Blog Hop Around The World

Have you noticed how small the world seems since you started a Blog?  It’s almost like you’re chatting with friends over the fence sometimes. I love getting glimpses of far away places through your stories and photo’s. Whether in your homes, gardens or through your camera and travels, your creativity and artful endeavours always amaze and inspire me.  My little world seems so much cozier with all of you there, just a cyber chat away.

Blog Hop Around The World

I was recently invited to Blog Hop around the world by two of my favourite Bloggers, Pam and Sammy at  One Spoilt Cat.  This delightful dynamic duo call Virginia their home.  Sammy reminds me of a kitty I loved for 13 years named Ginger, what do you think?  They’re both purrrrrty cute.

 Sammy & Ginger

Participating in the Blog Hop Around The World, first requires that I answer these four questions:

1. How does my creative process work?

If I’m working with paper for a layout or gift project, it’s normally the colour or subject on the paper that peaks my interest first.  Generally, that’s going to involve the colour aqua or sea foam. Ha, now that’s hardly news worthy. Working at  The Urban Scrapbook has me wanting everything and I’m afraid I’m not denying myself too much either. Personally,  if I’m working with colours I love, I really can’t go wrong creatively.

Work With Colours You Love

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I have the time during my week to focus on a lot of detail.  I actually can take a week to finish a layout or project and I enjoy every moment.  A dab of ink here, a bit of paper there, until a little voice in my head says, “Stop!” At the shop, we all get a monthly challenge kit to work with. Everyone gets the same product but everyone comes up with something unique to them.   I also like to have a little hidden messages in my work, even when I’m sending it to a friend.  I like to fuss, take my time until the once flat paper tells my lively stories.

Layers of Detail

Finally, all the layers of detail will reveal the whole story

The Whole Story

3. What am I presently working on?

I’m presently putting together the Boom-room in our new home.  The visual appearance of a workspace is important for me.  I love to be surrounded by tiny treasures that I’ve collected along the way or that friends have gifted to me. I mostly gravitate to vintage things in soft colours. Well loved things, that have stories of their own past lives.  Imagining their story appeals to me in a workspace I use to tell my stories.

Vintage Treasure Tells A Story

4. Why do I create what I do?

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls – Pablo Picasso

True that Pablo!  Life can’t just be about what’s happening in the world, the numbers on your scale, what you need to do for the family today or getting to work on time.  Art is a wonderful thing to share, yet I can’t help think about the personal gratification one gleams from a project too.  A ho-hum day becomes exceptional when you grab your camera and go for a ride or walk.  Dirt begat’s gardens beyond breath-taking when your hand plants a seed and a few silly thoughts coupled with some novice photographs can make someone laugh.  Creating something will not only make a difference in your own day but someone elses too.

Soooo, blah blah blah.

Enough about me. Here’s the best part of the Hop.

I was to invite 3 friends to join the Hop. These friends will post their own answers to the same questions next Monday on their own Blogs.  If you link to their posts today and decide to ‘Follow’, you’ll be able to read what motivates them creatively next Monday, July 14th.

Up first is my lovely Texan friend Leilani from Keeping Up With Mrs Smith . You could try to keep up, but you might faint with exhaustion first.  Leilani is one hard-working gal.  She makes, bakes and creates with style and writes all about it with belly-laugh inducing posts. I think a hilarious post about stencilling her walls was one of the first I read.  Oh, and don’t even get me started on how cute her kittys are. Why not drop by and set a spell? Honestly, you’ll be happy you did. BTW, Leilani built this rock garden by hand, HERSELF!  Way!!

Keeping Up With Mrs SmithPhoto’s used with permission from Leilani Carrasco Smith

Next up, meet Joe from The Visual Chronicle.  A fellow retiree, Joe shares his passion and talent for photography of whatever catches his eye on any given day.  Be it a scenic spotan interesting event or places near and dear to his heart, Joe’s love for life shines through his camera right back to you. We also seem to enjoy a lot of the same classic tunes like this ol’ favourite Operator, by Jim Croce.  If you’re like me and dig black and white photography, you might also want to drop by this new collaborative photography Blog that Joe also participants in.  Prepare to be wowed!

The Visual Chronicle by Joe Giordano

The Visual Chronicle by Joe GiordanoPhoto’s used with permission from Joeseph Giordano

Now we zip half way around the globe (wasn’t that quick?) to visit Pauline The Contented Crafter. An accomplished artist and mom to new puppy Siddy and faithful kitty Orlando.  Pauline calls New Zealand home and is able to take her new puppy for walks near the ocean. How amazing is that?  The talented Pauline creates artworks with acrylics on canvas and other mediums. She even has her own Etsy Shop too. New Zealand is only far away if you’re a Christmas present (3 months door to door), but at WordPress you can pop in right now.  I adore her and I bet you will too.

The Contented CrafterPhotos used with permission from Pauline King

I hope you’ll enjoy checking out their posts. Big thanks to Leilani, Joe and Pauline for accepting the Blog Hop invite and sharing their site photo’s with me for this post.  I’m looking forward to your own musings about creativity next Monday.

Until then, have a boom-tastic week everyone and we’ll see you at their……

‘Blog Hop Around The World’ **

** I wish I could make that last part echo with a booming voice 😀

The ONE word, that describes you best, might be?





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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

54 thoughts on “Blog Hop Around The World

    1. !! Thanks Cindy…what a gracious message. I’m due for another and have lots of photo’s but can’t seem to keep up. It was fun to introduce some friends I admire though, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity.


  1. Boomdee this is wonderful. I am crazy about your craftwork and I love how you stay committed and excited about it day after day. Your love goes into every creation, and that explains their appeal. Can’t wait to head out and explore the others, though I’m already in awe of Joe’s stuff. Bloggers are just awesome, aren’t they?!


    1. Oh, Crystal my dear Girl. How nice of you to stop in. I have a ba-zillion (nearly) emails and see you’ve been busy posting your little heart out. I really wish I could keep up better. I don’t deserve your kind comments, you’re so sweet. Thank you for your thoughts. I’m just in awe of so many lovely friends and bloggers out there, yes! Totally inspiring. You’ll love Joe’s photo’s, I really seem to gravitate to both the subjects and technique. I always feel like I’m looking thru the lens or looking over his shoulder. How intrusive would that be, LOL. Just a lovely guy and what a gift.


      1. I am so glad to find another person who uses the word bazillion! Hugs to you, busy friend. Hey, I linked a recent post to your blog and I think I need you to approve it so the link works. {I was just showing you my new fabulous cat eye glasses}


        1. Hey? I don’t have any pending comments? Weird. What page are they linked to Crystal, I’ll go check. I think I remember your glasses post. BRB.


  2. Sammy and Ginger do look a lot alike.
    I love seeing the photographs of things you’ve made and things you’re working on.
    I’m going to enjoy visiting some of the blogs you’ve mentioned.


    1. I had Ginger back before digital Cameras and so I have so few pictures. It’s a shame. She was a diabetic in her later years and we had to give her a shot twice a day. My neighbour used to help if I was late from work. I always love orange and white kitties since they remind me of Ginger (named for the bombshell on Gilligan’s Island). Thanks for your message and exploring the other Blogs. All lovely folks, I enjoy them as pals and their creativity too. They’ll adore your visits 😀


  3. Lovely post, Boomdee! I saw Pauline’s post, which reminded me I hadn’t been over for a visit here for a while . . . gorgeous things you make! That dragonfly alone is stunning . . .

    Glad to hear you are settling in; it does take time, doesn’t it? I have to ask; do you have any aqua and seafoam in the new place or are you going for a completely new palette? (bet I know the answer to that one 🙂 )

    Those black and white photos are amazing, too. I love finding new blogs by way of ones I already follow . . . it’s sort of like going to a party at a friend’s place (except we introverts don’t go to parties much) 🙂 Thanks for this; it was great! ~ Linne


    1. Gasp, you are really sweet to pop in with a nice message like this. Ms Gallivanta is it? Don’t you just adore Pauline or what? She’s managed to go more than half way round the globe and into my heart without leaving home 😀 I’m struggling to get organized in my new space, but it’s coming together and I’m almost there. I must pop in and see where you call home, see you there


  4. Oh how fun is this!
    I enjoyed hearing about your creative process, Boomdee. What a great way to learn more about you!
    And I’ll definitely checkout Leilani and of course, you already know I adore Pauline and Joe.


    1. Thanks for ‘peaking behind the veil’ so to speak. Nothing Earth shattering, HA. I guess when you enjoy something it might just seem happenstance most days. I really should enrol in some classes because there’s lots of new stuff out there in the art world and you just can’t keep up.

      There really are a lot of awesome folks in this little WP galaxy, I totally agree. xo


  5. I love your explanation of how you work and I love that Pablo Quote very much. Art is something many of us just have to do or else we will wither away and die. I love your project there for Alys too. So many details, it is clear that you spend a lot of time on what you are making and I work much the same way now. Let it sit, get back to it when i can and keep adding until something says to stop! Keep up the great creative work and I look forward to seeing your Boom-Room all done.


    1. Hi ya Sunshine, thanks for all you nice comments. Isn’t it grande to be able to pick things up here and there. Some folks say, “you should sell on Etsy”. But then, it’d be work and rushed. I much rather give it away and enjoy making it. Hey! how’s the kitchen reno addition rolling along?


      1. i hear you, i would love to sell on etsy, but what would be better is having someone else make the ideas I have. I just loose interest in making things more than once it seems too. And yes, there would be pressure. Kitchen reno hasn’t started yet. Everything takes SOOOO L O N G….!!


    1. Thank you my dear, how nice of you to visit and leave such a nice message. I’ve just helped my hubby smash together a giant Ikea Bookcase/display shelf for the Boom Room and having fun filling it up. Wowie-kazowie I have got a bit of ‘stuff’ LOL. Cheers.


  6. Hi, there! I’m visiting through Sammy and Pam (whom I love to pieces). Your entry for the blog hop is amazing.Your answer to #4 was especially touching. And I love your work! Creativity coupled with a love of kitties is just a bonus. I’m looking forward to visiting the three bloggers you chose for the challenge.There’s always room for more blogging friends!


    1. Hi Ms Dianna, How nice to follow Pam and Sammy along to here. I must confess, I love them to pieces too. Thank you for you for visiting and your nice compliments too. I had a lot of fun joining in and I’m sure you’ll find lots of love hopping along friend to friend. What a good idea and I couldn’t agree more, always room for a new friend. xK


  7. You have the perfect job for a crafter Ms Boomdee. Giving each staff member a kit to create with once a month…it’s like working at Google or Ikea for Crafters! Little hidden messages eh? Sort of like backward masking in Stairway to Heaven?!

    Pouring yourself into something that takes you out of the mundane and into the realms of possibility is the bomb. I just started crocheting again and am about to embark on a HUGE amigurumi project for one of my daughters that will take me so far out of my comfort zone I am twitching BUT how exciting! I am going to learn something new and apparently, according to boffins, your brain creates new synapse’s every time you learn something new…sounds like a plan! Should rebuild all of the synapses that wine and loud music and my angsty teenage years chewed up 😉

    Ms Leilani has a totally AWESOME name. I am envious of her already and that rock garden? THE BOMB! 🙂 Not so sure about the woad but am not going to argue with a woman with a sword and a shovel to cover her tracks now am I? 😉

    Love that black and white photography and MS PAULINE! Love the bones off her. Can’t wait to read her blog hop post :)…

    One word that describes me? Err…um…”bolshie”. Sums it up nicely 😉


    1. Oh my dear wordsmith Narf! You’re always challenging me and I love it! LOL, I had to look up amigurumi, synapses and woad.
      As far as amigurumi goes, I found this delightful confection. Just in case your garden marauders bounce in and rob you blind.

      Then there’s synapses, good grief how you manage to slip that into the conversation is quite amazing in itself. Where ever do you pick up the lingo about the brain is beyond impressive. You’re secretly a brain surgeon and Stevie-boy is your assistant, am I right? hehe.
      You’re right about Leilani’s name. Very lyrical and musical right? You die laughing at the antics over there. Do check out a recent sewing room re-do, amazing.
      Oh now wait a minute, here’s another one of your words, “bolshie”….BRB…….yipes, sounds like a bit of a challenge, LOL…well I’ll just say Uncle, you win em’ all and that’s a done deal. LOL Thanks for your visit and message. You are so entertaining, and yes to every little joy about Pauline. xox


      1. More like I am secretly Dr Frankenstein and Stevie-boy is Igor ;). “Bolshie” when it comes to narfs isn’t a bad thing per-se, it means that narfs are very happy in their own skin. They don’t tend to listen to bollocks (another new word 😉 ) or be swayed by popular opinion or get sidetracked from their search for truth and understanding. Narfs are peculiar, straight-forward and loyal mates. Just don’t mess with them…THEN you see what bolshie REALLY means 😉


  8. Thank you Boom for this really neat post. I loved studying the photographers you are friends with. Wonderful bodies of work. I am now Following many of them. Thank you. May the canons of “BOOM” continue and grow and be heard around our world.


    1. awww Harold! You’re too kind. So happy you found inspiration thru these sites. Where are you these days? I’m so insanely behind on mail. We recently moved and let me just say, that’s not for the weak. I’m recovering with visits from lovely, lovely people here. Thanks so much for your message and visit. Cheers.


      1. Dear Boom, I think we all get insanely behind on mail or anything else bursting forth from our computers. I just back from a week long Street Photography Workshop, with my son, in New York City with famous photographer Peter Turnley. Google him. Wow! Now I am posting some of my Street Photography from that adventure. Where did you move from/to?.


        1. How exciting, will come by to see all the wonder. New York city no less. I do remember you talking about this a bit ago and Googled Peter Turnley at the time. I’m so happy you had that opportunity and were able to spend the time with your son. As Dean would croon “memories are made of this”.

          After selling our house 2.5 years ago, we moved from a home in the country with a giant yard to a condo downtown. After not seeing a home we desired to buy, we spent the next 2.5 years renting from our friend. My husband was able to walk to the office. We continued to look and look and look. Home prices here, for a desirable area are rather high and the good ones are snapped up fast. After a couple of disappointments, we have bought a home in our river valley, near trails and parks. We’re on a quiet tree lined street, 5 minutes to downtown. We’re enjoying it a lot but only just moved in June 20th. Busy times but now seeing our way through paper and boxes 😀


        2. Enjoy the peace and tranquility Boom. Box by box,, it slowly comes together like building blocks that you and your husband will enjoy for years.


  9. You blow me away, Boomdee!! You are probably THE most creative person I know. I think my favorite thing you shared is how colors inspire you throughout the creative process. You have a very definite style and color scheme that gives you a “brand” but is never boring or predictable. THanks for the shout out! 🙂


    1. Good grief you are too kind ! But thank you, tons, for your generous message Leilani. I hadn’t really given these questions much thought before, so that was a cool part of the Blog Hop. It seems much easier when you know what you like hey? That’s why the monthly Kit we all get at work is truely a ‘Challenge’. It’s generally papers and bits that I wouldn’t have noticed or bought. It’s harder for me to make it my own style when someone else picks the colours. That’s why I know for certain, colour is key for me. I’m looking forward to your post and thanks so much for sharing your photo’s and joining the Hop too. Have a fun day! xK


  10. How fun this will be to see everyone’s response to the blog hop. I love your work for all the detail. I have spent a great deal of time showing off your can of goodies to everyone that comes through my door. Every little nook and crannies worth of detail. I was able to use one of the stunning cards you made this weekend for a friends baby shower. She loved the card and as much as I wanted to take credit, she had already seen the can and your work. (for an hour). My son is artistic and he had to see each detail as well. The can moved in my car. (I didn’t trust the movers) and it is now safely in the china cabinet to rooms are in order. (getting there). I love Pauline’s work as well. I made my son show me how to save her video of her book from a box. Now I can see it as often as I chose. I will check out the others soon. Where does the time go? This has been the most intense move of all. So much more work than any but so much more worth the work. I could look at all your creations everyday for inspiration. (sometimes I do.) 🙂 I remember taking a painting class on wood and each one had the same piece to work on. No 2 came out the same. Fascinating! Hugs and happy arranging of the boom room.


    1. Helllloooo fellow home mover! LOL, Marlene I’m so happy we’re going to make it through this craziness to see the light of day 😀 I can really say, “I know how you feel”. Are you full of bruises too? Both Mr B and I look like we’ve been wrestling around, but I swear there’s not a spot on my body without a bruise, cut or scrap.
      You’re just too cute to show off your ‘can of goodies’ to your captured audience, LOL. I’m happy you’re enjoying everything. I just loved making it and all the colours were just yummy. It’s that colour thing again, it’s like a box of chocolates. Wait a colour pickin’ minute, Forest G already used that line. Oh well, I’m ripping him off cause it’s a darn good line.
      I’m glad you’ve been able to use a card, that makes me feel so good. It’s true, no two people will look at life the same way or be creative the same way. Isn’t that fantastic? Variety, spice, life..yadda yadda. You hear it all the time and it’s so darn true. You’re the spice in my life with your sweet message. Thank you hon and remember to take photo’s too, I’m looking forward to hearing about your new place 😀 Hugs xoxoxo


  11. WOW what an awesome post Boomdee and I am honored I am included in it. Your work is so much more intricate compared to mine and I could never do anything like you do (I’m more of a bull in a china shop type). I just use my eye and one finger to trip the shutter when I see something that interests me which is a far cry from creating things from scratch like yourself. Thank you and have a great day 🙂


    1. O heavens, don’t sell yourself short Joe. I’m amazed at what your eye see’s through that lens of yours that many others saw that day and missed. In a way, you’re sharing stories too. Looking into the face of the homeless man above evokes so many feelings. I see his hopelessness, loneliness and regret but it also makes me thankful and hopeful that there are many people in my community working towards making things better. I also think, “I could do more to help the fallen to their feet” (part of a quote I like). Your work is inspiring and thought provoking. I also enjoy your sense of fun and humour over at FB. Thanks for joining in.

      Please don’t feel intimadated next monday. Everyone does their own thing. If it comes from the heart, it’s always honest and good. We’ll tune in to hear about your thoughts and I’m excited to see who you introduce too. It’s 4 questions and 3 introductions…..It doesn’t have to have bells and whistles because that’s not *you* and we think you’re terrific just the way you are.


  12. Oh I just KNEW your post on this Blog Hop would be memorable and wonderful and yummy all rolled into one. Your photo vignettes in answering the questions contain so many little delicious projects – I know I’m not the only one who loves seeing what you do with little bits and bobs of this and that. Thanks for agreeing to participate because I just know everyone who reads this will enjoy “getting inside that creative head of yours” !!! You’re the best……..Sammy and I send extra hugs…

    Love, Pam


    1. Hello, lovely caravan round the world leader 😀 HA! Thanks for asking me to join the trip. I had fun looking through old projects for the collages and making a little map. I thought the questions were a good introspective exercise too because I hadn’t really thought about the process to much. Can’t wait to see where we’re going next and who we’ll meet along the way. It was loads of fun, as you always are. Let’s hug it out……mmm mm good! xox Boomdee


  13. My goodness – what a stunning post! I have to make one like this?? Cheeses Boomdee! [If I may quote you] 🙂

    Joe’s photos are stunning – I don’t follow him except on the B&W new blog – but am going to have to remedy that immediately – if not sooner!!

    I loved reading your creative process and seeing all those examples of your work. The layout for the shop is a stunner too. You are queen of the art of fine detail for sure! I am pretty sure your latest creative endeavour is going to turn out one mighty fine crafting space. I look forward to seeing it and am hoping for some inspiration to update my own room 🙂 It’s such a pity the trip across can’t be quite as quick as a virtual one, otherwise I ‘d be sitting on your front doorstep waiting to be invited in for a viewing 🙂

    Good job m’dear – this is such a beautiful and interesting post – I’m glad you gave me the opportunity to play along.


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and next Monday you may do yours in any manner you’d enjoy. I just was having so much fun because I hadn’t been able to post too much lately and I was missing it a bit 😀 I know whatever transpires will be fun and interesting. You always are 😀 I might consider asking 3 friends to play, earlier rather than later, in the week. LOL, I was typing like the wind yesterday. Thanks so much for joining with, I think they’re interesting questions and can’t wait to read what you share.

      It really would be mind blowing to find you on my doorstep, OMgosh, madness would ensue. Until we get around to that moment, I’ll just have to say thank you for all your nice comments about my work and really, for all your wonderful support along the way. I really respect your ideas and thoughts about health, art, community and well life in general. I’ve had the best time Skyping and can’t wait for our next get together. Love you dearly xoK


    1. I had fun looking through old photo’s too. Does that happen to you? Do you look through photo’s of your previous guests and smile? Thanks so much for reading and your nice message too. They’re all the nicest folks with talent in spades. PS. I’m sooooo far behind on all your wonderful Journeys. I will be catching up very soon as I’m starting to see daylight here at the new house xoK


      1. Hey, don’t worry about catching up! We know how much energy goes into a new house and we couldn’t even dream of approaching the detail you’re putting into yours 😀 Enjoy it.


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