California Style

Greetings my friends!  For those of you out in the cold and snow, my regards……

 winter get away

So sorry for rubbing it in :D,  Nah, I’m not really, hehe.  We’re enjoying a wee mid winter break in one of our favourite places, San Diego.  This is what would happen if  Who-ville was decorated by yours truly?

Whoville, Boomdee Style

As if I’m not surrounded by enough paper at home, I made a stop at my favourite island shop, Seaside Papery.

Seaside Papery

Their window is always inspiring and the merchandise more than tempting.

Inside is a delight at Seaside Papery

I think I might have been thinking about our trip all last week, when I was wrapping Christmas up in the Boom-Room.  Back home, I was using this wonderful new collection from Webster Pages called Beautiful Chic by Adrienne Looman. Can I just say, “I’m crushing on this paper BIG time”. It’s all the things I love about paper collections.  The colours are so me! Check out the link if you love aqua, pink and gold smooshed together into one glorious vintage-cool combination.  So, here’s what I made for a special friend.

 Christmas Wrap with Vintage style

I used a new thingy by WeR Memory Keepers called the Candy Box Punch Board. BTW, their Blog’s on WordPress too. Cool neighbours hey?!  It’s so fun and fantastic. I’ve now made several, because they’re very quick.

punch board

The fun part is decorating these little box’s and of course filling them with a surprise. Maybe it’s silly stuff or maybe a special little trinket.  They remind me of Christmas crackers. Did I ever tell you the story of how I saved empty TP rolls to make some one year?  (Martha Stewart just fainted) They turned out too big and took up half the table. We laughed about them though, so it was worth they effort. No TP rolls ever again!  These are the Boomdee-Bomb!

wrap it Californian Style


Inside, I decided to use old book pages instead of tissue.  I bought a tattered old, cover less, book of English Prose and it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  I made a banner for another special friend that I’ll tell you about another day. One of the papers in this Webster collection had the cutest artwork.

Wrap it with Joy

You know how I love to make little collages? Well, the vellum are perfect for it because you can still see other paper patterns and colours thru it.  A few other ‘signature’ touches were added for sure.  Glitter, sparkle annnnnd oh ya, more glitter, LOL.

Wrap It Vintage

Coronado Island decor is all about the beach. Think!  It’s lot’s of aqua with hit’s of hot pink thrown in.  Doesn’t that sound so very perfect? Maybe it reminds you of someone? (wink) Yah, I thought so too 😀 Nothing like celebrating Christmas joy, California style.


What colours do you like to wrap Christmas in?


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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

50 thoughts on “California Style

  1. It all looks so lovely, I don’t know where to start. The paper was designed with you in mind, I’m certain. That is hard for me to resist but alas, I must for a bit. I agree that being a gift wrapper is very hard work at the wrong time of year. My daughter does all mine but doesn’t want to make money at it. Just for the pleasure is her motto.

    Thank you so much for bringing the rain to San Diego. They should have a parade for you all up and down the coast. Finally, a break in the drought there. All of California was desperate for the rain. Too bad its all at once but who would dare complain.

    I think you could get you way with just your smile and bubbly personality. Cookies and dinner would be like frosting on the cake. But I’m with you. There must be aqua somewhere. Glad you are having a good time.

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    1. “I wish they all could be Canadian girls”…la la la LOL

      I’m rewriting the classics for my own benefit, that’s hardly very ‘Canadian’ of me 😉 You’ve flattered the britches off of me Wonderfrau! It’s gone straight to my ‘starting-to-go-grey’ head. I honestly couldn’t qualify as a beach girl at all. I didn’t even bring a bathing suit with me. Although………

      Alys and I did go to the beach today!!

      You heard me right! Alys came for one day, by plane, to spend a day with me. Can you even believe it? I shall post some photo’s soon. Never mind wrapping up Christmas, I’m still trying to wrap my brain around this glorious days. OMgosh, she’s a wild one, LOL

      Now, I should bill them promptly for the rain favour so that I can come back to California but stay in San Jose. If only I could claim that as mine. Unfortunately some, ‘Ms Pineapple’ has already laid claim. She was all over the news. Such a Drama queen she is. LOL xoxo Thank you for your kind message. Hope all is well with you xoxox


  2. Colours? No time for colours ma’am, we are up to our armpits in whipper snipping and gardening and the heady delights of the beginning of summer…”rubbing it in?”…”Moi?” 😉

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    1. Up to the armpits in summer you say? Well that does sound like misery. How can you manage, day after day, gardening and what not. My condolences my dear. May I gently remind you that we will be flip-flopping about when you are throwing more (and more) wood on the fire and cooking up some bacon and some beans? BTW, did you and Stevie write that little diddy? hehehe xo


      1. I wrote it for Steve ;). We don’t even get snow here Ms Boomdeedaizee and it rarely gets cold enough for a frost but I do love Brunhilda and her 24/7 accompaniment to my wintery days 🙂

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    1. Yes, we’ve been to Mexico twice. Unfortunately, I think I have a week constitution. I’ve got super sick and missed part of the holiday. I got very dehydrated and had to be on antibiotics when I got back. That’s why we go to San Diego now.


  3. You’re so much fun. I miss it when you take a break/work too hard/don’t get the chance to blog. It’s always lovely here. I’m back for a second time, having read from my phone, but no longer try to answer there. I’m doing something wrong as the comments never seem to post.

    No matter. It’s much more fun with a big screen for these old eyes anyway.

    As you know I’m a huge fan of the Boomdee touch. You’re a Gift Wrapping Goddess (yes, please add that to your list of pet names) and a talent extraordinaire.

    I love what you’ve done with Webster’s paper. I had a wee look at the site as well and saw many beautiful things. Did you see the cherry blossom papers? Be still my heart.

    As for that view, perfection. My postcard would read ‘wish I was there. So glad you’re having fun.’ xoxoxoxo

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    1. Snicker !! Now that I’m reading these messages but knowing you were hopping on a plan, I can see where that Theatre background came in handy.

      If I ever start that gift wrapping business, I shall add ‘Gift Wrapping Goddess’ to my business card and think it quite legit then shall I? LOL. ((( Alys ))) you flatter AND Spoil me far far too much. But thank you for all your kindness and thoughtfulness. I always start with good intentions on posting. Arrive here to all the kind friends I want to visit with and end up chit-chatting to the point of sleepiness.
      I can see where Steven Colbert would find his job an endless bit of fun. The best part of any post is always visiting after.

      I have a sheet of the Cherry blossom paper and the vellums and bought a page at Paper Tales that we didn’t get in our collection. I’m crushing on it all, big time. Well until the next great thing comes thru the door. LOL Then it’ll be, “Webster who?”…hehe xoxoxoxox Still on cloud 9.99, the .01 percent is because I had to say goodbye. I love you ❤

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        1. We arrived to fairly mild weather, only -7C. For this time of year, that’s pretty decent. I’m going to miss all that green landscaping and flowers though. So pretty down there. Sigh, thankful to be home safe and sound 😀


    1. Yep, The ol’ Boomdee switch-a-roo/double-back, jet- off/race-around-the-airport trick. We always have a plan to make winter less annoying. It’s basically a survival technique, LOL. It’s only right that I then indulge in a little shopping I think. I’m sure you’d agree 😀

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      1. Well I sure agree. The only part of this whole plan that is simply KILLING me is that you are so close, yet so far. I’m glad you’ve made it to sunny San Diego and leave it to clever you to jump right into a class…making fake snow! Ha. That cracks me up. Love you!

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  4. Oh it looks so nice and toasty warm there….it’s 35 here this morning! Boomdee nobody can put packages together like you – they’re so personal and beautiful and creative….love all the aquasizing you do along with all the other colors of Boomdee…..pale, perfect colors paired to perfection (gosh that’s a lot of P’s!). I hope you have a fabulous time on your getaway……I’m SURE you are making the sun shine more brightly in California with your presence!

    Hugs, Pam (and Sammy)

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    1. Oh my gosh, those P’s are really a delight to read and you are one of my favourite P’s Pam! Thank you tons.

      I’m afraid I’m not making the sun shine more brightly today because it’s raining. I don’t think as bad as northern California though. I really don’t mind it and it still feels warm to us. Sorry to hear you’re nearing freezing. A little nippy on kitty toes but when you come back inside it feels that much warmer. We have a fun day planned plus, no snow boots required. I’ll wear flip-flops and pay no mind to the puddles at all.

      Sending drippy but warm hugs your way xoK


    1. Oh dear, I squeaked too soon 😀 Today turned out rainy..probably like an English day more than a Californian day. So today I’m living the life of my Hutch friends. Except that I’m eating Jelly beans instead of Carrots xo K

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    1. Thank you and I think you’re spot on when you say, ‘Christmas can be any colour’. I truly embrace that. I’ve become known as sparkle girl at Urban. I glitter anything and everything, LOL. I’m on a mission to sparkle the world, one gift at a time. It’s quite the endeavour as you can imagine, HA!

      My little book of English Prose is a delight to work with. Being quite substantial in girth, there should be more idea’s for use in the future. The paper is almost like printed tissue, it’s so thin. I’m loving it and it’s fun to work with. I’ll spend time looking for the right words to display too. So I’m getting a bit of an English lesson while I craft. 😀 xo K


  5. Love your giftwrapping, Boomdee! But I love the wee antique Christmas decorations even more . . . I am not checking out the link to the paper – but I will save it ‘just in case’. I still have a large stash, too, and no immediate plans for it. Have a wonderful time in San Diego. You are missing quite warm weather here, you know; up to +12 late evening yesterday, I think it was. Please bring some more back with you when you return . . .

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    1. LOL, wouldn’t you know it. We survive two Arctic Vortex’s with anticipation of our trip to sunny California only to leave sunny Alberta for rainy weather here. That’s rich. Wow +12C is crazy for December. Beautiful! Happy to hear it.

      You have a good eye Linne. That is a vintage bobble that I attached to the aqua gift. It’s going to someone very special and I thought it’d look nice on their tree. I will miss it but knowing it’s going to a good home makes me even happier to give it away.

      I hope well see some sunshine to bring home, Cheers!


    1. Hi Aunty, we arrived Wednesday afternoon to sunshine and yesterday was beautiful. Today we’re having rain but it still feels warm to us. So, we’ll see a movie and do a little shopping. Maybe I’ll even get a manicure. We’re just enjoying some R&R in our room after a really nice breakfast. No worries from us, we’ll just enjoy the lazy day and hey, it’s not snow. LOL Thanks for visiting, hope you’re having a good visit there! Hugs all around, LUL 2 xo K


  6. You know that place where it never rains – well it’s raining! Though I am absolutely sure this would not put you off your shopping, partying and generally having fun plans one little bit!

    Those papers are beautiful and certainly must have been designed with you in mind! I will not buy more paper. I will not buy more paper. I will not buy more paper ………. I have just done a huge sort through of my various stashes. My paper stash could sink a small dinghy! I have enough yarn to knit a onesie for a full grown elephant and have enough left over for a matching hat and trunk warmer. There is fabric enough to refashion an entire house if you don’t mind it being done in an eclectic collection of patchwork!

    I have made no Christmas gifts this year, nor any cards. I will not be ready for Christmas until the end of June, possibly July. I do not know where the year went, nor how it got away on me. I am thankful there are people like you out there creating things of beauty for their dear friends and family – and hopefully nobody will notice I am missing from the fray 🙂

    As usual your work is stunning, your photos, beautiful and the whole layout a joy to wander through. Thank you xoxo


    1. Hello my dear Kiwi friend extrodinaire ❤ You say you've not managed to make Christmas happen yet in your art room? I think I may know why. Is there something B&W, follows your every move, showers you with constant love and licks? Rhymes with Pdiddy but is so much cooler? LOL, adopting a puppy and making magic in your art room are not mutually complimentary but one is just as magical as the other. Oh little Siddy, how your momma loves you!

      I wish I was an accomplished artist, that I could paint a big beautiful elephant that's been yarn bombed from trunk to toe. My minds eye can totally see that heavenly vision for sure 😀 But I understand the problem with storing that much yarn. I snarfed at your paper dilemma, welcome to my world, LOL. I want it all, every beautiful page I see. You can't even imagine how many I resist at work and yet my cupboards are also full. So you are preaching to the choir on that note my friend.

      I wouldn't give a second thought to be 'missing from the fray'. You are finding joy in your own way, doing what makes you the happiest. That's the Christmas spirit and I shall bask in that glow by visiting your posts and by your generous messages here. I do adore your messages Pauline, I feel so loved and hope you do too. xoxox K

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    2. Pauline, you always make me smile. I couldn’t believe it when I read that our Pineapple Express was heading to San Diego. They got the second wave of our storms. It is incredibly warm though, of that I can attest. We’ve been wearing short-sleeved cotton shirts.

      I’m excited to hear about your clear-out. I love that sort of thing OBVIOUSLY but smile when others do it, too.

      I would love to see that elephant onesie. When your colder weather comes around again, perhaps you could knit little caps and blankets for a hospital premie. I’ve seen programs here for that sort of thing. They’re small items, so a good use for leftovers in search of a home.

      I love paper too. It’s a gift and a curse. Sigh.

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    1. Yes, I do like to spread the Boomdee-tude far and wide, LOL See, I cast this giant net and put in as many lovely friends as possible, hehe, diabolical, no?

      Those folks at Webster’s Pages must have a secret pass key to my creative brain, because I adore all their stuff. Very bohemian, boca infused and colourful. It feels very hippie, love, peace to me. Like stepping into the late 60’s.

      I’m happy that you found a link you’ll enjoy too. Thank you for your cheer Wendy, very much appreciate it. Cheers! xB


      1. Very much my taste too Boomdee, love anything Boheme and hippie 🙂 🙂 I have only been looking for nice soap wrappings but honestly I didn’t realise there were so many beautiful patterns and papers out there….what to do with them all, it could quickly become an obsession just collecting them!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Shhhhhh, we don’t like to speak this word, ‘obsession’ LOL.

          I store my papers in 12 x 12 clear acrylic containers. One for vintage vibe, one for card stock, one just for partially used pages sorted by colour. Honestly, I always know where to look for a certain page. Organizing craft product is an industry all it’s own. First they get you to love it, buy it and then help you store and organize it all. Diabolical really 😀 LOL

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  7. Well, it sounds like you are having an excellent time! and everything looks so beautiful, hip and perfect as usual and so Boomdee classy!! I could never ever unwrap such gifts btw…
    I am more of the traditional girl…red and shiny. But this year I found the most lovely paper at Ikea of all places. Red indeed but more cozy country aqua, so not of your taste at all;0) Enjoy California! xoxo Johanna

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m hip? How fun, thank you 😀

      I’ve mentioned to more than a few people, I just love wrapping stuff. It might be a great little business except that your busy times in the biz are also busy times in your own life. It would be shear retirement madness to entertain that sort of thing. I’ll just continue to get my kick out of wrapping little things for friends.

      I can see how Ikea would appeal to your sense of style. With a scandinavian vibe, they easily mix with mid century mod. My SIL does her decor at Christmas in a similar way and her place always looks great. Oddly enough, this year my porch pot hasn’t any Aqua in it!! Did you just gasp? I went red and white because the house is burgundy and beige. I’d like to hang awnings that are burgundy and aqua to mix it up and give it that ‘Ka-Pow’ that I think would work well. Then I could mix in the colour I love so much. Well see. Have to get Mr B on board, maybe I’ll bake some cookies and make a great dinner, then Wham!! Hit him with the idea while he’s happy and full, LOL…that’s how I roll. xoK


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