Bloggers, Cherry Blossoms, and Memorials

The thing about traveling is, while you’re making all those wonderful memories you also meet the nicest folks along the way. Have you found this to be true on your travels too? Meet my new gal pal and fellow blogger Lisa. She initially met us up for lunch and then actually took two days off of work to show us around DC. Lisa works near The Mall and besides being great company, imparted her knowledge of the history makers we happily visited on our way to the cherry tree’s. Oh !! Get this ! They only began to bloom a couple of days before we were leaving DC !! I was so happy and felt really lucky to have timed it so incredibly. Spring was late to arrive in DC, but how nice of it to wait for Boomdee 😀 Why not come along for our tour with Lisa……


In the past week, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting people whose blogs I follow. It’s been amazing. They came from nearby in Virginia as well as California, Canada, and New Zealand. We began with a lunch party organized by Laurie of Life on the Bike who then whisked Alys, Kelly, and Pauline away to Radford for a few days.

The blossoms that have their own festival! The blossoms that have their own festival!

On their return to DC, they wanted to see the Cherry Blossoms down at the Tidal Basin, so I met them at their hotel in Dupont Circle and proceeded to walk their legs off. First we visited Einstein at the National Academy of Sciences. Since I work nearby, Einstein is often a lunch companion in good weather.

Kelly had some things to impart to Einstein.  He seems to be listening. Kelly had some things to impart to Einstein. He seems to be listening.

Then Alys took this photo of Pauline, me and Kelly schmoozing with the great man. Then Alys took this photo of Pauline, me and Kelly schmoozing with the great…

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

27 thoughts on “Bloggers, Cherry Blossoms, and Memorials

  1. These were some pretty spectacular pictures. And your blogging tour truly sounded like one of those great once in a lifetime experiences. I feel lucky to have met the clan that I did. You all are some of the most wonderful women ever.
    Here’s to good timing and great laughter. Cheers!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind message Shelley. I hope to see you again someday, you were just the most generous hostess and I’m so glad we were able to stop by. What a wonderful day that was. Cheers to you!


    1. Hi Leilani, I’ve been so busy back home with work, I’ve barely had time for anything. Including blogging. I do miss the girls already, Julia and Laurie I’ll see again hopefully in the next couple of years, but alas Pauline’s way over in New Zealand and saying goodbye was for a long while, that stung a lot. We were initially invited by Julia of WP Blog, ‘Defeat Despair’ just to visit and see the sites. Then Laurie of ‘Life On A Bike’ said she could join us since she’s in Virginia and invited us to stay with her too. So I spent 4 days with Julia and 4 with Laurie….spread the joy, LOL xo Then Lisa of WP Blog, ‘Arlington Woman’ took two days off of work to show us around the city and we stayed right downtown. Along the way we ALSO met up and lunched with 3 other bloggers in the area…….It was a bloggy blog palooza for sure, LOL I’ve now met 10 bloggers in 3 years. The list is looooong..HA. When should we hook up 😉 ? xoK


  2. I’m so glad Lisa took you to visit Einstein! I never even knew he was there until I went on something called a Photo Safari in DC a few years ago led by a professional photographer who teaches you how to use your camera while taking you to places with wonderful photo ops. Einstein was one of those stops 🙂

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    1. Since Lisa works near by, she sometimes has lunch with him 😀 I liked how his book was open with formula’s written on it. It’s a fun piece of public art. So many great photo ops in DC. From the National Monuments to the beautiful statues and historical buildings, it’s all photographers eye candy everywhere you look.


  3. I am so delighted you all had such a lovely time. It sounds like everything worked out perfectly including the cherry blossoms. It did look like Einstein was listening. Did you tell him a naughty joke? 🙂 What wonderful photos and how lovely you had a local tour guide. That always makes things more interesting. Hugs M

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    1. Marlene-a-go-go! Hello, hello ❤ ❤
      The only snags on this trip were silly 'Boomdee Boners'. The kind that make you slap your forehead with an open palm. I shall share on a future post. Let's just say, "panic ensued" and I said OMG about 50 times. Curious? hehehe.
      Do you read Lisa at Arlington Woman? I'm a new friend and can't wait for her posts on her public garden spot. We visited it while we were there. I'm so looking forward to the day when you and I can hang, tour, coffee, lunch. You're actually at least in my neighbourhood, HA xoxox K

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      1. I can hardly wait to read all that. Sounds like a scene out of the three stooges from your description. No, I have not read Lisa’s blog before this but am looking forward to another chance to read. I’m so far behind now not sure I’ll ever catch up. But I keep trying. Good to know you had a good time though. Yes you are in my neighborhood. I’m trying to get closer.

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  4. I just popped over from Lisa’ place and did not realize until today that she served as tour guide and friend for two days. How absolutely wonderful!!
    And i’m very glad you met Albert 🙂

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    1. ya ya, Lisa also drove us home from her place in rush hour traffic on Friday. Way! Now that’s a full meal deal tour guide. We did use the Metro a few times and really, I thought it was all very well mapped out. Because, as you may know, I’m extremely directionally challenged. Einstein was the coolest statue. Have you seen him near the state department? They’ve got him sitting smack dab in the middle of a multi-tiered gallery type park bench. He had a giant book open with his math and I was giving him some tips…..LOL xoxK


  5. Oh Boomdee, what a glorious time you had with your buddies while you were in this area – I truly wish I could have spent some time with you as well……how PERFECT that the cherry blossoms cooperated as they are LATE in arriving this year but perfectly timed for YOU! Sending hugs…….

    Love, Pam

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    1. Omgosh, thank you so much for cheering us on Pam xo We were really a little bummed the weekend before since there was no sign of buds and it was really kind of cold (for a DC spring). I think the powers that be got together and threw a little wish glitter around and Shazam! I’ll take those hugs and bounce em’ back at you too xo Boomdee


    1. Thank-you AC, it sure was fun! Home now and getting caught up. Honestly, every time I see your little green footprint, I feel terrible for not making time to keep up. I haven’t got this work thing down-pat yet. We do projects at home for the store as well with all kinds of fun new products. So, I’m always in catchup mode. I really really miss all your guests and their travel stories. xox B


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