Head In The Clouds, Feet On The Ground

My friend Julia and I were talking about the Zodiac this morning and thought you might get a kick out of this ‘vintage’ Boomdeeadda post. It made me laugh so I hope it’ll do the same for you. Sometimes I crack myself up 😀


Astrology has been around forever and a day (actually the third millennium BC).  As a teen, just for fun, I’d read my daily horoscope in the Edmonton Journal. Dad had The Journal delivered to the house and he’d sleep under read the whole paper every day.

According to the  good people at  Zodiac Signs Astrology, persons born under the sign CANCER share the following traits:


  • Loyalty, Dependable, Caring, Adaptable, Responsive


  • Moody, Clingy, Self-pitying, Over-sensitive, Self-absorbed

Oh dear, those are a mixed bag aren’t they?  I’m not sure how you could be caring and self-absorbed at the same time?  I might agree with  some of them:

  • Loyal,  yes to a fault.
  • Caring, well who doesn’t want to be caring?
  • Moody, ok Mr. B might have commented at one time.
  • Over-sensitive, definitely. My itty-bitty feelings do get hurt easily but that’s only because I’ve been so caring, dependable and…

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

12 thoughts on “Head In The Clouds, Feet On The Ground

    1. hehehe, Say what? You wouldn’t buy a sofa that colour and pattern? Why not? I know wall paper is back in a big big way. Often in very vintage patterns too. But I have visions of the stuff in our house and feel really apprehensive. Yikes! I think the carpet in this room was orange shag….geeeezzz. Thanks for your message Crystal !

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    1. Thanks for reading again Alys. I’m just sitting down now from wrapping prizes and treasure for tomorrowl I’m the sleepiest Boomdee I think. I might sleep for a week when this is over. xoxox it was three weeks from yesterday that we’ll be trading hugs, mwaaaaaa. xoxo


      1. You must be exhausted. I know you’ve put your heart and soul into this shower with planning, decorations, prizes and no doubt a considerable amount of time in the Boom Room creating from your heart. Between the shower, your monthly Urban challenge, store hours and the switch over to March, you have been one busy bee. Have fun. I hope everyone appreciates you as much as I do. xoxoxo

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        1. Good Morning bestie, xox I started to read messages last night after a tidy up and walk with Mr B. One minute I was awake, the next sleeping, LOL. I have been really dedicated to making things extra pretty for Tina’s shower. Everyone had a good time and it was a beautiful day. I slept in today and rip raring to go…onto the next adventure, Washington with all my gal pals 😀 xoxoxoxox


        2. I’ve no doubt that everything went beautifully. What a dear, dear friend you are to many.

          Hurray for sleeping in. It has alluded me now for two weeks.

          I’ve done some clothes shopping for our trip but still need a pair of shoes. I can’t believe we are finally just a few weeks away, and for you, less than two. xox

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    1. Especially true these days. It’s all so inflammatory on news sites. As such, my wee corner of the net is for the most part full of fluff. Up with Fluff ! Non-fluffiness is a downer 😀 ❤


    1. Thanks Sheryl, it’s hard to imagine anyone in the world, born when the moon and stars are in particular positions, would share certain personality traits. Oddly enough, some of the June message is very true to me though.


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