Don’t Turn Into A Snowman!

Season’s Greetings!

From the Great White North.

Frozen Boomdee

(Boomdee art via Bitstrips)

We’ve had so much snow to shovel, if you stay out long enough, you start to feel like a snowmanwoman. But ‘it’s the most wonderful time of the year’ for crafting.  Things have been heating up in the Boom-Room. Excuse the mess, but creative genius has its pitfalls (by creative genius , I mean crazy scrapbook lady).

Creative Clutter

What have I been working on? The Urban Scrapbook Girls Calendar 2015 was the big challenge for November. Actually, after pulling a bit of a Boomer (not a good thing), I volunteered to do an extra page for penance. Get this friends, I go to a party and after a ‘couple’ glasses of wine, I agreed (via text) to work someone’s early shift at Urban. Come the day, I actually showed up at my regular time with no recollection of trading ?! OMGosh !? I’m really doing wacky things lately.  That’s just one of many, but I don’t want to crash the internet by listing all the recent antics. Let’s just say, I’m following Santa’s lead, I’m checking everything twice: door locked, car lights off, got my phone, still carrying my purse, fed the cats…GADS!  It takes twice as long to do what you ‘think’ you did, when you need to get it done. Dig me? The calendar pages took time, but it was lot’s of fun to take part.

First, I chose some colours, dies and stamps. Including the new Lawn Fawn ‘Into The Woods’ stamps.

Spring Looks like this

Once designed, I cut everything 12 times (Boomdee is tres’ generous, hehe)

Times Twelve

Then cut, paint, glue, spray…….unglue, stamp, colour, dab, twirl*. Maybe even a few other verbs I can’t think of.

 Finally!!  Calendar Kit #1

Boomdee Designed for Urban

 ( * Just seeing if you really read this stuff, LOL)

You know what else silly I did last month?  I made MORE kit’s than I had too ! Way ! So, I’m gifting them to you. For your chance to receive one of two Boomdee designed layouts, just talk nerdy to me. I’ll announce the winners on Wednesday 😀 Until then, be winter savvy and don’t turn into a snowman!

Hey? Are you crafting for Christmas yet?

Remember these? (Just click the photo to visit)

Gnome Home ™ Gift Tin

Pretty Gift Wrap

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

47 thoughts on “Don’t Turn Into A Snowman!

    1. Thanks for your kind message Crystal. I love being in my craft room. It looks like a crime scene right now. Call in CSI, LOL. I was trying to get things in the mail before today and it was banana’s.

      How are you? I’m on a 6 day holiday and I’m going to start by visiting your page RIGHT now. xk


  1. Your room looks delightful but I can’t find the mess you were speaking of. 🙂 That looks quite orderly to me. If Alys came here to organize me, she’d have a stroke for certain. Maybe I’ll get there after Christmas. It’s going to be a funny one this year and no crafting yet. I did mine on paint ladders. I could use a barn too. I kept asking the last husband who had 4, count them, 4 storage sheds in the back yard full of his junk, to build a craft room for me. One room where everything went. He was afraid I’d move out there and stay so there would be no cooking going on.:)

    I love your calendars. I would hate for the year to end with that much work in them. You always continue to out do yourself. Be careful with the snow shoveling. That was the last thing I was doing when I got Bells. That kind of cold will sneak up on you. I knew you had a heart of gold so it’s no surprise you are shoveling the neighbors walk. That’s part of why I moved to Portland. No snow to shovel. Cold and wet but no shovel. I love looking at the snow and my dog LOVED running and playing in it. We just got so much I had no where to move it to anymore.

    I understand the forgetting. I have to put all appointments in my phone with a ringing reminder. If I’ve had a glass of wine, I can’t push the buttons so the promise wouldn’t hold. I would have called you to remind you that you were taking my shift. Because I have a sieve for a brain. 🙂 You stay warm kiddo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HA, we are physic or something Marlene. I read your post before supper, made a big mess, cleaned the big mess and sat down again to pick up the trail and here you are on my doorstep 😀 Well hello there little neighbour o’mine xoxo

      I think the lighting in this shot helped a lot. It got so bad one day I couldn’t move without stepping on something. It’s frightful yet delightful, LOL I haven’t been tempted to get a garden shed yet so I’m a little more organized than your last hubby. Better to have all his ‘stuff’ out there than in the house I’d say 🙂

      You must be dead tired and had a good workout helping your son. Especially after all the projects you did at your own home. Thank you for all the cheer for my projects Marlene xo It’s easy when you’re having fun. I just want to have more time to do them. We got our January kit at work today. OMGosh, I love love love the paper and colours and can’t wait to get started. I’m in San Diego though until the 17th so I’ll do it thru the Holidays at home.

      Portland is so gorgeous and artsy. I just saw ‘The Decemberests on Conan”. Love them and they’re from Portland. Have you heard them? I bet your daughter has. Another Blog I enjoy, “Hammer Like a Girl” reigns from Portland too. They rock projects with all sorts of recycled treasure.

      I also use the ringing reminders for everything on my calendar and have made a commitment to keep the calendar entirely up to date. I have too, my memory is so faulty. Thank goodness the weather warmed up a bit, I’m such a wimp about it these days. xoxox Staying warm hon, you too!


  2. Again I am tired from the weight of scrolling down and through all of those comments…You are a most popular lady Ms Boomdeedaizee! Lovely stuff again. Yes I am crafting but secretly, and if I told you I would have to kill you. Not good this side of Christmas ;). All will be revealed as soon as the gift is gifted. Needless to say a lot of lernin, hard work and tongues poked out of the side of the mouth was involved for this challenge. Love your stuff Ms Boomdeedaizee. You are one talented goil! 🙂


    1. oh, how intriguing, secret Christmas projects. You’re like a little Elf 😀

      I’m very lucky to have you all visit my posts, even if they seem to fall far apart these days. I just can’t seem to catch up at all. Got the tree started today, LOL that’s kind of good 😀

      I might just leave things up till spring, it’s a big project getting to the 25th. But I love the joy in the air. Doesn’t every seem nicer during the Holidays? xo K


  3. And you wonder why you are “pulling Boomer’s” … you are doing so much! If the moving and crafting weren’t enough, now you are shoveling a ton of snow! (I did have to chuckle – sorry – about the forgotten shift due to wine).
    Okay … together now. Let’s fill up our lungs with a big ol breath (are you doing it?), go on take a big breath (I’m doing it as I type), and let every single bit of air out. Repeat.
    Your work is beautiful and creative and fun as are you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Out with the bad air, in with the good aaaaaannnd twirl aaaaannnd repeat, LOL You’re such a treat my dear. People must wanna have ailments just so they can come see you at the clinic. “Oh, Ms Life on a Bike, I have a hangnail from too much crafting”….LOL No! “my elbows really sore from leaning on the counter with a full glass of wine” hehe.

      I’m probably not as busy as you girls, working full time, hosting holidays, writing blogs (more than once a month), I just need to be more organized. Less of a daydreamer. 😀

      Thank you for your friendship and encouragement and cheer LB. I just adore you to smithereens xoxoxo K


    1. I bet you’d love it her Clowie! There’s a husky dog across the street named Sadie. Very friendly and furry. She’s having a riot. You can have as much of our snow as you’d like 😉 Thanks so much for coming by.


  4. Oh!!!!!! You know I love seeing your projects and it looks like you’ve been aquacizing like mad for the holidays…….I can’t wait to unpack my Christmas stuff from last year so I can put my Boomdee decoration on the tree again. No snow here – yet – but it does put one in the Christmassy mood!!

    Love and Hugs from One Spoiled Cat and his Mom!
    Sam and Pam

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re so sweet to celebrate your new ornament, thank you for that Pam and for all your visits and messages. I have fewer days at work this month and a small trip away, so I plan to get back on track. Sending hugs xoxo K


  5. Hmmmm…….. ‘nerdy’ . . . I am now rendered (temporarily) speechless . . . Love your BoomRoom and all your creations. I’ve missed you, too, but was also absent due to so much going on here as well. Hope you had some fun shovelling; I used to really like it, when we lived in Mum’s house, but here we depend on the maintenance people. Slogged through the first snowfall ’cause I had to go to the store; lucky I have a backpack 🙂 Today I was able to bring home a trolley full of groceries for the coming week, so that was good. It felt absolutely balmy out at -10C. Amazing how relative everything can be, isn’t it? I still want to shoot whomever invented the ‘Polar Vortex’ . . . 😉

    Love the look of your calendar kits, too; are they for the store? I’ve done nothing but crochet for some time now. I saw your comment above about the creative barn and I have to agree; I could fill one in a heartbeat! At least, now I could . . . A large haybarn and a wee cottage, what a perfect dream, eh?

    Well, my speech appears to have returned 😉 so I’d best quit here. I love your aqua, BTW, even in winter is is so cheery. Stay warm, eh? ~ Linne

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello my dear. Thanks so much for coming by. The bad thing about all that snow is it takes too much time to move it around. I have more pressing things to do, HA I also wanted to help my neighbour who’s housebound. She’s still able to drive if she can get to the garage with her walker, so shovel here, shovel there, shovel everywhere, LOL

      I have one of those grocery trolley’s. Get this, it’s aqua! HA. I bought it when we were in the condo and only a block away from the market on 109 and Jasper. I’ll save it for summer because I want it to stay new and clean. I suppose it could be laundered if I could figure out how to remove the cover.

      Bad Polar Vortex, bad bad vortex. Wasn’t that a bit of nonsense? No kidding, -10 is like a summer day after that. You got that right.

      It’s so fun to have a room all my own. I still need to get way more organized and as Alys noticed, I’m always working on the floor because my table’s full. That Barn would solve all our problems…Aqua Acres! Has a nice ring to it 😀 Take good care xK


  6. Hey K.
    First of all …you rock the carrot nose…look out Frosty! Love the reds and oranges in the calendar kit and the cat with the glasses ….very mid century modern. The Boom Room looks lovely with all that turquoise…Carry on with the kraftiness!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe, Alys suggested I watch out for deer with that nose 😀 I don’t mind feeding the poor things, but then I’d never smell another chocolate chip cookie ever again…oh the calamity! HA!
      Glad you enjoyed the calendar colours. I worked the day the kits were designed so luckily I got to help decide. Of course I got the aqua and seafoam in there. I told another visitor here that I’m calling that little spectacle wearing critter Mr Baker.

      I know you probably don’t watch too much TV, but OMGosh W !!! Tell me he isn’t adorable. It’s the glasses I think. Or maybe the toss of blonde hair? Nope, definitely the smile. Oh my, LOL.


  7. I read this on my phone this morning before leaving for most of the day. What a treat! I agree with all the others…it’s so nice to see you back in blogland.

    I love your Bitstrip photo. Stay away from the deer while you’re sporting that carrot nose, though, okay?

    I’m always inspired by your beautiful crafts. What a gorgeous layout. Did you make up all those little packages to go with the kits? Where did you get the cellophane wrappers? It all looks so professional. My goodness, what a lot of work. I bet those kits will fly off the shelves.

    I was just thinking about your beautiful, sewn garland. I saved mine from last year and hung it on the tree. It’s beautiful. How do you manage to sew all those tiny pieces together without jamming your machine? I guess I should go click on the link when I’m done here as you’ve probably left instructions.

    I love my Boom Room potpourri. I left it out all year.

    I’m looking forward to Wednesday’s post. Wow, your trip to San Diego is just around the corner.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ((( Alys ))) thank you for your warm words. I was mentioning to another visitor here about how November zipped by and good intentions never transpired into posts. I’m always taking photo’s and thinking about sharing, but just got way to busy. You make it look all too easy, but I know how busy you are.

      I really need to send more Gnome Home your way. I think I have enough for a recharge. Those Bitstrip cartoons are really fun I think. They’re sometimes rather snarky or mean spirited until I Boom them up, change captions, photoshop them. Easy to change frowns to smiles and change captions too. Why be mean, that’s no fun.

      I designed the layout with a number of dies. Then lightly tacked them onto a piece of acrylic so the pieces wouldn’t get bent or lost. I had to put together the Camera because there were just to many tiny parts to it. So yep, 14 dear, 14 Fox with eyeglasses, 14 camera’s and all the camera pieces. I also had to provide the prestamped and Stickled background too. Just a bit crazy and maybe a tad overboard, but I loved how it turned out and best of all, I think the buyer will have fun with it. I regret nothing LOL!

      The girls at Urban gave me those cellophane envelopes. We use them to market smaller items. I will find out where we get them from and let you know.

      San Diego is only 8 days away. Debbie L is coming over tomorrow for a visit and we’re going to decorate the tree. Got my porch pot out today but the lights still aren’t up. Oh man, how do you do it all Alys?? Are you from an advanced planet with superhuman powers? xoxoxo


      1. (((Petals)))

        I love how they turned out too, and I’m sure everyone will appreciate the extra details. And I’m reading backwards,so see that you now have two well deserving winners. What fun.

        I hope you and Debbie had a good time decorating the tree and catching up. I’m glad you got your porch pot set up, too.

        As for hanging lights, I had to laugh. Mike takes care of this detail at home, but my client hired me to set his up. I’ve strung lights across three lengths of fence. 10 strands in all. Then tonight I helped him re-hang his house lights.

        I hope you took Alyster with you to San Diego. My fairy garden is in need of an update. Hopefully this weekend I can carve out some time.

        Happy travels.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Deb and I did have a fab afternoon, thanks for remembering. We went for lunch to The Dutchess Bakery. They’re coveted goodies for any posh party and a Merchandise Store next door with all manner of Kitchen and Baking goodies. I took photo’s and hopefully on holidays, I can get to posting.

          It’s really pretty in there and they have the cutest Little Free Library. I’m sitting at the airport this very moment with a Starbucks that I hope will keep my eyes open. I went to bed at 1:30 and got up at 3:00am, LOL. I’m practically typing on auto-pilot. I just couldn’t get sleepy.

          I never did get all the house lights on. Maybe when we get home. I bought clear white so we could leave them up all year.

          Drats, I didn’t remember Alyster!! Poor guy. Well next trip. Maybe I can get a pic with Abe and Alyster together! Won’t it be amazing? xoxox


  8. Hello Boomdee, my name is Amy and I found you through my friend Julia (Defeat Despair). What a lovely craft. I also love the snowmen sewn together to make a ribbon. Really fun. Thanks for sharing. Nice to meet you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Amy, how perfectly nice of you to come visit. Thanks for introducing yourself and your nice compliment too. Are you a scrapbook gal? I usually really like to layer things up on my pages, but because they’re for a calendar, they had to be flat. That was the real challenge for me. To make it fun and cute, but flat. You really can’t go wrong with these Lawn Fawn products. They’re so darn cute and fly out of the store.

      The snow man ribbon is really sweet and it can really be just about anything you have a punch for. Flowers, hearts, butterflies or bunnies. I always love this particular tissue too. It’s at the $1 store and has little specs of confetti in it. Couldn’t be more economical!

      Very nice to meet you too Amy! Do me a favour? Give our dear Julia a big hug and tell her I sent it 😀 xK


  9. Good to see you back, and your ‘forgetting stuff’ story cracks me up. Been there! That calendar page is darling, I especially like the bespectacled fox. 😉


    1. Omgosh, Hi Jen! How lovely for you to come by. How are you? Yes, I’ve been everywhere, doing everything at breakneck speed, except blogging. The weeks came and went. Good intentions make for pretty sparse Blogs though.

      The forgetfulness gets embarrassing at times, one night I left my purse at a liquor store when I went to buy a license for a work function. Walked out with two bags of ice, happy as a clam, until it came time to go home and I had no car keys. Nor did I remember where I’d left it. Luckily the clerk but it behind the counter and I got it back the next day. Honestly, I’m going to start using that voice recorder on my phone. Problem is I don’t always know where that is either, LOL. I call it from the home phone to hear where it’s ringing. GADS!

      Yes, maybe this little fox was constantly bumping into trees and needed glasses. You just never now what happens in the woods 😀 I’m calling him Mr Baker, hehehe


  10. Oh my! That Boomroom is so ultimate gorgeous! Love the way you photographed it as well. It has the Boomdee signature all over! Had to think of you y-day when I was hanging giant aqua colored Christmas balls in a tree outside;0) And your paper art speaks for itself too…original, creative and just downright gorgeous. The kits are so clever and wrapped so prettily.
    Well, my dear,even in your snowwoman selfie you look pretty and stylish but better stay warm inside with that Red Velvet tea! Hugs from Ohio! Johanna


    1. Hi Johanna, I wish I could have you all over for a xmas make and take. That’d be one fantastic arts and craft day. You could teach us all how to knit. Have you ever done any felting? I’m totally in love with the little fat mice you see with suitcases and sweaters or spectacle’s. I’ve watched a number of YouTubes and everyone seems to do it a little different.
      Thanks for your kind message about the calendar too. The finished layout accommodates photo’s in the shape of a cross by just replacing the paper squares. The Boomroom! How fun to have a blog name that accommodates a made up vocabulary, LOL. I keep making little improvements in there. It’s small but mighty…or maybe mighty small 😀 I’m grateful to have it all to myself. Well the kitties join me on their pillow and generally jump up onto the table at the least opportune moments. I’m sure Charley is much better behaved and waits patiently for the invitation to w.a.l.k. HA! We used to spell it until right before we were ready to go, because Buddy would get so, so excited. It’s tea weather for sure, but I’d still go for a walk with you and Charley in a heartbeat. Thanks for those hugs too! Sending you double so you can pass one one to your darling girl. xk


  11. I really LOVE that stamp “Do what makes you come alive”! All of your creations are absolutely beautiful and I always look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

    By the way, I am making cookie bags for each and every police officer in our city (about 16-18 bags) and I wanted to know if you had any cool ideas for the bags? I am trying to get all of their badge numbers so I could make little “Badges” for the bags, but what else should I do? I just wanted our police force know that we appreciate them keeping our neighborhood safe this year. I know they will appreciate the cookie bags a lot! Not many people do things like this for them.


    1. Hi Val. That stamp is part of a Prima collection called Coffee Break. Check it out at this Pinterest link. I loved it all and got ‘most’ of it at work, LOL Best job in the world. Thank you for the kind message too.

      The local enforcers will be tickled to receive your baked treats, what a nice plan. I’d be tempted to make one great label and photocopy it 18 times. Sometimes it’s easy to have a folded label on top of a plain brown lunch bag for these kind of gifts. Raw paper bags are very hip right now. Maybe clip a clothespin up there with some twine. You can even add Washi Tape to the Cloths pin to match your label. All inexpensive and easy to find. Good luck with your gifting, such a nice gesture. hugs, k


      1. I love your ideas for treat bags! I also had a thought today to head on over to our local Dollar Store and see if they have those neat clear cookie jars for $1, then I could just fill them with their cookies and tie the ribbon and tag on the lid! I am making a lot of them, so I want to somewhat make them easy to put together!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh I like that idea Val. Or Mason jars look cute too. I was in a store yesterday. Local Art and Handmade items. One gal made aprons and marketed them in mason jars with a homey tag and raw twine tie. I thought that was original.


        2. WOW! Now that is a cute idea! You need to start taking pictures of these things so I can see them! I wish I could get out to see the world, but since I don’t have a car, it kinda makes it hard to do. I do like the idea of the Ball Jar too for cookies! Now we are talkin!

          Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s my long lost Aunty!!! Hi Aunty K <3. Guess who did all the shovelling while Mr B toddled off to Calgary to see his sister?? Your's truly ! I got a good workout because my poor neighbour needed help too, so double trouble, HA. What are you up too down there? Hope you're having fun! I miss you xoK


  12. So nice to see you back – I’ve missed your pretty posts! Sqeeeeee – I’ve got one of them 🙂 [The little pots of deliciously scented potpourri] Love the Bitstrip – my it looks so cold! It’s pretty cold here too, but not quite to your degree.

    ‘Twirl’? I saw what you did there! You are incredibly organised in making so many parts up I am impressed with that. I would normally make one from scratch and then start the next one and have forgotten how I did something, so they never came out looking alike …. I haven’t paper crafted all year and now have probably forgotten how to do anything! I think it is time to clear out a lot of my extraneous items and just concentrate on becoming a better painter….. well that’s the plan for 2015 anyway….. I’m rambling!

    Your Boom Room looks so fresh and pretty, filled with our favourite colours. I’m in the middle of a do-over of my room and a friend is coming to stay for a week today. She will be living in it 🙂 Happy chaos! 🙂 Did I say I’ve missed you? xoxo


    1. (( Pauline )) you’re so dear. I’ve missed you too hon. Honestly, I just didn’t have a spare minute at all in November. I really refrain from posting when I don’t have time to visit back. December is looking like a calmer month though and I have lots of catching up to do.

      Last week was banana’s for snow and cold, but it’s turning around at the end of this week. +1 C by Sunday or 34 F. Brilliant for December here. We keep getting stuck in these ‘Arctic Vortex’. Sorry to hear you’re having cooler weather too, since you must be very close to the first day of summer hey?

      I’ve bought two decor items for the Boom Room that I’m dying to get up. I bought a multi-picture frame and these very cute wall stickers. Apparently, they’re re-positionable and won’t wreck the paint. I don’t think there’d be any room for company in there at all, ha.

      How exciting to have a friend in for a bit. What will you all get up too? Siddy will be really happy to have yet another lap to climb into. I do admire your plan for 2015 too. Nice to re-focus sometimes. My problem is, I want to try too many things. Darn you Pinterest (waving small clenched fist to the screen), LOL xoxoxo mwaaa!


  13. Aren’t you clever, everything is so pretty! Some people manage to keep their craft rooms so neat and tidy but honestly you should see my soaping room/s (yeah the mess outgrew the first room lol) I . have been so busy it looks like a bag lady has taken up residence downstairs, I would hate anyone else to venture in there right now!


    1. Hi Wendy, that’s quite the scene you’ve painted, LOL. I saw this one gal’s craftroom in ‘Where Women Create’ that looked like a grande solution. She’d converted a barn, it was gorgeous. Antique filing cabinets and tables. Then I had a second thought, “what happens when the barn’s full? ” I think no matter how big or how organized, I could fill it. So I completely understand where you’re at. I’m hoping to get true closet organizers and shelving from Ikea in the new year to help. Baby steps, LOL Thanks for your cheer my dear!


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