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Happy Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on where you live. AREN’T you dying to know what I’ve been up too?   Ok, forced it out of me, HA!   The big news is, Boomdee went for a job interview!

Boomdee's Job Interview

I thought the suit might be a wee bit overboard too. I won’t mention names, but PK thought I was applying to work as a leprechaun :/  I actually wore my new shoes for good luck. For extra, extra good luck I wore a dress I bought for my trip to San Jose to meet Alys last year.  Guess WHAT?  It totally worked and I ended up in the ‘Happiness Vortex’ (YES there is such a thing)!!  While I thought it prudent not to whip out my camera just then, here’s me in the shop on another day.  Their front display is always full of wonderful and creative projects, using all the latest gear. I love to stop and soak it all in.

 Urban Scrapbook

Yep, I’m the newest employee at The Urban Scrapbook.  You can’t even imagine my excitement !  It went something like this…….

Run Boomdee Run

Ok, well that’s me in Maui.  But if it wasn’t so darn cold outside, I would have done that.  It’s what I was doing in my heart.  I will begin there in April.  They offer a generous employee discount too!  Which is totally AWESOME because (Mr B, stop reading now) I do find myself there often. We laughed because I said I probably will OWE them money on payday……na’ you think?

The Boom-Room

Now, if my news didn’t knock your socks off, why not check out my new ‘I Love Seafoam’ Gif on the sidebar today.    I  made the Gif at Picture 2 Life.   The eyes are from a super fun website with lot’s of freebies for bloggers.  Just thought you’d want to be in on it and be  Cute N Cool  too!

If you could pick the perfect job, what would it be?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

54 thoughts on “Cute & Cool too !

        1. I get a generous discount on purchases and we are encouraged to do up as many samples as we like. Here’s the link to our Store Blog. Every month, we all do a page kit from the same supplies and everyone does their own interpretation. I had never used Gelato’s before (something new for scrapbooking and Journaling) and moulding paste…this is the best job EVA.


  1. Congratulations! That really looks and sounds RIGHT up your alley! Gosh, I hope you—oh, who am I kidding? You’re going to have a blast! Plus you’re so enthusiastic about scrapbooking and crafting; that will pass right on to your customers and means you’re going to be salesperson #1 in no time. 🙂


    1. Thank you for your cheer Jen! If shoppers are as enthusiastic as me about the hobby (and I think most are), they can’t wait to buy and use the latest stuff. It’s addictive, in the best kind of way. Dream Jobs do come true :D, have a great weekend.


  2. Wow!! Super congratulations Kelly! It looks like an amazing place to work, and I am sure you will meet sooo many neat and quirky people there too. They are so lucky to have snapped you up, I think that their business is going to quadruple having you there… and not just from all the shopping you’ll be doing (LOL) but because having a beautiful shiny person on board that can tap directly into the happiness vortex always take a place to great new heights! XO


    1. 😀 you make me glow, what with all your furry friends and sweet messages, thanks for being part of my day Kathryn. I’m usually only going to be there once a week so if the business ‘quadruples’ it’s because I’ve been shopping there too that day, LOL. Of course it’s nice that they’ll pay me but honestly, I’d do it for the discount and fun alone 😀 I’m totally plugged in to the happiness vortex this week. I’ll have even BIGGER news next week. This has been a wild week 😀 xoxox K


  3. Heyyy, congrats Kelly!! That’s awesome, I’m sure you will have a great time working in that shoppe! And, love your gif. 🙂 PS, I want to see a pic of you in your leprechaun suit.


    1. LOL, tell you what, I’ll meet you at the end of the rainbow 😉 I’ll be the one wearing green.

      Thanks for the good wishes GJ, my first day is this Monday for training…Woop Woop xK


  4. I’m with Pauline. You could get a job as a Leprechaun as well. You’re adorable.

    I love your gifs, both in the sidebar and in Maui. You look like a teenager, carefree in your summer dress running through the grass.

    Your craft room is so inviting. I love that beautiful table cloth and your sweet matching carts. Congratulations once again for landing your dream job (and dream hours). I’m so happy for you. xox


    1. I actually just found out at my last Dr’s appt that I’m not 5’2″, I’m only just 5’1″. I was like, “no no, I don’t think so”…..LOL, Alys I’m shrinking (or maybe my feet are flatter)….so I totally could apply for the next Leprechaun opening, HA. Assuming it didn’t conflict with my new job of course.

      I haven’t been a teenager for a way long time so thank you for that notion. HA, I think girls at 10 today are more savvy than we ever were at 15. Crazy 70’s, what a gas. Wasn’t the music just so awesome in the late 70’s? “Wake up Alys I think I’ve got somethin’ to say to you”…gads I loved that song D: (that’s a handstand) oops 😀 up again!

      That table cloth is La Cache. We used to have a store in Edmonton but they’ve closed. I adored their things. There’s one in San Diego at Fashion Mall I know. Thank you for your wonderful message my friend, seems like a good week. Tomorrow we are going to another house….I think all the good vibes you sent out of Skype are twinkling around me. Feels awesome. xoxo K


      1. I shrunk by an inch too. Another sign of aging.

        I’m so excited to hear you are heading out to see another house so soon. Everything’s crossed for you.

        Loved our Skype this week. It put a bounce in my step.



    1. Hello Ms Milner 😀 I’m so missing you xox. Thank you for your super sweet message. I will usually be working maybe 4 – 6.5 hours a week. Hopefully they’ll ask me to help during other vacations or even if someone has to book off. I go in for a training day April 1 !!! Hope you’re still enjoying your new job. I’m loving your ‘daily question’ on FB too 😀 keep em’ coming. They make me thing 😀 xoxox K


  5. Now that is so freaking cool!!! Congratulations! They are so lucky to have you as you most certainly will drive in the business (and your paycheck will go straight back into the business – ha!).
    Your work in a craft story would be the equivalent of me working in a wine / beer store 🙂


    1. LOL, Laurie ! You’d be totally awesome at a wine / beer store. Knowledgable, friendly, and fun 😀 Your patients would miss you too badly though, but it’s a fun thought.

      Thanks so much for cheering me on. I’ll usually be working once a week, maybe an extra shift here or there with vacations or the sort. Animal Couriers said it’s like a kid in the candy shop and I have to agree. xo Have a great hump day! xoK


      1. Hehe, transparent or maybe just consistent and reliable? mmmmm….could even be authentic 😀 I like authentic, I’m going with that because I always think I’m a good judge of character and I’m rocking it so far. You’re all delicious 😀 smooch xo


    1. HA, that is the perfect analogy, I really am the kid in the candy shop! Love that and thank you for making me smile with your cheer. Hey ho, Hey ho…..those Lumineers rock don’t they?


  6. Well now this is HUGE news!!!! Sammy and I are so happy for you – that is totally the perfect job for you too…’re SO good at all the crafty/fun stuff I’m thinking that shop will triple their sales in no time! What fun you’ll have and that employee discount – well – WOO HOO for that! Doesn’t get much better than this does it… perfect job? Gosh – I’d say I already have it…….I’m Sammy’s Mom!

    Hugs, Pam


    1. Thank you for your cheer Pam and Sam. It’s been a fantastic week. While I’m sure they’d be tickled to ‘triple their sales’, it might just be me tripling my *purchases*, LOL. You definitely have the perfect job…..awwww ((Pam)) you’re so adorable. Have a happy day you two! xoK


    1. I think you’d be great at both Steven. The information you’re able to look up about Family History is astonishing. You certainly know your way around resources. I think you might be a good ‘Food Critic’ for a National Newspaper too. You could travel and eat for free. Don’t forget to take your special green suitcase 😉


    1. High (Furry) Five Bowie and thanks so much Herman. I couldn’t have hoped for a better opportunity. It’s the Holy Grail of scrapbooking and art projects. I guess you have a full time job of keeping the corner of the bed warm for your dad Mr Bowie, but you’d be a great shop pal too 😀


  7. Oh! Boomdee! You know I love you dearly but I have more than a little of the green-eyed monster in me after reading your wonderful news! What a fabulous job! I want it, I really want it! But, you are THE perfect person for it – I know how much you love shopping there. How many hours a week will you work, will you still have time to blog, how will Petals, Blossum and Mr B. cope? Oh! I’m so nosy! Don’t answer any of that if you don’t want to. I have also FINALLY got around to Skype connection – so sorry about the delay. Will e-mail you after I’ve picked up Tottie from school. CONGRATULATIONS BOOMDEE! I am so excited for you! What brilliant news! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


    1. Helllooo fair Aussie friend, lovely, lovely message ! Thanks a bunch. I could put your name in for the NEXT opportunity but it’d be a whooper of a commute 😉 I will actually be working evenings and weekends, so no pets or hubbies will be harmed, LOL. But thank you for thinking of them. I believe I’ll mostly work crop night and maybe Saturdays too sometimes. I’m very flexible. It’s just perfect for my schedule, I was so lucky they were looking for what I was hoping for. I can still craft and blog and ‘time permitting’, do my house chores…HA!

      You are not at all delayed with your Skype news, I’ll update our group. Everyone is so excited about it all, I can’t wait. Alys and I had a great Skype today, I miss her so much. It’s been quite the week, for so many reasons ! BTW…..YOU’RE brilliant…….absolutely ! xoxoxo


  8. 🙂 I do think that had you applied for a job as a leprechaun you would have got that too……..
    I am so happy for you – personally right now I think that would be my dream job too! Alas I am far too busy getting ready to go on holiday for 9 days to work in a proper job 🙂

    The sidebar is looking super interesting too – you have such a talent for presenting things so beautifully. I’d take lessons from you if you ever thought to offer a class……. Just a thought 🙂

    I hope you are managing with your gelatos okay – I had a thought this morning that maybe you could not use water with them if you are having trouble with the paper – just apply lightly and smear with fingertips and blend colours…….. but probably too late with that tip, sorry – maybe just hang onto it for another occasion.

    The Boom Room is looking fabulously busy – and you have TWO Raskogs!! TWO!! Do you know that very soon after I bought mine [for more than 300 NZ dollars], the price doubled – DOUBLED!! I think they may have discovered that the freight costs for the thing are really huge. So I am really fortunate to have one 🙂 I live in hope that Ikea may open stores here one day – hopefully soon!

    You will have started your job by the time I get back to check on blogs [unless I get an opportunity to browse the web in between all the many plans we have made] I hope you have a fabulous first day – I know everyone will love you! xoxo


    1. LOL, A leprechaun might be a fab job too, but not as fabulous as a scrapbook store. You’d be an Ace in a scrapbook store. With all your art expertise, you could do classes! Have you told me about your 9 day holiday? I feel like I missed that, where will you be gracing with your loveliness my dear? I had fun making the Gif but I see now, the message is hard to see here. So I will schooze it up a bit.

      I really appreciate your tips and I will keep that one in my pocket for more Gelato projects. I’m having fun trying a number of things. I really want to be able to help shoppers when they have questions. While it’s trial and error right now, I just can’t lose because it’s all fun.

      I’m sorry these Ikea carts are priced so insane for you. That is madness. I paid $54 Cdn I believe. I wish I could send you one but it might only get there next year and I bet it is crazy postage. I can’t believe you haven’t got my package, mailed mid January. They told me 3 months and I scoffed, “surely not”….but it appears they are bent on sticking to that

      I will watch for holiday news on FB, do take some photo’s if you can 😀 Thank you for the celebratory wishes, I hope they’ll be as happy to have me on their team as I am to be there xoxox Hugs to you P


      1. Now Boomdee – your mind is obviously quite elsewhere rather than focusing on my life! I cannot imagine how you did not pick up on my news [emails re the tea call, fb posts, blog post etc] in between dressing, up for, applying for and obtaining a new job! Surely while you were beavering away on your tasks for the new job in the Boom Room you were thinking to yourself “Now, what is that little kiwi chick up to I wonder?” No? Shame on you! 🙂

        And gads Boomdee, hearing what you pay for a cart is heartbreaking for me! We might well live in ‘Godzone Country’ but we certainly pay for the privilege in terms of imported goods.

        I’m off to Wellington tomorrow at 6am for a week to celebrate ED’s mumbley-mumble birthday with her and the lovely Steven McQueen [yes, that’s really his name!]. We have a full week planned – racing around to catch up with old friends and travelling further north to pick up Steve’s new car and a special birthday celebration for my girl on Saturday night.

        I shall try to remember to take photos and I shall try to remember to upload them to fb 🙂

        Have a good week K xoxo


        1. OK, it is allllll coming back to me now, how did that leave my brain? Heavens to mergatroide. ED and Steven McQueen and you? That sounds epic, if not slightly dangerous…LOL. So Orlando will be missing you moment to moment whilst you have a jolly ol’ time. I would run across the ocean at full speed tilt if I could just to be backup. O and I would play your stereo too loud, drink all your wine and hang in the garden. Do you have Wifi? 😀 Have a fantabulous adventure my dear Kiwi girl xoxoxo PS. Take pictures.


        2. Ha – yes – pity you can’t do that ! The little fella was not t all pleased about his enforced holiday. I dropped him off this evening. I know he will be fine there and, in fact, even as I left he was claiming the best bed in the best spot by the garden window in the late afternoon sun 🙂 thats my boy!!

          Yes, I even have wifi 🙂 And I’ve packed the camera because I don’t have a very clever phone!


  9. Reading your blog is better than a trip to Disneyland. I have so much fun here seeing all the happiness. Congrats on the job. I’d just call it a retirement investment plan. You will have stored up plenty to keep you busy when You no longer have a paycheck even if all your goes back to the store. My perfect job would probably be the bookstore. I’ve spent days in them. Books, then fabric, then all the other crafts. Oh, I need money to eat???? Not really, I’ll just chew on the corners. You look so happy and you’ll learn and teach so much. How wonderful. Hugs.


    1. Hi Marlenie-Bean (that’s what I’m calling you today, K?) I’m so glad you have fun here, that really makes my day 😀 When I started this blog, that was part of the plan, to always be a happy place. I only made the exception to wish my Dad a Happy Birthday, but I need to celebrate those happy memories even if sometimes it makes me sad. You know how that is.

      Thank you for cheering me on, as you alway do <3, I just adore you, but you know that too 😀
      I think a bookstore would be a perfect fit for you, they'd be lucky to have you. Chewing book corners sounds very appealing, throw in coffee and bread and it might be doable for me 😀 I might lose those extra Maui pounds too, LOL Hugs to you too sweetness.


      1. My bookstore would have a coffee shop with goodies in it. 🙂 I looked online for years for one for sale. If I ever find one, I’m all over it. There was one in Mesa, AZ that had a Wildfire Bread Company attached. I ate 3 meals a day there for the entire week of my visit. Spent so much time in that bookstore they gave me a t-shirt. 🙂 Such fond memories. Love independent book stores.


        1. Oh, a bookshop with a coffee stop is a must! Even better when they’re independent little shops too. I imagine it like the one in the old ‘Ellen’ Tv series. She was a book shop owner, the shop was called ‘Buy The Book’ and this caddy yet funny guy worked the coffee bar. There was also a book club nook with comfy sofa’s and chairs. You could add that too 😀 That’s a good dream to have! xK


    1. Thank You! I always seem to spend way more time than I had plan whenever I stop to shop. It’s surprising how you can lose track. Now I get to be there even longer 😀 A job where I’m surrounded by fun ladies and I get the opportunity to do more of what I love. Whoop Whoop, I’m so lucky!!


    1. Thanks my dear! I’m so excited and I’m sure I’ll be learning all kinds of new tricks to share here 😀 It really is a fabulous shop and all the gals are great. I can’t wait.


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