Have Blog, Will Travel

I guess I’ve already used the ‘abducted by aliens’ excuse, so I’ll just say, “these past two months have been banana’s.”


A BIG “thank you” for all your beautiful messages and well wishes on our ‘WordPress-Blogging-Buddy-Spring-Palooza-To-Washington’.  I really felt buoyed along and loved by all your cheer.  It was a trip to celebrate (home now 2 months, yoy)!  Our days were full, the nights late, the laughter boisterous.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First I had to get there and easier said than done. Did you know that your ‘hi-tech’, space age Dumbphone Smartphone does not automatically reset the time when you travel to a new timezone?  Oh, you did? Well I didn’t and consequently missed my connecting flight to Washington. Giant head slap!! Just another Boomdee-Boner for the book (my someday ‘Tell All’.  Please stay tuned).



Luckily, after freaking out, texting Mr B, having a little cry and spending another three hours in an airport, I  happily boarded the later flight to Washington and bid a fond farewell to my well-worn airport bench.

My trip began with Julia of Defeat Despair. Julia lives a short distance from all the beautiful history in Washington, DC.  Our first day began with a walk about Arlington cemetery. When we asked a gate guard about returning that night, he joked that we’d have to hold hands and skip back thru the gate to be allowed entry. Naturally we obliged and skipped away holding hands 😀 I turned and asked him, “would that do?”  With a big laugh, he gave us a thumbs up.  No official photo was taken but it looked something like this.

Juli and Boomdee


There’s so much to see in the Washington, DC area.  If you love history, you’ll eat it up like a (aqua) popsicle on a hot day. Julia and I made a challenge of seeing as much as we could in just two days.  I think we were pretty darn successful.

Julias fun tour

Looks complicated right?

 How’s about I share one of my favourite moments first? Julia and I went a . bit squirrelly when we finally reached the Whitehouse!


What a riot.  The guy from Georgia just kept saying, “this is something that is never seen in Georgia”.  Boomdee thought, “Well of course not silly, we just happen to be very special” 😀   I made a short slide show with the high-lights:

Boomdee’s Washington Slideshow

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Would you be surprised to know that Julia adores G W Bush, while I am a Clinton fan?  I know she enjoyed taking my picture with his big beautiful portrait at the National Portrait Gallery….snicker 😉

Presidents We Love

That’s something wondrous that happens at WordPress. We can all be from different countries,  sway to opposing political parties, have our own faiths and many differing interests. Without limiting yourself, the most amazing people will become a lovely part of the fabric of your life with the greatest of ease. ‘All you need is love.’

I was gone for 13 days, the longest Mr B and I have ever been apart.  The good news is we really missed each other a lot. The bad news is, Mr B’s ‘Kitty Boot Camp’ didn’t work out as well as he had threatened hoped 😀  The minute you turn your back, Blossum, Petals or both are still on the counters…..bad kitties !

Blossum on the counter

It was a true planes, trains and automobiles adventure. Thirteen days, 9 bloggers, 6 different beds, several bottles of wine (lost count) and a pocket full of memories to sustain us until we can do it again.  All it takes is a simple invitation and a wee bit of craziness 😀 My name is Boomdee, have blog, will travel.

What’s the longest you’ve been away on a holiday?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

59 thoughts on “Have Blog, Will Travel

    1. Snicker……they are impervious to our will. To Mr B’s credit, he actually tries to be the boss, I gave in some time ago. Thank you for visiting Clowie. ❤ B


  1. Oh, how did I ever miss this??? What a wonderful post, Boomdee 🙂 Cracked up over the map, but your photos and slideshow back up your claim! And the squirrel video? Fun, fun, fun! So glad you had a chance to put the post together as I’m sure you enjoyed reliving every single moment. Thanks for sharing and rekindling all the memories!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey ho Stacy, thanks again for your visit! You are definitely not late since it’s become my ‘monthly’ post. LOL. Better 1 than none I guess 😀 Honestly that map is rather accurate. After parking at Fort Meyer an finishing near the Smithsonian of American History we decided to catch a cab back. He had no idea (apparently) how to find the paticular gate we wanted. I used Google maps to direct him, HA! Then Julia and I ran thru the base in the pouring rain back to the car. I thought for sure we’d get arrested sneaking around walls and doorways, LOL. We’d be in the clink and wouldn’t that make a good diary entry…..hahaha. xk


  2. Such a fun post about an amazing trip! Even though I knew the stories and had seen some of the photos, it was a blast to see it all put together. That map cracked me up!!
    Glad you found a moment to put a post together. Your photos are great!
    I’m so ready for another blogger gathering. Someday it WILL happen!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So happy to have my morning coffee with you LB. I wish we could do a visit every year. Alys and I are hooking up in San Jose in October. I guess that’d be crunch time for you and the election. I want to come back so bad, we just will have to be positive and make it happen xoxox


  3. You bring magic with you everywhere you go, Boomdee. You’re an inspiration to us all. Kitty boot camp? Ha! Love the idea. So glad you had a marvelous time. Sorry about the getting there part. Always tricksy. Hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. awww ((( you ))) Dah-hang (say it southern) that’s just so nice to say, heart felt thanks Leilani.
      Oh ya, ‘Kitty boot camp’ …. my husband thought he’d not be a mush with the kitties. He’d be tuff, there’d be rules to follow……LOL Hilarious right ? He thinks I spoil them, when actually I just get tired of saying: down, no, don’t, stop, wait and a plethora of other forms of ‘rule’ enforcement all day. It seems to fall on dear ears with these rascals 😀 xK


  4. It takes me so long to get to the comments because I have to read everyone’s. We all love squirrels and that little guy would have climbed up your slacks and sat on your shoulder had you put a peanut there. I had one from our backyard that would open the screen sliding door and help himself if I wasn’t fast enough. I had a friend who nursed baby squirrels when the mother was killed and they crawled all over us. You do a good impression of Alvin and the chipmunks. Hilarious. You could sing a song together next. I have not been to DC. Too much traffic for me these days. But I get the going in circles things. Maybe it’s a requirement when you travel. My mother and I spent 3 weeks traveling in Germany getting lost on the average of once a day. I told her we always managed to screw ourselves in corkscrew fashion to the right place. Made it more adventurous. We left my hubby with the whole neighborhood to take care of him. He was so busy while I was gone, he never had time to answer the phone when I called to check on him. 🙂 You two are a riot together. Or maybe you create the riot where ever you go. :)))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Marlene! I can’t imagine why I didn’t see your message back in June. Phooey! Well, belated thanks and hugs for the visit. What’s with WP? I frequently click on ‘unread’ messages for just this reason, but was never notified.
      Our trip seems ages ago already. One Palooza will never do! How often we’ll manage another is uncertain but what is a given is that we’ll be life long friends and we each feel very lucky for that.
      And I think you’re right, we do seem to create a riot where ever we go, LOL. xo

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    1. Hi Wendy, thanks so much for visiting. Somehow I missed your message. That little squirrel was just precious holding onto the nuts that Julia was sharing. Hey? I was thinking of you the other day because I’ve been enjoying my new soaps then I wondered if I actually let you know I got your parcel. If I haven’t yet, I’m apologize. I can’t seem to get organized. Terrible memory lately. I’m using that patcholi one at the kitchen right now. It”s so sudsy and soft. I love it. Plus my usually dry hands actually feel soft. Will send a private message about getting more. Big hugs xoxox k

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Omgosh, I’m so sorry Wendy. I received your parcel mid week last and immediately should have replied. My attitude is 15 yrs old, my memory is 80…honestly. I’m enjoying it immensely and all the wrap was beautiful. A proper thank you to follow. I just saw your new puppy…..at least if I was as lucky as you, there’d be a reason I’d lost my mind xoox He’s spectacular xo


        2. No worries at all. I feel like I will be living in a dementia ward soon, so awful is my memory so I can relate! If something is not right in front of me I know nothing about it!!! I can only blame Dot for the last 5 days, not unfortunately a whole year 🙂

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        3. Yes, as Aliens would say when the invade the Earth, “resistance is futile”. Sounds like you know the right peeps, we’ll invite them along 😀


  5. Oh, Boomdee! I was laughing so hard. You have a true comedic gift! And that squirrel was mangy! Ugh. Poor little thing. It needed the extra nutrition. And your slide show was great. I did not know that you missed your connecting flight!!! Yipes. But you got here all intact and ready for fun! Thanks for posting and summarizing! Glad you’re back!

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    1. Hello there DC goddess of sights not-to-be-missed. 😀
      Did you think that squirrel was mangy? I’ve never been so close so it was love at first sight for me. Yep, leave it to me to arrive 3 hours early and still miss my flight..dah. Luckily the next fight to DC wasn’t full or I would’ve really bawled but good. Thanks for your message. It felt good to get back and chat it up. xK

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I wish you could hear how loud I laughed when I saw that map! Jeff said “that looks about right based on what you told me.” Those circles at the end, hysterical…was that the lost cab driver or US running around in the rain? Probably both!!! I can’t believe you survived nearly a week with me. I feel like we hardly saw anything, relatively speaking, but I loved every minute! The Presidential gnome said to tell Alyster hi and thanks for leaving him a bit of the squirrel soup! Hey where’s that photo of me holding hands with President Jimmy Carter? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was totally thinking of that crazy cab driver at the end, didn’t we loop thru a residential street somehow? That rain bag hat was so funny. If not for the fact the my phone would have gotten soaked, I would have loved to have gotten a photo just for our own hysterical laughter later. Then, we ran into that liquor store for directions, the cashier must have really wondered about us, running around in the dark. I’m so glad there wasn’t any trouble on the base that night, we would have look mightly suspicious running along brick walls, ducking into doorways and you with your ‘disquise’ !! We’d be in the brink calling Jeff….OMGosh, snicker!! What an adventure. LOL !!

      I plan to have a dedicated Gnome post about the National Portrait Gallery and will totally include you and Mr Carter (say that like Vinny Barbareno). I just had too many photo’s for one post. That amazing doll house could be a whole post too. We *did* see a lot Julia, only we were going in fast-motion 😀 Like one of those old-time movies. I had a blast and haven’t laughed like that in ages. Love you dearly, and miss you tons xoxoxo K


  7. That is a cute squirrel in that video! Nose right into the camera lens! Looks like you all had a great time. Yes, it is amazing how we can all be so different and still find things to enjoy in one another!

    “Have blog will travel.” I like that! Stay calm and Boomdee on!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely good advice, I should follow it more often, LOL. I’m usually very calm but can get anxious when schedules get busy. I’ve gotten into a routine though. It suites me well. Busy days mixed into slow and easy days. I love time to putter and be with the cats. I wish there was a Speedo in the mix too, that’d be the ultimate! Thanks for coming by Lavinia!


  8. What a totally amazing trip you had Boomdee…….I do wish I could have figured out a way to join in the fun but we just don’t “do” D.C. once we have a taste of life in the country AROUND the city!!!! I was sending you virtual hugs the whole time though. Love the squirrel video with the voices…HAHAHA…..you did see the sights though didn’t you. The longest hubby and I have been away on a vacation has been two weeks – our honeymoon in 1990……since then we’ve been on European River Cruises for about 10-11 days and we always come back thinking “There’s No Place Like Home” !!!

    Love and Hugs, Pam (and Sam)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good Morning my dear, I completely understand how the city is not everyones cup of tea. Your little nest is so fantastic, I could live on your porch 😀 Next time I’m in the hood, we could meet up 1/2 way and hug it out, LOL. We’re actually looking into a European River Cruise for next May or June. I really want to see Holland and that whole area. Mr B has left it to me to organize…OMGosh, exciting. Did you enjoy it? I love to visit new places and old friends, but true enough, “there’s no place like home”. Later tater xox B


    1. Hello you two and thank you for your message. There’s a famous site everywhere you look. Julia was a fantastic hostess and ensured we got to see as much as possible. I loved our time together. The first night, we stayed up way late, sitting on my guest bed just chatting. It felt like we’d be pals forever. That doll house was amazing really, there was even an attic with old things and trunks. It’s due a post all on it’s own. Hugs, Boomdee


  9. Well, here I am at last, having purely by accident discovered you had fallen off my WP radar – I have put you back on! [It’s not personal – Three of my favs were arbitrarily discontinued at some point in time it seems – why is this so random?] Any way, I checked the box again and almost immediately a post dropped into my email 🙂 Serendipitously to catch up on a DC adventure too – this gives me hope!

    Love the squirrel voices – and how you handled the helpful wildlife food expert 🙂

    And when I read this there was a wee lump in my throat:

    ‘That’s something wondrous that happens at WordPress. We can all be from different countries, sway to opposing political parties, have our own faiths and many differing interests. Without limiting yourself, the most amazing people will become a lovely part of the fabric of your life with the greatest of ease. ‘All you need is love.’’ So true!!

    It’s been two months you say? Doesn’t time fly!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My WordPress is acting unusual too hon, thanks for getting me back, those elves must be asleep on the job 😀 I’m so happy you found my ramblings relatable. I almost forgot how to post, ha! I can’t believe how time flys by, I really let things slide, while unavoidable, I was missing it. I try to replay little parts of our trip in my head everyday, I don’t want to forget a moment. I can still hear you voice, with your lovely accent xoxo it’s wonderful. Hugs K


    1. You’re too kind Derrick. I love your outlook on life. I retired younger than most but I’m still winding up. My most favourite job ever was after retirement from my longest job ever…..so go figure, lifes full of surprises at every stage. Lucky us! Cheers.

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    1. Hello there dear Belgium Prince’s of Chocolate 😀 Thank’s for watching. I changed up the audio just for fun and laughed at Julia’s voice. I don’t know why she sounded so much funnier to me, but I couldn’t stop laughing. Maybe I was a squirrel in a past life? If so, I hope nice ladies gave me treats too. This little one lived on Pennsylvania Avenue, just infront of the Whitehouse, very posh! xoK

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    1. If you’re laughing, then my evil plan has worked…maw ha ha ha! I’m not even kidding about the map though. We wandered around Washington, sometimes going a few blocks in the wrong direction, then back the other way. I’m well known for my terrible sense of direction and this trip wasn’t an exception. I did surprise myself one day in the subway and lead the way between train exchanges that involved bridges and escalators, ha! It was more a salute to the excellent signage than any hidden skills on my behalf. Thanks for your message W ! You’re a doll to swing by x K

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    1. Thanks Aunty Kathleen ! Julia and I had so many laughs, some involving a Tiara but those will not be seen here, LOL. I sure hope to visit again, my visit in DC was too short but we covered a lot of ground. Lucky me to have such nice girlfriends ! xo LUL


  10. A post from Boomdee!!!!!!!!!!!

    That was great fun! I loved hearing more about your time with Julia. What a terrific bit-strip, too. I can just picture the two of you skipping along and winning friends and fans as you go.

    I love what you’ve done with your squirrel video. I’m pretty sure they would talk just like that if you could use a Star Trek translator.

    I especially like this quote: …”something wondrous that happens at WordPress. We can all be from different countries, sway to opposing political parties, have our own faiths and many differing interests. Without limiting yourself, the most amazing people will become a lovely part of the fabric of your life with the greatest of ease.”

    Beautifully said and a reflection of your trust and belief in others. Just another reason to love you.

    As for the cats and kitty boot camp, what can I say? They rule the roost around here and guffaw at the idea that anything is going to change around here. Unless, of course, it is their idea.

    I’m impressed by your map with all the red lines and points of interest marked by you and Julia in bit-strip format. You’re so clever.

    Now I’m heading back to the slide show one more time to relive the memories. xox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ❤ hello bestie! I finally got my banana's together and knuckled down. I’m so happy to know you had a fun read. I'm pretty sure that soldier doesn't get too much silliness in his day so we were happy to oblige 😀

      I initially changed the tempo of the audio on the video as a lark. One of those, "what if we were squirrels?" moments. I'm sure you've had them, HA. Well I laughed so hard I decided to post it that way. I think we might sound like Chip & Dale, remember them?

      I'm touched that you've quoted me hon. Honest and truly, I find this to be one of the most magical things about friendships. You and I might be a enigma, as we have so many similarities it's funny we're not related 😀 An open heart will risk a few bruises but better that then miss the opportunity to make wonderful friends. How boring would it be if we were all alike? Thank ((( you ))) for all your love and encouragement. I'm so lucky you exceplify that quote and extended a hand to me just a few short years ago. Mwwwwwaaaaxoxo<3<3 k/p/b


      1. How boring, indeed.

        And as we’ve just been chatting, sharing a ‘contact high’ with the birthday girl and planning our next get-together I still pinch myself that we’re “here” and there and together as often as we can.

        Chip and Dale…one of my favorites.

        You go first. No-no, you go first. Could be you and me.

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  11. This was so much fun, particularly the squirrel video. Thanks for telling your travel tale, and extending the joy for us! It is so obvious you had a wonderful time. LOVE your map of your travels in DC, and I think that’s how all tourists should travel: meandering! The squirrel was a riot, letting you pet it’s tail and everything. Glad you’re home safe with the family and still glowing from the trip. Much love, ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Thank you Crystal. The squirrel was beyond sweet. I’m so glad Julia had some nuts to share so we could get a video. We did so much in two days, I couldn’t possibly recap it all, but Omgosh, if you ever get the chance to go I know you’d enjoy it too. There’s several Smithsonians and we barely scratched the surface. Well, next time 😀 x K

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  12. This is BY FAR the best written and illustrated travel journey I have EVER seen.
    I can totally see that after two months you are still daily thinking of your friends and this trip! So much joy and fun!!
    And than a happy return to Mr. B and the kitties!
    Mr Walker and I travelled a lot and still do, the Walker boys went along, right away, diapers and all! Our honey moon was a couple of weeks in Scotland in an Italian car bought for 500 dollar and little tent…total bliss! And another highlight was a roadtrip with camper through Canada and America with Walker boys in 2003, 4 weeks of great adventures in our future countries. So happy you are blogging again, my dear! xo Johanna

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello dear friend, thank you for the warm welcome back and kindest words. As you have come to see, I can’t seem to post a straight forward, non-cartoon, fact filled Post without some silliness of sorts. The Boomdee-tude takes over every time 😀 I started this post 7 weeks ago, then things got hairy at work…bla, bla, yadda, yadda, shazzam! It was all that and more, LOL.

      So, an Italian car and a tent !! Well now, you are the girl of every man’s dream. Sounds all cuddly and romantic ! You kids didn’t need the conveniance of showers or fluffy pillows, you had young love 😀 That sounds outragously fun……if I were 25 again. Today, I enjoy all the trappings of a nice hotel, near museums, book stores and cafe’s. I’m afraid I’m a bit of a Diva 😉 That been said, treks into the forest and over streams suites my daytime schedule just fine.

      I can totally see you out there with your boys Johanna. I kind of picture your campsite done up all Ikea’ish and neat as can be. Europeans ‘do’ the great-outdoors with such style. I did a lot of camping in my 20’s, but mostly with rawdy friends. Lot’s of boating and late night campfires. We’d be the ones bugging you next door. Well, those days are long behind me now. No worries, if we run into each other at a Canadian campsite now, I’m either way lost or on my way to bed, LOL xoxoxox K


    1. Hi Cindy, Our cats don’t even wait till I’m away…they are naughty as often as they please, ha. It was a ton of fun and went by so fast. I don’t know if you notice that when you travel? Thanks for your message x K


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