Let’s Hug It Out xox Boomdee

I carefully wrote down each name,

they went into a pot.

in a pot

I crossed my fingers for good luck,

cause I like you all a lot.

I drew two names as promised,

then grinned from ear to ear.

Today, I reveal the winners,

and send away some cheer.

The Winner Is.jpg

Johanna and Hutch A Good Life

Come on down!!!

Please email Boomdeeadda@gmail.com with your details

and your gift will be on its way !

Boomdee Designed for Urban

Now, I actually have five friends at Hutch A Good Life so I’m not sure how they’ll manage 😉 Maybe mom will have to supervise? Basil, Noah, Buddy and Nacho are the absolute cutest.  Check out this movie from last Halloween when they were investigating ghosts, I crack up every time I watch it

The lovely Johanna is an artist, knitter, mom and gardener, reigns from Ohio and blogs at ‘Mrs Walker Goes Back To School’. It’s a blog about illustrative art and everyday life. Johanna takes wonderful photo’s of her projects, little vignettes she cobbles together with pieces of everyday, nature and my personal favourite, Charley. I’m totally in love with Charley and have a major crush. Whenever Johanna shares photo’s of Charley, there’s several, “awwwww” then “heavens” then a heavy sigh of complete bliss from me.

Congratulation’s to you both!

 Thanks everyone so much for being here. Let’s Hug It Out 😀 ❤


 xox Boomdee

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

30 thoughts on “Let’s Hug It Out xox Boomdee

    1. Hello sweet little English friends. I did get mummy’s email and so happy to hear from you. I will sent your mail tomorrow and hopefully you will see it soon. Thank you for all your visits and messages here too. Have a very Happy Holiday xox Luv Boomdee

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  1. it’s really fun, funny, and inspiriging to read through all these comments. Look what light and love you’ver brought to the world. ❤


    1. ((( Laurie ))) you are adorable. My little corner of the world is so warm and friendly, I wish everyone could hang out here. Can you imagine? You’d be answering messages foreva, LOL You make my world special, I hope you know it xox K


  2. Nothing like a good hug on a frosty day to make you feel warm inside and out. Lucky it’s raining and cold here (summer?!) at the moment so I am not sweaty ;). Well done to the winners and you are a most generous Ms Boomdeedaizee indeed. Keep warm. I note all of that snow on your page, I appear to have contracted “snow” as well. It won’t last long after this cold spell 😉

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      1. I quite like the rain as it is MUCH better than 40C temperatures which make me wilt like a turnip out of the fridge for a few days. Nothing makes you remember your age (and girth) more than a couple of stinking hot and dry days in a row so this little black duck is happy in her moist environment for the near future and the garden is right on board with it 😉

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    1. Hi Laura! Thanks, me too. I was at the antique mall one day and spent about an hour, rummaging thru a big ol’ box of loose photo’s. So it’s an original and reminded me how special girlfriends are. 😀


  3. How lovely – more Boomdee Beauty making its way out into the world! I was showing one of your little creations to my house guest yesterday and she was full of awe! Hugs all round to the happy winners and hugs to you for being such a wonderful gifter!

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    1. Awww, thanks Val. I keep forgetting to send my mailing address. Going there right now. I did some Christmas shopping tonight at West Edmonton Mall….sooooo big (Google it if you want to feel sorry for my feet). Just in my Jammies and good to be home, visiting with you. xK


      1. I have always told you that I would love to spend a day with you shopping and looking through treasures! (I would even carry all of your packages, cause that’s how I am) Oh gosh that would be a hoot! I can’t even remember the last time I was at a mall, I don’t even know if I can remember the mall etiquette! Oooooh, Jammies, I LOVE Jammies! I could live in my fleece sleepy pants! I am sorry that your feet ache too, try soaking them in some Epsom Salt as that will do the trick!

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        1. LOL, no treasure hunts tonight. West Edmonton Mall is something like 120 acres of shopping. It’s madness. I was shopping for Jim. I find him hard to surprise, he usually gets new clothes.

          If there is any mall etiquette, they don’t follow it at WEM, LOL If you can’t find it there, it’s probably not made I think. Thanks for the Epsom Salt tip. As it turns out, I spent the last 4 hours cleaning and organizing the Boom Room. Ready for something new.


  4. OHMYOHMYOHMY!!! What a way to start the day here in Ohio. Thank you sooo much , you wonderful woman! Charley is jumping up and down and circling around….we really need a little tea and breakfast to calm down! And thank you too for all your lovely and kind compliments, coming from a gifted artist , it is very encouraging and heartwarming! With love and hugs and all, Johanna


      1. Those Hutch guys are always making totally wonderful videos. Really clever bunch with music, sound effects and funny dialogue. My brother had hamsters when we were kids. Once Hammy walked up the organ foot and was inside there the whole day. We looked and looked for him and finally heard scurrying feet in there. So dad had to mount a rescue and take the back off the organ whilst we all waited in tears 😀 Dads are hero’s everyday 😀


    1. LOL, you’ve made *my* day with your excitement. I’m relishing the thought of Charley bouncing around the house……..one moment please…………..yep, that makes my day! Oh, Charley!!!! 😀

      I’m really happy to be sending it your way Johanna. I don’t know if you usually do this type of thing, so I’ll also send tape and glue. I have all the detailed instructions on a PDF ready to zoom away on email and since it was a page designed for a calendar, it’s very quick, flat and easy breezy. I hope you’ll have fun with it. I spied a little dear on your Blog last night (2:30am) but wanted to come back when I had time to soak up every morsel. Working today but back later. xox Big Hugs !


  5. So fun! Congratulations to the winners. We already love our Hutch friends (I’ve been on a few virtual dates with Buddy), so we checked out Mrs. Walker and we love her too! Mom is her newest follower….

    Love and licks,


    1. A virtual date?? I’m envious because those little rascals are too cute. I laugh like crazy when they say, “OMG what was that?” in the video. Thank you so much for linking to Mrs Walker, I always leave there with a warm heart. I wish I was near as good with my camera as Johanna, her photo’s are often stunning. Cheers my dears xBoomdee


        1. Ohhhhh Fun! I’m so happy you liked it Pam. Will we get a look at your tree? I’ve barely started to hang ornaments, LOL best get with the program though!!



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