Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Is it spring yet?  I feel like it’s been winter forever and it just won’t let up. After a brief tease of mild weather, Boomdee’s toes were left itching for flip-flop weather this week.

snow collage.jpg

Is it hard on your eyes? I think it’s called ‘snow blindness’.  Your welcome 😀  So, blah, blah, blah, cold. Yadda, yadda, winter. No worries, I can always hibernate  in the Boom Room.  Unlike a bear, I’ve been crafting like a maniac, preparing for a Bridal Shower.  There was a banner, a garland and a pretty wreath, all made from paper by yours truly.

Vintage Tea Room

I’m not smitten by every little thing I make, but I must tell you, the wreath was purty cute.  It’s laden with 3D tea-cups, roses, doilies, a teapot and butterflies on a base covered with glittered tulle and white crepe paper.

Tea Wreath Collage

Sounds like a lot right?  A true case of when ‘more’ is just ‘more lovely’.

Vintage Tea Party Wreath

The girls wanted to celebrate at a vintage tea party. Naturally, they came to the right place 😀  I do have a swell collection of vintage teacups and loved the opportunity to bring them out into the sunshine.

Vintage Tea Cups

Some are from garage sales, some from antique malls and some from family.  I think they’re like mini works of art.

Vintage Tea Cup

Do you collect any teacups yourself?  How do you display them?  Want to start a gang? LOL, just kidding 😀   These three might be my favourite.

My Favourite Tea Cup

Did you know there are Pinterest boards dedicated to old Photo Booth pictures? Do you remember them? Cramming a bunch of friend inside to make funny faces?

vintage photo booth

I think many of the photo’s are from the 40’s and 50’s. I can spend hours looking through them to see what they were wearing and how they’ve done their hair. Well now, that guy on the bottom is just the cutest 😉

vintage photobooth collage

I’m really drawn to fashion, cars, music and decor from the 40’s.  Things just seemed a little more polished back then don’t you think? Hats and gloves were part of your wardrobe. I wish they were still part of my day, everyday.  Who could part with these beautiful gloves? A mere $6.00 at the antique mall !

pretty vintage gloves

I thought it’d be fun to have our very own vintage Photo Booth at the Shower.  Not surprisingly, most of it is my own vintage baubles. A few things I hunted for at the antique mall.  Everything was popped into a cute little vintage suitcase.

Vintage Photo Booth Props

Of course there were hats and gloves, bangles and pearls but I also included vintage books, an old camera, vintage glamour magazine and a few other surprises for guests to pose with.

Vintage Photo Booth Baubles

The grown ups and young alike enjoyed playing dress-up.

Vintage Photo Booth Fun

Adorable !

Born to Sparkle !!

The ‘booth’ was a simple a chenille bedspread, adorned with vintage crocheted pot holders (yep, I collected those for a while too, LOL). I hung the chenille spread on an expandable shower rod. So I didn’t have to buy a thing and there wasn’t anything to recycle.  It’s surprising what you have around the house when you start looking.

Boomdee's Vintage Photo Booth

Gads, so thats a lot to catch up on, thank you so much for coming by for a peak.  With the shower a done deal, I’m now in holiday mode.  I leave Monday for Washington for our “WordPress Blogging Buddy Spring Palooza” (not the official title, I just made that up. Can you tell? LOL)  Bridal Showers, crafting, tea parties and travel, geez I suppose it’s true, “girls do just wanna have fun”!

BTW, Did you notice Jackie’s lapel pin?

Fantastic right?

Jackie's Lapel Pin

What fashions would you like

to see come back?

Then Again - December 15, 2012
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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

63 thoughts on “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

    1. Thanks Sheryl ! Seems like so long ago because we’re going 900 miles an hour here in DC and Virginia. Meeting up with still MORE bloggers and what not. I arrived in DC Mar 31 and spent 4 days toddling about with Julia at Defeat Despair. Now in Virginia with Laurie from Life On A Bike, the back to DC for the last 2.5 days. I have so much to share but no time to write, soooooo see ya later tater 😀 xK


    1. Hi Lisa, had a great time meeting you and Patty. Thanks so much for taking the time to hook up and share lunch at Clyde. That was really a fab restaurant and Ben was a delight too. Everyone I’ve met on this holiday has been totally kind, helpful and gracious. We’re back in DC Wednesday afternoon, now staying at the Dupont Hotel and planning to wander around the capital. Hopefully we can meet up along the way again. I know Pauline has your number. We’re really excited to see the sites all together, even though I had the royal tour with Julia last week. Thanks again for popping in and your nice message too. I promise to come by when we’re not running in or out or here or there. Cheers Boomdee


    1. Thanks a bunch Victoria! Do you collect or inherit any tea cups? I’m actually more of a coffee drinker myself but I still think they’re pretty to use for parties. Even if you surround a punch bowl at Christmas with assorted tea cups to serve cider or Egg Nog. I don’t know what I’ll do with the wreath later, but for now it’s at Urban Scrapbook (where I work), being a show-off 😉 We like to be able to show gals what they could do with paper. Thanks for reading, I so appreciate your visit. I’m on a holiday in DC right now, so I’m way far behind. 😀 xK


    1. Thanks for visiting and your kind message! It was a lot of fun being the host home. I love making parties and the girls are all adorable. I’m in Washington DC right now visiting with Blogging friends. I hope to find time to share photo’s, it’s been a great time. Enjoy the day!


    1. Thank you, thank you ! You’re a doll to say so. It was such a fun day, it all went too fast even though the girls hung out here until late to go out and celebrate. Apparently things don’t happen till 9pm, LOL. My hubby and I went for a quick walk and to bed HA. The night is for the young 😀 Cheers my dear.


  1. What a blast of a Boomdee Baby shower this was… did a wonderful job with every single detail and I know it was memorable for everyone in attendance. Brilliant idea on the vintage photo booth – we girls like to play dress-up our whole lives! It’s why we shop til we drop……the teacups are gorgeous – I have a few too – I wanna be in your gang…………..tee hee………..

    You amaze me – always – with your creativity!
    Hugs, Pam

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We are officially the first two in the TC gang, the teacup gang. Well, the only two for now but I’m almost certain it’ll catch on, LOL
      ((( Pam))) thanks for being so adorable xoxoxox


    1. I rather like being spoilt and think everyone else should try it too, LOL Actually all these gals are so darn sweet, it was my pleasure to try and spoil their socks off. ❤


    1. Hey thanks! It’d be fun to get some shots of a tea party on a hike. Kinda a Ralph Lauren thang. Picture it ! Rugged handsome dude, in wild nature, perhaps leaning against a giant tree, looking thoughtful and shipping from a china tea cup. I think I should have gone into advertising, LOL Maybe you could swing it with the hubby on the next outing? I just challenged my cousin to a photo shoot with her hubby, maybe there’s a post in the works here? Cheers


      1. I LOVE that idea! Haha. I actually majored in marketing in college. Before I attempt that photo shoot I’d have to buy some teacups first! Where did you get yours?

        I really like the idea of a photo challenge! That’s really fun. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. A Marketing Major ! Fun stuff.
          You can find Tea-cups at any Antique Mall or Salvation Army Stores or Yard Sales. I never pay more than $12.00. Often around $8 – $10.

          Maybe family members have some they’d like to get out of their cupboards? Apparently, Teacup Showers were popular in the late 50’s. Everyone brought a Teacup for the Bride-to-be. Good luck, the hunt is half the fun 😀

          We had a gang on FB for a while that did a weekly photo challenge. It got to be a bit too time consuming. But on a one post deal, that could be fun! Cheers


    1. ❤ Sher-bear, YOU cutie you, come for tea in pretty china cups anytime. I'd imagine B & D aren't the china-tea-cup-type. Hey !! You could get a pic of the hubby sipping tea, from a pretty cup, while simultaneously cycling a bike past Canadian Parliament……Quiet on the set, ready cycle-boy, now…….ACTION !! LOL, dare ya! xoxox


  2. What a wonderful theme for a shower! I love that you created your own photo booth. They are all the rage here in California at parties. Of course, they are hired, and in no way “customized” to your theme. You have such wonderful ideas, and your execution is always flawless! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hello Miss M, thanks a bunch for your message. I didn’t know you could hire someone to host a Photo Booth. That’s awesome, because then you wouldn’t worry that you’re missing anything because someone would catch all the moments. Geez, maybe I’ve got a part time gig in the cards. LOL, I can barely keep one part time gig on time 😀

      I am a bit ferocious when it comes to adopting an idea, ha. I had a thoughts of what cute poses might be like and hunted for the props. I think a little girls party would have a riot with the team. Layla spent most of the party digging thru the goodies, she’s like a shining star. Have a super weekend my dear ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. WHAT FUN!!! How lovely everything was. I am soooo impressed with your work. I too love the 40’s but it is also a time that makes me sad because it was such a time of sacrifice and I am afraid I am not very good at that. I guess I would have had to be but I think the Lord knew right where to put me. I love the hair from the 40’s. Have a wonderful time in DC. You will love my friend Julia and her family. What a blessing you have been to her. I know you have been able to somehow have a knack for knowing a really dark day and brightened it with a word and a beautiful card. God bless and thanks for this wonderful post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Amy ! Thank you so much for your really kind words. You’re so right, sacrifices made during this time were so very hard on families around the world. I generally let the happy, good things shed light on the bad here at Boomdeeadda, but I’m sure we all carry thanks for those sacrifices in our hearts.
      I’m only a few days away from my visit now. Julia and I Skyped last week and we had a good gab-a-thon going on, LOL. I can’t wait to spend time together. I’m so lucky and thankful for her invite. I’m certain we’ve both been blessed by each other, no ones life is with out low times and that includes me. That’s one of the amazing things about Blogging, you find you can grow to love someone far away, someone you certainly would never have met if not for our little community here. Thanks for being part of it today ❤ K


  4. What I liked best is how your mind works. Like a steel trap, you capture the essence of an idea and turn it into an extravaganza! I couldn’t begin to plan a party with such detail and built in fun. You know about my tea cups but they are still in storage for now. They will stay until I can move the crafts into the guest room closet. I have a few of those vintage pieces tucked away that I just can’t let go of no matter what awful names they call me. (Hoarder). I hide them, Beaded bags and several pairs of gloves. I would so love a tea party. Oh, I think I’m going to swoon. I miss the softness of the dresses and lace in the blouses. We had so much pretty lace even 30 years ago. I used to make my daughter dresses with lots of lace and ribbon. The Jessica McClintock look. I never wore hats but have come to love them.

    Your decorations are the kind you keep for a lifetime. I would have a hard time ever putting those away after a shower. That’s one lucky bride. I’m glad to see you back if for only a moment. It was worth the wait.


    1. Good Morning sweet Marlene ❤ I'm just lubing up my steel trap this morning with a cup of java, LOL. That made me laugh. I don't think you're a hoarder at all by not wanting to part with your favourite treasures. After all, I've seen photo's of your little nest, it is spit-spot 😀

      I'm with you on the dresses, I rarely wear slacks and never wear jeans to work. I'm actually more comfortable in a dress. The styles they wore in the 40's were so well tailored. Small waist and generous skirt also work well with my shape…..does anyone over 13 fit into those skinny jeans?

      I do love a hat. I have a few that I wear most of the time. French tam's go well with everyday wear. My sister-inlaw Adele wears hats well, she's cute in any kind of hat. My cousin Sherri just sent me a cute pink one.

      The shower decor made it's way to Urban after the party. We generally share our projects there for customers to get idea's. I've known Tina (the bride) since she was a young girl. I was honoured to be asked and it was my pleasure to have them all here to celebrate. She's the first one in the family to tie the knot. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to do it again. xoxoxoox Have an awesome day Marlene-a-go-go ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Argh for the snow but the tea cups are lovely…it makes me hanker after double bergamot earl grey tea from Murchies.I appreciate your cheery playfulness. I LOVE vintage photo booth pics…the odder the better. Cheers and happy spring in the Boomroom if not outdoor yet.



    1. Hi W. I would gladly pour you a spot of tea, then after we could wander over to the Muttart to see what’s growing. Have you been there yet? I thought those photo booth pics might be up your alley. They’re so candid, I love them too. Spring might be just around the corner, we’re forecast for above zero temps all next week. Maybe by the time I return from Washington, it’ll be greening up here. I guess you’re just settling back in from your own holiday. Can you swim in the ocean yet? Or is it to cold? Toodles xo K

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Green and lush here Boomdee, and we have had some days in the mid 70s. But it has been an unusual winter.

    I love the flower patterns on the china, and your crafting is beautiful. Many things change with time, but also good to keep the best of earlier days.


    1. Yes, very well said Lavinia! Let’s keep the best of the past. Do you ever do private engagements. That would really take a party to the next level. Lucky you to be enjoying the lushness of spring weather. I ‘might’ be a wee bit envious. We’re a month away from anything being green.
      The mid 70’s is just perfect for me weather wise. I’m not a very warm climate kind of girl. Our winter didn’t have the prolonge cold weather as usual but we did have some wicked days. Mostly in December and January. The snow is a frequent event in Alberta’s spring. We expect it, but it’s still rotten.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. That was a feast for the senses, Boomdee. What an amazing inspiration for a wedding shower: vintage 1940s photo booth, special tea cups, gorgeous banners and my oh my that wreath. It’s clear you spent hours pulling together just the right items for the shower including all those fabulous dress up pieces and the “Jackie” brooch! What a find.

    I did not know about your crocheted pot holder collection. What a clever way to re-purpose them in the pretty booth. Fun, fun, fun.

    Those high-end event planners could take lessons from you. My goodness you think of everything. Your dining room looks straight out of another time.

    All the women look great, but that little girl steals the show. She’s got the look down perfectly, including the adorable bear tucked under her arm. I’m smitten!

    Love the aqua poof (Target???) and the straight back chair of posing. I didn’t know about the photo-booth pics on Pinterest. What fun!

    Lovely, lovely post, Boomdee. So nice to see you here, too.


    1. Hello ((( Bestie ))) ! You are such a good cheerleader, thank you, thank you.
      I wanted the day to be memorable and really special for Tina and her guests. Tina’s sisters and friends made take aways and organized all the food, all I did was decorate. These are the nicest girls you’ll ever meet. I sure enjoyed their company and excitement that day. They are all very close and so dear with each other. Their mom and dad, Lori and Bing, should write a book. I adore them all so much.

      So, Missy! You spotted my Targey decor !! Yah Alys, isn’t it cute? I used it on the porch last summer as my foot stool. The ladder back chair is an official antique. I bought it from a couple that moved to Alberta from Quebec. It’s from the late 1800’s. It’s only now showing it’s age, the straw seat requires maintenance. It’s in the guest room (your room 😀 ) for a catch all. Handbag, sweater, shopping bags. It’s retired but still putting in an effort.

      The tea-cups on the wreath are a ‘Brenda Walton’ die I borrowed from Jan. They turned out so cute. I would make another in a heartbeat, who’s the next to marry? I hope you had a nice walk in that sweet California sunshine. We’ll be gabbing away the day (or night) one week from today !!! I miss you ton’s xoxoxox Love K


      1. “All you did was decorate????” That made her day I’m sure. You offered your home, turned it into a unique and beautiful wonderland and pulled together all sorts of charming details. Not to minimize the effort for food and take aways, as I’m sure they were equally wonderful, but you my dear really set the stage and no how to make others feel special.

        I’m amazed that you’ve kept a chair from the 1800s looking so good. What a fun piece to have.

        Let’s remarry our husbands so we can throw each other another shower/ 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        1. ((Alys)) you are going to create a monster if you continually shower me with compliments, LOL You’re the best ! All the girls were all very thoughtful with their thanks and love for all the details. Honestly though, my part was just as fun for me. I got to do my thing in the Boom Room.
          I’ve only ever used that chair as a desk chair or a spare a dinner parties. I guess I’ve had it for about 25 years, someone else loved it for all the other years. I only know it’s from rural Quebec. She had two to sell, but I could only afford one. Too bad I had to separate them. More joy to spread around I guess. xoxoxo


        2. That will never happen. You are a dear heart and a wonderful soul.

          I’m glad you had fun and that is part of the joy. You enjoyed yourself while at the same time making this day special for someone else.

          You might want to write a blog about the ‘chair that go away’ with musings on where it’s been and where it lives now. That would be fun.

          More joy to spread around. I love that. xoxoxo

          Liked by 1 person

        3. 😀 Hey, I like that idea ! “The one that got away” LOL, very tricky title. How do you think of these things? Cute! I’d have to imagine some outrage glamorous life abroad because it couldn’t have been more dual for the one that ‘didn’t get away’. xoxoxoxox


        4. Oh contrare mon Boomdee. You live a fascinating life, at least from where I sit. You’ve just written a paragraph in comments about acquiring the chair, using it your rooms, and now it’s been a prop at a bridal shower. Imagine if that chair could talk.

          Did you ever see the movie The Red Violin? That could be your chair.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Aunty Kathleen! We should plan one for when Sher-bear is back in town. We’ll get out the fancy stuff and munch on perogies and your yummy natchinka 😀 I’m working tomorrow and Friday but will call before I go. I haven’t packed a thing yet, gah! LUL xo K


    1. Hello friends and thanks so much for your fab message. I think I’ll use that quote, “going all out and being all in”. I love that ! Cheers! I’m way behind on reading, I hope all is happy-go-lucky for you and sweet Cupcake. I’ve been missing all your goings-on’s. I just tucked away the last remnants of the party today. We did have an amazing afternoon and happily, it was one of the nicest days. It was 17 C and everyone was in sandals and sundresses. Two days later, it snowed again LOL. As it goes in Alberta. Cheers and hugs xo B


  8. Your designers eye knows just how to put beautiful items together for maximum effect! I can see why you are so attracted to the 40’s as you gather in all the finest details of the period. What a wonderful party you must have had, with such an ambiance created how could it have been otherwise? I love your collection of tea cups. The beaded white gloves caught my eye and the enormous hat – I would have killed for that in the 70’s! Your banner is simply outstanding. The hours of work and gathering of bits and eye for detail – you just keep getting better and better! Just lovely dear Boomdee – just lovely!! xoxo


    1. Mwaaaa (( Pauline )), thank you for all your generous compliments. I had so much fun crafting, shopping and propping. I really love making parties and have always enjoyed hosting. When we were at the lake, we did quite a lot of hosting and I thought I was rather tired of it, but I guess once bitten…….
      I got the enormous hat in Maui in 2014. I made a silly post at the time. It really is huge. Jim laughed that I’d buy such a thing but honestly, it creates a lot of shade for reading an iPad, LOL. It’s very Hollywood 😀 Oh and it folds into a tidy roll for packing and springs back into shape without any fuss at all. It’s quite the thing. I don’t think I’ll need it in Washington, but maybe I should bring it just for fun. See you soon littl’ Kiwi xoxox


        1. awwwww, ((( you ))) Every time I wear it, I think of Maui, so I’m glad I bought it there cause it makes it a bit more special. xoxoox Like you!!!


        2. hehe, style maven…the glitter I put on my black Converse’s was falling off in the rain, I have to do a quick touchup now….20 CC’s of Boomdeetude ! STAT! xo


        3. LOL LOL LOL.

          You are probably snoozing right now, ready for your long day of travel manana. How I wish I was leaving in the morning as well. I’ve got two clients tomorrow and here I am typing away at midnight. Oh boy. Love and kisses. Safe travels, too. Mwaaaaaa

          Liked by 1 person

        4. OMGosh, you were up late too. I hope you’re not suffering too much today. I’m soooooo sleepy right now. I’m setting the alarm on my phone a closing my eyes….nighty night Cali girl…mwaaaa


    1. Thanks a bunch Cindy! I could have used your expertise at the Photo Booth. I botched a bunch of photo’s trying to set my AWB for less light. These moments whiz by you have to be quick. Drats! I plan to invest in a tripod.


    1. If you find your way to Edmonton (maybe Mr Walker will take a contract here?) we’ll go antiquing. I found this a couple of Christmas’s ago when I was suppose to be out making a list for Jim. I made it easy for him and just brought it home, Ha! It’s one of my favourites xo

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Well…twice I went over all the photos and I have to go over them at least five more times, to take it all in!!! “Not Smitten With Everything????” Well, I am, with all the things I see. Teacups, vintage photos, vintage booths, ADORABLE little girl with teddy bear and costume jewelry, your GORGEOUS artwork…what a post. I need a (vintage) cup of tea and little lay down…
    What an incredible bridal shower…and why did we stop wearing cloves, and hats and such??
    What a post…so very, merry Boomdee-style.
    And you all must get so excited about your blog friend trip! Cannot wait to hear all about it.
    Thank you dear Kelly-girl for this wonderful eye candy, xo Johanna


    1. LOL, “a little lay down”…crack me up! If vintage was pouring out of a giant speaker, I think I just blew it up 😀 You are a dear, thank you (( Johanna )) xo
      My one regret was my camera setting at the photo booth. I set the booth up at a window, so I had to set my camera for all the light, consequently too many were blurry. I must get a tri-pod.
      I just love everything in the suitcase and wear a lot of it to work all the time. I bought a $15 tiara to have fun with. So the trick now will be to fit that into a work outfit, Ha! Luckily I work at a creative and fun place, so I quite possibly could pull it off. Mmmmm thinking now 😀 Let’s bring it all back. Hat’s, gloves, big dresses AND tiara’s!
      The girls were all so sweet and happy. The prettiest Bridal Party ever. They’re all flying off to cuba on Monday for the wedding and we might very well all be at the airport together, funny that. Tina, the bride is a doll. As are her sisters. I’ve been friends with their mom for at least 20 years. It was really such a pleasure to be part of their celebrations. Thanks so much for your message, you’ve made my day (hi Charley girl!) smooch! xo k

      Liked by 1 person

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