Happy St. Patrick’s Day !

Shamrock Mountain

An Original Poem By Boomdeeadda
Shamrock Mountain

If you’re following our fairy story,

you’ve heard Alyster needs a ring.

It’s for his little sweetheart,

she make his gnome heart sing.

Alyster's Girl Eve

Once, a dedicated loner,

just him, the earth and sky.

Now Alyster constantly must phone her

and he can never say good-bye.

Alyster's in love

So out to Shamrock Mountain,

 a place not many know.

They floated there on a leaf

just Joe and Romeo.

Joe and Romeo

A wee brown seal has her house there.

She always wants to play.

“If we could we surely would,

but we must be on our way.”

I love to play

With that, the happy little seal waved,

 “have a special day…..

and before you go, take these stones with you

I just collected them today.”

Looks Like Diamonds!

Old Joe was really grateful,

Alyster won’t know WHAT to say.

A successful mission to Shamrock Mountain

on this Happy Saint Patricks Day!

Alyster will be speechless !

What’s your favourite

St. Patricks Day memory?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

34 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day !

  1. Love this story, Boomdee! Now to find out if there will be a wedding, but first . . . a ring! I love how you spread cheer all over the globe, too. YOU are ‘magically delish!” ~ Linne


    1. Linne, how sweet and generous 🙂 Thank you so much. I’m hoping there’ll be a ring and he doesn’t chicken out or hide….Gnomes can be somewhat unpredictable I’ve heard. Have a great weekend !


    1. Thank you so much Sheryl. I’m actually surprised! I wasn’t sure he was at all the type to go gaga over a girl. But he’s pretty hooked now. Line and Sinker 😀


  2. I haven’t met Joe before today. So very nice to meet him! And what a good friends he and Romeo are to help Alyster with his ring quest. Very lucky indeed.

    I think one of my favorite memories is of having dinner with my dad and aunt (on the Irish side of the family) on St. Patrick’s Day. My dad’s side is always fun to be around, so it was happy.


    1. You might have seen Joe a year ago, when he brought the little sweater wearing kitten ‘Grace’ over to the kingdom and thought Alyster should adopt her.


      He doesn’t live too close by and so we don’t get to see him often ;0p

      I love that you got to spend the holiday with your dad and aunt. I’m sure they were just as thrill that they got to be with you! Thanks so much for sharing you heart, that’s really dear 😀


  3. Hey, I don’t remember meeting Joe! What a good friend, to help Alyster out with the ring project. My favorite St. Patrick’s Day memory is from high school, when our drill team was in the Atlanta parade. It was FREEZING in those short uniforms but it’s fun to look back on, one of those things that’s better as a memory than when it actually happened. 🙂 Does Alyster have any gold-mining friends to help out with the ring? (or have I watched too many Snow White movies?)


    1. You’re right about some events seeming more palatable as the years go by. I always think of Atlanta as a warm place but I guess March is iffy everywhere. What exactly do drill teams do? We’re you one of those tiny girls they toss in the air?

      Joe’s be around only once before, He doesn’t live super close by but him and Alyster have been friends for a while 😉 LOL, I’m not too sure about the 7 gold miners. Hopefully he’ll work it out though. BTW, you can never watch Snow White too many times….I love the scene at the well……..I’m wishing and the ecco sing’s back. 😀 Magic


  4. I loved the response to “Look, Shamrock Mountain” … …”Yep” 🙂
    The post makes me smile and the comments even more.
    Magically Delicious, indeed!


    1. HA, ya Joe’s a man that get’s to the point……fancy that 😀 Everything’s possible in Fairy Land LB, LOL Didn’t you love Lucky Charms as a kid? I remember having them at a friends but they sure weren’t on our grocery list. We got Cornflakes….ho-hum 😀 Thanks for following the drama too!


    1. Thanks so much Herman. The Fairy Garden is all I have to get me through till Spring arrives. I do hope you’re feeling a lot better and perhaps enjoying an espresso with Mr Bowie in your fab garden.

      Slan !!
      That’s how us Leprechaun’s bid a cheery farewell!


  5. My, this is getting quite the adventure – I am hooked! Whatever will happen next and will the wedding ever take place…..? I see a book in the making Boomdee – such a pretty and delightful way to introduce language…… [sorry, that was the teacher me making a brief guest appearance!] 🙂


    1. Top o’ the morning lovely lady (or maybe it’s not there, I can’t figure it out) ! As I was telling our pal Alys in California, I’ve been trying to reach Alyster on his wee aqua phone but gads I always get the busy signal.

      My friends here at Boomdeeadda will be the first to know should I finally catch some news. Fairyland is even farther than New Zealand if you could even imagine. So this new’s might take a while to reach us. Thanks so much for joining the excitement, I shall keep you in the Fairyloop xoxoK

      Happy St. Patricks Day (yesterday?) to you and sweet Orlando x


  6. Well for starters, this sweet little poem and accompanying pictures floats to the top of happy St. Patrick’s days memories. Aren’t you the bee’s knees, the cat’s meow, the gnomes dome. Delightful.

    And…serendipity…I worked on my St. Patrick’s day fairy garden this past weekend, too. A few of Romeo’s Canadian cousins stopped by for the photo op. No Leprechaun sitings, though.

    I scheduled for a midnight publication, but it didn’t work. Not sure why. Anyway…I digress.

    True to Boomdee fashion, you’ve written a sweet poem/story. Can’t wait to hear about further developments. Is there a wedding in the works?


    1. “The Gnome Dome”…LOL, you’ve tickled my Shalaylee Alysprechaun 😀 I will do the jig on over to your wee garden and have a snoop. I’m sure it’s magically delicious.

      I’ve tried to score some details on any wedding news by calling Alyster’s wee aqua phone from the Boomdee Office, but the line is always busy, busy, busy. The guy is just feet over cap in Loooooove.

      Thank you for your wonderful message, you are adorable 😀 Happy St Patricks Day to you my sweet, xox K


      1. I love the way you incorporated the phone. How did you do that? You’re so clever.

        “..feet over cap in love.’ That is so darn cute. You’re plastering smiles all over my face today. I’m leaving in ten to work with a new client, then must tend to the other tired business this afternoon. Hugs to you and all the wee ones. Happy St. Patrick’s day. xox


        1. Oh, the wee phone? I may have heard the gardener talking about Photoshop, cut-outs, layers and nonsense….I think she may been in the sun too long. I’m certain that was a gift from a special friend. Yes, I remember shrieks of excitement when it arrived, I could actually hear it all the way from the Fairy Garden 😉

          This Boomlachaun is off and running too. It’s quite tiring with these short little legs and these crazy gold buckles on my shoes are blinding. It’s such a delightful way to start my day, here with you 😀 xoK


    1. Well shiver my Shalaylee, and Cheers with green beer 😀 Happy St. Patty’s day my dear Dani. Thanks so much for your cheer. May the luck of Shamrock Mountain find you down under today xoxoxo. Hugs K


  7. What a fun post to start out our Saint Patty’s Day celebration! I’m excited for Alyster……and love all the photos as they’re simply magical little “creations” of fairy world and who doesn’t love that?!

    Happy St. Pat’s Day!
    Hugs, Sammy O’Kimmell and O’Mom


    1. LOL, Top of the morning Sammy O’Kimmell and O’Mom, you guys are too cute 😀

      Thanks you for following us to Shamrock Mountain and for your cheery message too,

      Happy St. Patty’s Day to you too! xoK


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