What Would A Holiday Be For?

I’m sitting here, deep in a remote jungle,

Boomdee In the jungle

sipping on a sweaty glass of Chardonnay and thinking of you. I was also thinking that you’d be thinking, “Jungle?” That’s a big fib! Or is it?


 You got me. Nah, it’s Maui and I was just thinking how nice it’d be to win the lottery and live here full-time. I could swim everyday or maybe learn to surf…..

surfs up

I’m pretty sure they’re talking about my traveling magic show, where Boomdee Clown makes giant pumpkins appear.

Boomdee Clown

Winning a lottery might allow me to  just nurture my laid-back side and become a famous artist, or at least have time to read about it.

holiday reading

I’m calling this one, ‘I Get Around’.

I get around

I could even paint in my first class seat when I came to visit you. You have a guest room right?

first class

This is another piece of work art, inspired by the island breezes.  Wow!!  Two in one week!! Good thing I’m rich in this daydream 😀aloha

For sure, it all sounds good in theory.  But maybe I’d get complacent about palm tree’s blowing in the gentle island breeze.

palm trees swaying collage

What about things being all ‘tropical’ and everything.  Might the jungle and flowers ever get boring?

floral collageLittle birdies stopping by to have a visit with me might seem trivial after a while.birdie collage

Oh sure it seems romantic at night, soft lamp light illuminating the way with a warm glow.

romantic glow collage

But if I had all these things, all the time, what would a holiday be for?

beachy three

Where’s your favourite tropical holiday destination?


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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

48 thoughts on “What Would A Holiday Be For?

    1. It’s hard not to like a holiday in Maui 😀 Leisure comes easy when you’re a visitor with nothing to do but indulge all day long while the locals work hard to make everything pretty. What a wonderful job they do too. Thanks so much for stopping in. Cheers!


    1. Hi ya Clowie! So nice of you to come by. Actually, it’s normally pretty pleasant there I think. Not too hot. Everywhere is air conditioned too. I’m not a ‘sit in the sun’ girl either. x B


  1. You are truly one of a kind, Boomdee. Refreshing like a vacation. 🙂 Lovely pictures. What an interesting line of wind turbans in that one photo. They almost fall right into the water! I’m not a clown fan but you make a charming one. Perhaps I can hre you for Brody’s 13th bday party, or cat-mitzvah?

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    1. ((( Leilani ))) I could just hug you to bits, thank you for that xo. Hey girl, good on you for seeing the wind turbines. There’s a highway around the edge of the island but the Turbines go up the hill on the other side of the road.
      Guess what, I’m actually scared to death of clowns. I’ve always thought they were a bit terrifying. But being a clown is quite different, it was fun honking that horn all day. We all dressed up at work. When is Brody’s Birthday? 13 is awesome for a kitty. ‘Cat-mitzvah’…snicker. He’d need a wee little yam-aka too. You make me laugh x K


    1. ((( you ))) are da bomb and I can’t wait to visit again. Someday, when you’re looking for a 1/2 price vacation, you’re invited to Chateau Boomdee too! With that American dollar you can really Liv’ La Vita Loca while you’re here. When are you gonna slow down a tad Missy? xo ❤


      1. I’ll take you up on that visit to Chateau Boomdee! I just did a mapquest search and it would only be a 37 hour bike trip 🙂
        In terms of slowing down: I just told Pauline that yesterday was the first time in over a year that I spent time at home, just cleaning and cooking and blogging and catching up. It was fabulous!

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        1. Good grief, you were more than due for a day at home. Good on yah! 37 hours sounds pretty do-able. It takes me 12 hours to drive thru British Columbia and that’s next door. Should we really plan a trip? OMgosh! xoxo K


  2. Hawaii suits you. It was made for you to do lovely art in. I’m not made for tropical climates. The most tropical I ever got was Georgia and I just couldn’t deal with the heat. Even the color of the water is your color. Good to see you getting rested and restored. I’m sure the change of pace will open new creative juices. Giant hugs.

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    1. Hello Marlene-la-hula….(snicker). I don’t know if Hawaii suits me, I’m just easy going. When in Rome…

      I personally would prefer a guided tour through Europe. Seeing ancient architecture, learning about history, visiting art museums. Where as, a tropical holiday of swimming a relaxing with a good book is for Mr B. I’m just riding his coat-tails to the beach, LOL Sometimes you have to defer right? It can’t always be what I would rather do. With that in mind, I realized how blessed we are to be able to travel and enjoy a trip away in the winter. So many do not have this luxury or any luxuries at all. I’m very lucky. Retirement has been a gas so far 😀 xoox Giant hugs back at you

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      1. I’m with you. Give me Europe anytime. There is so much still to see that I’ve missed. You may be deferring but you do it so well. Got your postcard. Thank you for thinking of me. I get to Hawaii vicariously. 🙂


  3. Aloha to you too!!! This seems like the perfect place to be for you!! Colorful, divers, inspiring…I think you should live there and then care for all the Hawaiian dogs and cats. Not a tropical person myself at all…and true Northerner but you make it look like a lot of fun! xo Johanna ps do I spot MR. Boomdee htere….

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    1. I think I could be only a part time island girl. We’re on our way today and looking forward to getting home. Like they say, “it’s a nice place to visit but…….” Must go pack soon. I’m also not a morning person, we were awoke this morning by a fire alarm ringing. Happily, a false alarm. xo K


    1. Apparently, Marilyn Monroe once said, “it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”, that makes good sense to me, HA!
      I’ve never been to Barbados myself but it looks beautiful. What amazes me about these tropical locations is how clean and clear the oceans are. We went snorkelling here and could see so far down, until it got too dark to see any further. We don’t get that in the lakes at home. Thanks for joining in the fun Derrik, Aloha.

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  4. aloha K. So glad for you that you can escape Edmonton during January for some lovely sun and nature. We are very lucky to be able to take holidays and live in safety in Canada. Your sunny nature my dear will surely keep you happy and creatively engaged wherever you may be. 😉

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    1. Edmonton, January……why don’t we get more tourists? bahahaha….Just mom’s visiting their University students. Hey?! When are you next in town? Let’s hang out! Thanks for your cheer Wilma! You’re a doll ❤

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      1. You are most welcome. My son is home with us. We are doing a MAJOR renovation (No kitchen as off next weekend!) and he is helping his father and then he is off to Thailand. He will go back up to Northern Alberta for the summer to work for U of A. and then he his going to attend University here on the island. He just could not deal with another Edmonton winter. LOL. So I don’t know if I will be back for a visit in the near future, but you never know! I would love to hang out here or there any time. 🙂

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  5. Mmm…sounds like you’re having a really good time. Glad you could get away for some warm r&r. I do like your postcards, surfer girl! Years ago, i went to the Virgin Islands for a February holiday and it was heavenly. I wouldn’t mind going back there. BTW, the squirrels were in touch. They said since you’d been gone, they were moving across town where they heard someone named Mr. Peanut lives…Have a safe trip back!!!


    1. LOL, Mr Peanut?? Good great scott, who on earth might that be? Glad they found a meal there. The Virgin Islands hey? I’d imagine that’s much closer for you there on the east coast. How nice! xo Aloha and Mahalo for coming by Princess of Arlington or maybe I’ll call you ‘The Squirrel Whisperer’…tee-hee.

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  6. Now that is VERY artistic to take your paints with you – and to actually use them while lolling about in Paradise makes you tres chic artiste!! 🙂 I think I could live in Paradise very easily – as long as it doesn’t get too hot! It certainly looks just lovely where you are ……… but wouldn’t you miss all the drama and excitement of being snow bound for days on end if you emigrated? Imagine the stories you wouldn’t have to share ….. or maybe you would just have different stories – hopefully no ‘Jaws’ inspired though!!

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    1. Hey! I learned from the best. Every time I look at my luggage, I think of you. It’s now been to San Jose and Maui since you made your wonderful Artwork for me 😀 xo I don’t think it’s been too hot but then again, I don’t sit in the sun. As soon as the sun comes around on our patio, we scoot. It’s dark now but still so warm and no mosquito’s. We can never enjoy that at home much unless it’s been dry dry dry….which is good for mosquito-less summers but bad for everything and everyone else. I would miss Canada, it’s just different things you get accustom too. Everyone’s very happy and friendly here I should add, except for the odd tourist, HA Which is hard to understand. Hang Loose (as the boarders say) Mama P ❤ ❤ x k

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  7. Hey Boomie! Glad you are in such a lovely place, wish I was there with you! I have been a lacking blogger too, but I ran out of media storage space and I don’t have $100 to upgrade my blog. We should start a go-fund me to get me back in the blog world again. Aloha!💙

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    1. Hello Nikitaland. Sorry to hear you’ve ran out of space. Bummer. Can you edit some photo’s to take up less room? Thanks a bunch for popping in. Yes, it’s been a nice winter reprieve, but I’m ready for home. I miss my puddy-tat’s :/ They’ll miss me for about 5 minutes, ha! Aloha!

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  8. Looks like you are having a fantastic vacation, Boomdee! I’ve never been there myself, and I love the photos! Enjoy your last day before heading back to the great white north. Yes, I bet your little cats are missing you terribly! They are probably wondering where you are right now.

    No snow here yet this year, but we are getting a lot of rain. We are well out of drought, at least in this area, now. Nutria have moved in from somewhere because of all the water! New post is up with their photos.

    Safe travels back home, and wave a hello from the plane if your flight path takes you over Oregon. 🙂

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    1. Aloha Lavinia, thank you for your message. I do think we fly over Oregon since it’s direct from Maui on Westjet. Thankfully a bit of a shorter flight home than coming due to the jet stream. Fingers crossed, smoother too. I really am a rotten flyer and silently panic during routine turbulence…..I will say, it sure didn’t seem too routine coming this way.
      I’m glad you don’t have to worry about dry gardens this year. I hope you won’t float away either. It’s a tightrope isn’t it? I’m on my way over to see these mysterious little creatures. xo k

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      1. And thank you for that lovely post card!

        We will see what kind of weather summer brings. So far the well has been good, and we water conservatively. Our normal dry season is July through early October. Much also depends on how much water we get this spring, and how hot it gets in summer.

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    1. Thanks Aunty Kathleen, we’ve sure been spoilt this week. We’re ‘Livin’ La Vita Loca’ ! Back to reality tomorrow. Hope all is well with you. I think I have Thursday off. We can do brunch xo LUL 2 K


    1. Thank you Herman and dear Mr Bowie, the Jungle has been brilliant! Last day here then back to the great white north. I’m missing my kitties, they really get into your heart those little rascals. xo!

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  9. You lucky ducky. I think you would miss Canada if you moved full time to Maui. Now having a home in Maui, AND Canada might be the ticket. When we were last in Maui we met a couple who live in their home in Switzerland in the summer and their home in Maui in the winter. They were very nice and we visited their gorgeous home. It was good they were so nice because other wise it would have been way too easy to hate them!! 😉 😉

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    1. Hi Cindy! It’s so great that you connected with a couple and then visited them at their home too. I love love love Switzerland and honestly, I think I could live there in a heartbeat. Yes the people are so welcoming and friendly. The lakes and mountains and grassy wide open spaces are just my thing. Even more so than palm trees! How grande to have homes for alternate seasons too! I’ll see what Mr B says……oooops, that’s a no for now, LOL xo Thanks so much for visiting too!


  10. Aloha! What a gorgeous place. I love that your brought your paints on your trip to paradise. Your postcard creations are so colorful and bright. They make me feel happy just looking at them.

    Though I love the beauty of the Hawaiian islands, I think the heat and humidity would wear me down. I’m quite spoiled living in the Bay Area with moderate temps, moderate humidity and easy access to beaches, mountains and even snow in Tahoe just a few hours away. I love visiting though, and know I would never tire of the birds and the greenery.

    I hope you’ve had a (mostly) restful trip. You have to have a few mishaps so that you have stories to tell. :-0

    You are adorable at whatever you do: surfing, smiling, painting and even dressed as a clown. xo

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    1. hello, aloha and maholo. Isn’t the Hawaiian language so pretty. We were asking our driver last night if it was being maintained. He knew of private schools that taught it, but said they were expensive to attend. Such a shame.
      You are tres lucky to be living in the Bay Area my dear. You have the best of many climates on your doorstep. Then there’s us, who come to the Bay Area for holidays, ha! The temps in Maui have been manageable this week. Seems El Nino is kindly providing almost a steady breeze. Or that’s what our snorkel tour guy said yesterday when we were flying over the whitecaps, LOL. I was actually a bit nervous, even though I’m an excellent swimmer….I have this Jaws thing in my dark psyche, swimming around, LOL Highly improbable but look at me…..I met my best friend amongst millions of blogs, from another country! I’m not pushing my luck :/
      We’ve had a very restful trip. More restful than any we’ve had before. By design, we sit on our patio till the sun comes round, then we head out to do something. It’s not a chore, the grounds here are so pretty.
      I always feel like I’ve been hugged when you and I chat xo I like it a lot, mwaaaa!


  11. Oh Boomdee…..I don’t think you’re get tired of all that beauty around you – you’d be aquacizing your days away with your paints and your palette and having a ball with all that color. You could take a holiday in the SNOW to get away!!! I’m happy you’ve had a good time…….give paradise a big kiss goodbye……I’m SURE you will be there same time next year! Our favorite paradise so far has been Bermuda BUTTTTT Tahiti is calling me……………….

    Love, Pam

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    1. ❤ ❤ that's me kissing paradise for you Pam! Bermuda sounds fantastic and Tahiti too. They're pretty far abroad for us in North Alberta, while Maui's a direct flight. But someday, when we have more time for holidays, I would love to go xo K


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