Shortcut to the Fairy Garden

The Shortcut


You might not really notice,

Up top, there’s something new.

I’ve  made a little shortcut,

I put it there for you.

If you ever want to visit,

and Fairy Garden’s make you smile,

just knock once at the entrance,

come in and stay a while.

 original poem by Boomdeeadda

Shortcut to the Fairy Garden

See you there!!

Have a Happy Mothers Day.



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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

25 thoughts on “Shortcut to the Fairy Garden

  1. Two things: First of all, we are big time fairy lovers here. Can’t wait to show you my photos after we go to the annual ginormous Faerieworlds festival here in Oregon. Second, I love your new profile image and you MUST see my new super awesome to die for cat eye glasses! I found them at a Goodwill, and had my own prescription put in. They are bonafide 60-year old frames, and I am having a blast wearing them.


    1. A Faerieworlds festival!!! What manner of delight will you partake in there?

      How awesome to find the perfect eyeglass frames at Goodwill. That rocks. I’ll watch for that post. I always wondered how they retro-fit new lenses in. You’re too cool for school Crystal. 😀


  2. Glad you pointed it out as I wouldn’t have noticed. Blind as a bat mentally, eyes fine, brain blind… story of my life! Now that I have been there I may return often, furtively peeking in order to remind myself that reality is just a state of mind and that Alyster and crew will always be here to keep me sane 🙂


    1. I’m just up early, it’s 5 C, the windows are open and a Robin is singing the sunrises arrival. I just love listening to the morning Robin. That’s what’s fun about a visit to Alyster’s Garden, it’s always a nice day there and I imagine the robins sing non-stop. Hope your day offers up some magic of it’s own Narf, Cheers!


      1. Today I create magic…making a booklet for my course. I dare say it won’t deliver the same feelings that 5C and a robin to to the reader but I am hoping that it will at least give me a “tick” which is all I need to progress to the next magic trick 🙂 Today I will stream out behind Earl like the contrail behind a plane as we walk…I will be all rugged up like a little fat Eskimo and will simply bounce along behind him as he investigates his world (most intently…and pees on his world…) might be enough “magic” for me for the day methinks. Steve just bought me MORE wool. I have a huge stash now and am hoarding it in my bedroom wardrobe (can’t be too careful around Earl…) and today might be the day that I take some of my hoard and turn it into slippers…or a hat… or just “something”…there is pure unmitigated blissful magic in creation 🙂


    1. 😀 Thanks too for checking it out. I’d get the odd question about who’s who in the Fairy Garden. Sometimes I even forget, LOL. But for those who are new to visit, I thought I needed a ‘one stop’ link to catch up.


  3. Your fairy garden posts are so much fun, Boomdee! In fact, all your posts are always so creative – and clever (if you ever decide to run “Technical Side Of Blogging 101” courses – I will be the first to sign up!)
    I can see a “Boomdee Book Of Poetry” being published soon, too! Move over Dr Seuss! Big hugs to you and Petals and Blossum!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox


    1. Hi Dani xo
      Thank you for all that kindness, I always get royally spoilt by the Tea Posse and others too. I’m far from being the Techie of WordPress, but thank you for thinking so. I usually just use the Support Site and query there. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have something published? I should get motivated and do a hardcover myself 😀 I’m pretty sure Dr Seuss will not be threatened in any way by my little rhymes, LOL xooxoxo Happy Mothers Day Dani!


    1. Thank’s Sheryl, I’m a regular Dr Seuss ‘wannabe’. I figure it worked out ok for him 😀

      We’re actually having a pretty nice day. Mr B and I just walked for a coffee because we’re getting company and going out for a late dinner. Needed a boost! Don’t you wish it’d just softly rain, but for a couple of days, instead of these downpours that wash away all the hard work you do outside? Well, all the rain barrels will fill up and the planters do love that. Hope the sunshine comes out for you, so you can enjoy the weekend and Mothers Day! Cheers! xoK


  4. What a clever way to point out a new link part of your blog! And Boomdee, how did you add “Talk nerdy to me … ” to encourage comments? I’ve wanted to change mine from the bland “Leave a Reply …” but I can’t figure out how.


    1. Hi Laurie! It’s easy breezy, Just click Dashboard, then Settings. Scroll to Discussion and click. At the bottom of that page, change, ‘Leave a reply’ to ‘Lay a little sugar on me’ LOL (double dog dare you 😀 ) Thanks for saying hello and have a super duper Happy Mothers Day! xoK


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