Keep Calm and Boomdee On

Hellooooo! Is anyone still out there?

Boomdee has some Explaining to do

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Gads, I thought it was time I should check in. You’re all looking positively sparkly today 😉 We’re going full speed, head on, into Valentines at Urban Scrapbook. There’s been a number of cards and projects made.

Valentine Card Collage

Along with our monthly Page Kit Challenge and decorating the store, we’ve been busy, busy. If you’re in the Edmonton area, please stop in to say hi, we’d love to see you!

Page Kit Challenge by Boomdeeadda for Urban Scrapbook

The store floor plan has changed too……a few times actually, ha!  But as Mary Poppin’s say’s, “in every job that must be done, there’s an element of fun”. True that Mary!  Just look at all the fun I’ve had in the Boom-Room….

The Ka-Boom-Room

Oh dear! 

From that giant mess, came this little charmer. A fashion statement made from vintage inspired papers by Kaisercraft.  Each designed to be worn as ‘Sunday Best’ and sporting a wee parasol.  Do you remember when you had clothes just for Sunday?

Sunday Best Banner by for Urban Scrapbook

I took inspiration from a project in Somerset Holidays and Celebrations issue.

Stampinton Holidays and Celebrations

I made a template for the dress and hand cut each. I thought papers with small flower prints worked best for my project but any paper you love will do.  Or how about old book pages?  The fun part is decorating each in a unique way. I used Liquid Pearls by Ranger and Rhinestone’s by Kaiser, buttons, found gems and lace.

Sunday Best Banner Collar Decoration Sunday Best Banner Waist Decoration

After dying white tulle with Lindy Spray to match the paper, it was sewn onto the skirt back.  The cute parasol is a  Memory Box Die Cut.  If you’d like to make your own Sunday Best Banner, please email me and I’ll be happy to share my template. I had so much fun dressing them up.

Sunday Best Banner with Memory Box Parasol

Here it is decorating the front door at Urban Scrapbook.  It’s so exciting being part of this team!

Sunday Best Banner by Boomdeeadda for Urban Scrapbook

It seems to be a hit.  I’ll get to use it next month to decorate for a Bridal shower at my house.  Other than that, every little thing is perfectly aqualicious, so do Keep Calm and Boomdee On!

Keep Calm and Boomdee On

How about you, how will you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

41 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Boomdee On

    1. Hi Crystal! Thanks for your nice message. The B.o.o.m. on the shelf is from the lovely Aussie Princess Dani, at Teddy and Tottie. She sent a crazy beautiful package with all sorts of treats. I’m a very spoilt Boomdie 😀

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    1. Hello Noodle and crew. I think you have the most fun name….Noodle is just fun to say! Thanks so much for your message, we do like to have fun here. Seems I manage a post about once a month these days, LOL. So I’m an easy read. I’m going to stop over and see what you’re up too as well. Cheers!


  1. Oh! So sorry I’m late to this heavenly post, dear Boomdee! Well, I always knew it, but it has been re-confirmed here – you are so talented! Just look at the detail that has gone into those adorable Sunday best dresses. What a beautiful display for the shop and the bridal shower. You sound as though you love your job at Urban so much – and they must think they’ve struck gold having an employee with your talents and all round Boomdeeliciousness!! Huge hugs to you and dear Petals and Blossum. I’ll bet they love all that creativity in The Boom Room. xoxoxoxoxox

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    1. Hello my dearest! I’ve been thinking about you and wishing you were coming to DC too. Alys and I will find our way to Australia one day, I’m certain. We’ll be bringing the guys I suppose, since that’s a very far ways to go without hubbies. I don’t know how long it’ll take to convince them, but rest assured, I’m relentless…ha!
      Thanks tons for your very kind message. Urban is a great place to work or even just hang out. I look forward to work days and actually am enrolled in a class this Tuesday. A gal I work with is a Mixed Media Artist Guru and I’m starting a Journal. There’s a class every month. I don’t know if they think they’ve struck gold but they sure do make me feel like part of a very special team. We have the most fun and laughs. Blossum and Petals each got a brush this morning and while Blossum is snoozing, Petals is staring at me from from my left elbow and pawing for more. Mommy’s trying to type…ha. I hope all your sweet pals are happy and healthy too. Mr B is in Mexico with his sister for a week of relaxation, so we’re goofing off too. Many kisses and hugs sent your way, xoxoxox Boomdee.

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  2. Those are the cutest little dresses I’ve ever ever seen. This takes me right back to my girlhood days of paper dolls in Mom’s McCalls Magazine. I love them. What a great idea turning them into a banner. I love the tiny parousals. Adorbs!!!

    Congratulations on your Urban blog feature. You’ve created a lovely collection of cards. What fun to see all that new product arrive at the store, knowing you’ll be creating beautiful things to share here, at the store, and with your friends. We’re all so lucky to know you.

    I love catching glimpses of the Boom Room where amazing things happen. You always make it look easy-peasy. Love you xox


    1. Hello Bestie bud! Thank you for your sweet, kind, generous message ❤ You make me feel so loved ❤ When I found a dolly dress banner in the Stampington Magazine, I fell in love with it immediately. All I had to do was make a template. There's lots of nostalgic paper out right now. Companies are big on Peach and Mint, which works perfectly for the upcoming Bridal Shower. Lucky me! THE big trend is gold…lots of gold sequence, chunky gold sparkle flakes, gold embossed velum……it's an golden, 80's palooza. Of course if you're 30 or younger, it's a 'new' trend…..LOL. Little do they know, it's all been done before 😀

      Honestly, I've said this before but this is the best job ever. I worked today, we had a really good shopping day, lot's of laughs and Lori sent me home with supper. Yummy stuff from the all weekend crop that was wrapped up in the fridge. So I just had to make a salad. I can't wait to take you shopping there!

      The Boom Room was rattling and humming all day yesterday. I'm so lucky to have a craft space. Let's have a joint craft/pool house when we're neighbours 😀 I had a bunch of bits and pieces left from making cards so made a quick layout. Webster's Beautiful Chic collection got a lot of exposure in the store. Love you too! 53 days till I can give you a big hug xoxoxo


      1. 53 days sounds much more manageable than seven weeks. So glad to hear you put it that way. I can’t wait to see you. I feel so lucky to have found a bestie with the travel bug. Round the world we go…or at least the continent. One day we’ll be headed to Paris with our snappy little Boomdee train cases. Weeeeeeeee

        I haven’t picked up a magazine in awhile and miss it. We had a Barnes and Noble close to home and were there a lot. They closed two or three of them and now we have just two in the area, but not close enough for a casual pop in.

        Joint craft room pools house, on the list! 🙂 xoxox


  3. Haha keep calm abd boomdee on…and i like the huge mess in the boom room…it hasn’t taken me long to create a similar mess in my studio…sigh. have fun on whyte ave. We are off the the wine bar…yippie there is an elderberry coctail with my name on it.

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    1. Hello Ms French Pomme dix 😀 It would be a wonder if everything stayed in it’s place for more than a day, but that’s no fun. I bet your ubber cute studio has your creativity firing on all cylinders.

      I’m not surprised you’d choose an Elderberry cocktail, did you know you can also make a martini? Can you say Ga-zooed? LOL

      Hey, speaking of booze, I was looking for wine and came across this and thought of you. I took a photo. Happy Valentines W!

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      1. bahaha love the wine label…that is definitely me…the “different” sister. I’ll have to try that martini but then I would have to find elderberry liqueur and bitters…I think i’ll just order one from the wine bar.. come back to the island and i’ll buy you one too.

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  4. I had to take a rest after seeing all those pretty dresses and realizing I had none of them in my closet. They are adorable!!! I love how your craft room looks. My sewing room is worse but will soon be tidy. Tech support will build some shelves for me. Yay! We’ve all waited in great anticipation for this day when you revealed what genius was going on in your head. It was worth the wait. I love the sign; keep calm and Boomdee on. The pink and black card is beautiful too. Love the intricacy. You do do good work lady. 🙂

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    1. Hi Marlene-a-gogo! What crazy projects have you been up too? I’m sure I must have missed a post, it seems like forever. I shall swing by this morning to catch up because I’ve been missing you xo.

      Lucky you to have Tech Support with skills, I keep re-organizing storage and what-not in the Boom-Room but I still don’t feel it’s as good as it could be. I actually have two closets in there and want to have something custom done. It’ll probably be me hammering together Ikea. I think it’s a summer project though. I can build outside and carry each unit up.

      Thank you for your kind thoughts about my projects. I’ve just had a crazy month building all kinds of stuff. I couldn’t seem to stop because I loved all the paper, LOL.

      Happy Valentines Day to you! Sending hugs and hearts ❤ ❤ ❤

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  5. So darn cute!!!
    I’m afraid my valentines day will be spend putting my house back together after getting replacing 35 year old carpet and a broken down couch.
    I’ll be all ready for visitors!!!
    Happy, Happy Valentines Day, Boomdee!

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    1. Happy Valentines Day LB ❤ OMgosh, you are working like mad, I hope our upcoming visit isn't causing you grief ! I will have to be extra, extra careful not to do my usual
      Kel-tastrophe's…..No matter how hard I try, I'm a little known for accidents, Mr B calls me Calamity Jane. I often have jelly on my jammies or wine on a skirt….it's a thing. That being said, I'll be on my best behaviour (for the first day anyways, HA). I'm walking 2 feet off the ground just thinking about (aboot) the fun we're going to have. Thank's for inviting us all to stay Laurie! See you soon xoxo


    1. Gah! LOL that’s my new favourite ‘go to’ word. You’d look cute in anything and everything Cupcake. Thank you for your nice complement and Happy Valentines to you and mom xo Hugs, Boomdee


  6. What delightful cards and that dress hanging creation of yours – well – it’s just about as magical as a Boomdee can get!! I love it to bits – you put everything together so beautifully well – little bits of this and that and touches like the “crinoline” peeking at the bottom of the dresses. I DO remember having “Sunday best” dresses and white socks with lace at the top…..gee I’m getting so old! Keep on aquacizing dear girl – you make all of us smile with your fabulous creativity. As for Valentine’s – we just got back from an overnight stay at a wonderful German inn in West Virginia….thought we’d celebrate VD early before the crowds and it was a brilliant move….everything was perfect. Have a grand Boomdeetines’ Day!!

    Love and Hugs, Pam (and Sam)

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    1. Happy Valentines/Bacon Day Sammy & Pam! What a lovely combination. I wonder if there’s such a thing as chocolate bacon? eeeek, I’m sure someone’s crazy enough to try it. Thank you for all your nice complements. I do love vintage so much and luckily, a number of paper companies do too.

      You don’t have to be old to remember lace top ankle socks, I remember them too. Also the shiny black Mary-Janes! I’d happily still wear those. I think these little dresses were the norm back in the day. I usually wore a dress to school in grade one I think. Even wore old dresses to play in. I might be bias, but I think it was cute. Now little girls seem to mostly wear miniature ‘big girl’ clothes.

      I read your post about your drive home from the B&B, glad you arrived safely. We had freezing rain last night that made driving a nightmare. Happily most people slowed down. We’re going out for lunch instead of dinner and maybe a walkabout thru book shops and then coffee on the way home. Easy-peesey-cheesy-Louisey 😀 That’s code for easy going day ahead. Have a fab weekend my dears xoxox Love Boomdee


  7. Ohlalalala…what eye candy have we here? This is all so pretty and gorgeous and creative!!! You are a true artist with paper and embellishments. And I loooooove the card with bicycle! I am sure your Mister Boomdee will spoil you come Sunday. The Walker residence is very busy: deadlines to reach, and meetings, meetings and more meeting all week for Mr. Walker…ha, this weekend we will visit Mother Nature during our hikes and just Keep Calm and Boomdee on ;0) xoxo Johanna

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    1. Hi Johanna! Thank you for your joyful message, you do spoil me. The bicycle is a diecut. I cut two so I could have an aqua basket of course. We are on our way to a historical part of town today for lunch at our favourite European restaurant. Mr B will have pickle soup and I’ll enjoy borsch. You get fresh rye on the table and we add a nice glass of wine. There’s book stores, second hand shops, coffee shops and a theatre that plays artsy films. It’s very sunny today here and not much below 0 C, so a nice day to be out. I think a hike in the country would be equally swell, especially with Charley along. Maybe we can both share pic’s on the blogs later? You’re so much more diligent than me even when you’re busy busy. Thanks for the inspiration 😀 xo K


  8. Great to see all goes swimmingly at Urban Scrapbook and that you’re keeping very busy in your own creative domain! Valentine’s day is the official birthday of our two Cocker Spaniels (rescues) so we’ll be celebrating them with treats and such 😀

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    1. Your Valentine plans sound absolutely fabulous, Happy Birthday to your lovely pups. I have been so far behind on all my favourite bloggers. I need a week just to read posts. Thank you so much for your visit, I shall promptly come by to say hello. xo B


  9. I laughed out loud when I saw your room – isn’t that the best of sights, a room in full on creative chaos! Do you do the same as me – I make the most enormous mess and then when the project is complete I spend half a day sorting and clearing and returning stuff to it’s right place so that all my work space is clear and clean again – ready for the next onslaught!! 🙂

    Your dress banner is so very YOU – vintage and girlie – so pretty and done to perfection! But then everything you make is done to perfection – your ability with the fine details still makes me gasp!

    Life has become quite different hasn’t it since getting your wonderful job. It is always lovely to see a post from you pop up though. Won’t be too long and I can hear all about the fun you are having! xoxo

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    1. Hello my dear future roomie 😀 xo I also have to do the ‘BIG’ clean-up after every project before I go on to another thing. Just for the ease of finding things again, but also to have a clean slate to allow the creative juices to rev up again. Plus once in a great while I like it to look pretty, or as I’d like to think, Pinterest worthy. LOL

      Thank you for the nice complements too. Believe me, not every thing I do is to perfection, I just don’t write a post about the duds. But that might be a fun future post. I’ll start collecting some of them as of today.

      The weeks do go by super duper fast since I joined the Urban team. I don’t stay up as late these days which is when I managed a lot of blogging and blog visiting. I just need to get more organized is what I need. “Paging ‘Organized At Heart”, please report to the Boom Room STAT!” ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  10. I like the “Keep Calm and Boomdee On”. I’ll have to remember to tell myself that when I get too bogged down in projects. 🙂

    Valentine’s Day is usually pretty quiet and low key. A good dinner and champagne…

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    1. Hi Lavinia, dinner and champagne sounds perfect. We don’t exchange a gift and this year plan lunch out and a walkabout in a cute area where we can also grab a coffee and visit a big book store. My kind of day. Thanks so much for coming by, I popped by your page but ear marked for a re-visit. I’m always running out but I must come see your kitty’s and the daffodils looked so cheery. Happy weekend to you!


    1. Oh heavens you two are adorable in that photo. How old were you? I never had any gloves but have fun wearing them at times now. Thanks so much for linking. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a couple of things from that age saved? Maybe you do? I’m sure anything I had that was worthy would have been handed down and if it got worn out, recycled into garage rags as my dad was a trucker. To bad though. Thanks so much for your nice message too! Happy Valentine’s!


      1. I think we were about 8 or 9 in that photo. I still have one of my
        special dresses from childhood. I wore it, my sister wore it and my daughter wore it. Now it languishes in a box in the attic. 😦 Gloves, hats and handbags went I know not where.

        I love beautiful gloves but don’t own any at the moment. My last pair of leather gloves were chewed by the dog. 😀

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  11. Great designs especially the dresses. I’m sure yours weren’t that fancy-lol. How are you celebrating Valentine’s is Mr.B taking you out for a fancy dinner? I’ll be home late Sat. nite & will call Sun. late afternoon – LUL

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    1. Hi Aunty! Thank you for your message. I don’t remember having too fancy of clothes but maybe a couple of dresses for church and birthdays. Most of the time I looked like one of the boys with my Pixie cut and hand-me-downs from Kenny, LOL Mr B and I are going out for lunch on Whyte instead of dinner. We’ll wander a bit and maybe hit the Magazine stand at Chapters on Whyte for a treat. We don’t exchange gifts. Glad to hear you’re on your way home, I miss you. Poor Sherri will be sad though. See you soon. Safe travels xox LUL2


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