I Love You

So here I am, the end of our holiday.  Gads, that went by fast !! There was a fun night of dining at Clayton’s. A fifties diner on Orange Avenue, Coronado Island.  This is where time stands still.  You can order music from the jukebox right at your booth. Milkshakes are nice and thick and served with a smile.


How would they not be delish, made on this beautiful hued vintage unit?

Shake it

Then I toodled off to a class at the local Scrapbook Store, Paper Tales, a paper and craft boutique.  Breath way out!! Wait for it, now inhale all this fabulousness!

Papertales is Lovely

Oh So Pretty Papertales

Now….I think, you’re thinking, “what is she thinking?”. LOL.  Au contraire silly, silly you!  There were a few bit’s and pieces I just could not resist.  Yummy tulle in my favourite colours, beautifully hued felts, inks and paper too.  Feast your eyes on this loot my friends!

Papertales Wonder Goodies

Oh and check out these tiny doomed creations.  We made these in a super fun class, designed by Karin Aguirre of Creative Chaos. This one was made by your’s truly 😀

Glass Dome Class at Paper Tales

Karin was a complete delight and I had a really great time. If you think these are cute, please do follow the link to Karin’s Blog.

Karin and Boomdee

All the gals took home stunning projects.  I’m already thinking of new possibilities. Maybe a Valentine one or Easter?  I also met up with Russel Ray, another Blogging friend with WordPress.  I met Russel and his partner Jim for a little coffee visit just before the class.  Incase you’ve always wondered,  Russel’s really tall, sounds like Sheldon from the Big Bang and a super nice fellow. Thank you for making time to get together Russel, see you next trip!

 A Visit With Russel

I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of the blue sky’s and palm trees.

California Dreaming

Oh, just wait a sandy, sunny California minute!  

Can you see that?


Is that a banner?

A Message

Nah!  Couldn’t be!

alys is here 2 copy

All of sudden, the message was clear, OmGosh !!!!

Wait what?

It’s true!  So, that’s when Boomdee lost it, just a wee bit !

My dear, sweet Alys actually hopped a plane in San Jose at the ninth hour and jetted down to San Diego.  Yes WAY!!!  Apparently, somewhere between Target and school lunches, a plan was hatched. This happens all the time. NOT!  I’ve never seen anyone travel with NO luggage before.  After generous hugs and screams, we enjoyed a visit and some wine and planned one lovely day together.   Spending my day with Alys was the best Christmas gift I could have imagined. Here’s some of the highlights but honestly, I think I’m still in shock 😀 Crazy, wonderful, joyful shock.

Alys's Visit Collage

Tis the season to be spontaneous!

Oh how we laugh

One billion hugs Alys, for your gift of friendship, I love you ❤


What’s the most spontaneous thing you ever did?

ps. Apologies for this being so long, I’ve been at the airport for hours due to delays 😀  xoxo Boomdee


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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

40 thoughts on “I Love You

  1. Merry Christmas Boomde!!!!
    very lovely post, I can tell you had a blast 🙂 it is always fun visiting with you 🙂
    What is the most spontaneous thing I ever did?? pack a suitcase in 5 minutes and take a road trip with my family for Thanksgiving to visit extended family…it was fun!! 🙂


    1. Merry Christmas Daniella! Thank you for your great messages, I’m glad you have fun here! San Diego was such a shocker. I guess Mr B was in on it all day but I could have never imagined it. Alys really really surprised me.

      Five minute packing sounds pretty spontaneous, how cool are you! I pack pretty fast too but not that fast. For this trip I packed at about 10pm the night before. Hope your new year is full of fun new and good health too! Cheers Boomdee


    1. Merry Christmas Kathryn! I’m feeling that love xo and sending it back your way. I sure was surprised and we had just a fantastic day. The sun was shining after a couple of raining days. Love to you and all your sweet sweet fur-family ❤ k


    1. Oh, I really like that song too. OMGosh, the most legendary guitarists of all time featured there. What about the artists from that era hey? History just won’t see it again, I don’t think. It’s the flavour of the week now on the radio. Which I rarely listen too. eeeeek, I’m sounding pre-historic, LOL

      Thank you for your message Mike. Happy Holidays to you and yours! Travel safe if that’s on the itinerary. Cheers my friend.

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        1. Awwwww, so nice. Thanks for filling my cup! Do you know the band UB40? Reggae boys. They sing

          “I’ve got the bottle, bring me your cup,
          pop the cork and try a sup.
          When it’s empty I fill you up,
          we’ll drink it down till the sun comes up”

          I could listen to them all day long 😀


    1. Thank you so much Marisa! I do feel lucky to have traveled to cities where blogging friends reside. The list is long, it’d be fun to visit everyone 😀 Merry Christmas to you and your sweet little family! Cheers, Kelly.


    1. Hi Johanna! I’m sorry, I didn’t see your kind message until tonight. I might have been on a plane heading no-where at the time, LOL The dreaded travel-day was more than made up for by our stay and Alys’s visit. Do you have a best-forever friend in your town or are there miles between the smiles?

      Have you ever been on Coronado Island? It’s actually connected to San Diego by bridge. We always stay at the 1906 Lodge, only a couple of blocks to the main street or beach but far enough to miss the hubbub that goes on at the Del Coronado Hotel. We love biking around the neighbourhoods to admire the cute cottage vibe. It’s all about the picket fences, flags on porches and cute gardens. I’ve posted about homes, the island and our B&B on previous visits. I’ll pop them here incase you want to veg out one day and visit the island 😀


      It’s very ‘small-town’ vibe and people are very kind, polite and friendly. We try and go every other year. I never tire of seeing the ocean. Isn’t it just amazing? The horizon just melts into the sky, I love it. xoxo


  2. I’m reading with tears in my eyes and joy in my heart. You are such a gift!

    I love the sky balloon. You are so clever. As Dr. Seuss might say, ‘the cleverist’.

    What an extraordinary day making memories for the ages.

    So glad you could meet up with Russel Ray. You are racking up the WordPress visits, that is for sure. I can’t wait to catch up.

    Love this post, the pictures, your energy and your heart. xoxooxox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. (((Alys))), we shall just be a pair of soggy girls with big hearts then shall we? Good heaven’s, whatever did Dr Seuss rhyme with “cleverist”? hehe. I shall add that lovely compliment to my goodie box for a raining day 😀 thanks hon xo
      Funny, I took photo’s of that balloon earlier and thought,”oh, it’d be fun to imagine a message for my Boomdeeadda friends”. Little did I know !! Nor could I have imagined !! ((You)) are just a wonderful surprise in every way. xoxo
      I snitched the coffee shop photo off of Facebook knowing you wouldn’t mind. I didn’t want the day to end and wish I’d taken more photo’s. I thought I had. What a whirlwind.
      When Russel and I hugged goodbye, he said, “have fun at your class” 😀 Isn’t that nice? I wish I could pop in on city’s everywhere and call it the WordPress World Palooza or something. Maybe when a Lotto Tix pays off 😀
      It took all of yesterday to get organized again at home, get groceries and finish Xmas shopping. I think the glow of the holiday is still carrying me two feet off the ground. Yesterday at the market, I handed the cashier my drivers license instead of my credit card…ha, I got used to pulling it out in California I guess.
      Oh dear, the next Holiday will seem so dull, but it’s the price I’m willing to pay for pure happiness. ❤ ❤ ❤ mwaaaa xk


  3. The most spontaneous thing I ever did was answer a question in an olde timey computer chat room back in 1997 and 17 years later I am married to the person that asked that question. Amazing how little spontaneous moments can change your life ;). Good to see at least somewhere in the U.S. has weather like we do at Christmas…only we have rain forecast for ours this year. I think California/San Diego (wherever you were down south) has pinched our sunshine again…not that I am actually complaining mind you, I love cooler weather 🙂


      1. Stevie-boy said “What is the meaning of life?” (I am sure he wanted some in depth and deep conversation) and I answered “OOOO I know this one…42!” from the wonderful treatise The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by one Douglas Adams. That’s life eh? 😉

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    1. Hey? A chat room! Aren’t you the adventurous one. That’s too fun. So you hooked up for a blind date after that? Was Steve and you living in the same city? The weather was a bit spotty but for the most part, we had more good than bad. Apparently, after years of drought, it decided to rain like heck while we were there. We were happy for it though, it’ll refreshen the earth and wildlife and dampen forest fire threats. It’s still plenty warm there when it rains. Evenings were cooler than usual too. We were in the city of San Diego, California being the state. Very near the Mexican boarder. The weather was brilliant for us northerners, not too hot. We don’t care for heat either. Thanks for your message my dear.


      1. Remember those old chat rooms where you got to choose a little picture of yourself and everything you typed came up on the page in a little speech bubble? I could only type one fingered and by the time I had typed “hello” the conversation had scrolled right down and I was lost! I met Steve the very first time I ever tried to use a computer and when we started talking (in the chat room) he said that the question that he asked was going to be the very last time he bothered trying to talk to anyone online as people never answered him…he was living in the U.K. at the time and we spent a year talking before we met, then another year and a half keeping an extremely long distance relationship going till he moved out to Australia and we have been married now for just over 14 years :). Yeah, I read and heard about that rain. We saw flash floods on the TV here so it must have been serious. Cheers for the geographic info, I never knew where ANYTHING in the U.S. was till Stewart (my son) met his partner Kelsey, from Texas, and she moved out here and I thought I should at least know where Texas was ;). They are pretty near the Mexican border there as well. I HATE the heat and am so glad that this year spring has decided to be autumn and so has the first month of summer. It was cold and raining yesterday and we have a forecast of cool and rain on Christmas Day. The alternative is HOT so cool and rain makes me a happy narf 🙂


  4. Sweet post. Creativity and …artistic-ness (huh??) just come out of every inch of you. I love that! The most spontaneous thing I ever did was one year when my sister and I were watching the NY Marathon on TV, we said, “Let’s go see it for real!” We hopped in the car, picked up a friend, and zoomed over to Central Park to see the runners at the 21st mile. Fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello dear Cupcake and Genevieve,
      Artistic-ness is Aces! Don’t you love our own little language here at WordPress? Honestly though, thank you for your fab message.
      I’ve never been to a Marathon, how fun. I know a girl who does the Iron Man Challenges though and have great respect for their tenacity and commitment to training and diet. I’m not even certain I could walk a marathon, let alone run, Maybe if I had a cutie like Cupcake to lead the way, it’d actually be fun. Thank you for sharing your sisterly moment of spontaneity with us G, Hugs Boomdee


  5. Oh what fun you had!!!! Capped off with the gift of Alys arriving – I know how very close you two are and what FUN you must have had together……I’d say it was just about PERFECTION from beginning to end – including all that “loot” you got at the little crafty store. LOVE LOVE LOVE your little “dome world” you made in the class too. I hope the trip back home wasn’t TOOOO much of a downer after being on Cloud Nine!

    Hugs, Pam

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    1. Hello my dear friends, I really did unwrap Christmas early and have the bestest bestie ever. If you’re ever in San Diego, go at Christmas! This island seems rather magical. These wee doomed worlds are so cute, I couldn’t resist buying two more to make at home.
      I didn’t have time to be in a downer yesterday. There were groceries to get, Christmas shopping to do and laundry. Today an appointment then work….when the heck will I finish the tree? LOL Sending big love and hugs your way K


  6. Aw, this is gorgeous…what a neat trip it sounds (love all the photos and the cool retro dining with the jukebox!) and a super cool ending! That must’ve been so exciting for you, awesome 🙂 I think maybe I shouldn’t moan too much about never travelling, I shall just live through you Boomdee, loved this post and was grinning from ear to ear reading it lol. Nice to see a photo of you too 🙂

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  7. Isn’t that just wonderful! So sweet observing you two making each other happy! I have no idea what the distance is between San Jose and San Diego – when I first saw this mentioned on fb I thought you were in the same city and Alys had just wandered over to see you……. then I saw she was catching a plane back home! What a super cool bestie to have!! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Super Cool, Super loveable, Super crazy spontaneous, LOL

      San Jose and San Diego are about an hour and 20 minutes apart by jet Pauline. Or a 12 hour train ride. So not really close at all, but in the same state still.

      I had thought they were closer too and suggested meeting 1/2 way at some point. But by the time we would have met up, it would have been time to head back. So, our dear Alys has spent a small fortune just to have one glorious day together, I’m flabbergasted and in shock still as I type this.
      I’m so grateful xo


  8. A wonderful way to tell us of your fabulous holiday. Glad Alys surprised you with a visit – I’m sure that must have been the highlight of your holiday. Glad you are home now and we will talk soon. Love Auntie Kathleen xoxo LUL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for cheering us on Aunty. It really was one crazy wonderful end to a nice holiday. We just got home at 3:00 am. So many delays at the airport. Nice to be home and snuggle the puddy-cats.LUL 2 xoxox


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