wore the same wig out to Alys’s Birthday celebration at a restaurant. I posted here

      You’ve been very observant to see the Pop Rocks 😀 We went to this great vintage candy store in San Jose. A whole lot of candy you don’t see anymore. I bought a GIANT bag of Salt water Taffy and Pop Rocks. I ate ALL the Taffy b4 I left town…gads, I’m talking like 20 pieces at once…ugg. no edit button. Maybe life’s a blast because I’m on sugar, LOL or I’m just plain local. Thank you for your kind message and visit Crystal, 😀 Hugs K


    1. Thank you Clowie. A small thing to celebrate a big moment. I’ve seen doggies be part of wedding ceremonies, maybe carrying the ring even. Did you ever get the chance to watch someone say, “I do” ?


      1. No, I don’t think many wedding venues here are dog friendly yet. I travelled with my bipeds for a wedding once, but I had to go in kennels on the day. I saw everyone the next day.


  3. This post has brought a big smile to my face. Thanks Boomdee! The colour, the craft, the Boom Room, Petals or Blossum?, the gorgeous aqua book, the sentiment etc. etc. – all so lovely. Thanks for such a cheery, happy post on an otherwise dreary morning Down Under! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


    1. Hello my sweet girl ! Sorry to hear you’re having a dreary morning. Thanks for all the cheer you bring here, I so appreciate it. I’d love to spend the morning with you and all your precious kitties and Jet. We could waste away the time chatting or you could ‘attempt’ to show me how to crochet. A friend tried to teach me but it didn’t work 😀 Then maybe we could find some koala’s to photograph or even pet cause that’d make an awesome post. I’m sure there’s tons of other stuff, but we’d need to make time for a yummy lunch maybe sitting in the oasis. Oh sure, it might be just pie in the sky, but a girls gotta put her dreams out there or they’ll never come true. Have a great weekend and hugs all around xoxoxox K


  4. We have been absolutely overwhelmed with the love and support following our very special day on January 28, 2014, when Robbie made all my dreams come true. I will never look at Tuesdays the same. A lesson to treasure every day we have with someone we love; someone who makes our lives that much better.. just by being part of it. Even normal Tuesdays! I have already learned many things from my beautiful aqua Fortune-Telling book (a colour that will be incorporated in our big day no less) .. that the groom-to-be having gotten down on one knee predicts 3 or more children for us (yikes!) and that his choice in precious metal for my ring (white gold) predicts that one of my dear friends will meet her future husband at my wedding! But since I refuse to lose her to Cuba, he best be a cute Canadian vacationer. We want to thank you for thinking of us and making this time so special. We can not wait to stand in paradise with our most beloved friends and family and make sweet promises of forever to each other 🙂


    1. Hi Tina! You are just the dearest! Thanks for your beautiful message. I can’t wait to give you a warm hug and wish you ‘Congratulations’ in person. It all sounds so romantic, saying ‘I do’ with all your loved ones under the sun and the surf singing along. I will only agree that aqua is the perfect choice 😀 to make your day shine a wee bit more. Three little ones you say? Oh boy, that WILL make for a full house LOL. Good Luck with all the joy in planning, I know you’ll have lot’s of fun leading up to your magical, tropical Wedding Day. We love you xoK


  5. I wait so patiently to see what you come up with next and you never disappoint. I love the card that’s going with the book. I can’t imagine how you will part with it. My favorite craft tool right this moment is my embroidery unit for my sewing machine. I would be at it right this moment but we are having SUNSHINE for one day in 10. I’m heading out to get boxes to pack away the tea cups and dishes to I can fill the china cabinet with my craft supplies from the garage. Couldn’t think of any other place to put them in my small space and I don’t want to wait any longer. I don’t use the dining room since I have no dining table or chairs. Just the junk work table and an office chair. If visitors don’t like it, they can go home! You inspire me so you know what I’ll be doing while it’s raining this week. Thanks for the inspiration. Hugs.M


    1. You are the sweetest, thank you Marlene for your fab message. Congratulations on taking over the China Cupboard with craft supplies. I’m all for using space sensibly and especially when it’s limited, BRAVO. I’m sure your visitors won’t mind one bit, maybe you can give them a demo on your embroidery unit! GUESS WHAT? Canada Post finally came with your beautiful card and gift ! Love the envelope, so pretty and Aqua Butterfly too 😀 You’re so thoughtful and it brought much needed sunshine on this cold northern morning (-25 C currently). I can hardly believe you can make such intricate lace on a home machine, just stunning. I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas again, hopefully in a new home. Thanks for all your support, kind and generous messages and for just being you Marlene. I hope you know how special you are xoxoK


      1. I am so glad it arrived intact. Checked with the post office here first to make sure I had it all correct. I have gone this morning and come home with boxes. Packing the china out in small steps. My daughter would like to have the china and I may box it for her when she finally gets a real place to live. I’d rather have art supplies.:) Found a scrapbooking. store but I wasn’t impressed. I’ll wait to get anything till I check out my own stash. Digging it out will be a major event but like having Christmas in ??? Well, soon.


  6. Oh Boomdee you turn EVERYTHING into a complete treasure! Love all of your new “supplies” and just look at all that gorgeous aqua! All the bits and pieces you have seem to wind up in the best spots for the most beautiful finished product EVER. You are blessed with such talent and creativity my dear friend.

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam!)


    1. (( Pam ))) you are so sweet, I just adore you. Your messages always make me shine and put a big smile on my face.
      I think it’s diabolical that they have a 50 lb limit on your luggage when there’s so many fun things to bring home, I really protest HA!
      I’m blessed to have you here, thank you so much xoK


    1. They are a cute couple. Tina is a little doll and Robbie makes me laugh like crazy.
      Isn’t there a ton of cleverness happening over at Pam and Sammy’s ? Thanks for the cheer! Geez, Maui and the moon….what next? 😉


  7. I’ve never been a bride but I’d love to read that book! What an awesome find … the aqua was just the icing on the cake!
    My favorite crafty product? Well, I import it via blog …. YOU are my favorite craft product!


    1. HA! ME? Well that’s fun 😀 hehe thanks Laurie. Off course in some fab aqua packaging ;D
      I can’t pass up these cute little things sometimes. I just tuck them away for the right time. I wish I had an extra one to send you because you would have been a gorgeous bride! Oh, how cool would it be for a bride to ride up to church on a bike…ha! zooooooom xoK


    1. Thanks Aunty, Mr B will usually sit near by either reading a book or using his iPad now. Sometimes he takes himself for a burger. He always finds something to do 😀 What a guy hey? LUL 2 xoK


  8. I’m currently working on a needlepoint picture that I bought years ago. I found it when I was re-organizing a closet several months ago. Winter seems like a good time to work on this type of project.


    1. Awesome Sheryl! I have a needlepoint from 1988 (I think), I had just bought the house at the lake and Victoria Magazine designed a ‘Home Sweet Home’ Cross stitch. It’s almost done but I hate the colours now, LOL. Good Luck with yours, will you frame it too?


      1. Yes, I plan to frame it and hang it in my bedroom. . . I just need to get it done. (I’m a little worried that I’ll get distracted and quit working on it when the weather gets better.)


  9. Boomdee, I’m with Pauline. You pull together bits and pieces and turn them into an extraordinary whole. You’ve got such an eye for form and color.

    Is that a real doily or did you make that with one of your cutting tools? It is so darn cute.

    Shopping on vacations is fun. You find all sorts of treasures that you don’t normally see at home. That little book is adorable. I’m sure the soon to be weds really got a kick out of it. Was it hard to part with in all it’s vintage aquaness? You’re a generous soul.

    Boy, that shop in San Diego sounds like so much fun. Thanks for this pick me up post. Well done, well done. xox


    1. Thank you Alys, you always make me shine. The doily is made with a die cut on the Big Shot. It’d fun to make it out of anything you want.

      I’ve had that little book in the original shopping bag for 2 years, just itching to go to someone special. Since Tina is absolutely adorable, it wasn’t hard to part with at all. I do love to spread the aqua joy 😀

      Next time we’re in San Diego, maybe we could plan a hook-up. It’s a favourite spot for Mr B because it’s close and non-stop. Paper Tales is just too much fun. I just this moment heard about too much rain in California on our National News, is that even possible?


      1. You create wonderful things with that Big Shot. You must have amassed an impressive collection of dies by now, too. I love your creations, each one so one of a kind.

        So good of you to spread the aqua joy…one item at a time. (((YOU)))

        I would love to join you down in San Diego. That would be a blast. I’ve not been in years.

        As for too much rain, the problem is we went from none to several inches in some places, most notably Southern California. With a year or more of drought, and parched, damaged earth from fire season, it creates the potential for mud slides. What we really need is a little bit of rain each day, spread out over the months. What we get, however, is what we get. Good for the reservoirs, but not for everything else. Crazy, eh?


        1. The weather is being pretty crazy. The mud slides must be really devastating. There’s been a lot of avalanches in the Rockies too because the snow is so unstable. Makes me wonder about 20 years from now. It’s changing so fast. I guess I shouldn’t stress about things I can’t change. Life for today! xoK


  10. Boomdee, that is so lovely! I do admire the way you put items together to make a pleasing whole – you have such a wonderful eye for colour, shape and balance! The wee book looks so cute too – full of all the stuff about to brides love best.

    I could never choose just two favourite items in my room, everything on my delcious new raskog are my most favourite and most used products – and that is three tiers jam-packed m’dear ……. Choose, no, no I cannot do it!! [And there-in lies the major reason why I will never be able to create a beautifully balanced, colourful and shapely card – just too many choices!]


    1. Oh contrare my dearest, I have seen your very pretty card creations with my own two Boomdee eyes 😀 You are underselling yourself my liddl’ kiwi xo. Oh, BTW ‘Liddl Kiwi’ is your new rap name 😀 hehe!

      I know what you mean about just picking two, I never could either. These are just two of many things I use often. Don’t you just love these Raskog’s? Ikea should make everything this colour, I’m pretty sure that’s part of why it’s sold like hot cakes. If I was designing a product, I sure would.


    1. I know right? Red and Aqua was what I did last Christmas and again this Christmas. I was ahead of the curve because now I’m seeing designers go for it too, which always catches my eye. You’d hope it keeps me out of trouble, but one can never know 😉 So happy to hear from you, chow babe xoK


    1. Thanks Sheryl, I don’t generally shop way in advance but it seemed cute. Even the smallest gift can look grand with a special wrap, there’s lot’s of good idea’s on Pinterest too.


  11. I was actually reading XCVBNM? and trying to figure out what it meant. Like those annoying personalized license plates you can never figure out. (Well at least I can’t!). It took me a couple of seconds to realize it was the keyboard of a typewriter. I thought initially it was part of your design. Sheesh ;0)


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