Petals Reporting From Boomdeeadda

Good day friends of Boomdeeadda. My mommy claims to be totally burnt out and I must apologize for her late Post. We’ve been bugging her for days.

where's my glasses

So, I’ve taken over the Blog today to get things done. No worries, I’m a professional.

excuse me while I work out

I thought I’d limber up before the big event.  After being chased out of the Christmas tree I had to resort to this measly palm tree. It barely holds my weight. But, a serious athlete must know how to improvise on the fly.

climb this tree, 123

We got a good work out the other day, when we climbed over, under and through all the gifts. I want to see if any were for us ensure they where all kitty proof. Blossum wanted to help too (she thinks she’s a secret agent).

Blossum's on it

The work continued

So, I’m pretty sure I’m limber enough. Let’s move on to the main event shall we. Follow me while I tell show Mommy how to pick a winner 😀

Prepare my magic pot mommy

The magic aqua pot

Petals picks a winner

I think this hat looks festive, don’t you? 

Without further delay, the winner is!!!………….

the winner is cindy

According to mommy, the winner of  Boomdeeadda’s Seven Aqua Swans A Swimming Christmas 2015 give-away is Cindy Knoke.  Cindy travels the world and shares beautiful photo’s of her amazing trips on her blog.

our work is done

Thanks for coming by, we hope you all kept in shape during the holidays like Blossum and I. Congratulations Cindy!  Please send an email to This has been Agent Blossum and Petals reporting from Boomdeeadda.

How about you,

did you get anything Aqua for Christmas?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

40 thoughts on “Petals Reporting From Boomdeeadda

  1. To heck with the Academy Awards. This is the best award ever and I wish your kittly would come over and take over my blog for a week or three. She is a natural talent! You are a total sweetheart and your blog is such a happy place. Thank you so much for this very kind recognition. I thought I had already expressed my heartfelt gratitude, but I suspect it was a senior moment thought, I am having more of these!! Hugs to you and the kitty too!

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    1. These kitties are not always too reliable, but Petals is rather bossy and probably wouldn’t mind taking over your blog, my schedule, our kitchen counter and who knows what else. She’s a nut and currently racing up and down the stairs meowing……? cardio time I guess. You had responded to an email I sent at the time. Too bad you’ll be traveling, I’m already collecting a few aqua goodies. I haven’t picked a new name yet if you wish to change your mind……xo


    1. Like their mom, they look smarter with glasses on, LOL. Hey? Aren’t any of my messages coming thru? I totally caught up on your with Mrs Smith a couple of nights ago. I saw you and Baby Girl (your sleeping pill). laughed like mad. Oh and the laundry room redo, gads! Laughed again and honestly felt sorry for you :/ But if anyone can make it look fab, it’s you! I can’t wait to see how you turn that into a little jewel. xo B


  2. Ah! I did indeed miss this one! I love that your sweet kitties hijacked your page and got the job done!! and I just love the pink glasses!
    We need a chat on skype or something … we are so busy that our posts have been less frequent and I miss you!!!
    Then again, January is the time for clean up, organization, and getting all those little things done that were neglected over the holidays. We’ll get there, right! ❤

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    1. I’m missing you too Laurie. I can’t believe it’s January. I promised to look at the travel schedule days ago and it’s still on my to-do list. Now I have the beginnings of a cold. Half of Edmonton I think has it (I got it at work I think). So I have even less energy. Let’s not wait long ❤


    1. Happy New Year A/C. I was thinking of all of you the other day when we saw news of the ferry fire near Greece. I was thinking how terrifying that’d be in high seas. I hope everything is good for you and all your guests. Thank you so much for coming by, I’m missing all those furry faces and need to do the same. xox K


  3. Well, Petals, aren’t you just gorgeous mesmerising me with your fluffy black fur and your cutesy good looks! I’m so pleased I finally got my act together after such a long time and tuned back into your mommy’s heavenly blog. It’s always such a visual feast – and an added bonus for a Mad Cat Woman when you and the equally delightful Blossom are doing the hosting. I do hope your Mommy is OK and gets a chance soon to have a big old rest. 2014 was a huge year for all of you – moving house, mommy’s great job, mom and dad paring back possessions (all the while blog friends are sending more things!). A big year, indeed! No wonder Mommy Boomdee is burnt out. I’m sending her and you two cuties huge hugs and if I lived closer I’d come and make her a pot of tea in an aqua tea pot and tell her to put her feet up for the rest of the day – and I would take care of everything in Boomdeeville for the day. Happy New Year to you all and here’s to life slowing down just a teensy bit. oxoxoxoxox

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    1. Dani !!!! mwaaaaa – snuggles and more mwaaaaa. So sorry to have missed your visit till now. I’m up alone, drinking bubbly and enjoying the fire. Seems I’ve learned the art of relaxing quite well, ha!
      It has been a whirlwind of a month. First jetting off to San Diego, then wonderful, beautiful Alys surprising me there, then delayed flights and finally home to finish Christmas shopping. Finishing the Christmas tree on Dec 24th, the latest ever, LOL. Then we went out of town in two different directions for three days in a row. Someone half my age will be shrugging their shoulders about now saying, “ya, boo-who”. Oh, the days when we could burn the candle at both ends. Thank heavens for our super duper pet sitter. We never have to worry about the Diva’s when we’re here, there and everywhere. We just love Cindy to bits and so do Petals and Blossum.
      How are all the furry loves of your life? I’ve watched the news about Aussie fires this week. I hope they’re far far away from you. Did you have a nice Holiday to the Ocean? I’m totally envious of course. How much beauty is in your very own (nearly) back yard. It all looked fantastic! Seemed like you had the whole place to yourself too. Did you see my thank you card for the awesome bunting? It’s hanging in the Boom Room Window and brightens every moment. You were super kind to make one for each visitor to your post. You must have been the busiest woman in the neighbourhood with that. My thanks again. I love it, and you too. xoxoxox K

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  4. D’awwwww. Love your draw, Blossum and Petals!! Good you took things into your own paws. You never know when mums will get around to these things. Congrats to Cindy on the win! Anything aqua? Hmmmmmmm…….I have to say nothing. My fave gift this year was another piece of Chalet Glass (I collect it) but it was a pale peachy pink. And, I want to say THANK YOU so much for the post-card! It arrived today. It finally got cold here yesterday, so it was nice to receive a piece of sunshiny mail from California! 🙂 Hope you are having a terrific holiday, enjoy the sun for us!! Love, Catja and Kitty xoxo

    (PS, check here for Kitty’s photo with Santa, it’s pretty hysterical this year 🙂


    1. Oh boy, that’s a slow postcard. I guess because it was Christmas. I had to show Mr B the photo of Kitty and Santa! Outstanding! That’s so darn cute with Kitty’s feet sticking up and paws just hanging over Santa’s arm. LOL, that Santa has the funniest smile too. Kitty looks right at home with the big guy. HAThanks so much for leaving the link Catja! I got all carried away at the bow tie links too. How fun. I tried and tried to figure out the diagram to tie one but I think you just need to do one. Did you have a great Christmas? I can’t believe it’s done. So much activity and then “snap” it’s all over. Happy New Year, see you in 2015 xo K

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  5. Congratulations, Cindy! You are in for a real treat, you lucky blogger, you.

    Petals and Blossum, so nice of you to host a post. I too found aqua-wrapped treasures under my tree. It must be the start of a wonderful epidemic.



    1. Awwww, thanks hon!

      It starting to seem like Aqua is everywhere. Don’t you notice it a lot? I can’t wait to collect 12 aqua treasures for Cindy’s Christmas 12 Days. Since I have 12 months, I’m sure I’ll see more than 12 things.

      We got some new paper in at work today. It’s by Kaiser Craft and it’s so so so pretty. I can’t wait to make something. I’m off tomorrow and Jan 1, so I should have lots of time. BTW, it’s not even aqua…GASP, Ha!

      I’m also finishing Ratatoulie tonight, darn these rats are cute. I’m popping over to Nirvana to see if there’s an update for your little fella. xooxK


      1. I do notice a lot of aqua. I just wasn’t sure if it was my increased awareness since meeting you or if it really is more prevalent. I think it might be both. I’ve seen aqua appliances. including blenders and toasters. That doesn’t happen, generally, unless a color is trending. You’re ahead of your time.

        Ratatouille is a wonderful movie. I’ve seen it two or three times and always enjoy it.

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  6. How delightful that you had such helpful elves to get things done since you had so much to do in so little time. I’m almost ready for Christmas if it comes next week. Cindy will love what you are sending. I loved seeing your elves in their costumes. You can see how hard they are working. Happy new year sweet pea. On to more crafting. 🙂

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    1. My little elves are about as helpful as a burr stuck in your shock but they’re also kind a cute, so that makes up for a lot, HA!
      They’ve already gone to bed with daddy, while mom catches up with friends on line. Lucky me to have my favourite girls drop by. Happy New Year Marlenie-beanii


      1. Happy New Year to you as well. I’m so ready for a do over. The last one was exhausting but well worth it. You know what I mean. I know so many people who had major changes this last year. I’m ready to settle down and get some work done this year.

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  7. Your cats (master overlords) did a great job picking out the winner. Congratulations Cindy and here’s to everyone discovering the joys of aqua/teal/aquamarine/sea green in 2015 🙂


    1. Ha, yes all of those colours shall be sent along in my mission to paint the world Boomdeeish (more made up words). When you say overlords, you’re pretty much spot on. I tend to think as Petals as a bit demanding. She’ll come climb on you and meow right in your face, like a little gangster. I shall translate for you here, “I want a crunchy mommy, I can not wait for your program to finish, mommy, mommy, mommy…look at me, look at me, mommy”. I’m pretty certain she thinks of me as ‘staff’, LOL.

      Happy New Year to you and Stevie!! xo


      1. I think Petals is your equivalent of Earl, only substitute a 34kg American Staffordshire terrier sitting in your lap, chewing on your crochet antimacasers (because he is B.O.R.E.D. and you PROMISED to take me for a walk!) and bouncing from couch over the top of you when you are watching your favourite television show because “I WANT TO GO TO BED…I WANT TO GO TO BED!” He nibbled Stevie-boys Christmas present from under the tree (strategically ignoring his own as hey, you wouldn’t want to know too early would ya?) and just ran out like the crazy dog from the black lagoon into the rain…and then jumped back into bed with Steve, sopping wet. Life with our (master overlords) pets is interesting to say the least! 😉


  8. Congrats to Cindy…she is in for a big treat!!! And well done Petals, I love the stylish sunglasses and festive hat.
    While mom was sleeping and resting…I also peeked around that gorgeous house of her! So nice and bright. I love the light chair with delecate blossom (?) pillow and of course the decorative cat. The little Christmas trees are so stylish, I love that. The bay window is purrfect for the beautiful tree!

    Say hello to mom for me and tell he to takee it easy, xoxo Johanna


    1. Hello my dear, the kitties have gone off for a nap and left their duties without a care. They are only part time bloggers I guess, LOL.

      I see you do get a wee tour when you look in the background of the photo’s, LOL. Thanks for having a peak around. There’s things I’d like to do to personalize, but we’re enjoying our home. There were actually drapes in the bay window but they weren’t functional or nice. Basically a lot of polyester material swagged on tie backs and puddling on the floor. So not me, it all came down when the main floor was painted. I drove by the house to see how the tree looked in the window and I liked it there too, so that may be the annual spot. Unless I change my mind, which I often do…LOL!

      I’m the crazy lady who has black kitties but still buys light coloured furniture. I’ve just always loved the look of bleached furniture and lightness. It’s part coastal/part traditional maybe even french country. It’s a work in progress.

      I ran out of time to share the house decorations. There are Snowbabies hanging out in the pastel colours trees, are you familiar with them? A girly indulgence, HA! I have more blogging ideas than I seem to have time which isn’t a bad thing really. Thanks for your message and have a super Happy New Year Johanna! Love and hugs K


  9. Congrats Cindy! All of Boomie’s gifts are wonderful! Christmas here was great! I just got a present from our friends on Saturday – they bought me a brand new rolling cart to use in the yard! I had my eye on this baby and they surprised me with one! I jumped for joy and can’t wait to use it! Happy New Year Boomie!


    1. Happy New Years Val 😀 Christmas is still gifting you, how awesome! I imagine your garden cart will make an appearance in a summer post! Sounds like a handy unit. I hope to redo the curb plantings and mulch next summer. It’s pretty dull. Seems so far away with all the cold and snow but I know it’ll come, it always does. Cheers my dear!


  10. Well done Petals and Blossum! Good job…………we didn’t get anything aqua this year BUT we did enjoy seeing our beautiful aqua bird on our tree this year thanks to your Mommy LAST year! Sorry your Mom is burned out but it’s understandable……humans are so DELICATE compared to us…….Hope you girls all have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Hugs, Sammy


    1. Merry Holidays Sammy (and Mom and Dad)!! I’m so happy to know the Aqua Birdie went to a good home, to be loved every Christmas. I managed to decorate the tree but didn’t have time to put out all the ornaments I love. Next year I will insist on any holidays away be taken after Christmas. Everything felt a bit rushed. It’s more fun to savour these things slowly. I wish catnip worked as well on me as it does you kitties. I hope Santapaws was generous to you all there. We all got spoilt rather nicely, HA Happy New Year!!! Love Boomdee, Petals and Blossum xo ❤


  11. Well, Petals and Blossum, I think it’s lovely that you made sure the gifts were all kitty-proof! Congratulations to Cindy on her win! I’m glad you two got Mommy moving on that; that lovely aqua pot was just begging to be put to use, wasn’t it? ~ Linne


    1. Boomdee here, Petals has abandoned things for a nap. They seem to have a short attention span, LOL I hope you enjoyed the holidays Linne! We actually put up the tree in a room where I can close the doors. They’re glass, so we can still see it lit up. Petals and Blossum were very excited to be invited in on Christmas morning and of course there’s the palm tree that Petals insists on exercising in. I don’t think it’ll last to next summer, HA. They’re so cute, when they are breaking things 😀 Happy New Year my dear!


    1. Thank you Aunty and for the pretty birdie ornament and chocolates too! We’re in a bit of a deep freeze today but warming up for New Years Eve. Will you go out to the Parliament for the fire works there in Ottawa? Sending love your way, pass it on. xo LUL!


  12. Good job Petals and Blossum! Mommy obviously couldn’t get this done without your considerable assistance and I am sure she is so grateful to you both! I have to say you look pretty cool in those dark glasses and the Santa hat is a very festive touch! I got a pretty aqua bird for Christmas 🙂 He flew all the way from Canada and is now resting by Indoor Sid in the art room. Congrats to the lucky winner. And ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!’ XOXO


    1. LOL, I’m back. Petals and Blossum are snoozing on the kitty perch. I didn’t get out of my PJ’s until 4pm yesterday. Gads, that felt good. It’s been a marathon for 5 days. Happy to hear that Canadian birdie found a place in your art room. I thought she might match a few things in there 😉 Happy New Year! I’m hoping we can go out to the fireworks if it’s not too cold. You probably will be on a beach or lounging in the sunshine which would be so lovely! Hugs all around xo K xo


  13. Congratulations to Cindy. Well done, kitties. Sometimes when you want things done right, you need to do them yourself. I didnt get anything aqua, but I got a stuffed green frog head from Santa. I slept with it on Christmas night.

    Love and licks,

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    1. A pillowy frogs head sounds positively awesome Cupcake. It comforting to have something cuddly to take to bed. I’m sure mommy thinks that you 😀 Petals and Blossum sleep on our bed and often on top of me. x K


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