STICK MEN : assemblage bits

Do you remember my post this summer about a visit in Victoria that Alys and I enjoyed with the lovely Wilma? She’s taken a vintage ruler and turned it into wonderful art. Here’s a wee peek at what’s happening at the Creartful Dodger. Thank you Wilma for time spent hosting us on our trip and this fabulous dedication!


Boomdeadda came to play

On an island summer’s day.

She gave the gift of an old yard stick.

I chopped it into little bits…

And made stick people out of it.

I will pay to her hommage

When they show up in an assemblage.


Sorry K…the poem is a little lame but I love the gift and I hope you like what I have done with it. Here they are in sets of threes. I already have a plan in mind for three of them…he he he.


The ephemera: vintage photos, a vintage sticker, an image of an old door knob

The found objects: old typewriter keys, old game pieces, a spring, a watch face, a verdigris crown , a rusty key, a washer, a heart shaped charm, a red scrabble tile, a tiny drawer handle and of course a vintage yard stick from a Seattle paint company.

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

33 thoughts on “STICK MEN : assemblage bits

    1. Sunshine on my Blo-og makes me happy….Hey you little rural vixen 😀
      I didn’t imagine this project one bit from a yard stick. But Wilma has a gift of seeing things and imagining objects with a completely unique eye. She used them in another project since. Art inside art, so to speak. She’d be happy for your message my dear! xoK


    1. They do remind me of bookmarks a bit. I think they’d be cool to mount all together in a shadow box frame. I’m sure Wilma has a great plan, her creative mind is always at work 😀 xox


    1. Hey LB! Are you still on your bike or parked it for fall? I think the people on the sticks are actually mugshots, so I absolutely could do a family tree with these…LOL enough said. Thanks for visiting dear friend! xo


      1. The bike is ready to ride, but I’ve been traveling so many weekends in a row that it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve swumg my leg over and hit the road. Sigh …
        Maybe this weekend!!!

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  1. o_O I must say, if this lady ever gets tired of making exotic steampunk genius out of recycled ephemera etc., she could possibly be dangerous and take over the world! I think it is in our best interests to keep feeding her passion…

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    1. LOL, as always, your messages make me laugh Narf. I was just about to sign off and then saw your gravatar pop up and thought…oh now, what’s Narfie up too?
      Doesn’t it make you want to pick up odds and sods along the way. The stuff we see but don’t see value in…..honesty, my eye’s are opening a little wider. Cheers for your message my dear. xo K


      1. I always pick things up like this when I see them. I am not a scrapbooker, just a magpie (hoarder) of the strange and wonderful. Stevie-boy had to hold me back the other day when we took the dogs for a walk on a gorgeous pebbled beach…I wanted them ALL! I have little collections of “stuff” in old biscuit tins all over the place. It’s enough for me to open the lid occasionally and smile about just how much wonderful (rubbish) stuff I have :). Maybe I should start scrapbooking but then again, my efforts might be even more disturbing than your yardstick friends… best I stick to the mainstream crafts where my strange passions can’t be given a visual nailing down 😉


      1. Love your stuff and kudos for the lovely streak of insanity that is woven through it. Nothing like the threat of a wide eyed creative woman in full flight to make you sit up and take notice 😉

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    1. !! You are the clever one! LOL. Yes, this is certainly true. HA, thanks for the giggle. It’s funny how even mug shots from those days had such appeal. They’re like little time capsules. Capturing not only the criminals but their attire too.

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    1. That somebody is little Miss Dodger 😀 aka Wilma. We’ve met thru our WP Blogs. Wilma also sells her items at a local Gallery on Vancouver Island. It’s just beautiful there. Honestly, I’m quite envious, LOL But only in the nicest way x


    1. Give a yardstick to several different creative friends and it’ll be something wonderful but different by every hand. Wilma is very thoughtful and sweet too. When we first met, I was greeted with a big hug. She’s my kind of girl. Wilma was telling me about her big garden and home by the water and I immediately thought about you. She can wander down some stairs for a swim in the Pacific and told me about an otter visiting on her deck. How would you not be an inspired artist living surrounded by that beauty? I’m very happy to introduce you. xoxo thank you sweet Pauline.

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  2. OMG!!! These are wonderful and brilliantly creative!! I love them. I’m transfixed by what the mind can imagine by just looking at a yardstick! Sorry to be so expressive but I am always amazed by others creativity.

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    1. Wilma will have a big smile from your message Marlene. That’s what I do love about her art too, every person will find their own message and meanings. It’s always fun for me to see what unusual items she finds to include and always uses those items in the most unexpected way. Thank you for visiting, I just had to share xo K


    1. Aren’t they fun! A yard stick has never had such personality. Thank you for being here Pam. I’m coming over to see what magic you filled the week with. As I often am lately, the week was a fleeting breath, no moment long enough. xoxox K


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