These are exciting times!

Gads, long time no see right?

What the heck have I been up too?


Spring arrives in Edmonton

Spring finally arrived in Edmonton.

Everything is in Bloom

 Hooray for spring, I revelled in all the colour!

Everything's green in Edmonton

We could finally pack away all our nasty winter clothes

and enjoyed getting out-of-doors once again.

Little Public Library in Oliver Community Edmonton

All kinds of spring things where popping up everywhere, including this funky Little  Free Library near the river.  It’s part of a grass-roots initiative to get people to pick up a book and enjoy reading all over again.


Cool Little Public Library

These folks cleverly used an old news paper stand and a bit of paint ;D Cool right?  Have you seen Alys’s Little Free Library, it’s really cute, do drop by.

Sending Snail Mail

Along the way, my buds and I did our best to keep the postal service in business.  I  would mail gifts away  and then get gifts back in my mail box.

Snail Mail is fun!

It’s funny how it works 😉 I think they should really call it, ‘A Magic Box’ instead of just ‘a mailbox’ don’t you?

The Magic of Snail Mail

Then Mr B took a trip with a friend to some golf thing way out east. Apparently it’s the Holy Grail for official golf lovers (I’m in it for the beer and fun golf attire).  Can you tell he was over the moon? I guess this nondescript  tree is the very same spot (hold your breath) that they interview golfers at on TV (OK, breathe now).

Golf Masters

Then before we knew it, along came Fathers Day. We all made pages at work with thoughts of our dear dads. Pop on over to The Urban Scrapbook Design Team Gallery to see all our loving memories.

Fathers Day Scrap Layout

Then, with much anticipation we FINALLY became home owners again. With all the excitement came a whole bunch of this. Let me just say, it really kicked my butt.

Packing is a drag

We’ve finally just moved in last weekend and I’m busy making our new new home a little nest, one box at a time. I can’t wait to share all of it with you.  I’ve missed you and enjoyed reading your posts along the way.  Well now, perhaps this is all a little TMI, but I couldn’t help myself, these are exciting times!

Casa Boomdee

What’s your favourite thing about the month June?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

55 thoughts on “These are exciting times!

    1. We’re still in the process of settling. Waiting for furniture and slowly making our way through a storage locker. I expect to be ‘right-side-up’ by next summer, ha. Thanks for all your visits Amanda! 😀


  1. The flowers in your photos are lovely. Your new house looks pretty – I’m sure it will look even prettier when you get to work on it! I hope it soon feels like home.


    1. Thank you Clowie, Things are shaping up. Slowly but surely. I’ve unpacked most of what we moved but now have to go short thru and move an entire locker full of ‘stuff’ GADS 😀


    1. Thanks Stacey! For the most part, I’ll have to garden vicariously thru your wonderful photo’s. You’ll have all the soar muscles, while I get all the pleasure….giggle. There is a small perrenial board in the backyard that I can fill in and play around in. I’m going to try and not get to crazy though…..famous last words 😀


    1. It’s been a crazy ride and we’ve been working really hard, but it’s also a dream come true. Thank you every so much for you cheerful message Sheryl. There’s not a giant yard like our last home but I’m ok with that. I can garden and it won’t take me all day 😀 xK


  2. I am so late to your beautiful house-warming party, dear Boomdee! Congratulations on your absolutely gorgeous new home – it’s so adorable – like a life-sized doll house. So exciting for you and the golf-loving Mr. B! I hope Petals and Blossum have settled in nicely. No wonder you have been so busy – moving house is a big, big job – and you have your work, too. I love seeing the pages you all put together at work – beautiful! Can’t wait to see more from the new “BOOM HOME”. Big hugs to you and P and B. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


    1. Dani !! My dearest, thank you for your fab message and warm welcome to our new abode. We are all settling in this week and lot’s of my boxes have been emptied, flattened and taken to the recycle station, NEVER to be used again…LOL.

      I have been thinking of all your kitties and how they happily commune together because we’ve had two kitty visiters on the porch and Blossum growls and spits through the screen door, HA! Very undignified. One orange and white kitty was so darn cute and a little shocked she just sat there and watched the drama with bewilderment.

      As usual, I’ve done some flower pots but nothing too much since I shopped very late in the season (for us). I guess the Oasis is asleep for your winter months?

      Hey, I just noticed P and B needs a J so we can be ‘P B and J’…….to bad my name wasn’t Jelly, that would have worked out cool. Mmmmmmm maybe I’m not super awake yet, silly thoughts.

      I love when you stop in xoxoxoxoxoox smooch to every delighful soul at T&T.


    1. Hey HEY heeeey Leilani (say it like Dwayne on ‘What’s Happening’), that’s awfully nice of you to say, 😀 thanks a bunch. Things just kind of happen that way at times. Not EVERYTHING little thing is delightful, like the ants on my patio, but luckily most things. xoK


  3. Good morning sweet pea. I would like to say something inspiring on your successful move and your beautiful post, but I’m not in my right mind yet. You are way ahead of the game here. I am just totally delighted that so much has been working out perfectly. I am probably just behind you. The boxes are piled high but we are making progress. Moving is hard work but so cathartic. I’m almost there. Hugs and more hugs, M


    1. La la la, I love mornings (after waking at the crack of 9am and a coffee) teehee.
      Yep, finally hammered out a post so as to not miss June entirely. No doubt, if you feel like I do, you are wiped out too. I actually took the whole day to craft yesterday even though my room wasn’t finished. Bit of a dilemma with a deadline so my need to be perfectly organized had to take a back seat.
      Are you like me in that you feel like you need to make everything look awesome real quick? My hubby said, “take a break, it doesn’t all have to be done in one day”. So I took his advice. Remember to put your feet up once in a while Marlene and let that, “pretty good so far”
      feeling wash over you. Heck, I’ve even adopted the ‘mid afternoon nap’ a couple of times….pretty decadent but lovely all the same. Moving IS hard, how do people like Julia do it over and over? I’m beginning to think Alyster’s onto something with just that little polka dot hanky on a stick. One should travel lighter but then life offers up so many treasures that make a house a nest.
      It’s fun doing this at the same time 😀 you and I. We have good Karma, don’t you think? Big hugs to you my dear xoxoxo


    1. I should send you a pin Steven. I got them from a vendor for free. They’re very little and you would impress your clients 😀 Send me mailing address if you’d like one 😀
      Typically August will be very warm out east. Now I say typical because nothing about the weather is very typical these days…….eh?


    1. You know how much kitties love boxes and paper, well of course they’d assume all the efforts where for them, LOL
      Thanks for your wishes too. Nesting is a Joy after how long we searched. Cheers!


  4. G’day Ms Boomdee. Lots of “vandals stole the handles” colour in this post eh? Been out enjoying “spring” (surely it’s summer over there?!!!) by the looks of it. I would imagine a lot of manly stroking of that very same tree goes on. Sort of a mecca for golfers methinks. Just imagine if some bolshie anti-golf women yarnbombed the sacred tree! Quell horror! OOO your new home is bee-oo-di-FUL Ms Boomdee! Hopefully you have a gorgeous big back yard to go with that gorgeous small front yard. Love weatherboard and brick paving and it just looks ripe and ready for that Boomdee touch. I expect those front entry pillars to be yarnbombed ASAP Hope your “spring” is treating you well and that lovely carpet of purple flowers keeps on keeping on for some time 🙂


    1. G’day to you Narf of Serindipity (read it like a Monty Python character, ha)
      We had the first day of summer last weekend, on or near the longest day of the year which was June 21. Daylight hours go on and on. Our spring was very late on arriving so it seemed like a blink and now it’s summer. Today its breezy and drizzly as is normal for June. July and August our the primo months and by September, it all winds down again.

      Speaking of yarn bombing, it’s all over town as part of a festival called ‘The Works’ I’ll share some photo’s soon. Those little purple carpeting flowers are called arctic phlox and unfortunately they’ve now finished blooming. The Lilac are winding down too 😦 So here comes summer! Hope you’re staying warm down there in Taz and winter is being gentle. I will catch up on your going on’s soon, thanks so much for coming bye 😀


      1. It’s just about time for our local crafters to yarn bomb the city and it coincides with the basket makers putting on a HUGE display in the city centre and turning the centre square into a giant wicker display of what they can do. Amazing wicker chairs, tables, entire rooms reproduced in wicker, always awesome to see and they have a circus tent with performers etc. at the same time. Very much a great time to visit the city…must get my girls to tell me when it’s on 🙂


  5. Wow, this is such a fun post! And deceptive … a lot of work went into each of those photo collages. I just love your new home … the entrance is so cozy, homey, comfortable, lovely … I can’t wait to see more of it!
    So Mr. B went to the Masters????? Oh. My. Gosh!!! That is HUGE!!
    Take some breaths!! xoxo


    1. Hi Laurie!! You’re a doll to pass along such a nice compliment, thank you! I’m loving the covered porch. I can sit out even if it’s raining and still enjoy the view. My neighbour across the street was enjoying a book on his porch all while it rained.
      Yes indeedy, Mr B and his long time pal got tickets to a practice round. They were escorted by a member who took them around to some very coveted spots. They had lunch right next to some famous golfers. A really lovely couple that live near Augusta, hosted them at there home and spoilt them rotten. We’re on a long weekend this weekend and while I’m enjoying a break at home, he went camping in the rain. It’s kind of fun having the new house to myself, spent the day in my new craft room, which is still a bit of a scene 😀 Thanks for being here, Hugs! xoK


  6. Goodness gracious Boomdee, you have been hiding your news under your hat! We are deeply excited for you and your new home. Please please please give us before and afters – can you sleep for the excitement? 😀


    1. Sleep? You bet, like a baby because I’m crazy tired from everything. Thanks for joining in on the mayhem. I’ve missed so many of your travellers and they’re happy wagging tails or kitty whiskers. Today I woke at 9:05, very late for me. The room was dark, the cats were still sleeping and I thought it was still last night……LOL. So many boxes, but hopefully there will be fun along the way. xoB


  7. Every good wish for your new home from TheBigForest. What a lovely house! Another comment said ‘little house’ well it looks huge by English standards! We hope you will be really happy there.


    1. Hi Guys! So nice of you to send your kind wishes, thank you! I guess it does look ample by English standards, ha. It’s a lovely neighbourhood, tree lined streets. Every home has a front porch (veranda). Each home has major curb appeal with tiny gardens or sitting spots to watch people, kids and dogs go by. We’re near the river where lots of people walk their dogs, cycle or just stroll along. We feel very blessed. Cheers, hope your summer is filled with fun!


  8. Never a dull moment huh? Well, let me just say that I loved all the photos – particularly that last one of your totally gorgeous new house. How exciting it is to “start over” decorating a new home – inside AND outside and I can’t wait to see “progress photos” so don’t disappoint me! With the “Boomdee” touch your place will look spectacularly creative and homey in no time. Get out that magic wand and GO FOR IT!!!! I’m so excited for you………..

    Hugs, Pam (and of course Sam)


    1. No dullness here Pam, hahaha. Thank you for your cheery message, I will be doing a little decorating here and there as my money manager (aka Mr B) allows. So many decisions, I want to take my time and make it ‘just right’. Thanks you for always making me smile! Love K


  9. Love your new house, my dear Boomdee! Wishing you and Mr. B all the best!
    PS: Can you spare a box for Mr. Bowie…??


    1. Thank you dear Herman, it’s got a tiny yard but I can be a lazy gardener this time around. Our last home had a giant yard and endless chores. Our grass area can be mowed with an old manual push mower in about 4 minutes, ha! I love the squeak it makes as I do it. Very old-timey.

      Mr Bowie could have his pick from dozens, LOL Boxes to my earlobes 😀


  10. May and June were both filled with work and more work. Eh.. Vacation started today. One week of no schedule but my own. Planting, harvesting, shopping, reading, a little wine, reconnecting with life. Nine days of near paradise!

    Welcome back!


    1. Well good riddance to work and more work, bring on R&R. I’m really lucky to work at a fantastic scrapbook store filled with all manor of awesome art products, inspiration and fun people. I did work at a communications company for 25 years and remember how coveted vacation time was and there was never enough. I wish you a great week full of every little thing that brings you joy! Thanks for your message!


      1. Thank you! Yes, to surround yourself with inspiration all day. It is nice, isn’t it? I did that once upon a time. I bet you spend half your paycheck before you make it out the door, too.


        1. Oh, ha..yes always lots of goodies are coming home with me but that’s one of the awesome things about working there. Plus everyone is so nice and it’s creative and fun. I guess the money I don’t spend is a bonus but shhhhhh! don’t tell them, I’d do it for free.


    1. Thanks you for your visit and nice message. You are right on about the boxes yet why did I move a whole box of little boxes? LOL. I just can’t seem to part with a cute box that I might be able to mail treasure in.

      “Hello, my names Boomdee and I’m addicted to boxes) 😀


    1. Thanks Aunty Kathleen. We’ll definitely celebrate soon, that’s a must. One more birthday and another year to enjoy together. I’m so happy we get to do that. See you soon, LUL 2 xoK


    1. Thanks a bunch Pat! A work in progress but starting fresh is so much fun. I wish I could hire my favourite Canadian designer Sarah Richardson. I adore everything she does. I guess I’ll just have to settle for emulating her style if possible. I’m looking forward to organizing my craft room next. I had planned to do that FIRST and wouldn’t you know it, everything else took priority. But I’m putting my crafty foot down and spending the weekend on me 😀 So nice of you to come by, have a great weekend! xK


  11. That is a most gorgeous home, Boomdee! I love it and I’m so happy for you and Mr. B. What fun you will have now! I spent Thursday from 8:30 am to almost midnight helping Mr. and Mrs. Crafty’s son and his fiancée move into their new house. I’ll be posting about that in a bit. But the unpacking and making beautiful is so much fun, isn’t it? Almost makes it worth moving . . .

    Nice to see all the flower photos, too. I haven’t seen many flowers myself (inside most of the time, is why), so yours are a treat.

    And the Little Free Library! Such an innovative use of an old newspaper box. Hope it’s popular!!

    Have fun with the nesting, Boomdee and I’ll catch you later. ~ Linne


    1. Linne! You’ve had your own moving adventure too, that’s a co-inky-dence. My hands look like I’ve been dragging them over a gravel road at high speed, how about yours?
      Sorry you haven’t been outside much. I hope it’s not allergies, they’re the pits. We really must hook up one day soon. For maybe a coffee? Let me know what works for you. The Creartful Dodger, AKA Wilma will be in Edmonton in July and we’re going to meet up for a visit. You should join with !
      Thanks for all cheer on our new home, I really appreciate it and I’m excited about picking out drapes and things too. So many choices, too much fun. xK


  12. I’ve just arrived from gardening nirvana to talk nerdy with you. Oh, how I’ve missed your posts, with that just-so Boomdee touch.

    I love all your pictures and the story-telling that goes with them. Mr. B. looks downright official on the golfing greens with his 1,000 watt smile and gem-colored shirt. Go Mr. B.

    Your spring flowers make my heart sing and so does that rain. I know you’ve had it up to your eyeballs with ‘weather’ but down here in our parched state, it looks refreshing.

    It’s fun to see the Little Free Libraries spreading like wildflower. That’s a clever and colorful use of a former newsstand. Did you find a good read? You’re probably far too busy for leisure reading right now with your dizzying schedule. My goodness you’ve had a lot going on,

    I am over the top excited about your sweet little house and look forward to your future posts sharing all the nice touches you add to your nest.

    I’m over the moon happy for you. xox


    1. 😀 (( you )) make me smile. Hello cutie and welcome to Nerdville. teehee. I started looking at photo’s since my last post and couldn’t decide on what to include -vs- exclude, hence la whole enchilada 😀
      Mr B will be all smiles reading your message and guess who bought him that shirt? Littl’ ol’ me of course. I’m always pushing him out of his comfort zone with his attire. He sure had a good time there. I guess it’s possible without me after all. LOL
      Spring was late in arriving but didn’t disappoint one bit. There’s still a few spring things blooming. Some Lilac varieties, Iris and Peonies. We’ve had some nice days as of late and with the rain, it’s all gangbusters and green. I sure wish I could send you some wet weather. You know I would if I could xo.
      Isn’t that LFL outrageously colourful? I didn’t actually pick out a book at the time, but will go by again when all my projects are out of the way. What are you reading this month in your book club?
      We’ve had most of the interior of the house painted (except downstairs) and new carpeting downstairs too. Everything is all fresh and brighter. I have so many things I’d love to do but will have to be patient so as not to bankrupt us in the process. I need to keep the piggy bank full for Victoria……it’s getting so close now 😀
      You are a dear to be along every step of the way, encouraging me even when the search for a new house seemed endless and futile. You are wonderful and special. Love you dearly wok


  13. You certainly know how to keep yourself busy! Moving alone would do me in – and you achieve all this other stuff too 🙂 All your gorgeousness goes into your beautiful crafty gifts and these are quite wonderful. I simply don’t know how you do it – I am still trying to get Narf’s giveaway finished two months later – it is unbelievable to me what happens when a puppy enters the doors of your house……………. DON’T DO IT!! 🙂

    I’m so pleased you are in your lovely new house and like everyone else am waiting excitedly to see what wondrous decor embellishments you make to it. Thank you for making time to post and update us all – it is so great to hear how it is going for you! Much love xoxo


    1. Pauline, we posted our comments at the exact same time. Well…different time zones of course, but you know what I mean.

      I hope you’re enjoying what I guess is your Sunday now. So happy to be reading along with you here.


      1. Serendipity 🙂 I am enjoying a warm and sunny Sunday – cleaning the house, walking the dog, tending the wintery garden and very soon into the crafting room to hopefully finish those jolly organisers 🙂 You will still be Saturday I guess, but by the time you read this – Voila – Sunday! I hope you get some summer showers – or down pours – whichever is more suitable……. xoxo


    2. Oh my dear Pauline, I feel like I’ve been to Mars and back. I’m so missing our visits. Thank you for your fab message on the new home. I’m tired but happy. I’m sure you know the feeling, what with your new house mate. I really must get over to you and Narf. I’ve started to read her current post a few times and always get called away, “hon, where is this?” or “hon, have you seen my….everything?” LOL

      My gosh, has Siddy turned your lovely world upside-down? But how could you resist? That cute widdle tail and butt is enough to know, anything he ever does will quickly be
      forgotten. 😀

      Busy is relative I suppose. I’m just used to a simple and quiet existence with my new job to enjoy and then suddenly everything happens at once. I’m sure there’s many out there who would scoff at any whining. They manage homes, jobs, kids and gardens, it seems with ease and grace. So nice of you to be here, I’ve missed you tons xoxoxo Love K


    1. Thanks so much Caren, It was a long search but we’re really happy to have found something in this particular community. It’s actually know as the Garden of the City. Everyone has a beautiful front yard leading to a porch. There’s also a community Garden around the corner that I’ll share soon. Cheers, Boomdee.


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