All My Hang Ups

Hey !! S’up? I’ve just been hanging around, hanging out and hanging up.  

Hanging around the house because of a really rotten cold. I was so desperate, I even took a bath and I never do bath’s.  Ya I know, some people love to lounge around in the tub and relax.  I generally find it very dull.  So our new house has one of these corner tubs with jets for bubbles. It uses a decadent amount of water and I don’t plan to make it a habit but I did feel a wee bit better.

More Bubbles

Source Bitstrips

I’ve been hanging out in the Boom-Room, getting ready for Valentine’s at Urban Scrapbook.  Have you seen the new Webster Pages collection called ‘Beautiful Chic’ ?

Webster Pages

 Source Webster Pages

I’ve used it to wrap up some Christmas treats too.  It’s cheery and funky, just the right thing for projects during the dreary doldrums of January.  One of the cutest things ever is the little birdie mobile I’ve been working on.  I’ve done it with all the scraps, a Martha Stewart Heart Punch, Quick Kutz Bird Punch, tape and some twine I bought at Seaside Papery in San Diego.

 What You'll NeedUsing the bird die, cut out two birds for every one bird on your mobile.  The wing is perforated so you can fold them down after you glue two together.  I glued mine to the twine at 4 inches apart.  I used a bit of tape to secure the twine in place before gluing.   Because mine are Love Birds, each carries a wee gold vellum heart in its beak. Simply add one before you glue the birds together.

Build Your Love Birds

I love that they each seem to have their own personalities. Just like you and me, no two are alike. I tried not to get too fussy about picking two die cut birds to match, but I did want to ensure the same birds weren’t flying together on the twine.

Love Bird Mobile 1 Love Bird Mobile 2

These little Love Birds will be hung up in our Valentine display at Urban Scrapbook. When we’ve got it all together there, I’ll share another peak. I hope there’s a little love in the air wherever you are today. Hopefully you’ll still find me adorable even knowing all my hangups 😀

How about you?

Any hangup’s you’d like to share?

(Rest assured, we’re very discreet here in Boomtown)

Boomdee love

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

52 thoughts on “All My Hang Ups

    1. Goodness me, I came back to find your message way way way back here. Thank you for your thoughts Clowie, sorry I missed you. I hope thank you’s are like wedding presents, as long as you give them within a year, you’re A-ok. I heard that somewhere’s I think, or maybe I’m just wishing out loud, LOL xoK

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  1. Strange! You strike me as a bath person. That tub sounds so lovely, too. I’d use it to soak my old lady muscles. Precious work as always, Boom. I’d totally hang those birds in my living room and keep them up all year.

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    1. LOL, that made me giggle. Honestly, I don’t know when I’d make the time for baths. Good grief, it was like a 1 hour thing. Maybe if there was a crazy awesome view of mountains or something, or I could see the stars. Then again, that sounds like I’d be living in a palace and be rich. So, still no time for baths.

      I’d be busy flying round the world visiting friends. I could ring you up and say, “Hey LaLee (that’s what I call you :D), let’s go antique shopping today” and you’d be all like, “oh fun Boom, I’ll make us some tea and biscuits to go”…..Zoom, I’d pop by.

      How I got from baths to Texas for tea and biscuits is anyone’s guess, ha. Hey!!! When we redecorate the store for Easter, I’ll send you the birds. We hung them yesterday, they’re really cute but I had to cut them shorter because they were too long. So now there’s six strings….you can have the whole flock. xoxox. Just send your mailing info to my dear xoxo ❤ B


  2. Hello dearest Kelly!!! That is such a pretty little mobile, I am sure it brings a bit of spring and summer cheer to whichever room you hang it in! I am so sorry to hear that you have been sick, that really is no fair. I hear that it is one of those bugs that hangs around for a while… so drink lots of tea and keep your wool socks on!!!! We just had a week of hot summer weather and were all running around in shorts and tank tops, and then yesterday we had a big sudden freeze overnight and I think that we are all feeling a little under the weather now from that flip-flop in temperatures. I am washing up all the dog bedding today, and tucking everyone into their blankets warm from the dryer… so lots of snorting and snuggling (and purring) going on right now!! We miss you, and can’t wait to see you in March!! ❤


    1. Kathryn !!! Hello and thank you for visiting. I’m smiling at the thought of all your sweet pals getting excited about their fresh warm bedding. What a good mom you are, don’t you feel like climbing aboard and joining them in all that joy? I use to love to lay on Buddy’s pillow with him and rub his tummy. It’d make him so happy. Me too 😀 Just the best thing ever. I’d be so covered in hair but it was worth it.
      Wow, flip-flops and cut offs sounds dreamy. Sorry to hear it’s turned so dramatically. Sounds like home hey? No doubt you’ve heard about our current heat wave. Heat wave meaning 8 and 10 C, HA. Pretty crazy for January.
      I’ve got my tix for Washington and leave March 30, also hosting a Bridal Shower March 14th but any other day I will love to catch up and will find my way to wherever you are xox Can’t wait !! Love and Hugs XK


  3. Just like Pauline, you inspire me to start “creating” again! Those are TOO sweet + I love how delicate they are +what you said-they are just like people-each one is different:-) awwww..
    I LOVE baths-but in our home- I have a ’60”s sunken bathtub-LOL=the first one of it’s kind. There are no jets—prejet-period!
    I hate being sick-my biggest hangup! Hope you feel better!


    1. You’re just lovely to say you’re inspired. Thanks so much. I think they’d be cute too in solid colours of ones choice. But since they were for the shop, I wanted to use up the paper I made a bunch of display cards in. You do tend to collect a whack of scraps when you’re scrapbooking.
      A sunken tub from the 60’s! O my, I bet there might have been some legendary parties in there? I think there is a unit, it looks like a vacuum cleaner, that you can set beside your ‘non-jet’ tub that blows air into the tub. If you want to update without a reno. I just find the water cools off so fast and cleaning off all the bubble residue after is a bummer. It’s like, 15 minutes to fill, 5 minutes of a warm tub, 5 minutes of a ukewarm tub, 5 minutes to empty and 20 minutes to clean. I just can’t spare that kind of time, LOL I got things to do 😀 xo I am feeling better and thanks for your visit! Cheers!

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      1. lol:-) I met a few people in my community ( when we moved here in 99)as I was raising kids that attended a few parties at this house when the parents were out of town-but that tub can only fit one person:-)
        I will be pressing more flowers this year since I want to explore more what I can do with paper + flowers..I will be back, for you have great ideas!
        Cheers to you,too!


  4. A lovely bright and tasty post even though you are under the weather and forced to bath to reduce your symptoms. No bath here so no having to soak. I am with you on not enjoying baths, they lose their joy after a few minutes and unlike some people, I have never mastered the art of reading in the bath. My books always get wet 😉


    1. Hey-ho Franny-pants ! I imagine somehow Steevo could hook up your big ol’ stove to some tub on the deck where you and the dogs could look out over the trees to the ocean. My girlfriend in BC has a hot tub with a wood burning heat converter of sorts. It’s nice outside when there’s snow on the ground to sit in a warm tub with a beer. But on a day to day basis, it’s silly for me. I never figured out how to read in the tub either. Felt better today and had a day at work which always cheers me up. Ta ta 4 now! Thanks for your message xo

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  5. Hey Chickie! I sure do hope you are finding some relief from that stubborn virus! Ugh!
    At least you’ve been productive … but be sure to let your body rest and heal, too.
    Love your Love Birds!


    1. Chirpity-Chirp! This Chickie is not one to rest on her laurels if it can be helped. I’m actually feeling not too bad today, thank you! So, maybe I’ve out run the dang thing 😀 Thanks for the well wishes, the good vibes have helped immensely. I’m off to work tomorrow and excited to get out. ha-ya (karate chop) ! Take that nasty cold virus (adding a kung-fu kick) yah !

      LOL xoxox!


  6. Sure hope you’re feeling much better today! These colds nowadays seem to last for eons, it seems, and really drag a person down.

    I love love LOVE your sweet little love birds…I don’t know if I’ve ever made it known on my blog, but I’m about the most untalented crafter you could ever meet (if I attempted any sort of papercrafting project, it would turn out to be a big blob of colourful wood pulp and white glue) BUT I so appreciate the creativity!

    Take care, get well soon.


    1. LOL, Sheryl you kill me. Colourful Blob’s are what we call mixed media now, teehee, maybe you have a hidden talent.
      Is this crazy cold going around Calgary too? Everyone here is sick, getting sick or recovering. Sometimes you think you’ve licked it, then bam! I kicks you in the butt again. Annoying and yes, it feels like eons.
      I’m sure you’re eager for spring. The weather this week has been so nice and I’m missing it by being indoors. I hope spring comes in April. I’m going to Washington this spring and it’d be nice if it was spring when I return. Fingers crossed. Thanks again for your well wishes! toddles.xk


      1. Ah…mixed media! Now I know what I ought to try my hand at, LOL!

        A spring trip to Washington sounds absolutely lovely…the cherry trees bloom nice and early there so it’s a real treat from what I hear. And maybe we’ll get an early spring here, too – though with the warmth, it sure feels like it today!


        1. No doubt, very springy. The other shoe will drop and we’ll be crying in our snow drifts. But for now, it’s beautiful. I was out around town and there’s so little snow left in town.


  7. I don’t even know where to start here. I loved the paper, just your colors, especially the one with the butterflies. I’m with you on the baths. We had one of those tubs in my last home. It did take too much water to fill so I rarely (4 times in 12 years) used it. I’m a quick shower kind of girl with rare longer showers when I need the steam for the lungs.

    You amaze me with your creativity on the cartoon of yourself as well as your sweet bird mobile. I love the hearts for beaks.

    I get a kick out of how we all have something that we use to build and maintain our immune systems. I do the pickled garlic. Honey is a natural antibiotic but I don’t eat much and it needs to be unprocessed. Tried the kombucha years ago. Never developed a taste for it. I think we just don’t get enough rest. I’ve been lucky so far. No colds or flu. Just the creeping crud. The feeling of being worn out and general malaise. Bouncing back now but still taking it slow. Can you even do that????? My guess is no. 🙂 Hope you are recovering nicely. Your work looks like you are. I will catch up soon.



    1. Waving !!!! Hi Marlene 😀 (big smile)
      This paper has me loving every little thing I make from it. It’s pretty but not in a fru-fru way. Thank you for such a loving message. You always spoil me xo
      I was saying to another visitor here, these giant corner tubs are so last decade. I mean, not too many people want to tub with their significant other (apologies to those who do). It took a while to fill too. I’m more about spending 15 minutes in the bathroom than 45.
      I’m tempted to put pickled garlic right up there with Buckley’s cough syrup, LOL So I’ll take your word on that one.
      I am moving slow, believe me it takes me twice as long to get anything done. I’m happy to have gotten this after Christmas and not before. That’s for sure. My tree is still up and who knows when I’ll feel like that whole job. Glad to hear you feel like things are bouncing back. We’re entitled to take it as slow as we want, we’re retired chicks 😀 I can say chicks because we’re young at heart and spirit! Toodles Mar-noodles 😀 xoxo

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      1. You have to love pickles to love pickled garlic. It’s like eating a few dill pickles. My son thought he was getting the flu a couple days ago. I asked if he had eaten any that I sent and he had finish the last of the quart jar the night before. So I (suggested) that he eat light, take an ibuprofen, tell himself it’s not the flu several times and sleep. Voila! Next morning, no symptoms. So he was able to drive the 1000 miles and come home to sleep under mom’s roof for a time. I’m happy to have both my kiddo’s in arms reach. :))))
        Yes, we are chicks as long as we keep learning and enjoying. Big hugs and get to feeling better soon.

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  8. Boomdee! These love birds bring sunny smiles on a January day – so much fun! I have been thinking of you because I am planning a Spring trip up north and I will get to meet one of my blogging friends in Langley, BC. Since we’re staying on the coast, Edmondton is just too far. Sadness. But next time, then.

    My hangups would have to be mobiles. I was a kid, I made mobiles all the time. I thought it was the most clever of creations, to get all the hanging pieces to balance.


    1. Hi Crystal! How fun to be travel north and meeting up with a bloggy friend. Yes, anytime you find your way to my neck of the woods, do plan for a coffee. My treat! Thanks for the cheer on the Love Bird Mobile. You’re way more clever to have made mobiles that needed balancing. I took the easy way out and hung them all in a row on a string. I think it’d be fun to do one for the craft room like yours though. xo K Safe travels my dear.

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  9. Oh! Gosh! How much time have you got? Plenty of hang-ups here – and I don’t just mean crocheted bunting! But, Boomdee, your “hang-ups” are lovely – and oh so clever. You’re a whizz with papery things. I’ll bet they couldn’t believe their luck when they saw your talent at Urban. But how thoroughly rotten to have a persistent cold. I hope you are well and truly on the mend now and Mr B is spoiling you rotten with nutritious vegetarian meals and plenty of hot chocolate drinks with marshmallows! I love your cartoony pics, too! So clever! Take care, dear Boomdee. xoxoxox


    1. Hello kind and wonderful Aussie Princess 😀 hehe. Since reading all your awesome summer holiday posts, I’m convinced you live in a magical land of beautiful beaches and sunshine and eat cake all day. It sounds like a royal life to me 😀

      I pinch myself sometimes on how lucky I am to have been hired to be part of the Urban team. The girls are fun and fabulous, the hours are perfect for me and the projects are a riot with all the things I love. I mean, WOW! I’m pretty sure we’re mutually thrilled and I do my best to show it with everything I do right down to washing the floor at night, LOL

      Since Mr B is also suffering, we’re kind of looking after each other. It’s so nice that pets don’t catch people colds, then we’d really be in a pickle. If you would join Facebook Dani, we could be in cartoons together 😀 (no pressure, just saying’) Thanks for your lovely message, I adore your visits and you too xoxo BoomdeeK


  10. This post cheered me in so many ways. Thank you for that.

    I adore your little love birds, dangling from sparkly string. What a great way to use up beautiful scraps, too. The gold heart is a wonderful touch. I’m officially in the mood for Valentine’s day.

    I’ve got to visit the Island, our version of Urban down here as you know, to see if they have that gorgeous paper. I love it. I visited your stunning page on Urban last week. Thanks for sharing the link, above. They’re clearly as smitten with you as the rest of us are. 🙂

    My heart smiled when I saw the Boomdee Valentine. We sure know how to pack in nice memories. Thanks for one more. xoxo


    1. Good Morning sweet Alys! You’ve fallen into my happiness trap and there’s no way out 😀 LOL

      I must get to making the last string today, since I’m off to work tomorrow and I want to take them with. Thank you for your nice message and compliments too. You’re the best bestie a girl could wish for. xox

      I have your Valentine on my Wall Unit all year round. It’s so charming and lovely, just like the giver. The fact that she’s wearing an aqua dress and ribbon in her hair seems like it was meant to be given by you to me. How nice she waited on the shelf all that time till we came along. Funny that. xoxo Have a beautiful day you!

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      1. A happiness trap. That got me grinning from ear to ear. Thank you!!!!

        We’re you able to finish your birds on a string in time for work? I can’t wait to see the grand reveal. You’re always up to something fun at that place.

        That Valentine *was* meant for you and I was meant to find it. Serendipity!

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        1. I sure did get my Bird Mobiles done on time. The store is closed on Sunday but we’ll be decorating. Exciting! I was working today and it was busy busy. Unfortunately, I came at the wrong time. Honest, I double check my phone to the schedule and still made a goof. Lucky for me Lori’s flexible and forgave the tardiness. Menopause is killing my brain. ugh.


  11. Love the turquoise turban in your bath scene…colds are gross and disgusting mine lasted a full month! Your hang ups are the best kind to have. Take care…drink kombucha or apple cider vinegar with manuka honey…you must build up that immune system.


    1. Such a fashion statement that head gear! I think my hair should be inside it too, LOL I guess I don’t know how to bathe.
      Omgosh, you had this nasty bit of horror for a month? You poor girl. I’m really beginning to wonder but I sure hope not. If someone who eats and lives as healthy as you do took a month to beat it, I’m a little worried. Now, I’ll have to look up kombucha and manuka honey. I doubt that I can mix them with rum. Someone else recommended hot toddies..hehe. Thanks for the cheer, glad you are recovered. You’ve given me hope! xo K

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      1. We’ll you two could perhaps trade bath bubbles. I haven’t caught on to the whole allure. I was going to read some email but got worried about dropping my phone as my feet don’t reach the other end so I just float a bit. glug glug :d

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    1. I should think your hard days working in the garden earn you a nice tube when wanted. No crime in that. I wish I could relax in there, I just tend to get bored easily. I’m not sure what the secret to battling this is. Wilma visiting here tonight said she had it for a full month. At least our weathers been mild this week. Cheers!

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  12. Ahw poor Boomdee, Charley sends kisses and hugs. Glad that bath helped…because: guilty,guilty…I hang around in the tub far too much, jets and all. Well sweety, your art is gorgeous as ever and that card so incredible vintagesweetprettydarling. It beats me how you can do stuff like that whilst feeling miserable! Sending good vibes for quick recovery!! xoxJohanna


    1. mwwwwaaaa sweet Charley! Thank mom for collecting those lovely kisses from yours truly 😀 It was kind of funny, Petals and Blossum wouldn’t come in the washroom. They were not liking the noise at all. Petals tip toed in briefly then bounced out like a crazy rabbit. They just kept peaking around the corner, LOL. Does Charley mind all that Jet bubble noise?

      Thank you for cheering on the Love Bird project my dear. I hope to share better photo’s from the store display. In fact the card at the end was a gift from Alys. She personalized an actually vintage Valentine she found at an antique store. It’s so cute and special, I just love it. Unfortunately Alys seems to have a similar cold at this very moment. Is there no end to our synchronized lives, LOL Putting all those good vibes in the tea pot for an extra special cup, Cheers Johanna xoxo K


  13. How funny you mention the decadent amount of water to fill your tub – we have one of those tubs too and it’s just too darn huge…..but it is a nice treat when you’re feeling icky. Love your birds – they will look wonderful in your Valentine’s display at the shop……..I bet it’s always fun to work there but maybe particularly during fun holidays. Hope you’re feeling better soon!!!!

    Hugs, Pam


    1. Hi Pammy and Sammy xo! Aren’t these crazy tubs so last decade? With much of the world short on water, I just can’t justify much use of it. We’d like to reno the master bath at some point to have just an nice shower with a bench and more counter space. Neither of us use this tub, it mostly just takes up space. Thanks for the nice message for the Love Bird mobile. I couldn’t get too many photo’s because Petals and Blossum thought it was their new toy. Don’t you know? Everything in our home is for *their* entertainment….counters….furniture…plants I foolishly bring home and jewelry I might carelessly left on counters, etc. I bet Sammy is much better behaved! xoxox


    1. Oh phooey hey? I guess you’ll get a warm up soon since I think it usually goes West to East. Thanks for reading Aunty. Mr B and I have both been sick, as is half of Edmonton. Glad you’re missing that. I’m sure you heard of the RCMP shooting in St Albert. Hard to believe these hardened criminals aren’t remanded in jail between charges. We need to get tougher on re-offenders. The assailant was labeled a ‘violent’ offender with more than 76 charges, including weapons offences. It’s a crying shame and makes me so mad that some kids will grow up without their daddy because of the lazy justice laws. Say hi to Sheri and Dave and family, xox LUL 2 !


  14. You still have the cold Boomdee? That is one persistent inconvenience! I do hope your sinuses are not so bad as they were….?? I’m sending you a dollop of warm sunshine for your health and gentle breezes to blow away the cobwebs! ❤

    I love those birds! They are so cute. Now I'm thinking that maybe we should hit a scrapbook store together hey? Wouldn't that be fun! 😀

    My hang-ups? I made an A3 sized print of all the mixed media paintings I made last year and hung them close together on one wall of my art room – that was a pretty cool thing to do. I can see the progress I am making in my work! 🙂


    1. Thank you for the much needed sunshine and gentle breezes. I think they’re making a difference. Hey? You know what? Since I get a generous discount at work and we’ll all be touring together, I will defer the scrapbook store visit, unless others are eager to go too. I’m totally excited about the art store though being that we’ll have your expertise while we’re there.
      I really love your project of hanging all your artworks in miniature for yourself. It’s like a tiny gallery of success! I bought a multi windowed frame not long before Christmas. I was going to do a similar thing. Some of my favourite photo’s and inspiration. It’s fun to look back, even a year ago, and see how far you’ve come with projects and artwork. I’m always learning new stuff at work from other gals and customers. Thanks for your message darling! xo K


    1. Thank you AC ! I am so very very behind on your Blog. I hope all is well in Europe tonight. We’re get the awful news about terrorist attacks and plans of attack in Germany, Belgium, Paris and who knows where else. I always think of you and your furry guests. Safe travels xo

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