Feet First

Happy almost spring !  

Things are finally thawing in Alberta and not a moment too soon. I might even think about putting away my winter hats and gloves.  You’re probably thinking, “that Boomdee! She’s sooooo daring,  she’s almost begging for a blizzard”.  It’s kind of like when you finally wash your car, for sure that’s when it rains.  I am remaining cheerfully optimistic though and went looking for new summer shoes (or anything that doesn’t look or feel like a winter boot).

You can’t be a winter sour puss in these, BOOM!

Groovy Rain Boots

Then there were these sexy units, very cute.

Sexy Units

But I came home with these!

new shoes

Holy shoe crush Batman!  They are so darling I can hardly stop looking at them.  I thought they were girly but sensible, casual yet pretty.  The details are so beautiful, even the interiors are pretty.

New Seafoam Shoes

I fell for the scalloped ankle, eyelet heals and lace cut boot. They are Neosens, so extremely comfortable too with a nice rubber cushion on the sole.

lacy seafoam detailsThey’re sensible and stylish just like me 😉

Sensible and Stylish

If you’re in the Edmonton area, you will love Kunitz Shoes on Jasper. They specialize in shoes that are both, kind to your feet yet stylish.  A family owned business, in Edmonton for over 30 years with exceptional service.

By the way……..

The fact that they match my new scarf is not entirely by accident 😀 My Aunty Kathleen was in Paris this winter and brought me home a beautiful linen, seafoam scarf.  I love it so much!

Seafoam Paris Scarf

There are silver Eiffel, Fleur de Lis, Four Leaf Clover and Paris screen printed all over it.  Thank you for thinking of me Aunty Kathleen, I love you!

seafoam scarf

 Blossum was telling me how pretty it is 😀

Oh Blossum

So, I’d say I’m pretty much set for spring and

I’m jumping in feet first !

seafoam love

How about you?  Are you ready for spring?

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38 thoughts on “Feet First

    1. Oh, those are tres’ cute Julia. I liked a number of their ballet shoes too. I tried on a pair the same day but I managed to mind my pocket book and not get both 😀

      I tend to think of Seafoam as a greenish Aqua and Aqua slightly more blue but there are so many beautiful beach colours. Anything in the colour range is easy for me to love and hard for me to pass-up.

      Unfortunately I was very early for spring. The nice weather was just a teaser. We’ve not seen spring yet, maybe next week 😀


  1. Those shoes remind me of Dorothy, but they’re green! I’ve never been a shoe person, but those would tempt me . . . Not likely available in my size, though . . . the price of being tall, eh? I love those, though . . .


    1. Oh, which Dorothy? Do you mean Dorothy Gale as in Wizard Of Oz and the Ruby Slippers? If so, you’d be the 2nd blogger I’ve talked to about Wizard of Oz this weekend.

      I wear flip-flops most of the time. Even indoors in the winter so these are a real treat. I’m sure I’ve wished I was taller on more occasions than I could count. But I never considered there’d be a problem shopping for shoes. I think that’d be an ok trade off though. If I was 5 inches taller I’d be at my goal weight, LOL Thanks for your message Linne 😀


      1. Yes, thatDorothy. I don’t think I ever heard of her having a last name, but it’s a while since I read the book. I’d love these with a court heel, but otherwise they are perfect! Love the lacy look . . . My Aunty is tiny and also had trouble finding shoes in earlier years; she’s a real sho lover. I’m going to print one of your pictures to show her. She would want them in blue, I’m sure. 🙂


        1. Hello, I thought at first Linne had a new Gravatar 😀 I thought she might be referring to TWOO but wasn’t sure.
          What’s a court heel? I haven’t heard that term before. I fell hard for them. I wore them today and they’re so comfy too. They didn’t come in blue at the store I was at but perhaps on line they might. Good Luck!


    1. Thanks Sheryl, I hear you on the mood thing. I find if I don’t buy it when they first put stuff out, they probably won’t have my size. I’m a 7 and it seems to be pretty popular. But I usually wait for sales if it’s a big store. These guys are more independent and rarely have much on sale. Hope your weather is warming up. I have the window open right now. It’s 8:22pm and not too bad, may +2 C. or 36 F


  2. Those are really beautiful shoes and suit you so perfectly Kelly! You must be counting down the days until you can wear them out on the streets of your sunny city 🙂 Wishing you a happy weekend xoxo


    1. Thanks so much Kathryn, I couldn’t resist. We’ve had some mild days (for Edmonton) but we have a ways to go. I imagine you might like to kick around in boots most of the time. Do you have a lot of snakes out and around the ranch? You can’t tell by this post but I hardly ever buy shoes. When I do, they’re usually something nice or $1.99 flip-flops. I have no middle of the road it seems 😀 You have an awesome weekend too xoK Hugs all around.


  3. Holy shoe crush Batman! I love the boots in the first photo and I could definitely see myself wearing them! But the shoes that you bought are stunning! Love the color! 🙂


    1. I thought those rubber boots would catch your eye. A girls has got to have those too. Especially around here today. Splish Splash I spent my cash…but they make me happy 😀


  4. What a fabulous post! I got to read it first thing this morning (from my phone) so waited till I could post from my computer. Those are adorable shoes and so are you! I love the GIF you put together to show them off. So clever. I would wear those shoes in a heartbeat. I love the fact that they are beautiful and comfortable (the only good shoe in my book must meet both criteria). The punched and scalloped leather really makes the shoe.

    Your Aunty was sweet to bring back such a beautiful scarf. It’s practical, wearable, pretty, clever and most of all ***from Paris***. Yippee.

    You where them both well, my dear. xox


  5. Oh Boomdee those shoes are totally delicious!!! I just love them – very feminine and the color is divine. So very YOU! Same for that scarf – I love the silvery accents. Even if it wasn’t Spring OUTSIDE it’s certainly Spring INSIDE your closet isn’t it?! We’re still waiting for Spring to “stick” here…..a nice day here and there is grand but then we get days in the 30s….what’s with that??? SO ready for Spring…….

    Hugs, Pam and Sam


    1. Hello my two little southern chickadees. I’ve been away most of the day but it seems really spring like out there. I’d like to hope spring is not too far away, but our weather is unpredictable too. I won’t wear these until it’s all dry outside. Right now its all slushy and mucky. I will just put them on a wee pedestal and admire them for now. Hugs to you both xo


  6. You have been having the most fun! Outrageously stylish shoes and comfortable too – the two don’t always go together. Hope they have seen winter off and you can get out on the streets and strutt your funky stuff 😀


    1. Neosens are actually made in Spain and I think they ship through out the EU for free. Here’s their official Web


      I love their shoes and yes, I would say to winter, “there’s the door, don’t let it hit you in the butt on the way out”. HA. We always get nailed in March though so I won’t be surprised. I think New Brunswick (Atlantic coast of Canada) is getting big time snow today…poor them. 😀


  7. I love, love, love those shoes. I like the color but I love the lacy look of them. I like the boots too but rarely need them anymore as I get out so little. I would wear those pretty lacy heels everywhere. How lucky to have a traveling aunt and to Paris no less. That scarf is just you. Happy feet make the whole person happy. 🙂


    1. Guten Morgen Marlene, werde ich Deutsch lernen, mit Ihnen 😀
      I tried them on, LOVED them, walked around and then (as I do with everything) thought, “maybe I should wait till they’re on sale”. I decided I’d be too sad if I didn’t get them because they actually made me melt when I saw them. I always love when I can support a family owned independent store too because there’s not enough of them around.

      My Aunt actually went to London to visit my cousin and they took a day trip by train. Doesn’t that sound fab? A farm girl from small town Alberta finds her way to Paris, true story 😀 I’m sorry you can’t get out as much as you’d like too. I sure hope that will change for you and you’ll feel better. We are taking advantage of our good health now whenever we can. Traveling especially is no fun if you’re not able to get around easily. The scarf is so perfect, I’m a lucky girl. Thanks so much for you sweet message. xoK


    1. I actually wore a pair of heals to the theatre one night and had shin splints the next day, LOL I’m with you all the way on those. I used to wear work shoes that were pretty high but I sure can’t do them now.

      The good thing about these heals are they’re low and wide and easy to walk in. They’re the next best thing to a wedge heal. I can’t wait to wear them out, far to slushy right now but summer can’t be too, too far away. (fingers and ankles crossed) . Thanks for your nice message, are you looking forward to some spring fashion?


    1. Thanks for visiting MC Thrifty Girl. I guess you won’t have time to shop with a new little Grand daughter to canoodle with 😀

      This colour is highly irresistible for me, but I also needed a new summer shoe, so I was glad they came in Seafoam 😀


    1. Well, they didn’t have purple in these but there were those purple sandals next to the sea foam summer sling backs (2nd photo). I tried them on too, very very cute but I didn’t dare spend more. At least not today…hehe. There’s a Fluvog store in San Francisco. We used to have one here way back when it was Fox and Fluvog and they’ve just opened in Calgary. I’d love to go. Lot’s similar to this style, check these out.


      Thanks for your message Sharon, Hugs xoK


  8. Those shoes …… oh be still my heart! They are gorgeous!! And the so pretty scarf from Paris no less – oh you are going to rock spring in Edmonton Boomdee! 🙂

    You are busy buying for summer and I am busy buying for winter! I went to a ‘buy 2 get 1 free’ sale a few days back and came away with a pair of high soft grey suede ruched boots and a pair of red suede ankle boots …. I am rapt because I haven’t been able to wear high boots for years due to the swelling in my legs which has now all miraculously disappeared since I changed my diet. 🙂

    I have noticed that since I did my winter shopping the weather has warmed up here considerably – I hope the converse of that is not true for you!

    Oh, and I just adore those gumboots – I am looking for some red ones 🙂


    1. Oh phooey, winter for you now 😦 well I hope it will be a mild affair. Is winter very cold in New Zealand or does it mean trading Sandals for closed toes shoes (or boots). I snickered when you said you’ve bought red ankle boots because your Bitstrip also has fun little red ankle boots…snort. Is there a Purple hat in your closet too?

      Congratulations on a healthy lifestyle change Pauline. I’m in awe of how you’ve managed. I don’t want to go even one day without bread (but really should). Grey Suede Slouch Pots sound pretty sexy. Do they go over the knee? I have a pair of brown ones but they have a 2 inch heal and I can’t seem to manage too well in them anymore.

      You bought two and got one free, good going! I try to buy out of season but I think I wear a pretty typical size and things are always picked over. Canadian shopping isn’t great. Shopping in the USA is always a treat. Thanks for popping in love! xoK


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