The Truth Is Out There

Bloggers of Earth, do not adjust your screens!

We come to you in Peace.

Translation: Let's get pancakes at Susie Q's Place
Translation: Let’s get pancakes at Susie Q’s Place

The one you call Boomdee has been called back to our mother planet Addaeedmoob for necessary upgrades.

Boomdee in Space

She has started to assimilate to closely to your Earth ways which has worried our leader greatly.

Our Faithful Leader

It might be a long mission for Boomdee

Boomdee has no sense of direction and headed to the wrong galaxy, far, far away
Boomdee has no sense of direction and headed to the wrong galaxy, far, far away

In the meantime,  Please enjoy this video of our last

worldly takeover!

This may be an Aprils Fools, who knows?

The truth is out there 😉



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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

41 thoughts on “The Truth Is Out There

  1. That aqua space suit is you, Boomdee! I’m glad it was only an April Fool Joke, though. I’d miss you if you left us. Even for your home planet . . . BTW, I was thinking that you need a new car, a Cadillac De Ville . . . maybe this one?
    You could paint “Boom” in front of the name . . . and it’s your fave colour, too. What do you think?
    You’d look so cute driving it with your lovely aqua space helmet on . . . ~ Linne


    1. LOL, I LOVE it! That is ONE sweet ride. Thanks for that laugh. I’m actually a lousy space traveler. I’m too impatient to get to where I’m going. Like the kid who constantly asks, “how far?”, that’s me.

      To bad these classic old beauties don’t fit into any garages, or parking spaces anymore. Imagine how many friends you could pile in there 😀 Thanks for traveling to where no Blog has gone before xK


    1. I hear that’s their favourite colour too! Small Universe 😉 Thank you for your visits today! I’m catching up on a whole bunch of blogs too. For some reason WP has not mailed me a lot of posts, so I’ve done a reset to catch up!


  2. I’m a bit late – but still enjoyed it! [I’m writing this with a cat trying to hang onto my arm and hand – so I don’t leave again I think – it’s making thinking awkward and writing challenging………] But I did laugh at your cleverness and artistry 🙂


    1. Oh, you’re home!!! I guess sweet Orlando is going to stick to you like glue. He missed you. Blossum does this too, LOL. She’s really heavy.

      Thanks for your jolly note 😀 I had originally designed the space cats for a trip to the moon with Pam and Sam of ‘One Spoilt Cat . WordPress . com’ They are a riot.


  3. LOL. . . I love your sense of humor. Happy April Fools day. (Do people wish each other Happy
    April’s Fools day? Now that I think about it, maybe it isn’t appropriate.)


    1. Thank you Sheryl ! LOL, I think we normally play a trick and yell, “April Fools” Like maybe Plastic Wrap over your garbage can at work or Crazy Gluing the zipper closed on your purse. Neither of which I would ever do 😀 But thank you for the wishes anyways, you’re kind to say so.


    1. Thank goodness for that, it’d be so lonely in space, HA. I’d be sobbing in my space helmut till I was drowning in my own tears. Then I’d be hoping George Cluny would rescue me but it’d probably be Sandra who showed up instead. No way, I’m on my way home pronto. I would miss you in a heartbeat 😀 xoK


      1. I’m with Alys! I was worried that you were taking a break from the blog!! I’m so behind on blogs that I might have figured it out if I’d been able to see this ON April Fools Day instead of 3 days later 🙂


        1. HA, no break LB but thanks for your caring heart xo. Don’t ever worry about a schedule here, I just took down my Christmas tree two weeks ago, LOL I don’t follow schedules and I’m never far away when ever you grace me with a visit xoK


    1. LOL, was it the space cats that convinced you? If I could, I’d slip thru the space/time continuum and meet you in Rabbit Run Cottage for an early morning cup of Joe and you could help me plan my next porch pot. See you there 😀


    1. Oh dear, weird things happen in space and I don’t know how did I miss your lovely message. So sorry for my late reply and thank you for stopping for a peek at planet Addaeedmoob 😀 Now that spring has finally arrived, I shall make my way home at warp speed.


  4. HA! Only you could put together a blog post like this – complete with some space travelers I very well remember (!)………………too cute! Guess what…..we cancelled our house sale and purchase of the other one – for real – (or is it????).

    Tee Hee
    Sammy and his Mom


    1. Hey, long time no space travel Pam and Sam 😉 Luckily I just got things back from the dry-cleaner, LOL

      I was reading that and saying “OH NO” and now I really don’t know what to believe……for real! TEE HEE indeed !! I’m coming over right now! I was at my new job today ! xo k


    1. Thanks for joining in on the silliness Herman. No need to worry about any invasions from my home planet. We all have a terrible sense of direction. They’re all probably halfway to Andromeda by now 😉


  5. That made my day. You have such a “crafty” mind. I figured out why I like you so well. I tell folks that I was dropped on the wrong planet. We must be from the same one. HAHAHA!!! 🙂


    1. LOL, Beep-Bork-Boop ! That’s “I adore you too in our native tongue 😀 Did you ever use to watch ‘Third Rock From The Sun’ with John Lithgow? They were Aliens living in the burbs..I loved it!

      The part that “I have a bad sense of direction” is totally true and if I ever did own a space ship, I would totally get lost, LOL. Hope you had a fun day Marlene. Thanks so much for your nice compliments….as always, you spoil me rotten xoK


      1. You are too funny. No, I never saw that show but will look for it. As for a sense of direction, put in in any mall, in any country, and I will find my way around. I actually have an excellent sense of direction, most of the time. Thank goodness because I’m usually the one that has to figure out the way to get home. 🙂 Mom couldn’t find her way out of a paper bag.


        1. LOL, Yep….me…..paper bags…true that! OK, if we ever get lost a sea, I’m hanging with you. One night, we decided to stop at friends before heading back to the lake. For some reason, we had two cars that day so Jim was following me. I didn’t go the usual way and after a few crescents and one ways my phone rang. “YOU have no idea where you’re going woman, follow me”….hehe….at least I try.


    1. I’d say good morning, but it’s always night time in deep space 😉 Thank you so much for that Joe. Warp is necessary to travel between one Galaxy and another, as you may know 😉 Happy April 1st !


  6. He, he, he! I love the “Be Back Soon” picture – and a well-disguised Petals or Blossum. Gads! It just has to be an April Fool, Boomdee! You couldn’t leave us! No pressure! Ha! You are so clever with great videos and gorgeous compilation pictures. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


    1. snort ! That’s not Petals & Blossum Dani ! It’s distant cousins from a distant planet 😉 Hopefully you get this message from deep space. Thank you for your generous compliments. All these planets and spacey photo’s have been archived in what Earth people call Wikimedia commons….such a strange language. Now you know why I’m such a poor speller, LOL.


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