Rusty Old Style

Time ! How is it that it can disappear, fly by, slip away?   We use it, loose it, spend it and sometimes,  cherish it.  John Lennon is attributed to saying:

Time you enjoyed wasting,

was not wasted.

Simple, I like that.  I can wander around an antique shop and not buy a darn thing, but still enjoy myself.  Truthfully, I guess it is a lot more fun when I do find something to bring home, but time spent in search of that perfect ‘thing’ is never time wasted.  A favourite thing I found last year was this gorgeous, vintage, seafoam coloured, Swingline stapler.

Vintage Swingline

It’s very art deco and reminds me of the lines on some of these old cars. Gads!  One in this colour would be to-die-for, am I right?  They have Boomdee-tude!  Alas, only the Swingline was in my budget.

car collage

I think it’s possible that most of us would like to have more style in our day.

collage swing2

collage swing1

But we end up settling, because we don’t have the time.

new swinglines

My vintage beauty was made in Long Island City, New York.

New York Made


But just like it’s style I so covet, those jobs are long gone now.  The Swingline factory in Queens closed in 1999 .  The nondescript, utilitarian models above are now made in Mexico. Well geez,  I’d much sooner have an American made Swingline.  I rather love things with rusty old style.

Hey! Have you been to New York City?

New York through their eyes.

Stacy at Visual Venturing

Joe at the Visual Chronicle

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

42 thoughts on “Rusty Old Style

  1. I just love all the perfectly you touches in the Boom Room… I think that you are the only person on earth who could so effortlessly turn a stapler into a treasure!! 😀 And that quote, oh that quote, just what my soul needed today!!! SO much love for you Kelly, from all of us XOXOXOXO

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    1. Hello Kathryn! Your so sweet to say, but I’m just the lucky one to find this particular treasure, a few other people would scoop it up at first sight. I think there’s a saying that Yard Sale people have, “one mans junk is another man’s treasure”. I can really relate. I’ve said this on more than one occasion before hauling something home, “Now why would someone toss this?” LOL.
      Really happy your dear soul found comfort here today Kathryn, I love that ❤ ❤ ❤ and you and all you sweet babes, a giant hug xo


    1. Thanks Wendy! I can’t decide if I’d love anything painted this colour or if these cars really are as cool as I think, HA! Maybe even a little Vespa the same colour to zoom to the market and back. 😀

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    1. WOW, thank you so much! I think it’s awsome too and I’m so happy you can see what I see. Tis the business of photography hey? To convey a feeling, a thought, a moment. Beautiful things make it easier it seems. We see the item with our eyes sprinkled with emotion. Maybe it’s like adding salt to buttered & mashed potatoes. x B

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  2. I’m all in for the little aqua Austin (which might ultimately require stapling together) and up for a blogging palooza in NYC as well. I love your stapler. Of course it works! It was made to last.


    1. Wouldn’t it be fun to drive a little car like that? Or even do a custom paint job on a new car. That’d turn heads and be quite frivolous given the cost of a new vehicle. Speaking of vehicles, how’d you make out with your beast (car that is, you’ve never mentioned a man, LOL).

      Hey!! I hear the train goes between DC and NYC….omgosh, lets!! x K


      1. Car just needed a battery. Then, unbelievably, some guy stopped me on the street saing he could repair the paint on my car’s bumper (which is plastic, yeesh, so no way man) and I showed him the eczema and he fixed it on the street!!! Including some chips around the wheel wells. So now it looks like new. I may never buy another car. My only caveat with NYC is that, as with London, if you actually want a halfway decent hotel, you have to be prepared to fork over major moolah (or have some great deal with airline miles or something…) I want to go to that lodge in the mountains…Lake Louise??? That could be the third meeting…

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        1. I’m all about comfy and nice hotels 😀 Lake Louise is pretty dreamy, all be it, highly overpriced. As is most things in the mountain parks. I really get annoyed at how they ‘soak’ every dime out of you for the privilege of a mountain holiday. There are deals to be had though…we’ll look for those 😀


  3. I love you and your Swingline stapler, too. xox

    I remember that shop but not the stapler. How can that be? I think I was momentarily trapped by an overzealous shop owner. They did have a cute shop though. I have an adorable photo of you and Jan outside near some vintage doors and windows. Fun, fun, fun.

    It’s great prowling antique and vintage shops with you. I’m putting together a list of new places for your visit. I won’t go ahead of time so you and I can discover them together. I’m getting so excited.

    Great photos, great post. xox

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    1. ((( You ))) are such a spoiler Alys…hehe, it’s fun being spoilt a bit though. Thank you for this and for planning such a fun visit. I’ll have to giddy up and check on flights. We’ll chat at FB. Hey! I remember that guy at the antique shop. Good Grief, he might have locked you in a back room if we hadn’t been with you. Maybe he was crushing on you? He was a chatty Cathy that one. I haven’t been to bed yet and it’s 4:20am…too many coffee’s yesterday…gah! I hope these messages are making sense, LOL xoxox ta ta sweet one

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    1. Ohhh, a ‘Dream Fullfillment Center’ !! I like that 😀 Everything looks gorgeous there. I’d imagine for a professional musician, it’s like nirvana.

      You’re right Lavinia, things seemed so beautifully made back when. Even clothes. I thought in the 70’s that nothing we had was worth keeping. The dial phones, the swivel chairs, shag rug… look! Maybe the stuff we think isn’t worthy now, will be coveted in 30 or 40 years LOL. Never throw anything away, HA. Thanks for coming by and sharing your link. Happy days! K


  4. Oh dear, Cindy just cracked me up too. I love the aqua stapler but the cars are far better. Maybe we could find a mini? I have been to NYC about 47 years ago wit the first first hubby and before that when we came in from Germany both times. What did I see then? Not much but the highway. I’m not a big city girl but they can be quite interesting. I get downtown to visit my daughter on occasion in Portland and they have the best shops and restaurants. I’m in full agreement with Pauline. No time is wasted. Now I have to go waste some more at the home depot. 😦


    1. Hi ya Marlene-a-go-go. You’re probably single handedly helping the CFO at Home Depot retire early. What did you buy today? Fun stuff I hope. Fun being decorating type stuff,
      -vs- practical being drywall, furnace filters, sump pumps or the like. I like big cities for visits but prefer the unique areas of those cities. We have a few around Edmonton with interesting shops, galleries and cinemas and resturaunts. There are too many really cute small towns in Alberta. It’s the west so these places tend to be practical more than cultural. It’s where the local farmer might shop. I’ve lived both rural and urban over the last 25 years and we’re very happy to be in the city now. Maybe it depends on what part of your life you’re in. These days, I enjoy having a little yard, and my little job and my very own little craftroom. xoK

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      1. No fun stuff being bought these days. Boards. Lots of boards Replaced almost everything underneath the deck. Fire brought lots of rot to light. Yay. No one falling through. I like where I live. Small town close to a big city. Best of both worlds. I can take the city rush in small doses but I do love the vibrant energy. I’m not stodgy yet! :)) I’m with you though. Always looking for the unique. I love the hunt for something different. I’ll get to do the pretty stuff soon. T. S. is doing a wonderful job on the new deck and it’s doing a job on him. He has war wounds.:( I’m fetch and carry with a little hold on to that so it doesn’t smack me in the face. A mother’s work is never done. 🙂

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  5. Oh that Swingline is a beauty alright…..I’ve had many of those through my working years but never a “pretty” one. They were always black or just “plain”…..yours is special and aquacized! WOW. Those cars are gorgeous…..oh to be rich……what a way to travel……put that on your wish list Boomdee….maybe Santa will hear you!

    Love and Hugs, Pam and Sammy

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    1. I might have some luck if Santa wins a lottery, so I will wish for that too, LOL
      I do remember having these types of staplers at work eons ago, but as you noted, never an aqua one. If Swingline was smart, they’d use this colour again and put the style back into their products. I Googled them to see if I could find one like mine, but nothing came up. Maybe I got the last one? But since mine was under $40, I think probably not 😀 xo Hugs B


  6. Oh what an excellent find, it has Bomdee written all over it. A lovely contribution to your aqua vintage collection. And what fun to comapre it to that great car…you are indeed a girl with style! xo Johanna
    ps New York is on the list…still


    1. Good Morning Johanna, I found this gem in an out of the way shop on Vancouver Island when I was last there. I think I might have gasped and there was no way it wasn’t coming home with me. I love using it on my scrap projects. Thank you for your nice compliment too 😀 I’ve not been to NYC either, maybe that’s a good place for our next Blogging Palooza Meet Up! Lunch at Grande Central Station? Must give that some serious thought 😀 xo K


    1. Hi Kerry, it totally works and with regular staples. I use it on my scrap layouts to attach ribbons or sequence and stuff. I don’t think it’s trite at all to love a place, I do many. My hubby has been to NYC for conferences but it remains on my bucket list. Cheers B


  7. That stapler is a work of art. Does it work? Do they make the right staples to fit it? Mom’s stapler was made in China. Now that she’s seen yours, she hates hers. I hate all staplers. All that banging and clicking scares me.

    Love and licks,

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    1. Hi Cupcake, please let mom know my stapler works like a dream. I use it all the time to attach stuff to my scrapbook pages. It actually uses just regular old staples. I’d seen one this colour before at an antique store, but it wasn’t as shapely. Sorry to hear you worry about the clicking and banging. Try to visit your happy place when mom staples, like a warm bit of street somewhere that you’re laying on. Big hugs x B


  8. It’s amazing to me how you find these vintage bits Boomdee – in aqua no less! I don’t think there is such a thing as wasted time – everything we do or don’t do is part of the swings and roundabouts of our life, don’t you think? Sometimes we are productive and sometimes we are resting, preparing or prevaricating 🙂 It’s all part of the rhythm.

    I have not been to New York City. I’m not altogether sure I want to go though I do admire it from a distance and do enjoy seeing Joe’s and Stacy’s photos. There are many other parts of the States I would love to visit though 🙂


    1. Alys and I went to this shop with my friend Jan and her hubby when we were all on Vancouver Island at the same time. I love that idea about life having a rhythm Pauline. I was just saying to Johanna above that maybe NYC could be a meet up place for a Bloggers Palooza. There’s so much to do and see which I really love. I know you prefer quieter holidays though. There’s actually good access from DC to NYC via train. That’d be fun! Visit LB, hop on train to DC and pick up Jules and continue on to NYC….I think I’m on to something 😀 Please come back!!! xoxox K


      1. If I came again I’d stay for a long time and travel around and visit all my blogging buddies and hole up for a long time in the beautiful quiet spots. I’d have to bring Siddy though as he missed me so much last time ……… which means O would have to come too as they are such buddies now…………. Maybe we could borrow your aqua VW Combi and tour around in that 😀

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        1. Ooooh yah! Beep beep, coming thru, make way, LOL

          Wouldn’t that be the bomb? Siddy, O and all of us? You know what? An Alberta couple, never won a thing before, Mr survived Cancer this year….well don’t you know they won 55 million dollars this week in our lotto…..We could be gypsy’s in a heartbeat. I dare to dream! xoxo K

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