A Little Of This, A Little Of That

Where the heck did the month go? July is coming to a close and I can hardly believe it. We had a busy month of settling in to our new home.  Here’s our front street, kind of cute right?

My pretty front street


I’m happy to report I’ve gotten through all the moving boxes from the condo.  Although, I can’t quite decide where to put all this Christmas ‘stuff’ currently piled in our empty dining room.  But really, can you ever have too much Christmas? Leilani at Keeping Up With Mrs Smith claims to have only ONE ornament ! How can that be possible?  Maybe I need to send her a bit of Christmas Magic…snicker.

 Leilani's Box of Christmas Magic

I’ve been procrastinating about our  12 x 12 storage locker which is also full of…..mmm, actually I almost forget what’s in there, LOL.  I really must get to it and move, edit, unpack or GADS, give it all away to Goodwill, LOL. I’m pretty certain there are some treasures in there that I haven’t seen for a while.  Like my collection of McCoy Pots. For years, I’ve picked them up on holidays, as a memento of the trip. I fancy the pastel ones.

Boomdee's Collection of McCoy Pots

Speaking of treasure, I’ve finally corralled all my favourite things in the Boom-Room.  Mr B handily built my Ikea Expedite Kallax Display Unit. It stands just over four feet high and four feet wide.

Mr B working hard collage

Building it, apparently on what he said was the hottest day ever, was quick and almost painless. I had to accommodate two levels of carpeting, so installed adjustable legs on the bottom that worked like a charm*. (* not an Ikea product).  The unit should be secured to the wall with L brackets which are included.

Adjustable Legs

Once level, I joyfully filled it with all my ‘happy things’.  These are all the wee bits that feather my little nest, just make me smile and make the Boom-Room my Sanctuary Of Bliss.

Boomdee's Collection of Happy Things

There’s the ‘must haves’ for every office. A vintage aqua Corsair Typewriter.  Alys sent me the personalized vintage Valentine, so sweet?  Oh yah, and the card is too (hehe). Of course, my aqua Princess Phone is ready for action. Oh look, Alyster’s parked at the Eiffel Tower!  Bonjour Alyster !!!  So, why did Boomdee cross the road (and buy this little girl feeding her chicken)? Because it was just too adorable to resist, sillies 😀

Displaying Vintage Collectables

I’ve always loved putting together vignettes of treasure around the house. I’m thinking this is something guys don’t always ‘get’, am I right ladies?  I think it would  be a fun job to do window displays. Hey, I should  put that on my bucket list (note to self, start a bucket list).  I’ve moved things around since taking these photo’s, but that’s half the fun of creating vignettes.

Collectables on display

Well now, I don’t want you to doze off with my endless stories of treasure hunting.  Not every little thing needs to be utilitarian in life, it’s why we love the arts and music.  Some things are just meant to enhance your day by making your personal space cozier. All it takes is a little of this and little of that.

So, how do you display your collections?

Feel free to link photo’s in comments 😀

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

72 thoughts on “A Little Of This, A Little Of That

  1. I love your happy things and how things have come together for you in your new place! Fabulous!
    We have an open book shelf that’s a room divider too… some stuff goes in there. My most precious things (baby footprints, etc) are in my room in a glass cabinet drawer thingy (like my ability to articulate myself at midnight?!) in my wardrobe.

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    1. That’s so funny, when I was telling Mr B about this item, I said it’d make a really nice room divider if we should go back to a condo in our retirement. I like the idea of seeing thru cherish collectables into another area of a home. Oh, do you have the new Ikea wardrobes with glass drawers?

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    1. Hi Sheryl, it was fun getting things out of boxes to enjoy again. After taking a month off, we’re now emptying our storage locker…GADS, someday we will be moved in. LOL Thank you for your message.


  2. There is something about how the photo is that i honestly thought everything was in miniature!! It’s just lovely, you have a real knack for vignettes, and it doesn’t come easy to everyone! I love your taste and sense of style. What a perfect unit for your space and The legs added on is pure brilliance really!! Your christmas collection is quite reasonable. If I took a snap of my hoard in the basement you would feel ready to go out and get more!
    I am so good with coming up with ideas in the house but rarely actually execute them.. I have boxes of things to hang up on the wall and frame. ITs a real problem of mine! Happy organizing, Please share your tips on how you motivate yourself to do this homemaking stuff. LOL. Now I have to pull up my britches!


    1. hi Sunshine! Thanks for all the nice complements. I’m really enjoying moving things around and regrouping. It offers space on top too to put some pages I’ve worked on. I have absolutely no idea how to stay motivated, I am usually running around with my cut off. But I had to get some stuff unpacked and needed a place to put it all. Look at your yard !!!! Your britches are just fine. xoxox K


  3. Congratulations on the new home! Hurray! As Heidi said, you will need to post more photos 🙂 I’m laughing down here because we just got home from IKEA…filled the cart with gummy fish and cookies. It’s a family tradition. I picked up 2 sawhorse style supports and plan to mod podge a hollow core door for the top. Then I will have a decent layout table, happy happy happy.


    1. Hey ho, thank you so kindly. Yep, happy days are here again. Got the yard (tiny) front porch (cozy) and a little spot to plant perennials in. We’ll slowly get to the decorating part, but just managed to actually get everything we moved from the condo put away. Still waiting for our furniture and have to bring a whole storage locker home and figure out that part. We hired a painter before we moved in. He did in two days what would take me a month. Also replaced carpeting in basement. So that’s about it. I’m in Victoria BC right now with Alys. We came to goof off and have fun. Your trip to Ikea sounded like a success. Treats and sawhorses! You’re so unpredictable, LOL. Looking forward to seeing your project, I like that idea. Good luck with it.


    1. Hi Laurie, I have bought a couple of things for the craft room from Ikea, Budget minded and easy to bring home in a box. Mr B did put together the self but that’s where he called it a day. LOL, he’s not much of a collections guy. Thank you for popping in!


        1. Roger that Milner, 10-4 and eat our dust!!! (oops that might be a bit taunting)…..kiss our cats….on the lips….after they just did washy wash…yah!


        2. You know, ‘that thing’ they insist on doing in front of company? Look OUT evil doers…it’s going to be really really nasty…hehehe (insert maniacal laugh) They will rough, roo, (sounds like ‘two’) the day.


  4. It’s looking great – glad to hear that you’re settling in! 😊 loving your collections of teal, especially your beautiful typewriter! That reminds me that I need to get a new ribbon for my pink one…X


    1. Hi Clare, how cute would that be? A pink typewriter !!! I just had mine cleaned and serviced. Do you use yours much? I found a place that still had some ribbons. I rewound the new ribbon onto an old spool and presto. Thanks for the cheer, it’s coming together. We walked to dinner last night to a wonderful restaurant. It’s nice to live central, near the river and nature but near downtown too. Have a super weekend!


      1. It is super cute! It’s a vintage Olympia and I found it on Ebay last year, but I must admit that I haven’t got it up and running yet…we’re a bit tight on space because we share our (very small) study so I can’t keep stuff out all the time. So I’m dreaming of a craft room! So pleased you’re settling in well and getting to know your new neighbourhood. It sounds like you live in a similar place to us – it takes about 25 minutes to get into Newcastle on the bus, but we’re in the Tyne Valley so we can see trees, hills and the river Tyne too 😊 it’s nice to feel like you’re getting away from it all, but aren’t completely isolated. Great spot! Hope you have a super weekend too! X


  5. Oh Boomdee what a blissful neighborhood you’ve moved to – love your street shot – great houses. I knew you’d have that new house “Boomdeeized” in no time and indeed – I see aqua here and there and everywhere along with a lot of serenity and love. You have found some lovely spots for your treasures – LOVE that treasure cabinet Mr. Boomdee put together for you – perfect but you need TWO don’t you????? HAHA Thanks for updating us on the World of Boomdee – it looks perfect….just like I knew it would be.

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)


    1. Hey ho, Pam and Sam! I think Mr B would cringe at the thought of building another only because it’s too hot up there until we get our AC done. Soon I hope. Thank you so so much for your beautiful message. We’re going to try our first walk uptown tonight. 2 km’s and then we can ride an escalator up from the Valley. Dinner reservation, so it’s my night off. Things are slowly coming together. I’m sure you’re glad you didn’t move. You have such a beautiful place. Wee bit at a time, we plan to stay for a while. Happy Weekend dear friends, xoxoxo K


  6. Oh my goodness, Boomdee, I was so excited to see your post and thrilled to see your gorgeous street! It’s so lovely. As are your aqua walls, colourful bowls and stunning ornaments! You have displayed them beautifully – clever Mr. B, too! What a super big year you have had – and yet you still manage to find such amazing things on the www! That video is priceless! How to dial – he, he, he! What a far simpler time! Now, I have a small housewarming present for you (but reading about your storage you may be thinking “Oh! No! I don’t want more stuff!”) It’s a little project I have been working on for a little while and I was going to surprise you and send it to your work, but then I thought: “what if it gets lost in the mix?” Or, I can send it to your new home but would need your new address. Let me know what you think of all this! How are Petals and Blossum settling into their new digs? Big hugs to them and to you, dear Boomdee! I’ve missed you! xoxoxoxoxoxox


    1. Gasp! Dani! You’ve made me something? You are a sweetie pie! Of course I always have room for handcrafted treats from the heart. I will love it because it’s from you and you’re wonderful. I’ll just throw out something of Mr B’s bahhahaha…..…Noooooo! Kidding 😉 I hardly ever do that…snicker. I will send an email STAT….oh geez, so fun, mwaaaaaa and xoxoxoxox
      That aqua wall up there is actually at our lake house, but I did have one wall in a bedroom painted similar. I’m going to have a wall in our dining room painted the same too. We had a painter b4 we moved in, but we only had him for 2 days (he has a regular weekday job painting show homes). He got so much done in just two days, but we will have him back for decorating details, hopefully b4 Christmas.
      Petals and Blossum settled in quickly, thank you for thinking of them. They love the retractable screen door, they sit and look out. They actually got out one day and I had a shock when I saw Blossum on the wrong side, then Petals bounced out from under the porch. I still don’t know for sure how, but I think they squeezed under the screen. So I watch them really close now. Thank goodness they didn’t go out of the yard. Mr B was away and I would’ve had a meltdown. I sure loved seeing all your furry family in your last post. I’ve missed you all too. I don’t know how to multitask anymore…ha…just too pooped some days. Thank you so much for all your cheer. I feel so loved xoxoxox k


  7. You are way ahead of me girl, but I’ll catch up soon. Carpet got pushed up to Monday so I’ll be able to start putting things where they belong and hang pictures etc. Love the divider. We have Ikea here but I’ve not been. I must shop the thrift stores for awhile. My sewing room is wall to wall and to the ceiling. Headboard is in in front of bookcases and dressers in the bathroom with just enough room to get to the shower. I love the street. Looks like you have a front porch too! My favorite part. You would be a wonderful window dresser or display person. Loved the vignettes. Never thought of doing something like that. The video was a hoot. BTW, I have a 10×10 storage unit. I/4 is for Christmas and holiday decor. The rest is crafts, sewing, more books and a little misc. (my dog stroller) I’ll be weeding through as I’ve settled too. Right now, I have a lot of my sister’s furniture here to help her out. We shall see what comes later. Soon you will be on holiday and have a good time antiquing.I don’t have to go far to find antiques. One is sleeping in my bed. (me).


    1. LOL, Marlene. Silly, you have to be 100 years old to actually be an antique. You’re what they call ‘vintage’. Vintage is really cool and IN right now, hot hot hot! That’s you 😀

      I might be ahead but only my craft room is looking pretty. Nothing is really ‘decorated’. I only just re-hung the really ugly drapes yesterday with a desire to keep the house cooler. They’re a nasty carmel brown corduroy…geez Louise, must have been in the bargain bin.

      I’m sure your sister is very thankful for your help. Are you enjoying the time together? Sometimes Ikea is cheaper than thrift here. The day I was there, they actually had Aqua dish sets (4 places) for under $10.00. It took every ounce of willpower to resist. I’d have no where’s to put them and really don’t need them (not that I always follow that criteria…haha). You must be beat? I’m younger and it wiped me out..pack, unpack, put away, up the stairs, down the stairs, load of laundry, make dinner, get another box…..yada yada. Only 11 days to Victoria, I can’t believe it’s finally here. So looking forward to spending time together and yes I’m sure antique shopping too.

      Don’t forget to put those tired little legs up and have a refreshment now and again. I’m not advocating drinking and decorating but it helps some days…snort! Thanks for your message Marlenie-bean xoxoK


      1. You crack me up. Drinking and decorating! Why didn’t I think of that. I do take rest time every day. (almost) Bells has made it impossible to not rest. I do enjoy my sister (most of the time). She can be quite exhausting herself. Anyone who can blow up their entire life can be a challenge. The extra 2 hands and her open bed pick-up have been very handy. My job is just to keep her moving forward to rebuild. Hard to do at 60. I could write a whole book about her alone.

        Don’t envy you the drapes. I put up duettes (blinds) but nothing else yet. Carpet comes Monday, then everything goes into it place. The headboard is in front of the bookcases in the living room and the dressers are in the bathroom. I can squeeze in to shower though. 🙂 Have fun in Victoria. Where will you guys stay? My daughter wants to go but I don’t remember the hotel we stayed in years ago. I should look that up. Something else to do. 🙂 Fun.


  8. Surround yourself with treasures and be happy! So loved seeing snippets of the new place and I love the street you live on! Can’t wait to ride my bike up and over (loooonnnng ride) and see the whole place.
    Love everything!


    1. Weeeeee! road trip!!! That would be absolutely a riot. You best settle in for a doozie, might have to wait for retirement…LOL. You are more than welcome anytime you feel the urge to ride, and ride aaaaannnd ride some more 😀 Thanks for you fab message LB! We’re sure happy to be settling down, now if we could only get that AC installed Stat!!! LOL


  9. What a great site you have, everything a feast for the eye. Having moved myself so many time to different countries as well ( lived in Canada to, but in Ontario) I appreciate what you doing right now. Love your artwork and your aqua vintage collection…looking forward to follow you. Cheers, Johanna


    1. Thanks so much Johanna. I have a bit of a thing for aqua you’ll find 😀 Addiction is a strong word, but I do find it hard to resist. I try not to be a ‘one-trick-pony’ and mix it up a bit. I find that if it’s all things I love, somehow it all works out.

      I had fun over at your blog this morning too. Can’t wait to see what comes along. Cheers my dear!


  10. Congratulations on getting through all those boxes! The street looks idyllic – do you have a big garden? Phew, you must have been having withdrawal symptoms from all your aqua goodies 😉


    1. Thanks you so much for cheering me on the whole time. Yes, quite the month. I know people move and blog and work all at the same time…don’t know how though. I’d basically fall into bed most nights, LOL. Hope you’re having a wonderful summer in Europe. I’ve seen some gorgeous photo’s of Italy lately…it would be so beautiful to travel there, We only had time for Rome and Venice on our last trip. Must try to come again soon. Cheers my friends!!


    1. True that Steven, as you guessed, that’s the colour of happiness for me. Off to Toronto again? They must really adore you there 😀 Hope it’s not too hot and humid. We are suffering thru a heat wave here, 32 C today…ugg. How’s your Roses doing this summer?


  11. Oh, Boomdee!!! Your street is enviably adorable!!! And that shelf of all your that’s-so-Boomdee knickknacks is perfection. You’re so funny trying to get Christmas into my system. Be careful–I might just regift that ornament. 😉 Congrats again on your new home and the lovely progress you’re making.


    1. Here comes Mrs Smith, here comes Mrs Smith, right down Mrs Smith Lane…..(song to the melody of here comes Santa Claus or course,,,,snicker) What makes you think I’m trying to influence you in any way with Christmas?
      Thanks for your cheer Leilani. What I really love around here is that everyone has fab landscaping. I took some photo’s of gardens in the area and will share soon. Hope you’re is still alive and kicking 😀


  12. As you know already from the lovely Pauline, we live in an Ikealess land, though we do have keas; quite a few in fact.

    . I am sorry they are not aqua but they are fun. So glad you are settling in well. Love your displays.


    1. That was just awesome, I had my fingers crossed the whole time and cheered them on. Bless their tiny hearts, they finally managed. They do seem quite brilliant. Are they a type of parrot? Do you keep them as pets in your garden? Thanks so much for sharing! I know other visitors will love it too. Cheers.


        1. That was really interesting and not entirely surprising, yet another native animal endangered by our encroachment of their habitat. I played the recording of the Kea and Blossum came running. No wonder they’re preyed upon. Poor baby birds. Thanks for the link, very informative.


  13. Everything looks marvellous, congrats on moving into the new digs! That’s a chore, but always worth it. 😉 I’m sure you are both very happy.

    Those Expedit units are terrific. I have two of the half-size ones in my office: one in front of the desk to store my frighteningly huge fabric stash, and the other in the closet behind my desk to hold all sorts of things. Yours looks much cuter than my more utilitarian ones. 😉


    1. Hi Jen!! Hope your summer has been awesome and filled with road trips and treasure finds of your own. Thanks so much for your message. I’m not surprised that you have a couple Expedit units. Have you seen all the ways people use them on Pinterest? It’s the perfect marriage of Form and Function. You can dress it up or like you, put it to work. I figure, years from now, when we move to a retirement condo, it’d make a great room divider, say between dining and living rooms. I like when a piece of furniture can be repurposed along the way. Moving is such a big deal, so I shouldn’t utter another word about the next move, LOL.


    1. Dear French Apple, I have a plan in the works to debut my sweet little turquoise suitcase, so you’ll need to visit again 😀 Isn’t that video a scream. It reminds me of something they’d show at school on one of those old projectors with the reels of film. I loved watching the dust float thru the lamp light in a dark room. Seemed rather magical, with the clippity ticking from the projector and the giant white screen that rolled out of the ceiling. They had a certain smell to them when you opened the canister. I don’t suppose you use those anymore do you? A shame, I mean, you can watch TV at home. Now a projector on a big screen, you know something specials about to start. Thanks a bunch for watching and your message too W. Hugs!


      1. Haha. Okay I will wait for the suitcase and yes I agree totally about the projector thing and alas now at school it is Youtube on the Smart TV or everyone on their ipads…not the same at all.


  14. I loved looking at all your little treasures. They are fun to display and rearrange and I imagine they inspire you, too, in your crafty Boom Room. Your cleverness sure inspires me.

    That shelf is perfect. Go Mr. B. I’ll bet you’ve ironed his shirts on hot days, too, so it’s only fair. Am I right? 😉

    I’m excited to see the other details as they unfold.

    What a charming little street, with green belts and trees and that beautiful blue sky. You moved at the perfect time of year. I know it will be beautiful in the winter, too, but we won’t talk about that right now. Shhhhhhhhh….

    Now that I have a trained eye (thanks to you) I see two McCoy pots in your display. Did you unearth them from the locker, or were those in the condo? I hope we find one for you in Victoria. Do you just buy the pots, or do you pick up other items?

    Thanks for the shout out. I was excited to find the valentine in a vintage shop and had fun adding Boomdee. YOU are the sweetie!

    I laughed out loud at the rotary phone video. Five minutes to learn how to dial a phone. What would she say if she saw the phone in the bottom of my purse? M came over to see what I was looking at, saw the demo phone, and wanted to know if they were ever really that big. Lots of smiles from that one.

    Great post my dear. We’ve missed you.


    1. Hello dear friend of mine ❤ you make me laugh. I have been avoiding ironing like the plague so one day I had to iron 14 shirts and a plethora of other bits (mostly mine). 3.5 hours later I had watched the entire last season of 'Who Do You Think You Are'. I PVR'd a marathon and enjoyed every single one. They're so awesome. Sheldon was one of them and it turns out he's related to an architect that worked for a King. He got to stand in a church that his 4 times great grandfather designed and had built. I love that show, and it made the ironing so much less awful. No ironing today or tomorrow…over 30 C, yikes!

      I do limit myself to McCoy Pots in this style. I try to remain focused, otherwise I want everything. I think I get a bigger 'POW' from the collection, but I've seen BIG mixed collections in magazines that are gorgeous too. It was be squeal inducing to find another on our trip to Victoria. I hope so. Jan at work gave me some tips on antique shopping there 😀 OMGosh, getting so close now, hehehe.

      When we moved to the condo 'temporarily', I brought one box of 'Happy Things' by collecting a little something from each room at the lake. It was suppose to help me through the transition period. I think it helped actually. Most of that stuff became the landscape on our mantel at the condo. These two McCoy pots came in that box and I've been using them in my Craft Room since. I'm currently hunting for a display thingy that will fit in a tall narrow wall in the entrance. I'm thinking they'd be cute there.

      I don't know if you noticed, but there's something from you in almost every cubby hole 😀 It's my 'ode-to-Alys' concerto ❤ xo Bottom shelf, L-R, Birthday Card, Poppins book, Beautiful storage boxes & Mary Poppins Shoe, Thank you Card 😀 You are always with me xo and oh how you spoil me.

      I would imagine in the near future, there will be young kids who've never had a home phone, everyone in the family with have their own personal phone number and phone, like you said, in their pocket. They seemed to have time to spare back then hey? Like, "how long does it take to learn how to use a phone?" I liked her hairdo though….another red head 😀 how could I resist. Thanks for watching and you're sweet message too. Yes, hopefully, more time to blog next month 😀 xoxox k


      1. 3.5 hours of ironing in a row!!!??? I don’t know how you do it. That must have been one engaging show. I’m sure it feels good to get it all done though. Mike has a series of work shirts with the company logo and they fall out of the dryer ready to hang and then wear. He so rarely wears collared shirts, given the casualness of the Valley and the tech clients he sees.

        I do iron when I sew of course, but somehow it’s different.

        You are wise to limit your collection, not to mention that it makes it all the more special when you find one. How many of them are from Edmonton vs other parts of Canada or the US?

        I’m curious to hear what your friend taught you about antiquing. Oh what fun we’ll have.

        An ode to Alys concerto…ah you are the best. I noticed a few things were from me, but it sounds like a missed a few too. I’ll go back and look, just another excuse to look at your treasures.

        It’s almost 1 am here so I better head to bed. I’m sure there are typos, above. Today my excuse is…



    1. Thank you so much for that and your visit. I’ve just linked over to you and see I’ve missed so many, including your BHATW Post. I must really get to a mountain of emails.
      I’m terribly behind. See you soon 😀 Cheers.


  15. Oh DEAR! I think I am just about to get drummed out of the crafty hallowed halls of communal fame here because I gave away a whole lot of stuff exactly like your preciouses here Ms BoomDee when I inherited dads house…vintage eh? Oh well…someone out there would have loved them ;). Love your new craft room, the crafty collection, the house, the carpet, the husband, the view, all good Ms Boomdee and you are on track to settling in just fine by the look of it. Just about over your summer now and pretty soon you will have LOTS of indoor time to rearrange your vintage babies all you like 🙂


    1. Narf !!!!! Gads, you should have signed up for Ebay or Etsy and you would have made a good haul of it. I’m no expert, but if you are into Pinterest, there are a lot of people pinning vintage 50’s and 60’s. I would hope anyone who covets these decades, would have been over the moon to be offered free vintage. Yep, that never happens to me :/

      The carpet in my craft room is a story in of itself. I’ll save for another blog. The husband fits in nicely, yep, good pick I did on that one, ha.

      You’ve pointed out the inevitable, winter is now only 3 or 4 months away. Does spring arrive for you in October? Time to fortify the garden net again already? We’ve been having sweltering weather, for Alberta anyways. Today 29 C and tomorrow 32 C…snap, that is not my style at all. Do you remember the Wicked Witch of the West, screeching, “I’m meeeelting”. Oh ya, there’s a visual for you. As a kid, that gave me nightmares long after I saw the movie. Will drop in to see what antics you’re up to this week 😀


      1. Hopefully you aren’t afraid of weasels or rooster culling as that’s pretty much my blog post in a nutshell with a little narfesque wisdom of the ages thrown in for good luck. I, too am the wicked witch in summer. I HATE heat. When we lived in Western Australia it regularly hit 40C+ and I am not pretty in any way, shape or form when the temperature rockets 😦

        I am SO sorry that I didn’t know you guys when we first moved to Serendipity Farm as (I am loath to admit it) I just tumbled it all into boxes and took it to the thrift shop! There were so many ” vintage” things in those boxes that I would hate to even list them as you might never speak to me again :(. I probably still have things laying around. If I do find anything I will send it post haste to atone for my sins against the 60’s and 70’s.


  16. Great displays – canhardly wait to visit your new pace now that you have it mostly organized. We will have to go to the antique place where you purchased your mixer last year. Sandi wants to come with us. Great collections!!!! LUL


    1. Thanks Aunty!! I think we should plan a lunch here soon. Hopefully before I leave for Victoria. I was just at that antique shop a couple of weeks ago. A really nice girl from another Blog was in town and we went for lunch and a snoop thru there. I bought a little suitcase…yep, another one!! LOL. See you Thursday I hope LUL 2 xoK


  17. Home is where the heart is, (and the cats of course). Wishing you all the best, my dear Boomdee. Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”


    1. Awwww, thank you so much Herman and Mr Bowie. Yes, my heart is here and while it’s not exactly our dream home, I think it could be someday. All good things are worth waiting for 😀 xo Boomdee


  18. It’s so pretty! 🙂 And the street view is straight out of a Disney movie – you must be in heaven! Even your collection for Mrs Smith is perfect 🙂 Having a Mr B to put together that Ikea product is a plus also – I not only am Mr B-less but also Ikea-less……….. gads, I am feeling quite deprived!!

    Do you know I remember those phones and would have adored one just like that when I was very young. You would make a great window dresser with your eye for detail and fun – but I wonder what would you do if the store owner did not want aqua? [Perish the thought!]

    I’m so happy for you that at last the waiting and searching is done and now you can nest and nestle to your hearts content! xoxo


    1. Bonjour Pauline! I’m practicing for my next jaunt to Paris 😀 How far from New Zealand to France? Wait a warm croissant pickin’ minute, don’t I recall you have lived there in the past???

      I do love the front street, with vintage lamps and trees. Mary Poppin’s may well feel right at home here. As do we.

      Sorry you are feeling deprived. Maybe they’re both in your future? Or!! Better yet, a dashing Swede relocating to New Zealand to open the biggest Ikea South of the equator! 😀 He meets you on the beach, he’s there to walk his little dog. Siddy meets Alva, a sweet little terrier and it’s love at first sight. Frankly, Liam is smitten with you both and as he brushes a mop of blonde hair from his crystal blue eyes, he invites you to a fondue at his beach house. You tell friends you’re only interested in his fondue, but you secretly love his beach house and dream of turning his elaborate ‘fika’ room into an art studio.

      Mmmmm, I think that sounds like an interesting adventure so far. Care to add anything? LOL.

      I can’t imagine anyone not loving aqua, they surely would have no reason to ever shop again, HA but I suppose I could accommodate that. It’s like the monthly page challenge at work, I don’t always love the paper but take one for the team. That’s how I roll.

      Thanks so much for all your lovely words, you’re too fabulous 😀 Hooray!!! (according to this website, that’s the Kiwi goodbye). http://www.chemistry.co.nz/kiwi.htm#gasguzzler


      1. That’s a cracker site Boomdee! I’ll no longer have to speak American English to you – I can do Kiwi English and you can translate it through that site. Brilliant! 🙂

        No, I haven’t lived in France. Did you confuse Austria or GB with them [neither country would be impressed with that faux pas!] I’d like to live in Italy if that would ever be possible – preferably up north somewhere.

        I can also see your second job could be writing pot boilers for Mills and Boons…. what an imagination! These days the times when I miss a man in the house are confined to those moments when I have to use a plunger or a wrench – both of which are thankfully rare 🙂

        I have grown very happy with my independence, my autonomy and I adore NEVER having to compromise 🙂 Yay for singledom!!

        So while I would be most pleased to meet the man who owns Ikea whilst walking Siddy on the beach – it would be for his store only 😀 I sure would love his store!!

        I can’t imagine anyone not liking aqua either – I’m noticing it is everywhere at the moment – it’s obviously a trendy colour this year. Is it the same your way?

        Having to work with papers we would usually not choose must be very good for extension I think – you’ll be picking up all kinds of new skills! I am dying to get into my room on a regular basis again – I have something in the pipeline for you, it’s just taking so long to be able to work without interruptions.

        Cheerio 🙂


        1. Yep, a ‘cracker’ of a site LOL. Seems Kiwi’isms are not unlike what you’d hear someone speak like in Great Britain. Not entirely unlike our own silly lingo either. I gave a look-see over the list and saw a number of slangs I, myself use frequently. Hey, maybe I’m part Kiwi? BRB, must see if GADS is on the list


        2. Drats, not on the list but it’s easy to spot others. . . . . gas guzzler, gold as gold, heaps, hissy fit, mad (crazy), strapped for cash. We’re all a heartbeat from being related me thinks, Ha. I think it might be fun to pen a romance novel but I’m sure it’d turn out to be a comedy in the end.

          Aqua has been a hit here for a bit now. I remember when I’d say Aqua and someone might say, “is that like turquoise?”. Now everyone wants it. How could I blame them? But I like to think, I was aqua when aqua wasn’t cool 😀

          RE: Liam and cute little Alva. They’ve come so far to meet you. Maybe you can have your cake (or as they say in Sweden, Prinsesstarta) and eat it too 😀 I can imagine more when ever you need the next chapter in the budding romance 😀

          Oh, wait a Bubbling swiss cheese fondue minute. . . . you’re making me something? Exciting!!!! I can’t imagine. . . you have many talents. Hints?


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