A Little Bird Watching

Did you know that bird watching is actually a hobby?

Boomdee Bird Watching


Can you tell I’m not an ‘official’ Birder?  Well, I do enjoy having them in the garden. When they sing, I feel like everything in the world is right for that moment. Don’t their songs make you happy?  I have a bird vibe going on inside too.

Bird Vibe Inside too

So when I saw this wall decal kit, I fell for it immediately. Aqua birds in a pink blooming cherry tree, could it be any more perfect?


  I thought it’d be really cute in the Boom-Room.  Here’s a before. I thought it’s kind of dull, right?


Well, yes my Aqua Kit-Kat clock is very cute!  But he was looking rather lonely up there all by himself.

Here’s the after!  It’s just as cute as can be in there.  Kit-Kat now has birds sitting overhead, such a tease.


They’ll cling to the walls rather than stick.  So they won’t ruin your paint and can be moved or removed at anytime.  Things went along with hardly a hitch when, “Oooops!”  Maybe I should actually measure, calculate, plan these things first?  Da-hang, my door got in the way?  Well, that’s how I roll,  just jump right in, hope for the best and go for it.  Luckily, they can easily be moved around.


I didn’t want to continue on the door, so I had to re-jig the plan they kindly provide and wing it from there.  La la la, “be calm” I thought 😀  Add flower here, a petal there,  Boom!  Well, I’m just tickled with the results.

No Worries, easy fix

It only took about an hour, even given that I had to do a custom plan.


Maybe one day I’ll take up the hobby, but for now, I don’t even have to leave the Boom-room to do a little bird watching.

Bird Watching Boomdee Style

Are you a real bird watcher?  

Have you spotted any rare birds in your area?

PS Kelly’s Korner just published today right here

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

65 thoughts on “A Little Bird Watching

    1. LOL, not a serious bird watcher? Me neither 😀 although they are dear to me. I marvel at their cheeriness everyday while the zip here and there and chit chat on tree branches. I think this aqua kitty is happy to just listen to their song, his tail is wagging. x K

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        1. OH! ha, you’re right. I guess I was in doggy mode when I was answering. Those kitties do have silly tails! Actually, when I pet Blossum, her tail gets all poofy and twice as big 😀

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  1. Love! Love! Love that room! wow, you have transformed it. Perfect design and colours for the Boom Room, I must agree.

    Speaking of birds, I have a nest of some kind of birds in the eves of my house at the moment. They sound stronger (i.e. louder!) every day, and I know that soon they will fly off into the sky. I have fingers crossed that I will be lucky enough to witness it. Typically I make an effort to discover the type of bird I am viewing, but I have not done so with these yet. Swallows, perhaps? I’ll let you know the type and the date of flight – when it happens. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Crystal. I’m loving the change.
      How awesome to have a nest and yes quite possibly swallows as they do build little mud nests under eves. We’d get them at the lake and I loved watching them sit on the wire that ran just to the right of my bedroom window. I hope you’ll see them fly into the wild blue yonder, that’d be magic x B

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  2. Wow, Kelly. I love your birds. Where do you find these things? Also, I like the way you just work around the things that need to be worked around. Doors. Stuff. It looks fabulous! I could put something that colorful in my bedroom. It has a woodsy look too. But I guess it would, the birds needing somewhere to perch…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hiya Lisa 😀 “Bienvenue à ma petite chambre de l’art” I think I found this at Michaels over a year ago. Nothing like taking my time, HA. There’s lot’s of Websites selling all kinds of really awesome wall decals. I might do another in the guest room. Something more demure and subtle, much like myself, LOL Crack me up! ha ha.


      1. I am such a drip about any kind of shopping! A drag on the economies of the world. Every year I go out Christmas shopping and am amazed at cool things I see. If I’m with anyone, they wind up saying things like “that’s been around … for a while now…” That’s why your blog is so helpful. I might boot myself out somewhere sooner. 😉

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  3. Good morning Kelly, Sunday morning, tea in bed and FINALLY catching up on blog reading. Of course I already had a quick look when posted but had to go back and look again…no chore for me ;0) ohmyohmyohmy..it is perfect and you have applied it perfect. Your colors of course. Bird watching at its finest,I’d say! Your Boomroom is a lovely nest. Totally in love with yout cat clock…is it vintage and working? Are the eyes indeed moving?
    We are birdwatchers indeed. Mr.Walker and I will go up early, pack a picnic and wait patiently on a gorgeous spot with camera and binoculars. But we are easygoing birdwatchers, I know the different species fairly well but not all different warblers, sparrows and whatnotmores.
    Cheers my sweet girl, Chalrey gives a hug too. Onwards to next blog, xo Johanna


    1. Lovely of you to spend some time skipping thru here Johanna. At least that’s how I’d picture you going by. Possibly a little tam on your head and a sketch pad et all tucked under your arm. Of course Charley’s by your side, wearing a jaunty aqua bandana 😀 Oh, and I think she’d stop for a roll on my pink shag carpet in the Boom-room and I’d rub her tummy. There now, isn’t blogging a dream? 😀 I love that we can visit here.
      The Kit-Kat clock is always watching the goings on in there and of course now watching the birds overhead. I got him on a trip to San Jose with Alys. Just one of our usual fun-filled days. I’m heading there in late September to spend her birthday together 😀 I’m such a lucky girl !

      Your outtings with Mr W sound really sweet. Picnic’s with your number one squeeze while watching nature go by is quite romantic. Those ‘whatnotmores’ are very fetching, LOL. Don’t want to miss them while you’re sneaking a kiss from your date 😉 Thank you for those hugs too Charley girl. Do enjoy your snuggles with mom in bed xo ❤


  4. Da-hang indeed! This looks so great, Kelly! Bright, and happy, and wonderful!
    Does your creativity just ooze out of your hands constantly?
    Maybe if I just stand next to you for awhile some of it would rub off on me.
    Love it!!

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    1. Morning Laurie-Ann, fixing to sit with my coffee a spell and not be creative at all just now, LOL I’ll trade some creativity for your energy any ol’ day LB. I just woke up and I’m yawning (???) “20 cc’s of black coffee!! STAT!!”

      I wonder if they have one’s for Medical centres? Something to decorate your new office with? I’ll go look, BRB….snicker


      1. IT’s funny that you mention the just getting up and already yawning. I’ve been that way a lot lately! What is up with that? I feel like my energy has betrayed me lately! Have I pushed the bounds of it’s endurance? My energy is hiding out somewhere, saying “give me a break, LB”!
        Our blogger crew is similar in this way … we go, and go, and go, until finally, we have to just stop and nap!


      1. I just saw the first comment that led to you finding the heart decal, and just have to say that there probably isn’t a decal appropriate for MY line of work …hahahaha!!!

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  5. Oh how PURRRRFECT for the Boom Room! I love the designs – very YOU……and looks like you can kind of modify the design to suit your room (and the doors that might be in the way!). You are so very clever and what a fabulous tough those decals give to the place where you aquacize the world with “HAPPY” !!!!!

    Love, Pam


    1. They truly are VERY me aren’t they? Someone out there is physically connected to my brain. Good Grief !! What a scary ride that might be. The other night I stayed up till 3:30am scrapping and then went to work !! It was interesting, I felt kind of weird all day long and I think I might have talked too much…..yep, it’s definitely possible because I had 3 Nespresso’s before lunch, LOL. I need a cape if I’m going to take this world wide, ha! I do have my beautiful new Aqua sewing machine from Marlene, that’s a frisky start xoxoxoxk

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    1. LOL, yes the ‘gah’ moments make it interesting. Maybe it’s a good thing to put your own personality into it though. Thank you for peeking over at Kelly’s Korner too, I so appreciate all your visits and support. I love that the decal was so easy to hang. I don’t know how they do it but it just clings to the wall. Modern miracles, LOL xK

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh gee, I didn’t much read the package. I should think until you wish to remove them really. Cherry Walls on line says ‘years’ with a minimum of 3. Since it’s in a grown ups room, I’m thinking, until I tire of it. I think in 3 or 4 years, maybe I’ll want to look at something new, or maybe I’ll be lazy and leave it. It’s nice to have a choice and redecorate at will. 😀

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    1. Chirpity chirp! LOL Thanks Wendy. I am a bit of a pastel fiend. I always seem to gravitate to colours from the 40’s. Have you seen ad’s for those pastel kitchens from back then? Pink cupboards and Aqua appliances that are being tauted as ‘modern convienances’ are really cool looking to me. Mr B wouldn’t fancy either, but I still sneak in a lot of pastel here and there. I love the look of natural and earthy decor too. I think if you gravitate to a style and it’s true to you, it’ll always look great in your home. Because when done with heart, your personality will shine thru and people will feel welcome there. xo K

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love vintage florals but Mr 1/4acrelifestyle does not 🙂 I manage to sneak them in also but not on any grand scale. Pastels I have only really enjoyed this past year or two and only in collections of them (such as yours) I have realised their loveliness. Naturals are something we both do love so naturals it is 🙂 They do need brightening up though with some colour.

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        1. The great thing with naturals is you can inject any colour you love of the moment and it’s going to look great. Either seasonal or trendy, naturals go with everything. I’m keen on Fushia and Orange this year in my garden pots. Quite radical for me but they sure brighten up our deck with a definite Ka-pow. Sometimes a quiet space could be all natural, then another space could be perky with colour. Pillows covers are fun to change up and easy to sew. I really love beachy decor.


        2. Yes I agree Kelly, I will often put a splash of colour in amongst the “naturals”. We have few flowers in our garden but the scarlet geranium that I love is planted all through the greenery. I have quite a bit of deep red inside now and that looks lovely with all the wood we accumulate.

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  6. I loved your “Gah” moment followed by the “Boom” fixer, great attitude! Great addition to the boomroom. I am not a real birder but I love watching them, especially on holidays…in Costa Rica this spring I saw lots of Montezuma oropendola…they make droopy basket like nests in a colony in one tree…very cool, and they gobble like turkeys.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe……feel free to adopt the ‘Gah’ for any moments of temporary but also perplexing dilemma’s of your own. I’m borrowing it from my little friend Cupcake at ‘Cupcake Speaks’ here on WP. His mom Genevieve is an author of childrens books and their Posts are so witty and fun. Here’s one that made me laugh, especially the road thing


      I looked up the Montezuma oropendola’s. They’re neat looking with the bright yellow end on their beaks. How cool that they sound like a turkey, you wouldn’t guess that by looking at them. Toodles! xK

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    1. Thank you so much, as you can see, you’re rubbing off on me! LOL, I love the ‘Gah’ ! It’s always the perfect word for my goof-ups. Sometimes I like ‘Gads’ which is short for Gadzuks! But that works more for a surprise, LOL, x K


    1. Marlene-a-go-go xo I can’t believe that arrived so quick, wow! I would say the same thing, lucky lucky me! A real decorater would probably faint at such antics but for a novice with limited time, I thought it time well spent.
      Chirpity chirp chirp, flapping these old wings to a happy song today xoxo k

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      1. You have no need of a “REAL” decorator. She could never put YOU in your space. I love the look of your room. We should get the people from “Where Women Create” to come and do a spread on your Boom room. I would so buy that magazine. Maybe I’ll send them a little note. :))) I love the sound of birds. Especially blue birds. 🙂 My son hates them because they wake him before he’s ready.

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        1. Where Women Create !! Yikes, too intimidating. How about ‘Where Women Continually reorganize because they buy to much stuff at their fantastic job” LOL. I guess that wouldn’t fit on the cover of a magazine. But I do love seeing other peoples craft rooms. I always think, “where do they find such good antique storage at a good price”

          Blue Birds Marlene? You are a good heart, or maybe you have better sounding Blue Jays. Ours a giants and the Gaaawwwk like crows, not music to my ears at all. I love my darling Robins, every morning they’re here, singing me awake with the sun. They’re little angelic voices are so soothing, I don’t mind if they wake me. I like to go to the window and say hello, good morning, how are you? They sing back. ox K

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        2. The only blue bird I know are on your wall.:))) I love the sounds of the robins and whippoorwills. We have an owl outside too so when it’s cool enough to leave the windows open at night, I can hear him. My life is so full. Have a wonderful weekend.

          Liked by 1 person

        3. Oh wait! I think I mixed up Blue Birds and Blue Jays. Blue Birds are rarely seen around here anymore 😦 It’s Blue Jays that are big gawking things. I used to put out peanuts at the lake and a whole gaggle of them would come out of the forest, scarf down my peanuts and then leave. I’d have to hide and tuck the odd one away for the poor squirrels. Your new home is in a perfect place to hear nature, that’s awesome. We can’t even open the windows these days because of the smoke. Today it’s very thick. But I’ll try and take your advise and not worry xox Happy weekend to you too xk

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        4. They say worry is like sitting in a rocking chair and expecting to arrive at your destination. You can’t get there that way. 🙂 I did it so many years. Gave it up. I write my worry and toss it to the Universe to solve. It always does.

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  7. I love the way you wrapped around the corners. That really adds dimension to the overall look. That decal says “Petals Boomdee” like nothing else: the colors, the birds, the whimsy. Your kit-kat clock blends in perfectly too, keeping time while the birds tweet. Good thing he’s facing away from the birds.

    It was super fun seeing your french ribbon board with the postcard of our trip from Julia. I recognize a bit of Marlene goodness in the corner as well.

    I read, drooled, and left comments on your Kelly’s Korner. You’re the bomb baby. xoxox


    1. Ka-Boomdee-Bomb ! I wonder what that’d sound like 😀

      LOL, Thank you for all the love Alys, youz the best! It’s very easy to lay into corners since it wants to ‘cling’ to the wall. I really would recommend it to anyone wanting a quick change or even apartment dwellers who can’t hang wallpaper or paint.

      Speaking of Postcards !! I got a cute little Jelly Belly card today!! I love it and you. Actually, those are one of my favourite treats. Mmmmmm the pink and white onesl xoxoxoxoxk


  8. Beautiful! I have often wondered what these things would look like and now I need wonder no more 🙂 I also finally took the opportunity to go peek at the Korner – I left a message there. The Boom Room looks like a fab place to work in and so nice to see you surrounded by memories of our time together. Your garden looks like a work of art too – and I think you have bird watching down to a fine art, I could watch like that for hours……… xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Pauline, thanks a bunch. Very affordable, easy to put up and take down. I couldn’t see a down side there. I found you at The Korner too, you’re the best! I have that postcard on my bulletin board and look at it often. Seems like eons ago and I’m craving another hook-up. The garden will be a ‘work-in-progress’ for a couple of years but we sure enjoy our deck and looking down to the fountain and flowers. I have my first sweetpeas blooming now. I hope they put on a show. I used to love laying in the lawn looking up at the sky, I should do it more. xoxox K


  9. Our cats are the official bird watchers, and I set up a bird feeder outside the window. The most unusual bird that has come through so far was what I think were a flock of Dunlins, who found something tasty in the ground out by the apple trees. It is very dry here right now, and the little feathered ones are raiding my blueberry patch, stabbing berries with their beaks, but not eating them unless they fall to the ground.


    1. Hi Lavinia, do your kitties chirp at the window when a bird visits? Blossum does. She gets so wound up, I have to close the blind. I’ll went to youtube to see a ‘Dunlin’ and found this video, they’re pretty spectacular

      Sorry to hear it’s so dry there right now, we are too. I worry about nature and how they fair in this heat. I suppose some can adapt, but for those looking for water, they will have to travel farther distances. We’re hoping for rain in the next couple of days. Today was a record breaking day at 34 C. That’s almost unheard of here. I only went out when the house made some shade on the back deck. Even in the shade, I was sweating. Last week, a bear wandered into town much to the surprise of many. Probably looking for water when his creek or lake disappeared. I’m thinking of getting one of those little kiddy pools for the garden. I think it’ll be refreshing for the local birds or even me. Good luck with the blueberries. Would an old fashioned Scare-a-crow work?


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