A Wish For Time With You

I’ve been missing you all and wanted to say, Merry Christmas and hope the holidays and New Year bring happiness and good health your way.

To sum up what’s up

You’re in my thoughts, hope all is well. My Christmas wish is more time with you.

Love and Hugs

Merry Christmas

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

47 thoughts on “A Wish For Time With You

  1. I was reading Pauline’s blog and found your long and friendly reply to her. I also saw you have a cat. I cat sit often for a friend of mine and have written a poem about those silly cats in the past. Today I posted about whem my grandsons had worried about a cat stuck up in a tree. 🙂 I will try to remember you are Boomdee. Smiles, Robin

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    1. Oh thanks a whole bunch for coming by reocochran, how nice of you. I will return a visit very soon too. Yes, we have two cats. Missing them at the moment but I know they’re well cared for by our very own kitty sitter. Cindy is a doll and keeps us up to date with photo’s and video’s, Cheers Boomdee


  2. I was looking for new reading material and I stumbled upon your blog. Great post. Well written and inspiring. Looking forward to coming back and explore other ones you have.

    Merry Christmas & Have an Amazing New Year!

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    1. Happy you’ve stumbled in and thank’s a bunch for your kind message Kally. My friends here call me Boomdee but I’m actually a ‘Kelly’ 😀 Hey! Look at that. I have a bro Kenny? You?
      Merry Christmas and Hope the new year treats you well too! Cheers

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      1. Haha!! Nice to meet another Kelly! I have a sister and nope she is not call Kenny. Lol!! I hope you are enjoying your holidays! It’s been a busy but fruitful year for me so I’m really excited about the new year!


  3. Helllloooo Boomdee!
    Yours is the last blog I am visiting before hopping on the bike in this 75 degree weather. WTW!!!
    Love the photos and am looking forward to catching up on Skype tomorrow! XO


  4. For some reason this was delayed in my Bloglovin reader. I’m so glad I spotted it now. It sounds like you are on the road. I hope your travels were safe, warm and happy. It’s 4:25 here. We’ve had such a pleasant day at home. Still looking forward to dinner and a quiet weekend ahead.

    I loved seeing you here and can see how many folks are missing you, too. I hope you can carve out some more time for Boomdeeadda. Your Number One Fan, **me**


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    1. Dear number one fan 😀 (you make me laugh), we’ve had a very full day but all good. I found my way to our guest room but Jim’s still up…..and they’re laughing like a couple of schoolgirls.

      Your day sounds so nice and relaxing. What did you whip up for dinner? Did the kitties find a gift under the tree? Petals and Blossum got catnip toys, fish with aqua tails 😀 Daddy bought them.

      I so want to make time for Boomdeeadda too. I think January might be quiet for a bit, then there’ll be a big effort for Valentines. I hope I can do better. Thank you for you constant support and love, you’re the best xoxoxox k


      1. I’m glad to read that Jim’s having such a good time and that you made it to the guest room for a bit of quiet WP time.

        This is the first year in a long while that we didn’t buy kitty toys, but our next door neighbors/friends brought us a huge basket of goodies that included several cat toys. Lucky felines! One of the gifts was a bottle of craft brew for Mike with a tiny Santa hat on top. That little hat turned into the highlight of Christmas morning. Stay tuned for silly pics.


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  5. Boomdee it’s so good to be able to wish you a Merry Christmas as well. Isn’t it the nicest thing to have friends all over the globe? Those kitty toes – just the best. I want to moosh those soft toes onto my cheeks so I can feel them. That is a gorgeous Joy wreath!


    1. Cheers Crystal! I hope you had an awesome day. We’ve travelled a fair ways from home, ate a big meal, played cards, hugged lots and laughed. All wonderful and I’m pooped. How does Santa pull these all nighters? Those toes belong to Blossum (Petals has really teeny tiny toes) and she’s so loveable, she’d gladly moosh her toes into your cheeks, preferably at 2:30am….that’s ok right? The baubles on the wreath are what I’ve collected over a couple of Christmas’s, not precious stuff at all but I like to use a live wreath because then I don’t have to store much afterwards. Thank you for your wishes and I hope you’re enjoying the holidays!

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  6. I’ve been up 2 1/2 hours already. The turkey is cooking, posts have been read and I’m ready for Santa to bring up his sled. Have a Happy Christmas and all the rest of the good coming to you. Lots of love.


    1. Marlene-a-go-go, Marlenie-bean, Vonder-frau……you have gifted me such a beautiful piece of your heart ❤ Thank you so very very much. We've just been around our tree and there's wrap everywhere. Gasp! I am so touched. I love it and the colours are gorgeous and I will treasure it. I will send a photo soon, for now I'm being ordered to get ready as we're traveling today. Have a beautiful day sweetness, Merry Christmas! Love Kelly xxoxo

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    1. Good Morning Johanna, you were up so early to prepare for your loved ones. I’m sure by now they’ve filled up on breakfast and hopefully spoilt you to pieces. Thank’s so much for your wishes. Hope you’re having a fantastic day together, Peace! Love and Joy to you and yours xoxo Kelly

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  7. MERRY CHRISTMAS BOOMDEE! Have missed you…..been hoping life has been good to you and yours………I hope Santa brought you something aquacized this year since you’ve been EVER so good……..have a fabulously happy Christmas and wonderful new year. Love all of these beautifully creative projects of yours – what a talented and sweet lady you are………..but then I already KNEW that!

    Christmas Hugs, Pam (and Sam)

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    1. Oh Pam, I do miss you too…..honest to goodness, I want to be here more. I must try to organize so much more.
      Thank you so much for always being supportive and lovely, you’re a doll. Hope your holidays are awesome and filled with laughter and a little relaxing too. We know how much Sammykins loves your lap.
      I simply adore you, Merry Christmas xo Kelly


    1. Heavens, you’re so kind to visit so many posts, thank you my dear for spending time here. I sure haven’t lately and have been extra busy this season. I’m off for a couple of days now and plan to be a sofa surfer with all of you. Happy Holidays and wishing you a beautiful year ahead.

      PS. Thank you for your kind message on the Advent. It was made for Urban Scrapbook, I blogged about it for them here


    1. Hello hello dear Patricia and thanks a bunch for coming bye, I so appreciate it. There has been a good bit of paper and bits flying around but today will be all about family and friends and that’s a beautiful thang. Have a fab day filled with love, sweet love x K


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