Bloggers: The Most Incredible Gathering of Friends!

Hello dear friends, I’ve missed you all tons but have a perfectly good excuse. As you may know, I’m on holiday with some favourite friends. Friends I’ve grown to love right here at WordPress. Thanks so much for your reads, comments and passion on your own sites. May we also be lucky to cross paths one day too. Laurie at ‘Life On A Bike and Other Fab Things’ has shared a glimpse of our travels and get togethers this week. Please read on to join in the fun. xo B

Life on the Bike and other Fab Things

We’ve all said it, and many of you have as well.

WordPress Blogging has become so much more than we ever thought it would be.  What started out as travel diary, forum for writing, sharing of photography, enlightenment about art, gardening, or crafting, or keeping up with family has become a community of international friends.

Over the last several days, 8 WP bloggers from 3 countries and 2 states, have met in various locations to continue in person, the relationships that have been forged through the world of blogging.


Laurie, Boomdee,  PaulineAlys, and Julia in Old Town Alexandria.

We marveled that while most of us had never met each other, we talked and laughed as if we’d known each other for years.

Which, of course, we had.


Laurie, Stacy, Boomdee, Alys, Lisa, Pauline, and Patty in Georgetown

What might have seemed unusual to…

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

26 thoughts on “Bloggers: The Most Incredible Gathering of Friends!

  1. Kelly, what a joy it was to meet you! Thanks for making me feel a welcomed “party crasher.” 😀 What special bonds of friendship all of you have formed and I was honored to be made to feel a part. Laurie used the term “glowing” to describe the feeling she had from the whole experience, and I think it’s the perfect word. I left Clyde’s with such a spring in my step and smile on my face, and even now, 11 days removed, it’s still there! I’m disappointed I had to miss your revisit to DC and all the fun you, Alys, Patty, and Lisa had touring the sites. But I loved seeing Lisa’s post about it and all the wonderful photos. (Wow, she sure is a font of knowledge!) Glad you are home safe and sound, and I look forward to keeping up with you on Boomdeeadda ❤️

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    1. Hey Stacy! Thank you so much for your kind message. Please don’t consider it ‘party crashing’. The more the merrier and I thoroughly enjoyed your company at lunch. I had no idea so many bloggers lived in and about the DC area, so thank goodness the word got out and you were able to join up. I’m so glad you did. We felt so welcomed.
      We would have welcomed your company but understandably, midweek is tricky to get into town. Plus the day we wandered over to the Tidal Basin to see the Cherry Trees, it was chilly and windy and drizzly. We didn’t mind because our time was so limited, but as a local, you might as well see them on a nice day. Thanks for following here and I shall pop around to see what loveliness you’re up to. xo B I love making new friends ❤


      1. 😀 And I finally did manage to get down to the Tidal Basin – along with the massive crowds on the beautiful weekend. My hubby dropped me off and I walked to where I wanted to shoot; it took him over an hour to find parking and finally reach me, poor guy. By the time he did, sunset had occurred, and the last vestiges of the beautiful blue-hour sky disappeared 10 minutes later. But guess where we ended up? Back at Clydes!! I hadn’t been there in decades, and then in a week’s time, I was there twice 😀 We didn’t have that lovely window table, but it was fun to be back where I had met you all!

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        1. Fantastic ! I’m sure your photo’s will tell a beautiful story. I’m surprised your hubby found any parking at all, High 5.
          Too funny that you found your way back to Clydes twice after that long an absence. It’s a nice spot. I’d really love to spend more time on that whole street. Next time I hope. Hey, we could adopt Clyde’s as our home base hookup joint. I liked the menu and the server was so friendly. I like the idea of making traditions, I’m sure the other gals would agree xK


  2. News of such a trip makes me so happy. Glad you have your dream job along with time to rest and relax and go on adventures! How did you all decide on DC?

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    1. I’m pretty darn lucky aren’t I? We ended up in DC because of Julia at Defeat Despair and Laurie at Life on a Bike. Julia invited Alys and I to come visit and we planned to catch up with Laurie while there, then something magical happened and Pauline was able to come too. We’re a little group of friends who, until then, Skyped, FB’d, mailed each other stuff and really became good friends here at WP. Amazing right?
      So while we were there, we were able to also hook up with 3 other bloggers that were living in the area AND then on the way to Lauries, we were invited to a 4th bloggers home and had a great visit there. I shall put it all into a post whenever I get organized here. x B


  3. Can’t believe I was lucky enough to have a tiny taste of this beautiful group of women, Kelly. It truly was an evening I’ll always cherish. Each one of you turned out exactly as warm, wise and wonderful as I knew you each would be.
    I hope your travels back are safe and that you’ll have made memories that will keep you snugly content until the next time–for surely there will have to be a next time. And I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I should be so lucky to be a part of it again.
    Cheers, Kelly!

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    1. Hi Shelley! Thanks so much for hosting us so graciously. We were all a buzzing about you sweet Haggis and your beautiful home when we left. Very, very nice to have met you too.
      We all said our goodbyes very early Saturday morning to head home. We managed to cram in a whole lot and I laugh because it truly was “planes, trains and automobiles”. (Don’t know if you ever saw that movie with John Candy and Steve Martin).
      It was really our treat to have you join in the fun, thanks again. I’ve read your current post twice now on the run, really enjoyed it and your humour. I’ll watch for your book in August too, good luck with it and everything. I see a bright and shiny road just around the corner. You’re a doll Cheers to you Shelley xoK


  4. It is totally thrilling to see this gathering that we have been hearing about for so long. You are a deliciously lovely and fun bunch of women and I think the energy of gathering must have been purely magical. Like Marlene said, I wouldn’t have expected you all to have floated back down to Earth yet. But leave it to Laurie to have a post already! You are all living my WordPress dream: bringing it full circle and meeting in real life.

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    1. Thanks for your message Crystal. Magical is a word we’ve thrown around too. We’ve been really busy with meet ups and site seeing but yes Laurie is always on top of things I think.

      Today, we had a travel tour guide in Lisa of Arlington Woman here on WordPress. Lisa works for the State Department and took time off work to visit with us. (You’re probably saying, “no way”) Yes way! We saw both the Lincoln Memorial and Jefferson Memorial and the Tidal Basin that’s covered head to toe with Cherry Blossoms. Whew, we thought we might miss them because it’s really cold here. I think it’s been warmer at home. The Lincoln Memorial is pretty awesome. Here’s a pic from today.

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    1. Hi Johanna! We’re all back at home now as of Saturday. Tuesday I think it was for Pauline since she took something like 36 hours and flew around the world ahead in time. Wild hey? Lots to share, I just need to regroup. Mr B and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary upon my return so my weekend got away on me. Missing you and Charley for sure, see you soon xox K

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        1. Thank you kindly for your anniversary wishes Johanna! Time is whizzing by. How long for you and Mr Walker? It’s fun when you choose right 😀 You’ve described the Lincoln Memorial exactly right, “Imposing” ! So cool xoK


  5. Oh Boomdee you girls are really “doin’ it right” with your wonderful visit!! Looks like a ton of fun and I’m just so sorry that DC is just too confusing to visit and too far away from my little bit of country. I do hope one day to meet you……………I feel like I know you like a little sister already. Love the aqua – I KNEW you’d have an aqua scarf on you cute thing you!!!!! Sending hugs……..enjoy the rest of your vacation……..

    Love, Pam

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    1. ((( Pam ))) what a dear message! I love being your little sister. Can I borrow your state? LOL
      I got to see a whole bunch of it and loved it all.
      I hope I can catch up with you on one of my visits because I have no doubts I’ll be back again. But I absolutely understand your love of being at home with your wee family and not battle the traffic in DC, it’s really banana’s. We stayed on Dupont Circle the last 3 nights, traffic moves along at a clip and I got honked at more than once 😀 It was a once in a great while kind of holiday, but I know I’ll be back. Lots of love to you too, Kelly


    1. True that ! We’ve now found our way back to DC via Amtrak and straight to our hotel. Just chilling out before a walk about the area. It’s not super warm in DC but I actually prefer that. Us northerners think 24 C is a nice day 😀 Cheers and thanks for your visit


    1. Oh Marlene, so late of me to respond. It’s been days of sleeping in at Laurie’s and whiling away the hours with chit-chat, walks, nice meals together and wine time (lot’s of that, ha). Laurie invited her awesome girlfriends over for a visit last evening. It was great to meet everyone. Easy to know why she’s so loved and adored. Laurie is surrounded by smart, funny, successful, articulate ladies. Thanks for the hugs too xoxox k


      1. I wasn’t expecting to hear anything from you all for weeks. Figured it would take that long to come back to earth. Enjoy your time guilt free. Have a glass of wine for me too. Red or white, just no carbonation please. 🙂 Hugs to all.

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