I Really Must Have A Pair Too!

 Welcome to the magical world of

Boomdee blogging. Where it goes from


Boomdeeville in spring

to Summer

Boomdeeville in Summer

to Fall

It's looking Golden

all within the blink of an eye. Or at least it seems that way to me. Wasn’t I just at the garden centre centre’s picking out all my plants?

Can't resist a Garden Center

 Has your summer flown by too?

But now that our weather’s getting crisper, days are shorter and nights are cooler, I might have to rethink my foot ware. This little fan fellow visited Urban Scrapbook one day (with his ma).  I said, “hey! I love your boots!!”.  He just smiled awkwardly and giggled, which made me giggle.

Boom Boots

I told him I’d trade him a sucker for a photo, which seemed like a bargain to him I guess.

oh those boots

LOL, BOOM-boots! Way to rock your own style kid 😉  They’re not even aqua (oh gads) but I really must have a pair too !!

Do you buy new shoes

for every season too?

 Feet First

Oh yah! There were these too 😀

(Just click the photo visit the post)

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

49 thoughts on “I Really Must Have A Pair Too!

  1. Omigosh, those shoes at the end are the best best best! Did you get them? Love the kid’s rain boots too. I live in such a rainy place that rain boots of all kinds are sold for much of the year and in many sizes (meaning: grown up kids get to wear them too). It is a fun tradition for Tara to go and pick out the new year’s rain boots.

    I love shoes more than it shows by my collection. I am a cheapskate and can’t bring myself to spend the money. My practical mind tells me that a person doesn’t really need lots of shoes. There’s one pair of boots for chasing chickens, one pair of nice boots for work in the winter, and one pair of flats for work in the summer, one pair of boots for hiking (can you tell I like boots), and one pair of heels for going out. But… oh obviously that is not enough. Right now, for example, I just frivolously purchased a sweater dress right out of a shop window, and now it desperately needs boots. It’s shades of grey and the boots must add colour. I’m thinking aqua would be the perfect winter touch. Do you have any aqua boots you could loan me?

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    1. Guess what? I’m a cheapskate too! I spend very little on clothes. I actually buy most of my stuff at the market when I’m buying groceries. My ex-landlord and friend, Kevin, who spends ton’s on clothes and looks like a guy out of GQ, pronounced that ‘efficient’, LOL (not a compliment) But I do tend to buy nice shoes since they can take a $50 dollar outfit and make it look expensive. The have to be comfortable since I stand all day. I really don’t have a lot of shoes either and also wear lots of boots. Sorry I haven’t yet found an Aqua pair but have managed grey, black and brown ankle boots that I wear with everything. Just add leggings or tights and ‘Bob’s your Uncle’. Have fun shopping 😀 Cheers xk

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  2. you’re a funny one boom. Love the shoes love the boots, love those beligium beers one post ahead. AWESOMEsauce. Too busy living it all to document it all. Glad you have been having a great time! Thats my excuse too!! lol

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    1. Sunshine ! You widdle rascal, there you are. You’re the opposite of Punxsutawney Phil. You disappear in the spring and come out to see your shadow before winter arrives, LOL.
      Thanks a heap for coming by, you are missed x. But hey, life can keep you hopping. I’m currently posting once a month :p Bad Boomdee, bad bad Boomdee.

      I’ve managed though to hammer out a weekly at The Urban Scrapbook. If you ever come up for air, feel free to swing by. Link to ‘Kelly’s Korner’ for more silliness. I’m happy to hear you’re having a great time. Alys and I snooped your photo’s on FB and thought you and your whole tribe where Adorable, ‘Capital A’ !! I’m on FB…..I’d like to be your friend 😀 Connect to P Daye on Alys’s page and show me some love…hahahah. BTW, I get more comments on those shoes! Thanks, you’re a doll xoxo Boom


      1. I know Boom, It makes no sense at all disappearing in the summer…. AHHH. I saw that you were scraping and blogging, So that is great!! You are still out there, and can still be found, and i will hunt you down on Facebook. Posting once a month is pretty awesome! At least you haven’t fallen off the side of the earth into a ground hog hole!! TTY SOON!!

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        1. Hey? Things happen in the garden that are out of your control. Alice fell down a rabbit hole, you a ‘ground hog’ hole !! What on earth? I can’t wait to hear all about it, you’re like never seems dull ❤ ❤


  3. Back from my travels and what a treat to find a post from you!!! All goodies and eyecandy! You have to find a pair of those boots in your size. But myohmyohmy, I looooove your green shoes! Perfect. And..yes, I do buy new shoes every season. Clothes are so important, right? xo Johanna


    1. Hello hello dear Johanna! You and I have both been traveling then. I just returned last night from California. I had a boom-tastic trip to see Alys and her crew. Well, it was just the best time. Excursions on trains, stops at many fantastic shops and Alys hosted a little hen party for me to meet a number of gals I’ve known on Facebook but hadn’t yet met. I hope to share some photo’s here soon, September was rather light weight on posts 😀 I hope you had a wonderful holiday too, will look forward to your updates soon.

      BTW, we’ve changed our travel plans for next year. Remember me mentioning cruising in Holland? Well, since then, a flight discount was presented by an Alberta based airline. WestJet, begins non-stop to London next May and offered 299.00 one way to London for a celebration offer. So I will be in London and Paris next June having a birthday Celebration ! We still want to visit Holland, perhaps 2017. I’m so excited about a return visit to Paris, it’s one of my most favourite places xoxox B


    1. Hey there my little Texan, the good part is too, they’re super comfortable. Our seasons are picturesque here. I could skip spring but summer and fall are splendid. Winter’s fun for the first while and thru Christmas. You gotta have snow at Christmas! Then there’s that period between Christmas and the May long weekend that is endless. We usually go on a holiday during that time to break it up. This spring we are planning Holland so that’s quite special and I’m very excited. Thanks for your message! x B


  4. Hello Chickie!
    How perfect that you provided us a lovely new post, chock full of gorgeous photos to enjoy, right when I found time to come visit!
    I remember those gorgeous green shoes 🙂
    and the boots are davoom (just re-watched the movie Grease for the millionth time!)
    Love you sweetie!

    (I loved that Bless Their Cottons, too… and of course, Shut the Duck Up)


    1. Chickie on the scene, hello my little Virginian Dynamo ❤
      I have never heard 'Bless their cottons' but that's a cute one. I heard this a lot from a pregnant woman at the last NHL game Jim and I went to, "Oh for five cents!" I've found the odd moment to use it too. Love you a ton too xo K


  5. A great pair of boots with your name on them no less! I have a hard time with shoes and boots, as my left foot has been broken twice and my left ankle once. So I tend to wear shoes out until I can find a good pair that fits.

    I am hoping this winter will be calmer for me and I can get more done here. I’m way behind on projects!

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    1. Hey ho Lavinia, broken twice? What on Earth? I’m picturing a crazy bar fight at a gig in a one gas station town. Maybe you jumped off the stage to rescue a friend but pulled a Boomdee. (I’m super clutzy) If in fact this is not the case, it makes for good story telling so feel free to use it. lol !

      No really’ What on Earth?

      I did tell my little friend that I had a nickname’ ‘Boomdee’ but there was no reaction, Lol, maybe he was thinking, ‘this grown up is odd’. He’d not be wrong on that. I always have trouble buying shoes too. One foot is wider and both shoes are rarely a good fit. this hasn’t stopped me from buying a few though.

      I’m getting conflicting predictions about the coming winter. Our neighbour’s 85 yr old Ukrainian mom says, ” lots of berries on trees, it’s going to be cold and harsh”. But others predict a dry mild winter. It’s been raining here since yesterday afternoon, so we’re finally getting much needed moisture. Who knows? Always hopeful for the best. Good luck catching up with things, I’m right behind you. Xb

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      1. The 2 breaks in the left foot were a combination of horse stepping on it once, and 2nd time was a stress fracture from my track & field days. Broken ankle was a horse falling on me, but that is a long story!

        Not sure what’s going n with our weather. A taste of autumn the last week, but I hear we are going to get temperatures in the 90s again sometime this week!

        Wishing the best for our friends up there in Canada! May we all get caught up with things!

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  6. OMG it took me so long to get my shoes on the right feet that I didn’t notice the boots were wrong! Seriously, I remember as a kid putting the shoes on (almost every day), thinking, hmm, doesn’t feel right, taking them off, switching feet…You must have the Boom boots. You could add deadda to the whole thing. The aqua shoes, btw, are a real find. Sorry I missed those last spring, but now I’ve caught up!! I hope you enjoyed them this season. On to the Boom boots!


    1. Hey! You could really rock a pair of these in your garden….you could stomp around in the dirt, water and what not and still have your pedi’d toes look sparkly. Spring in Edmonton is a real pill, so maybe I’ll make a pair before then. I still have to get back to the Poppy site and due diligence there. Gah! Lisa? How do you stay on track? I’m zigging and zagging all over the place, it’s been a dizzy month. Me thinks fall will go a bit smoother. Thanks for popping back to the other post. I’m still loving them and they’re really comfortable for work. Ta ta for now, today is another work day for me……we’re open till 10 for a special event. Enjoy the long weekend L! xo K


  7. Well those boots certainly do pack a punch but there are no signs of aqua to be seen……a serious shortcoming when it comes to Boomdee-appropriate boots methinks! I do change footwear in the Fall………I wear more clogs and short boots instead of sneakers and open-toed this and that. As I’ve aged, and thanks to circulation issues that sadly come with that “process”, I also wear SOCKS now most days. However, I do believe socks are as much fun to buy as shoes – I love crazy socks.

    Have an aqua-filled early Fall day dear Boomdee…………..

    Love, Pam and Sam

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    1. Hello Pam-a-rama-banana…LOL! I can just see you and your cool socks zippin’ around, making bacon this morning with Sammy (ever so patiently) waiting for his prize. Socks are really fun these days. I too have a plethora of socks (mostly aqua) for the winter that will arrive in due time. For now I’m refusing to part with summer wear. I may even wear white after Labour Day !! Gah! That’s just the kind of rebel I am, ha! Love ya, B


    1. Hello Amanda! LOL, “Bless their cottons” that’s fun! I haven’t heard that one before. You english girls are so cute with the sayings. Thanks so much for coming by, I’m knocking out one post a month LOL. All is well, I hope with you too. Coming by right now! Cheers B

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      1. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. We all have lives outside our blogs, and sometimes they get a little hectic. I’ve made cutbacks on my blog, too. I’m post 3 – 4 times a month … on a good month. Nowhere near as much as I used to. I don’t know how I used to do. I just don’t have the stamina anymore! (A bit like with the running…or lack of!) Eeeek!

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  8. I just adore those aqua shoes! And the ‘Boom Boots’. We must comb the world to find a pair to fit your tiny feet! Tell me what your shoe size is and should I see a pair I shall scoop them up for you. While your mind turns towards the coming winter, mine anticipates the long days and hopefully sun filled skies to come. Your street looks so very pretty no matter which season you are in!

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    1. Hello my dear mama P. I actually don’t have really tiny feet, I wear a 7 in shoes and 6 1/2 in sneakers. I think these would be so fun on a rainy day. Maybe with fishnet hose and skirt and Jean Jacket?

      How exciting to be looking forward to spring and everything that brings. Sunshine, flowers, sitting on the patio, dining el’ fresco. Good news, I’ve finally put together a parcel for you but spent the last two mornings before work looking for where I’ve tucked my sun catcher. I’ve set it aside for safe keeping so well, I can’t remember where that was. OMgosh, honestly I’m a mess. I spend so much time looking for things. Keys, phone, rings……I’m tempted to send along the parcel as it’s something for your garden. My sun catcher will follow when I’ve torn apart the BoomRoom which is an honest to goodness disaster right now.
      Thank you for your kind comments about our neighbourhood, we’re really enjoying it here and have met a number of the neighbours in passing. Everyone’s very kind and friendly. It feels like 1965 here, kids, dogs and porches. It’s a friendly neighbourhood. xo Love you K

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      1. Oh yes. I can see you now! I am going to keep my eyes peeled for ‘Boom’boots in an adult size – why should kids have all the fun? I know you have found the dangler so that is good. I am losing things left right and centre these days – or have I told you that already? I’m so running behind on emails and blog posts and everything too with it being b’day weekend and the house full – and it’s snowing! Can you believe it!!


      2. It sounds wonderful. It seemed so long in coming but now that you’ve settled in, do you feel like you’ve always been there? I agree with Pauline: it’s beautiful at every angle and certainly throughout the seasons. I can’t wait to walk those streets one day wearing our boots: Boom and GN, gardening nirvana for shirt.

        Huh? Not nearly as interesting as Boom Boots. Love those adorable green shoes. I remember when you bought them and I remember that super cute GIF.

        I usually buy new shoes at the start of the season. Since I only have a few pair at a time, and since I’m always hard on my shoes, it’s a must. I wish I could get away with cute shoes like yours. For years my back hurt if I wore anything above an inch, and now it’s my [bleepety-bleep] feet. I will enjoy looking at yours instead.

        I still can’t get over the fact that cute little bunnies traverse your path. Magical! xox…and see you soon…she says casually.


  9. Did he realize he was wearing your boots on the wrong feet?? How cute those were. I still LOVE the aqua dancing shoes. Yes the summer went fast. One day is was hotter than the gates of you know what and now the sun has got darn lazy. Getting up late and sliding away early. What’s a girl to do with no daylight??? Can’t say I’m not glad those melting temps are gone but I do miss daylight. Loved all the flash photos of the year in your home. It does go fast.

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    1. Hi ya Marlene-a-go-go! I’m not convinced little man knew he was wearing his boots opposite, nor that he cared. The little tyke may be a trend setter. Sleeping with the windows open at night is so awesome. It’s dark in the mornings again when Mr B heads to work. That’s hard to get used to, because I feel like going back to bed. I don’t like the weather at the gates of you know where either, LOL. Most of us northerners start to melt at anything over 72 F. One things for sure, in about 5 months, I’ll be wishing for warmer weather again, gah! I’m like Goldie Locks, “this weather’s too hot and this weather’s too cold but this weather’s JUST right”. Have a super-duper weekend! xo k

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    1. I’m a dancing machine Herman!

      “She knows what she’s doing
      She super bad now
      She’s geared to blow your mind”

      I’m enjoying fall so far, the mornings are so crisp and clear, makes my coffee take even better I think! x B

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    1. He thought he had them on ok, so that was ok with me. He was happy to chat me up and eat his sucker too. Raining again in Edmonton today. So we’re happy for that. It’s usually really dry in Sept and Oct.

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  10. I like those boots a lot. I would wear them every season at The Holler, because the wild animals don’t generally seem to notice such things. But they are too short to protect me from the rattlesnakes…….
    On second thought, they actually might scare the rattlesnakes away.
    How cool is that?
    I would like three pairs please.
    One for me, my hubby, and my son.
    I don’t know that I can convince my son to wear them.
    My hubby is no problem, he is still wearing the “Shut the Duck Up” t-shirt I bought him that he promised not to wear.
    I learn so much at your blog.

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    1. LOL, “shut the duck up” that’s a hoot in The Holler Cindy! I wish I knew where to get these awesome boots. His mom couldn’t remember and had bought them for his super hero costume last Halloween. He was perfectly happy to be wearing them on the wrong feet too. I loved that mom didn’t try to correct it. I think I’d want the highest boots around if I had to worry about rattlesnakes, gah! You’re really out there with nature. Maybe some over the knee, go-go, boom-boots ala’ sixties style for you, the guys can have the regular ones, HA! Thanks so much for your message, made me laugh x B


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