Beneath My Bed

We once had an aqua playhouse,

way up in a tree.

My  Poor Haunted Treehouse

But everything’s now dark and dead,

where the garden use to be.

The Garden's Dark and Dead

A wicked witch took over,

when a gate was left ajar.

Who left the gate open?

Now goblins fly around the walls,

they come from near and far.

It's a Nightmare!

Their screams and horrid laughter,

made the hair stand on my neck.

Where cobble stones once greeted you,

are cobwebs to the deck.

Careful, the walkway is now full of Cobwebs !!

The pretty white lace curtains,

are now an ugly black.

Flown straight up thru the chimney,

by a little hairy bat.

Oh no! My lace curtains!!

Surely I must be dreaming,

this is all inside my head.

It’s time to sleep but before I go,

I must look beneath my bed!

The Haunted Tree House

An original poem by Boomdeeadda

My little haunted house was handmade by yours truly for the Halloween display at The Urban Scrapbook. If you want to know about any of the dies or techniques, please talk nerdy to me. All the girls at Urban made amazing projects ! It’s such an inspiring and fun place to work. Click on the next photo get a close up of the display projects at The Urban Blog.

The Urban Scrapbook

My Haunted Tree House will be

gifted to one lucky visitor here, who comments 

before 11:59 pm, Saturday November 1, 2014.

The winner to be announced November 3, 2014.


Sooooo, what are you wearing this year?

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!! Love Boomdee

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

71 thoughts on “Beneath My Bed

    1. Hi Sunshine! Thank you for your fab message! I don’t know why WP didn’t let me know of your visit. Can’t find good help these days, LOL.

      Yep, all paper except for the ribbon spool I recycled as the tree trunk. We’d sold out a ribbon at work so (with permission) I took home the spool and knew I’d use it for something sometime. The girls at Urban just rock. We’ve got quite a few classes going on and they’re almost always full. I’m an apprentice at the feet of the experts, soooo much fun!


  1. The best part about being behind is reading all the other comments. What a fabulous thread. It’s unanimous: everyone loves and admires Boomdee. I get to say “Oh sure, we’ve met. She’s just as amazing in person.” Your haunted house is a treasure and so are you. One lucky winner will be dancing a jig.

    Loved your poem, my sweet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m getting more spoilt by the minute. (( you )) are the apple of many an eye, I princh myself daily that you’ve stumbled into my lair……errr I mean Blog. one fine day. As it turns out, a couple in New Zealand will make their cute little acreage the new home sweet home for the Little Haunted Treehouse. How cool is that?

      I guess I’m in a rhyming mood this week, because the next post comes with a widdle poem too…Help……..
      “I think I might”
      “I think I do”
      “I think I shall rhyme things just for you”

      Is this the much dreaded Seuss-idice? Do be careful xoxoxoxx LOL


    1. 😀 It’s a done deal and what fun we’ve had this year in our new house. Lot’s of treaters to the door, so that’s very different from our old house in the country. We actually had to run out twice for more treats, LOL. Next year we’ll be better prepared ❤


  2. Hello Kelly! You know your poems are my very favorite thing, so this post has me smiling ear to ear 😀 What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year, and will we get to see photos? No Halloween as such where I am, we do have Day of the Dead though for the next three days which is quite a nice celebration. You would just love all the elaborate flower murals people make on the streets in town! Big Hugs for you from me and my crew, Happy Halloween ❤

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    1. Kathryn!! Thank you so much and happy 1st day of the Dead, LOL That sounds so dark but I’m certain flowers do wonders. You’re totally right, I would love that. I’m dressing up for work tomorrow as Amy Farrah Fowler. I’m hoping to carve a pumpkin with Sheldon’s face on it, so we’ll see how that goes, HA. Gotta love a challenge.

      I will share a photo or two from the event, I can’t wait. I’m so glad for your visit and sweet message too. I really am going to cash in on all these hugs one day and love your crew to bits xo ❤


      1. I’m so behind!!!

        I love your gorgeous…I mean…creepy, spooky house. I’m so glad you included photos from the different angles as there is much to see. The roof is amazing. I know that Urban provides you with a kit of papers and embellishments, but I find it extraordinary that you’ve crafted this three-dimensional treasure from those supplies. Did you plan this out ahead of time, or do you jump in and let your hands do the ‘talking’?

        My gosh the door opens. And those windows are super spooky. I wouldn’t press my nose up to one of those, now way, no how. Such detail in the front garden, too. Overturned pots, pumpkins and bunting along the fence. It’s all served up on a cake-plate like tower. Amazing. It’s extraordinary what comes out of the Boom Room. I’m delighted to see all the details.

        Mwaaaaaaa xoxo

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Awwww ((you)) are the dearest, thank’s Alys! I kind of thought I’d do a house because Oct is the only month we do something other than a layout. If I had a cameo machine, I could go on-line and pick something from a site to download and cut. Maybe someday. Oh hey! You’ll appreciate this, the tower was fashion from a Maya Road ribbon spool that was empty and not needed at the store. So I recycled it along with a lid to an old round gift box. You always inspire me to recycle/reuse/reduce. The windows are actually mirror paper. It’s a Ranger product and was part of the kit. It can be cut with scissors or a die. The fence is also a Tim Holtz die. Most everything is die cut really. The cats, flowers, pots, tree and spiderwebs. I’m really nuts about using them. It was fun to make and display with all the other Halloween treasures made for Urban last month and now, mail around the world. Who’d have thought? Mwaaaaaa to you ❤


        2. It’s the perfect month for a three dimensional project and you of course have done it in spades. Thanks for sharing the additional details. I soak up all of it.

          I love that you reused an empty ribbon spool and the lid to a box. Isn’t it fun?

          I must check out that mirror paper. You really get to see and use so many new and interesting products. How does she decide what you’ll use each month? Is it the newest thing in the store? And I’ve just seen your gorgeous chevron layout. You come up with such amazing ideas, then you implement them with skill and an eye for color and design. I keep trying to soak it all up.

          Mwaaaaa to you, too.

          Liked by 1 person

        3. Thank you dearest Bestie! The Chevrons were something I’d never tried but I thought they’d look good on the wood pannelling paper. I got the inspiration from a Pinn actually. Here it is

          I just loved all the colour in the Pinned version, but I’m limited by my kit. Our Kit gal, Lynette, works hard to incorporate new products that customers might not know how to use or incorporate into their work. The papers are often something brand new and we get to use them before they’re out in the store. Lynette will order a new line to make up our kits…sooooo fun. Thanks for asking too. xoxoK


  3. I had to laugh as I said out loud “OMG” at the same time I saw that the crow said it, too! Geez, Boomdee, that is such a generous gift! How lovely of you.
    Now! To exclaim over the Haunted House and all the other crazy good things made by everyone at the Urban Scrapbook! You all are so very talented!!
    My costume is not near as creative as yours and my friend came up with it: we are dressing as Kathie Lee and Hoda and our costume: a glass of wine 🙂
    Can’t wait to see pics of you, Ms Amy Farah Fowler!!!


    1. LOL, I saw your ‘costumes’ on FB ! You two crack me up. Such creativity, how did you think of that one? Perfect execution too…ha! You’re a riot.

      Thanks for visiting the Urban Blog and all your nice comments. Our Halloween Gig is tomorrow night ! I’m so excited, I’m working till 12:30AM….wicked awesome. Party on Hoda ! or are you Kathie Lee? Either way, I’m sure you’re the life of the party. You’re adorable xo


  4. We don’t celebrate Halloween much here in Australia so I will be wearing my underpants, bra, socks, shoes and “something else” that I dragged out of the cupboard in the dark. It may or may not match. It will be tame compared to the average Halloween costume but whatchagonnadoeh? Love the house. Very clever crafting Ms Boomdeedaizee. You deserve your place amongs the clever crafters working at your shop 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So no left over Halloween treats at Casa Narf ? Lucky you. We had to run out twice for more treats and had over 100 kids. The street was packed with little ones, parents and doggies dressed up. What fun!
      Thank you for all the cheer, our Halloween party is tonight at work and we’ll all be dressing up. I still have to carve my pumpkin today too. Do you think Earl would wear a costume?


      1. My daughters live in the city and had Halloween candy ready to give out but no-one came to their doorstep even though they had carved out a pumpkin and had a candle in it to let people know that they were “Halloween friendly”. Oh well…I doubt anyone would want to climb over our gate and make the long uphill hike to the front door to be greeted by a pair of enthusiastic American Staffordshire terriers… Earl says this is his costume here… cept his would be a chook!


        1. LOL, LOL that’d be a perfect Earl!

          Sorry to hear your daughter tried but had no takers. You’re right about the hike up your hill. They’d probably have to move plenty fast and lose most of their treats in the meantime…What’s the secret command? Down! Heal! Halt! Helllllp! xo


        1. Unfortunately, I ran out of time. But Mikes such a keener I really should go ahead and do one anyways. We’ll see if they make it into the house before the s.n.o.w. 😀


        2. I don’t think we get BBT with Billy Bob Thornton. He’s creepy at the best of times I think. When he was married to Angelina Jolie, he practically turned her into a self centered goul. She’s grown into a beautiful, thoughtful mom of many with empathy for what goes on in the world. I’d really love to read her book, ‘Notes from my travels’. A diary of notes and photos really of a trip through many suffering countries. It’s gotten very good reviews since it’s release 10 years ago. I’ve just never been able to find it in Chapters. I should order it online.


        3. I didn’t know Angelina Jolie had written a book, but agree that she’s grown into a remarkable, caring woman.

          Sorry, BBT meant Big Bang Theory. Which actually should have been TBBT for The Big Bang Theory. Love, love, love that show.

          Billy Bob Thornton was on an episode last week playing a doctor/client of Penny’s. Creepy and hilarious.

          Liked by 1 person

  5. Happy Halloween, Boomdee! What a treat to receive one of your delightful poems as a Halloween gift, too. Now, that Haunted Tree House is right up there with the finest Halloween decorations I’ve ever seen. You lot at Urban are a talented bunch of crafters, indeed. I see all these luscious crafty things for sale but putting them all together with artistic skill is the trick. Ha – the trick and the treat! Can you tell I’ve had way too much sugar today – and haven’t been good at all at avoiding Halloween sugar temptations like the amazing Alys. Thanks for the spooky treat, Boomdee. Big hugs to Petals and Blossum on their special day. xoxoxox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy Halloween dearest! Are the Aussies into all this eerie silliness? I guess you’d have a whole new bunch of things to dress up as, like Koala bears or Captain Cook. Thanks ever so much for your nice message and complements too. Urban is the best job ever. The store looks amazing and I’m working the Halloween Crop tomorrow. I’m dressing as Amy Farrah Fowler, Sheldon’s girlfriend on Big Bang…hehe. Are T&T dressing up tonight?

      Don’t feel too bad about the candy, it’s only once a year. I’m super proud of Alys, her willpower is legendary . Now I have no problem with Candy, it’s cookies and the like. “Hi, my name is Boomdee, I’m a cookie addict. It’s been 13 hours since my last treat”…..hahaha. Petals and Blossum sending purrs back and mom sending tummy rubs and hugs, whichever you each prefer ❤ ❤ Have a super fun day!!!


    1. Thank you ! LOL, your talking to a girl who runs up the stairs from the basement when I do laundry. More than once, I’ve turned the wrong light out and gave my self a heart attack fumbling for the light switch again. Happy Halloween !!


  6. Oh my goodness, Boomdee, what a feast for the eye…be still my heart..there is so much to explore and enjoy! And the tention builts up with each line of the WONDERFUL poem!!! I keep scrolling up and down, I am sure to be crossed eyed by now;0) Your art is gorgeous and original and creative and you really know how photograph it and put a post together! Thank you!!
    Mr.Walker and I never dress up (boring Dutch people..not used to that) but I like ging overboard with scary Halloween dinner parties..not this year though…but next year for sure!!


    1. Heavens, thanks for all the nice compliments Johanna. I’m so lucky to have this job, honestly it’s like a kid in the candy shop and I get so inspired by everyone there. Super nice gals too, that’s the cherry on top.

      All the photo’s were taken in the planter bed in front of the store. I use this site to make them more fun with scary overlays and what not.

      I’ve used a number of sites at different times, but find this one the easiest for editing. I just pop them onto my desktop and then upload into the media file on the blog. Your vignettes are always gorgeous and artfully put together Johanna and I always adore your candid photo’s of Charley. But if you ever need to make a collage of photo’s, this App does that nicely too. The Halloween dinner party sounds frightfully fun 😀 For years, we used to have a party at the lake. Then, all us old-timers got too cool to use an outhouse. There wasn’t any plumbing in the hall but it was heated. We had a party probably for 20 years or so. Then fewer and fewer came. Maybe a nice dinner party would be more the ticket!! Have a great weekend my dear, cheers!


      1. Thanks for the link to the app. You always do such a nice job enhancing your photos. It’s sweet of you to share your ‘secrets’ with us, too. 🙂

        Wow…20 years of parties. You definitely had a good run. We lasted nine years, then the boys were done. I’ll do pretty much anything to avoid an outhouse so that part I get.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m thinking it was Pam from One Spoilt Cat that put me onto the APP, so I’m really just passing it along. I do really love the overlays and how you can do multiple applications. You can’t do GIF’s there so I use a different App for that stuff. It makes it more fun for me to play around too and appreciate that you notice too hon.
          BTW, The only thing worse than using an outhouse is having to clean it after a rowdy party, LOL


        2. Ack. That would be the worst. My goodness you need nerves of steel for that kind of work.

          I only had luck once or twice creating a GIF (using the one that Will suggested). It worked the first time, then never again after that. Sometimes I have the opposite of the Boomdee touch. 😦

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  7. Gosh – you are just getting better and better my dear! Don’t you love how when there is a challenge it pushes you and then, ka-pow! there it is in all it’s perfect scariness! And a poem too 🙂 I love that spider web die, I’ve been looking at it wondering how I might use it – not doing Halloween myself is a tad limiting really – but I was wondering if it might not make a great background on a painting …….. but maybe a stencil would be better………. [just thinking out loud now 🙂 ]

    A wonderful piece for Halloween Boomdee. Can’t wait to see what you do for Christmas! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. BOO! lol, it’s finally THE day for silly antics. Thank you for your super nice message Pauline. It’s crazy the amount of fun this job is. The spiderweb die is by Memory Box. I wonder if you could do a similar thing with a Doily die. Some of them are pretty intricate and if you ever need a spider web, you could trim it down to the centre. Alys used a Tim Holtz stencil on some of her fab Halloween cards, I really love that one. It’s called Broken Glass but is perfect for Halloween too. I added a broken glass overlay to my photo’s in an App I use online, so a little bit of fun with Apps too. Will you see any kids at the door? Is Siddy dressing up?

      BTW, glad Christmas is a tad away, I need to recharge the ol’ batteries here, ha. Alys and I will try and Skype next week, could you join us one day? Let’s kibitz on FB xoxoxo


  8. So, I went by the place you work and the display was awesome. I liked the witch over the gazebo and the horse drawn pumpkin but honestly, yours puts them all to shame. No wonder they want you working there. If you had your own store, you’d put them all out of business. That must have taken hours! How can you possibly give it away???? Well, I’ve lolled around as long as I can. The paint was old and thick and my arms grew tired from stirring in water so I can use it. Now the wall call me to finish my job. Oh me, oh my. How did you become such a poet? hugs and happy Halloween dear.


    1. Honestly, photo’s hardly do the projects justice and I’ll say “No way!!” to being the best. You should see the stuff on display around the store. We’re just all crazy in love with paper and ‘Stuff’ LOL. Anyways, thank you sweet Marlenie-bean.. The horse drawn cart is a work of art. All the pieces are cut out with a Cameo and carefully put together. Even the chains are paper, it’s out of this world. It actually does take hours to make these things but it’s fun for me. I can’t possibly keep everything in my craft room, so I’m more than happy to spread the joy. I’ll be sure to have your name in the bowl! Good Luck now.

      I hope you’re taking scheduled breaks while you’re in California helping. I think you’re probably like me and just go go go because I want to be done. But it’s easy at this time of year to pickup flues and colds too. I sometimes like to sing when I have house things to work on, hope you can share some photo’s of the mini-makeover for inspiration. The fact that you work non-stop should be inspiration enough xoxoxo


      1. Ah, I have fooled even you. I do get a lot of work done but breaks are my middle name. I need them and take them regularly.

        As for colds and flues, I don’t get them. I eat lots of pickled garlic and somehow my immune system stays stronger than most. I’d bet it’s been 20 years since I’ve had something like a cold. I do react a bit to dust and dry air but a good steamy shower takes care of it.

        Music always makes the work better. My son turns on Pandora for me in the morning and I can get whatever kind of music I’m feeling at the moment. Singing is something I never do and everyone appreciates it. But I can dance a bit when I listen.

        You have a happy Halloween. Hope you get to do something silly and fun.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Marlene, you always make me laugh. No ones ever told me a sing well either, LOL But that’s the price they pay for my lovely company…belly laugh!

          Silliness will ensue tomorrow night at work. It’s the Halloween crop and I’m dressing as Amy Farrah Fowler, Google her 😀 xoxoxo


  9. Oh Boomdee….what a wonderful poem AND fabulous aqua haunted house you’ve created!!! You are so amazing…..this is not only spooky but gorgeous – an interesting combination considering it’s a SCARY celebration………..only you could make Halloween BEAUTIFUL!

    Hugs, Sammy and Mom Pam


    1. Pam !! You’ll make my head explode with all these nice compliments. You’re always such a big supporter and cheerleader. Thank you for all your kindness, you’re a doll. I’ve had absolutely no free time as of lately and actually finished this project in late September. It’s gotten really cold over the last two days too, YIKES, here comes winter ! On the plus side, more time to craft or play with the kitties xoxo Boomdee


    1. Hi Aunty Kathleen ! Thank you for visiting while you’re away. This months projects actually took me longer, but it’s all fun so I don’t mind one little bit. Missing you xoxo LUL


    1. Thank you so much. I’m just having the best time working at Urban. Everyone got the same products to make whatever they could dream up. Admittedly, this item took a while but it’s fun to putz along in the Boom-Room. 😀


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