Seven Aqua Swans A Swimming

The age-old question, “is it better to give or receive”?  Honestly, I don’t know if I could pick either with certainty or conviction.  I quite fancy picking out little things and carefully wrapping it all up with a little of this and that and a wee pinch of Boomdee-tude (like attitude but sasier).

Boomdee Wraps It Up

But, it’s also really heartwarming to find a box on your doorstep from a favourite friend too. I kinda of picture parcel delivery like this:

Ace Ventura clip via YouTube

But it looks like this one made out ok. While I was away in San Diego being Surprised by one true friend, another was posting just the most fabulous Christmas parcel.  The cheery aqua tape greeted me as we wearily dragged our luggage in the door.  “Oh look, it’s for me!!”

 Aqua Duck Tape Rules

I knew it was for me because Mr B never receives parcels with aqua tape.  Then again, he also doesn’t write a fabulous blog with awesome friends like you either.  Hey! You snooze, you lose.  Snicker!

12 beautiful wrappings

Inside, were twelve (!! yes twelve) pretty little packages and a heart warming original poem, all from the lovely Julia at Defeat Despair.

 Here, to tickle your own Christmas spirit, an excerpt:

‘Far, far away up in snowy Alberta

There’s a famous lady my friends have all heard o’,

She lives with her gent, two cats and a gnome,

and all who visit her soon feel at home.

Her talent’s amazing her spirit is sunny.

The gifts that she sends us can’t be bought with money.

She’s been there for me through times sad and scary.

When I go to Boomdeeville, I come home MERRY!

Have you ever had a friend grace you with so much kindness by writing you a clever and generous poem?  I feel so very loved, thank you ((Julia)) xo.  Along with the gifts and poem, Julia included a great letter of humour explaining how she’s gifting me ‘a tradition’ that she started with her folks. Rather than sweating over what to get every year, Julia wraps up twelve mini gifts.  One to be opened each day starting the 13th of December.  How fun is that?   Since I’m a bit late to begin, I’m opening one each night before Christmas and saving six more for Ukrainian Christmas too.

The gift of discovery!

I’m having so much fun, I can’t wait to do it next year.  So, to qualify for the first, ‘Boomdeeadda Twelve Days of An Aqua Christmas’ , just tell me about your favourite tradition below. I’ll draw one name from comments on Boxing Day to receive twelve wee gifts next December. It might take me all year to find, ‘7 aqua swans a swimming’ 😀

Happy Holidays Love Boomdee


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43 thoughts on “Seven Aqua Swans A Swimming

  1. Wow, am I ever late to this post! I didn’t realize you had already blogged about this; I wouldn’t have possibly been able to get to it that quickly, especially after a long trip. Sorry I didn’t see this in time to say a timely THANK YOU for the post! I love the idea of drawing names this spring. I think we all should pitch in a few bucks to be pooled to go to those who have the postage to or from the international places. Great idea! Thanks again, it was a ton of fun getting that ready. Hope P&B will like their little gift.

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    1. No schedule here Julia, you are never late. I’m pretty sure I’ve read many of your’s a month after you’ve posted. Sooner or later, we find our way.

      I actually took a video of Petals and Blossum loving up their kitty cat tea bags, aka kittynip. Those were so darn cute, and with black cats on them too! LOL P & B were enraptured and went slightly banana’s for a bit. Blossum (who’s robust and cuddly) attempted to roll over but kind of gets stuck. I’ll pop it onto FB for your entertainment. I had a riot reading all your fantastic rhymes and while you might think the gifts were little things, I sure didn’t. It was all so thoughtfully selected and wrapped and the original poems were the cherry on top. You’ve royal spoilt us J, Thanks every so much for this. I’m going to treasure every bit. I have five more gifts to open b4 Ukrainian Christmas. Tonight I opened the Mistletoe! That trader Joe has such cute packaging. Since the Mistletoe is preserved, I can use it next year in our foyer. Or maybe I should just hang it over our new bed, LOL. Mr B will be charmed. Thank you! I can’t wait to pass my newest tradition along to Cindy and other friends. You’re a doll, xoxo K


  2. Oh my, I had to catch my breath and stop reading comments to get here. I read some to my daughter so we could both have a big belly laugh before going to sleep tonight. Nikitaland cracked me up this time.

    Now you know how I felt when I got your beautiful package last year that I show everyone who even pauses for a second here. Getting a gift from the heart does wonders for the body but giving that gift, I think does even more for the sender. Everyone benefits.

    I am not very traditional at Christmas as things are always changing, like my son not making it up this year or my sister-in-law getting to come last year. I like to be very flexible. A few years when the kids were all marrying and had families they had to go from house to house on Christmas so we started doing a buffet with lasagna, finger foods an lots of goodies. As groups of our kids passed through, they could nibble, hug, collect and be on their way. This year my daughter and I grilled a steak outside and listened to some music after visiting with my sister in her new place. I still put up a tree and bake enough for the army of workers that keep our mail and packages moving this time of year. The smile at the post office when I take in a basket of goodies could light up a tree. I think the Christmas baking is my only tradition but couldn’t even do that the year we lived in Taiwan as we had no oven.

    Since I have no needs anymore, my greatest joy is in the giving and I plan to use this next year finishing lots of undone projects to pass one throughout this year. Life has been extremely kind to me and you and a few others are part of that. I truly celebrate the day after as much as the rest of the season. I’d like to sleep for a week too, If I could sleep.:( I have a quilt top to finish and ornaments to get made by Tuesday along with a one pot meal for a potluck. How much better could life be? Hugs and the best of everything in the new year dear sweet girl.


    1. Hey! We seem to be in-sync this morning Wonderfrau! I was just over at your post too, HA. BTW, I thought it looked tres’ festive over there with the holiday inspired background. Cute!

      You hit the nail on the head with give -vs- receive. They certainly aren’t mutually exclusive. Everyone wins.

      I like the idea of Lasagna for Christmas. Who wants to eat turkey for every meal? I’m hosting my brothers and SIL on Saturday, so maybe I’ll do the Lasagna thing too. I must have missed something along the way, so your sister has her own place now? Wow! So awesome for you both. She’s going to miss that fantastic covered porch of yours I bet.

      Your kind to bake for the posties. I don’t think people do that much here anymore. Your post office folk work weekends I noticed in California. No wonder your mail is so much faster. I made Poppycock as a gift for Mr B and some for a friend. I’m not a big fan of the stuff, but he said it tasted good.

      Good luck with projects you’re trying to finish. I’m rushing home to do the same, a work thing due today but not yet started :/ Gads. Sleep is over rated, there’s too many crafts to be done, LOL xoxox Love K


      1. I’m ready to see the pressure back off a bit. My sister is renting a room in a house closer to work. Cuts almost an hour off her commute but is costly. $700 for on room and the use of the kitchen. She has to move again in 6 months. Hopefully she will find something else int that area. I’m enjoying quiet time. I’ll start fresh tomorrow.

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  3. In my book it is much better to give. I love giving someone something that delights them or that they love. I love passing things on. I guess it is all about who you are and how you look at life Ms Boomdeedaizee really :). Aqua duck tape…Teal…I get it! 😉 I just started my favourite tradition yesterday on our lovely sunshiny Christmas Day. I potted up seeds for plant futures after a long leisurely lunch teetering precariously on the deck in the sunshine with the dogs (begging for roast meat under Steve’s chair) and ever more relaxed as the fruit punch settled in. I also did 2 loads of Christmas Day washing. The bliss of staying at home and having a lovely quiet Christmas! ;). Good luck to everyone else beating me on my Christmas Day washing. I wouldn’t even bother trying! 😉

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    1. Merry Christmas Narf, Steve and roast meat eating doggies, LOL Your day sounds wonderful. Sunshine and fruit punch outside on the deck, oh I wish. You win the Christmas Day washing star because I sure won’t go anywhere near the laundry room. Aqua and Teal are the same colours here, I’m not sure why both names exit. One sounds more watery and I love the water so maybe that’s why I use that word? How ever you say it, it makes everything more B.E.autiful (I think). Cheers my dears. xoB


      1. Do I get a badge for winning the Christmas Day washing star? Like the little kid on “Up”? ;). Yeah Aqua and Teal are pretty much the same thing. I love them both and I have to live near the water as otherwise I start to dry up. I once lived inland and was SO depressed at the dry hot dusty situation that I had to move back to be near the water. I was born near water and I will die near water and the happiest parts of my life have always revolved around water. 🙂


  4. Boomdee, Merry Christmas!!! What a lovely and thoughtful gift from Julia, she does seem a sweetie.

    We started a new tradition for this family this year and have to say the giving bought us such alot of unexpected joy but long story….! Have a great day 🙂

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    1. ! Sounds like a ‘giving of the heart’ story and those always feel good. Merry Christmas Wendy and thank you for visiting too, I know how busy everyone is right now and I really appreciate all your messages. Cheers xK

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  5. Ha Sweety…what comes around goes around…clichecliche, I know. But a good friend and excellent parcel giver yourself: I am not surprised at all that you got such a good gift your self. To give or to recieve, not a question at all, we all can do both with equal pleasure. I have already been incredible spoiled this Christmas by you: so my Dear, I would love to see a happy yodeling post from some one else at the receiving end form your parcels next year;0) Happy Holliday, Johanna

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    1. Merry Christmas Eve Johanna! I’m sure you’re relishing the time with your young men. Are they showering you and Charley with endless hugs and stories of life in Toronto? I just baked some cupcakes (as a gift) and they’ve all baked together on top, LOL. So I still have to figure out how to make them pretty since they’re a gift. I think 40 cc’s of icing! STAT!

      0 sigh, you’ve certainly showered me with such a sweet message, xo thank you kindly. I shall happily tuck it all away into my good Karma collection for a rainy day.

      Feliz Navidad! xo Kelly


  6. What a lovely Christmas tradition! I loved absolutely everything about this post, the true reason for gift giving – – it’s for making someone feel special. You nailed it Julia! By the way Boomie, you need to start selling apparel with “Boomdee-tude” on it! I am sure you would get a lot of takers! Merry Christmas to you & your family from all of us over here at Nikitaland! We think the world of you!


    1. Merry Christmas to you and yours Val. I’m afraid I haven’t had time to make your card yet, LOL Ukrainian Christmas is still to come, I’m going with that.

      I’m afraid the only ones who’ll know what that T-shirt means is all of us here, ha we might even get arrested by the coppers in the US. They might be sensitive about that word, ha. Have a wonderful holiday and hope Santa spoils you all, Cheers !


      1. That shirt would be ok to wear anywhere but at an airport! Geez, you can’t even say hi to your friend Jack at an airport anymore! LOL

        I hope Santa spoils you as well because you deserve to have a day where aqua sprinkles shower you with lots of joy!

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        1. you’re probably counting sugar plums in your head already 😀 I’m always spoilt here there and everywhere. I can’t deny it, LOL. Enjoy the big day! So many preparations to get here!


    1. Oh the Ballet is wonderful and a Christmas tradition for many. My favourite theatre event is the Edmonton Symphony. Edmonton has the most beautiful venue called the Winspear Centre. You can not help but feel enlightened at either. Merry Christmas Genevieve and Cupcake!


    1. Merry Christmas Cindy! Thank you for all the beautiful travel photo’s you’ve shared this year too. I know there’s so many I’ve missed, but something to look forward to over the holidays is a great catchup. Cheers.


  7. What a delightful tradition. I love that idea!

    You are a friend to many, Boomdee. You cast your love net far and wide. I’ve concluded this year that giving is great and receiving is great too when it’s done with such kindness and sincerity. Gifts from the heart: what’s not to love?

    Julia, your poem is a delight! What a charming gift.

    Our traditions change with growing boys, but I suppose the one standard is decorating the Christmas tree. I’ve collected personal ornaments over the years, some gifts, some acquired through travel and the charming hand-made ornaments your children bring home from school when small. I love them all.

    Merry Christmas (beautiful picture at the end by the way). xoxo

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      1. I so agree Val. Little things, like a special message, phone call or even ‘time’ spent together can be so precious. It’s those things that sustain us thru thick and think. Thank you for your kind message but I know others that are far more selfless. I think we can all safely say there’s always room for improvement. Luckily, I’m surrounded by good and kind people that continue to inspire me everyday.


    1. So much fun, I’m on night three. Julia has also written a little rhyme to go with each gift. Today was a very cute, teeny tiny Christmas tree and her sense of humour comes through:

      Here’s Alyster’s tree, the one that I mentioned.
      To make his home gaudy was not my intention.
      But I like some colour on my Christmas trees,
      I won’t be offended if he disagrees !

      LOL ! I’m sure Alyster would like that he doesn’t have to do a thing. He’s probably napping in Eves yard still. I’ve been told by other parents that their kids give up some traditions but mellow out as young adults and begin to love them over again. So, be prepared for the rebound in no time.

      You’re such a good mom hon. Our things never went on the tree. I probably brings back lot’s of cute memories of when your young men were up at the crack of dawn, unable to wait to open their treasures. Look at them now, both so tall all of a sudden. Time flies by too fast. Thank you for being a joy filled part of the most wonderful and memorable Christmas ever. xoxox


      1. What a clever poem! I hope you’ll post a photo of Alyster’s tree. How fun! I really like the idea of a little something to open over the 12 days. I have hollow Christmas ornaments for each of the boys and place two chocolates in them for the Christmas countdown. The boys still like that!

        Yes, I’m sure as adults things will smooth out once again. Hoping so.

        Thank you for being a part of my world. Every day with you in it is a joy. xoxo

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        1. ❤ ❤ I just opened my box of sparkling, aqualicious treasure hon 😀 😀 Omgosh, All is so gorgeous. Your thoughtfulness shines thru everything. Thank-you x million. I'll pop over to FB soon Love you so much, xo


  8. Julia is so thoughtful to do that for you – what a wonderful gesture! Isn’t it nice to feel so loved 🙂
    I love her poem and the whole idea really…… I used to do Advent gifts for my girls and their friends when they were little – that was a lot of fun and this makes me think of doing a grown up version myself…….. Maybe next year – who knows, I did NOTHING for my blogging friends this year and am a little embarrassed by the thoughtful, fun and pretty gestures we have been receiving! Note to self: Must do better!!

    I recently saw that same duct tape in the local hardware store – and of course purchased me a roll – what could you not do with that? 🙂

    My favourite Christmas tradition? The stockings. We still do it when we are all together for Christmas. Jam packed with fun little hand made, recycled or new gifts that fit the bill of ‘fun’ ‘funny’ ‘didn’t know I needed that!’ and ‘Eat me!’ The toe is always stuffed with an orange simply because it always was when the girls were young only now the orange usually ends up volunteering for the cheese platter. 🙂

    It’s Christmas Eve day here Boomdee – it is very warm and sunny and we are set for a southern hemisphere Christmas Day – sitting in the garden, drinking some bubbly and nibbling on a platter of fresh fruits and veges and cheeses – maybe an old Christmas movie later in the evening when it cools down a bit – maybe a walk on the beach – Merry Christmas xoxo

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    1. Merry Christmas Day Pauline!! Your Christmas sounds just perfect to me. The girls, the garden, bubbly, sunshine and the beach. OMgosh, walking on the beach christmas day! You do live in a jewel, but I suppose you know that.

      We do Christmas stockings some years and some years, nothing I’ve planned for the stocking fits in, LOL Does that happen for you? I’m taking to wrapping right after my coffee. It’s 9:52 am Dec 24th here. We’re out to visit at the lake tonight with good ol’ friends.

      Maybe we could draw names when we see each other this spring (!! 😀 !!) for a 12 day gift package? We could each do only one and no one should know who each other got….that sounds like fun!!!

      I’m looking so forward to 2015, it’s going to be crazy fabulous!! Sending Love xo K


      1. That sounds like a good idea – all the fun and no stress! Let’s do it!

        I would often complain about not being able to fit the stocking gifts into the stocking. As a result quite a number of years ago my ED bought me, as a joke, a huge knitted stocking that stretches. Some years they try to fill it and the thing stands 2 m tall and a metre wide – you could fit a house in there!

        I get butterflies every time I think about your spring and my autumn!

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        1. Gads! 2 meters of treasures, that’s a hefty challenge. See if you lived in Canada, they could’ve popped a toboggan in there or a pair of skis. Have you ever been tobogganing P? Can be lots of fun, unless you’re the one to bounce off on a bump, LOL.


        2. Oh!! Believe me, people *do* break things, put it’s usually the young ones, doing silly things. Us, ‘not-as-young’ ones go too slow to be at risk LOL. I’m surprised that you’ve been curling, Wahoo Pauline. I have friends who are very into it, but I’ve never been really. I worked at a curling club when I was 14. We had a team, but I can’t say I was smitten or bitten by it, xoK

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      2. Okay all you crafty, gifty people … I may just have to get on my bike and head on down the road. I simply cannot keep up with you all! My family and friends are getting gifts the week after Christmas, and this year I’m sending out New Year’s cards. How on earth you all get all these packages sent … over seas, across the country, all over the continent … I have no idea!
        But I’m so very impressed!
        Merry Christmas to you all!!!

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        1. LOL, don’t be too impressed LB. I was up to 4:00 Dec 22nd wrapping, Then woke at 7am to decorate the tree before work, LOL I’m going to sleep for a week. My Christmas cards were actually postcards from California which no one got on time, so New Years cards sound quite sensible! The Merriment began last night in our old hood at the lake and we’re also traveling today. I’m going to sleep for a week, ha. Love to you! Merry Christmas Laurie! xo K


    1. Hi Aunty, I’m just having a ball and if I was rich, I’d globe hop to meet as many as I could. Starting with the warm spots in November. I guess you’ll be up early to see young Benjamin cash in the loot on Christmas morning. Does Friday have a stocking too? We miss you! Say hello to my favourite cous, and thank you for coming by the blog on your holiday xoxo K


  9. That is a really wonderful and FUN gift from your friend and the start of a really lovely tradition I think….I have TWO important traditions that I carry with me from childhood… is having sausage gravy and biscuits for Christmas morning breakfast (my Dad used to make breakfast that morning for our family – he never cooked otherwise but that was his “specialty”)…..and the other is having mince meat pie (which most people I know hate but my Dad loved it!). SO I have carried on these traditions……….faithfully and always will!

    Another tradition is making sure my friends know how much I love them – and appreciate their friendship – so consider yourself informed dear Boomdee!!!!

    Hugs and Happy Aqua-Holiday!
    Love, Pam (and Sam)


    1. Thank you so much for sharing your memories Pam. How dear that you faithfully continue to do as your dad did. My dads cook night was Halloween. He’d make these really thin sliced potatoes in a cast iron pan with lots of salt. We actually called them Halloween potatoes. Dad also made really good cinnamon buns from scratch. He learned from a cook in camp when he worked out of town. So what is mincemeat? Is it a combo deal?

      You’re such a cutie-pa-2T and I adore you too Pam. I’m sending a Big-Ol’ Christmas hug and wish you a warm and cuddle filled Christmas with Sammy and your other squeeze, Mr Kimmel 😀

      Lots of Love Kelly!


    1. I think traditions give you something to look forward too. Something that makes everyone feel part of the event. Maybe it’s an swim in the lake after an annual BBQ, a summer camping trip or something you love doing every year at Christmas. I always thought of traditions as something families past along, now I now they’re something you can share too. Have a wonderful holiday!

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