An Extra Special Day

Wishing Dear Alys a Very Happy Birthday !

Here’s something you may not know if you’re new to blogging.  You will get to know wonderful friends all over the world. If you’re really lucky, you’ll even meet up with a few of them. Then, if all the good karma you ever saved up is on your side, you’ll become the best of friends.  True that, I’ve made a life long friend in Alys.  She’s optimistic and generous in spirit, caring and adorable in every way and my biggest cheerleader.

Please help me to wish Alys a Very Happy Birthday and enjoy the high-lights of our get-together’s over the last two years.

 I love you dearly Alys ❤ ❤ Enjoy

an extra special day xox


Besides our friendship, there’s always something blooming at Gardening Nirvana

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

38 thoughts on “An Extra Special Day

    1. Thanks for popping back to Alys’s Birthday post and your cheer. Alys and I have talked about how crazy it is that we’ve met here on-line and became lifelong friends. It’s actually a very cool community we share here, I got to lunch with two other special gals from the WP community too! It’s like having family and friends all over the world xx


    1. Hi W! We loved that shop and spend a wee bit of time there. Some little girls were learning to sew by making pencil cases (I think) out of rags and scraps, very creative. I bought a crazy bird pin cushion for girls at work and Alys bought a super cute bracket made from vintage silverware. Oh, and bought me some gorgeous glass buttons. I also loved the art hanging around the shop by local painters. xo


      1. Yes, it is on my must stop by list every time I go to the city…along with footloose shoe store, the papery, island blue print, opus art supplies and murchie’s tea shop…other places are optional but those are a every time I go kind of place.I am glad you liked it…it screams Boomdeeadda to me.

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    1. 😀 We’re having the best time ever. I can say for myself, I feel like 15 years old again. Like when your best friend goes to camp for the summer and you had to write letters to keep in touch. That’s us, but now we have the net. Thank you for your cheer and have a fab weekend J !


    1. I always feel that way too LB, thank you. It sometimes feels like there was always this long tangly string between us and it just took time to unravel. Honestly, on holidays we practically ate the same thing at every meal…LOL. So many other co-incidences like same middle name, both married Mikes (but I had to exchange mine HA) Well, it is just that, wonderful ! xo


  1. What a moving tribute to a beautiful friendship. Great pictures, great memories and great music. Can’t wait to see the video in 20 years – ha! – hopefully I’ll have made the big trek north in that time to be in some pics! Just have to get over a bit of a huge fear of flying! But, moving on, a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, dear Alys. I hope all of your hopes and dreams come true. And same to you, dear Boomdee. Huge hugs to two lovely ladies who, as an added bonus, love cats! xoxoxoxox

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    1. OMGosh Dani !!! wouldn’t it be grande to have a video that gets added to every year that will document our visits with each other !! It would be crazy awesome if we could trade visits. While it is so far, really and truly, I know it will happen some day. Thank you for your cheer my dear, ((( you ))) would be ‘cream in my coffee’ if I didn’t drink it black 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤ xoxoxox


  2. Thanks for the heads up my friend. I will not forget this date. I like birthdays and think they should be well celebrated. If you don’t have one, well, you know what that means. You probably aren’t alive anymore. 😦 I’m glad you both are alive and keep having birthdays. It’s a good thing. 🙂

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    1. Definitely prefer birthdays to pushing up daisies, we’d be missing all the fun 😀 Although, that is the name of my most love TV show “Pushing Daisies”. Did you watch it while it was on Marlene? Watch the trailer here:

      The most whimsical and magical 1/2 hour of Television ever. Well right up there with Bewitched. They cancelled it after 2 seasons. There was a giant protest on line of Daisy lovers, sobbing and begging. I was heartbroken. 😀 BUT ! There’s now talk of a comeback..OMGosh, I hope so. xo


      1. Oh yes, I did watch that series too. LOVED it. Yes, life of any sort is better than pushing up daisies. I’m in favor. So many complain about getting old. I love that I get to grow old. No matter how it feels. 🙂

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  3. What a beautiful paean of praise and celebration of a truly gorgeous soul! Boomdee you are so gifted at putting things together in exactly the right way – I love what you have made for your dear friend here. I am always so touched by how much you love and adore each other – it is a rare thing to see these days and it truly warms my heart!

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    1. Awww, thank you (( Pauline )) You can see why Alys is so easy to love and adore. Lucky girls are we. This store in Victoria is actually called PaBoom, Ha! Now wasn’t that a wee bit of Serendipity. While I had to stand on tippy-toe, our long and lean Birthday Queen merely tossed those arms over her head, LOL If you were with, you could be on my shoulders and we’d get er’ done. Cheers my dear ❤ k


  4. I’m weeping openly and with joy. You are a once in a lifetime gift. I’m grateful for you ever single day. You’ve brought me love, laughter and friendship of the highest order.Thank you for this beautiful gift. The candid shots, the silliness, the smiles, our obvious affection, all add up to an amazing collection of joyous memories. Thank you, dear friend, from the depth and breadth of my heart. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoBoomdeexoxoxoxoxooxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxxo

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    1. I’m smothering myself in all that warmth and love an sending it right back to you, Birthday Girlfriend Extraordinaire !! We’ve made a lot of memories in a short time, just think how long this video will be 20 years from now when I’m grey and you’re more blonde, LOL. I hope your day continues to be filled with happy surprises. I miss you everyday. xox to a million ❤ ❤ ❤


  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Alys – you two truly are the bestest of aqua-cized friends and I know how much you look forward to your visits with her………hope today is super special in every way for her (and for you too!!!).

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)

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    1. Aqua-cized friends, that made me smile Pam ❤ Thank you for your wishes. I know, you know how wonderful it is to make a lovely lovely friend thru blogging. Hugs to you and sweet Sam. I adore you both xoxK


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