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Happy Memorial Day to our American Friends

Are you seeing any spring

critters in your neighbourhood?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

40 thoughts on “Here with Me

  1. Late, late, late because we were at the beach all week…but I love the Mamas and Papas too, I did a post about Mama Cass awhile back. Monday, Monday is one of my favorites. Those bunnies are great!! Hope everything is going OK with you…


    1. OH the beach sounds just fantastic and I did see Matt and Grady nose to nose, sigh……a really cute shot, but then they all are.

      I’ve been crazy busy with our move. Packing & shopping and then work days and then house work then more packing…I actually just came from the store. We’re doing inventory all weekend, Sunday will be a long day there again.

      I’m so behind on blogs and didn’t even try to write another one here because I wouldn’t have time to visit over messages, which is my favourite part :D. Our movers are the 19th, between now and then, we’re doing things there like paint and carpet…..all fun stuff. See you soon lovely Julia! xoxoK


    1. Thanks Clowie! I’m so glad I got some. I’ve been really concerned because after seeing them all winter, they’ve gone. Not a one is around. I thing the city might have done something diabolical……I hope not.


  2. I still have vinyl of the Mamas and the Papas! That Mama Cass had such an amazing voice, didn’t she?
    Let’s see … I’m guessing by critters you don’t mean tons and tons of poison ivy? Ha!
    Seriously … groundhogs, bunnies, and deer!
    Nice pics Boomdee (or should I just call you 3 Names) 🙂


    1. I adored them and Mama Cass was a gem. Apparently they attribute her heart attack to diet pills. Even the most successful people have self esteem issues I guess. I sold all my LP’s before we moved. I got only $50 for 50 albums. Oh well, we didn’t have a turntable for years.

      Poison Ivy??? Gads, I’d say, “be careful” but I’m guessing you’re well aware of where not to walk. We actually don’t see too many groundhogs around but sure see a lot of gophers. Man they are cuties. As kids, we used to drop shoestring liquorice near their hole and wait for them to drag it into their den….LOL, we’d laugh like mad. Gophers with cavities, not too good, but we were kids. Thanks complementing the photo’s, they’re pretty big guys. It’d be hard to miss them really. 😀 Ta Ta for now xoK


  3. Those darned “Spring critters” are still frolicking about on our lawns (like the Creedence song but that, my dear, is another comment…) except now they are eating the LAWN as well as everything else. No rabbits, the feral cats eat them all and last night we watched a procession of 3 feral cats sneaking up onto our deck in order to pinch the cheese cubes that we put out for birds on my window sill…2 large (fat and spoiled) dogs were legs up snoring on the couch as Steve and I watched them sneak up, one of them was on guard watching us in case we moved and the other two scoffed the cheese! Clever buggers…no wonder we have no mondayitis here…no rabbits! 😉


    1. oh no! Hungry kitties desperate enough to make a go of the cheese. I think you really need a bigger brick of cheese 😀 Mr B is relieved there’s nothing to feed here at the condo. It got rather pricey buying peanuts at the lake. I would sometimes melt peanut butter onto cereal and sprinkle that with bird seed. That was a once a week thing for the Blue Jays. Do you have those on Tas? I have left out spent lettuce for the rabbits in the winter, I’ve never seen them eat it, but it always disappeared. I tried feeding the birds here but the only ones that turned up were crows and magpies. I realize they also need to eat but they’re really noisy and I’m certain the neighbours would be annoyed if I was attracting them. I’ll hang a humming bird feeder in our new yard for sure though. My friend Marlene at ‘In Search of It all dot WordPress, rescued some feral kittens just this week. Maybe your visitor is nursing some kittens? Oh phooey, now I’m worried :/


      1. Those kitties are fed twice a day by we (slaves) humans who wish to remain ratless and mouseyfree…they are just cheeky bollocks who have decided that a bit of cheese added to their other food might just be a nice addition…that plus they really REALLY love teasing Earl ;). I would hate to admit how much we spend on food for animals here on Serendipity Farm. It far outweighs what we spend for food on us but we do have 60+ chooks (note to self…go hunt that hidden nest that those minxes have been laying in or it will be 70+ chooks!), 3 feral cats, 2 (fat spoiled hogs) dogs and wrens, sparrows and grey shrike thrushes to feed cubed cheese to (along with the various freeloading blackbirds and native animals that take more than their fair share of seed and plants…).

        We don’t have blue jays here. Our birds are VERY different to what you get. We have large black and yellow cockatoos here that breed on our back block, we have sparrows and blackbirds but they are an introduced species and our native birds are blue wrens, little green eyes and various finches and parrots and wattle birds etc. that come for the freebies

        We have crows (I SWEAR my dad was reincarnated as one particularly grumpy one that sits on a branch and complains loudly at me 😉 ) but no magpies. I love magpies, but our magpies here are different to yours I think…apparently yours are murdering swines, ours just eat whatever they can find laying around . I think the crows and squeakers (a sort of a cross between a magpie and a crow) scare them all away. We also get the odd gosshawk or eagle after our chooks but as our chooks are free ranging (for “free ranging” read HAVE OVERRUN THE ENTIRE PROPERTY!) they can head for the nearest shrub and escape easily.

        No kittens…they ARE kittens just reaching adulthood where we may or may not have to “deal” with them depending on their sex 😦 One is obviously a big male but not sure about the other two. We couldn’t hang any kind of food anywhere as our possums scoff anything vaguely food like, from the ground up to about a metre high the wallabies scoff it, from that height up the possums rule. That’s why we put the cheese on our window sill and to be honest, even that doesn’t stop the possums…it is paper, rock, scissors as to who gets it first!


        1. Sounds nothing short of a zoo 😀 I always by free run eggs. The ones layer by hens that can be outside and inside. They’re a little more pricey but a very small price to pay to ensure they have a life that includes fresh air and sunshine. I think that’d be a riot having chickens all over the yard. They make me laugh really.

          It’s a good thing to spay the females to ensure they can’t add to the problem. Even if you neutered the male, any ol’ tom can wonder in and presto…more kittens.

          Wallabies, parrots, possum and blue wrens, what a magical place to call home. Thanks for looking after all the critters that wonder by, you are a tender heart and I love that you love animals too. xK


        2. Chooks went from being something romantic to cluck around and scratch in the back yard to ninjas in one fell swoop. I am whispering, if they knew I was onto them, they would be forced to eliminate me…SHHHH! got to catch the ferals first…they are true ferals, born in the bush and not all that friendly but they certainly love their cheese! I will trade you ALL of the possums and wallabies and parrots for a few of your blue jays and you can even throw those magpies in for good stead. I am a tender hearted fool (slave) when it comes to animals. They must send out little radar signals to each other that say “Come to Serendipity Farm…free grub, you can stay forever if you like, she doesn’t even kill spiders!”…sigh… 😉


        3. Ninja Chooks, LOL….you kill me. Good luck with the kitties Narf. I’m sure you’re right about them all putting out the word about you to the great wild world. You’re collecting a mass of good Karma while you help rescue them all, with cheese no less. Maybe you need a goat so you can *make* cheese….One that knows how to corral Hens too preferably 😀 Have a great week out there in Tas-land. xK


  4. Is that a Boomdee original? I loved it, and I cannot wait to get my hands on a book of your poetry!! As for spring critters… I saw a GIANT mouse in my back yard this morning when I went out to check the yard. Lucky for him I go out first real quick to check for any creatures that don’t belong before the dogs head out (as we have had some serious turtle dramas unfold over the years) and so i shooed him out of the yard before the crew could give him a chase. I was actually pretty surprised he could wiggle his fat bum out through the fence again!

    There is also something eating all of the big luscious buds off of my hibiscus each night as I sleep. Who do you think it could be? Rabbits? Opossums? I am happy for whoever it is, as they do make a tasty snack, and one day soon enough the bush will be tall enough that I should get to see a few flowers open up on top!

    Happy Tuesday, Kelly, big hugs from all of us!


    1. Hi Kathryn 😀 ! Heavens, not an original Boomdee verse. The words are to a song written by John Phillips of the Mama’s & Papa’s. You’re probably too young to know their music but I’m sure you’ve heard it. Like: California Dreaming, Dream A Little Dream Of Me? Their music is from the mid to late 60’s and you hear it a lot in the summer because they were from California. Check them out on YouTube to hear some fab tunes. Or play the video above.

      I didn’t know you’d have turtles way out in the country there. Where do they swim in from? A fatty-fat mouse, LOL sounds like a Disney character. Must be a frequent visitor too if he’s so chubby to barely fit thru the fence. I’m glad you were able to get it going before the family showed up. Instinct would have not been his friend that day. I used to rescue mice from our cat at the lake. I couldn’t bare it. The poor things would have been scared to pieces. I’m sure she’d just go find another though, that’s what they do. Maybe that mouse is taking flowers home to the misses? What could be eating it? Maybe deer? Porcupine? Do you have Porcupine around? Happy Tuesday to you and the crew! Thanks for your message too, I always love our visits. xoK


    1. !! Baby squirrels are really adorable. Lucky you. Are their parents chirping non-stop from the tree tops? I used to feed peanuts and apple peel to the ones that hung around the lake house. They’d still flip out when I was going in or out of the yard. HA, it didn’t even help that I’d say, “hey chill out! It’s just me! The peanut lady”. Do you find yourself talking to nature and hoping they know what you’re saying?


    1. Oh, actually they still are MIA. I took these photo’s on one of the last nights to see them. Dang, just as we were becoming friends 😀 Hopefully my impromptu photo shoot wasn’t why they skididdle-daddled outta here. I laid on the grass for the longest time just enjoying looking into her (his?) eyes and tried to have a moment, a connection. It was awesome. I sure wish we knew what they thought about. These are wild bunnies but get pretty used to people being that they live right downtown in a park behind us.


  5. Oh my, I can just see you doing the military belly crawl to get pictures of baby bunnies. I have always loved that song and the Mama’s and Papa’s. As for spring critters, there were the baby ducks a few weeks ago and now some baby kitties. 🙂 Hope you have been having a great day too. We’ll get a few weeks of spring and them summer will show up full tilt. Hugs.MH


    1. Aren’t ducklings just about the cutest thing ever. There was a big event on a local freeway last week. The Police stopped traffic to help a momma goose cross with her goslings. The attending officer reported, “not a single person got impatient or honked”. Which is amazing for Edmonton because drivers here are normally pretty bad mannered.
      Did you get a chance to snuggle up those kittens?
      We’re going to enjoy summer full tilt this year! You, hopefully from your new porch and me from my new patio… is good 😀 Thanks too for showing off your ‘Easter’ bucket yesterday too Marlene <3, that was so sweet. I should really consider starting Christmas projects right now, LOL Have a wonderful week! xoxoK


      1. I think you could start an online business selling those as gifts for crafters. I would buy one and give it to someone as a getting started gift. They are fabulous and inspirational. You’ve outdone yourself. I can see how much work went into that. Time to get the day started. Kitties woke me at 4:30 with clattering from the bathroom counter. Who knew they could get up there already. I’m sure my downstairs neighbors were not happy. I’m loving on all 3 so they get used to people. Smudge still hisses though. You are just too kind for words and it’s so very appreciated.


    1. I love this song and so many more of theres. Its music you never tire of really. I guess that makes me officially a ‘has been’ as in ‘young once’ :p

      I haven’t seen any little bunnies around but they may hang out in the river valley more than public parks. How lovely to be born in your garden and think the whole world was like that…sweet little thing.


    1. You can’t have lived thru the 60’s and not love the Mama’s & Papa’s hey? Considering their relatively short stint as a group (only 3 years), they left an immense collection of iconic tunes to bring back memories or make new ones by.

      It’s hard to know what to do with plain jane bunny photo’s, so I thought, why not celebrate the holiday. Thanks for cheering me on, as you always do. wok


      1. Only three years? That is remarkable. I don’t think I quite realized that. I love their music.

        Those photos are far from ‘plane Jane’ my dear. They’re beautiful, just like you. xox


  6. Great shots Boomdee – I can’t believe they just sat there and let you creep up on them!

    I sang all the way through this post, just like karaoke! I sounded great til I got to the real thing …..
    No spring critters here – zero, gyp, nada – polar bears are more our style! 🙂


    1. Lasagna in the oven, now on another glass of Zinfandel 😀 Really nice to see you and Orlando tonight. It looked so sunny in your sitting room. It seems like everyone just around the corner; Here’s a flight I just looked at from here;f=YEG;t=CHC;d=2014-06-12;r=2014-06-16;sel=YEGSFO0UA6265-SFOSYD0UA863-SYDCHC2NZ884

      Doesn’t seem as bad as I thought really until you want to come home, HA. I’d just have to relocate to save $6,000 😀

      These little bunnies have suddenly disappeared. They hung around for weeks. Maybe went off to have baby bunnies (I hope). I zoomed in with my camera but I was laying on my tummy in the park, not too far from them. They’re actually pretty used to people because they live downtown.

      I love the Mama’s and Papa’s. One of my favourite songs is Twelve Thirty. Have a great afternoon Pauline. Are you painting?


      1. Those flights are rather convoluted! Can’t you fly direct into Dunedin from Edmonton? The plane would fly over my house and on to Sydney then come back again. That adds at least 7 hours to your journey and probably as many hundreds of dollars!

        Travel in both time and money is horrendous isn’t it – the thought of having to make those long flights again makes me want to go and have a wee nap!

        I’m listening to the Mamas and Papas – I haven’t heard this song for many, many years! Isn’t it amazing how their music has held up over the centuries 🙂

        It was great to chat – sorry about my education rant…. really must learn to control myself 🙂


        1. All the flights I’ve looked at either go through Vancouver to Auckland and then connect to Dunedin or through San Francisco to Auckland and then connect to Dunedin. Nothing direct from here. Almost all are between 25 -30 hours. One crazy flight was 47 hours with great long stop over in San Francisco on the way home. That’s almost two full days of airplanes and airports….Gads! How will we hook up? Hawaii is starting to sound pretty good. 7 hours to Hawaii from Edmonton, direct.

          I didn’t think you ranted in any way Pauline. It was all totally interesting. With 20 years experience you’re a wealth of knowledge so why not share it? I enjoyed hearing all about the teaching methods discussed.

          Speaking of interesting, a Putin Gravatar has shown up here and the user name is lauraagudelo272lauraagu ???? that’s different.


        2. Well, Hawaii is looking better and better! I believe I can get there and back and accommodation for 4 nights for around $1000….. Seems 1 small amount when you say it quickly. As a believer in positive thinking and vision building I shall now just let that go and lets see what happens!

          I reckon that blog must be a front for something. Shall try to remember to have a look later on.


  7. One of my all time “feel good” songs……and YES we are seeing critters including a tiny baby bunny yesterday that I thought was all alone and abandoned until its’ Mom came and picked it up by it’s neck and carried BACK to its’ burrow! I was worried for naught. We’ve had lovely weather for Memorial Day weekend – thanks for the good wishes….it’s been full of memories of heroes in our past and lots of making NEW memories for the future.

    Hugs and love, Pam and Sam


    1. Awwwwwsome, baby bunnies. We’ve been told by the SPCA not to move or handle the babies. The mom leaves them alone to go eat during the day but will be back in the evening. So you very well will see them alone. Aren’t they the cutest. Glad your weather was fab today. We’re getting ‘our spring’ showers 😀 I photographed these two right out my door. There’s a tiny park with a fountain and so I went belly crawling around to make like one of them, but they were on to me 😀 Thank you for popping in on your holiday xoxoxo


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